Shepard Smith Calls President Trump’s Press Conference ‘Crazy’

Shepard Smith
Courtesy of Fox News

Shepard Smith, the Fox News anchor, on Thursday afternoon seemed to have had enough of Donald Trump’s slams at the media as peddlers of “fake news” — or, when it comes to CNN, “very fake news.”

“It is crazy what we are watching every day, it is absolutely crazy,” Smith said. “He keeps repeating ridiculous throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia as if we are some kind of fools for asking the question.”

Smith then started to look into the camera and added, “Really? Your opposition was hacked, and the Russians were responsible for it, and your people were on the phone on the same day it was happening, and we are fools for asking those questions? No sir, we are not fools for asking those questions, and we demand to know the answer to this question. You owe this to the American people.”

Smith was defending CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

Trump’s near 80-minute, blustery and bombastic press conference was in many ways the kind he would deliver during the campaign — leaving many in the media a bit disoriented at what they witnessed. The difference this time is that the gamesmanship of a campaign have given way to governing. Trump is president and is trying to cope with its demands, in particular an unfolding situation in which an apparently alarmed intelligence community is leaking information to major news outlets, much of it unflattering and disconcerting.

As long as Trump’s press conference was, just of fraction of it seemed to be devoted to answers about who-knew-what-and-when when it came to campaign contacts with Vladimir Putin’s regime. He called the Trump-Russia connection a “ruse,” and said, “I have nothing to do with Russia.” He also said that he had been warned that a nuclear holocaust with Russia “would be like no other.”

Instead, it was dominated by Trump’s attacks on the media, singling out individual news outlets, even individual shows, for scorn or praise. He tried to discredit news outlets for low ratings and the news media in general for low approval ratings, insisting what they are reporting is fake but what has been leaked is “real.” He explained the discrepancy as a matter of “tone.”

Smith’s reference to “ridiculous throwaway lines” may not have just referred to Trump’s “fake news” and “fake media” catchphrases, but his fixation on the size of his electoral college victory. When Trump boasted that his 306 electoral votes (actually 304) was the largest since Ronald Reagan, reporters corrected him. Barack Obama got more in 2012 in 2008, as did George H.W. Bush in 1988 — facts that are easily verified by a Google search.

“I was given that information. I don’t know. I was just given it. We had a very, very big margin,” Trump explained.


Jeff Zucker: President Trump’s Attacks Haven’t Hurt CNN’s Brand

The reason for the press conference was to announce his new nominee for labor secretary, but Trump went through a laundry list of accomplishments in the month since he has been in office, insisting that he has been fulfilling campaign promises. But that message of reassurance got lost in many other moments, like his announcement that the White House is working on a new immigration executive order and that he’d be willing to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. The latter came after April Ryan of Urban Radio Networks asked him about it and he responded, “Are they friends of yours? Set up the meeting.”

The kind of jaw dropping moments earned Trump a dominance of media time during the campaign. Now, there’s no doubt that Trump will dominate the news, no matter what. The question is whether it will help or hurt him in the long run — if these kinds of showy, unpredictable press conferences will his proof that he’s shaking things up in D.C. or will reinforce the idea of an administration in chaos.

For now, Trump insists that his White House is a “fine-tuned machine,” even if he’s not shy about showing his frustrations.

Nor is the “fake media.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper, in his own state of disbelief about the press conference, also looked into the camera on Thursday and said, “President Trump, if you are watching. You are the president. You legitimately won the presidency. Now get to work and stop whining about it.”

Later, CBS News’ Scott Pelley said on Thursday’s newscast, “Today, we learned the length of the president’s fuse: 28 days.”

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  1. He has been missing in action ever since . Hope they fired his ass .

  2. merrimania says:

    Why is it partisan to point out when Trump is clearly stating something that is factually false? Please, can someone explain this? I was taught to respect the truth, so when Trump throws out a claim that is obviously a lie, I WANT the press to do a fact check. Shap Smith is doing what good journalists do: he is speaking truth to power.

  3. Tommye vonRoeder says:

    Has Shepard Smith been fired by Fox News?

  4. Donald is sooooo out of his element. He should resign and return to his comfort zone within TRUMP Industries & pass the role of President to Mike Pence! I mean, his staff is constantly having to explain to us & foreign leaders what Don’s really means wherever he speaks, geez!!

  5. Lauren says:

    Mr. Smith is so very right about Trump, an hope he (SMITH ) keeps it up. Its Wonderful.

  6. I’ve damn sure watched his show for the last time. I wonder if his boyfriend feels the same way?

  7. bbboogie says:

    I no longer have faith that the media is impartial in their political reporting! They operate under the belief that if it’s against Conservatives, make it headlines! But, never go against Liberal political beliefs. And never report negatively against Liberal politicians if it can be avoided.

  8. He is an unimportant idiot, who does not report accurate news, but he inaccurate stupid opinions

  9. Gina says:

    I watch Fox News because I get straight news and get to hear both sides. I like to hear both sides. If I want opinions then I watch at night because they’re opinion shows. What I really hate is when she’s weasels his opinion in what should be straight news. If you want an opinion show then talk to your boss and see if they will give you a night time show. This innuendo you deliver your skewed news with is as transparent as anything I’ve ever seen on the main stream media which is why I do t watch the mainsrtream media…hint hint Shep.

  10. Decent article but someone should have proof read it. The little mistakes take away the professionalism that the topics demanded.

  11. It is time for Shep to move to MSNBC. I stopped watching him. I switch to Fox Business for that hour.

  12. The Stumpian Perversion will never end–ya’ll know that, right? Mango Mussolini will never leave on his own and will be wheeled out into the Rose Garden straitjacketed to a gurney. Check Brando’s Kurtz in APOCALYPSE NOW for what another narcissistic sociopath looks like.

    • Jan Dyson says:

      Way to go Shep and Scott! We believe in you and your truthfulness with our news. I know both of you will keep up the truthfulness that we expect and need to hear.

  13. Debora says:

    He’s supposed to report; not editorialize. Report what Trump says; not your opinion of it. You report, we decide. Right?

  14. Ron Quandt says:

    Kudos to
    shep smith for coming back with the truth; However, he will prob ably be fired within the next 2 weeks?

  15. All the pizza fans are circling their wagons, making it very easy to those with eyes to see to recognize who the real bad guys are. Politics, media, entertainment….your days are numbered. The real enemies of freedom, democracy and God will be revealed and then nothing will ever be the same.

  16. Pauline Lawhorne says:

    Think it is time Shepard Smith gets off Fox News!!!

  17. Steven Rabel says:

    Fox News is going to start losing their viewers if Shepard the loser Smith keeps on ranting about President Trump. Hannity tries so hard to push and praise President Trumps agenda and this jerk just tears President Trump down.

  18. Kyle Peter says:

    Don’t watch or pay any attention to Shep Smith. Won’t be starting to anytime soon

  19. Shep Should join Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper’s orgy over at CNN. He’d fit right in. I think he’s knows his days at FOX are numbered, and he wants to pave the road to a left leaning network.

  20. Howard Clark says:

    I am definitely not a Fox News fan in fact I am the complete opposite. However, I may now begin watching Fox News when Shepard Smith is on. What a brave and intelligent comment he made on this blustering, so called leader. Thank you Mr. Smith for having the guts to say what every one should be thinking!

    • Larry Thatcher says:

      Should be thinking? I don’t think I’ll depend on anyone to tell me what I “should” be thinking.

    • Victoria says:

      Right on. It’s time for a big reality check by those that take his disjointed speech at face value and do not research to find the truth. Even if that truth is hard to accept. I’m all for exposing corruption and changing things up but he is destructuring good things and I don’t understand how he can be trusted at all. I focus on people’s positive qualities. I find little to focus on with him.

  21. Mike Whitlaw says:

    If the stumbling bumbling rad rightee tightees didn’t have the catch phrase…”Mainstream Media” and their absolutely clueless take of the Obama era presidency…They truly would be the “silent” demographic. But…not the majority as the 2016 election so ably revealed. I agree with Scott…The media needs to take the gloves off and start reminding Trump that he’s an employee, not a monarch.

  22. JOAN QUICK says:


  23. Scott says:

    If the media networks don’t want their ears boxed by President Trump, they might want to start being the independent, unbiased watch dogs of government that the 1st Amendment intended rather than the biased liberal apologists you’ve become. And, Fred, Trump supporters aren’t the ones beating people and rioting because their candidate lost. The 3% are the liberal activists trying to destroy this country. Obama almost succeeded and Hillary would’ve finished the job. THANK GOD for Trump being elected. Liberal activists, like George Soros, are todays Nazis, not Trump.

    • fred says:

      “2-3 million illegal votes went to Hillary; Mexico will pay for the wall; largest swearing in crowd ever; we’re as bad as Russia; largest electoral college win ever; i release my tax returns when the audit’s complete; Mike Flynn’s a good guy…….jump in here Kellyanne!!

  24. Eddie says:

    It wasn’t ‘crazy’. It was anything but that. He was calm the entire time. He singled out CNN and that was it. LoL. Amazing what your “news” source will post.

  25. fred says:

    Shep, Your’s was a well reasoned & thoughtful statement….and you’re gonna get the Hell beat out of you by oodles of Trump supporters Thanks for telling it like it is but you’ll never change that 38%. What scares me is the fact that only 3% of Russians supported the Revolution in 1917 n look what they did!!

  26. Mike Sigman says:

    Shep Smith has always been the ultra-liberal whiner and has been called on the carpet a number of times for injecting his own feelings into his reporting. If you notice, he’s such an oddball that other Fox News personalities tend to be polite to him, but not friendly.

    The mainstream media has brought all of this on themselves. These people have been taught in liberal journalism classes that it is their duty to “shape the public’s opinion” rather than objectively report the news. They are so far to the Left and so convinced of their righteousness that they still can’t understand why the public hates them.

  27. Linda D Coleman says:

    Shepard Smith needs to go to CNN!Never did like him on Fox!

    • Dave Stone says:

      I’ve never watched Fox, am not a Trump fan, but wonder why news media can’t just report the news without inserting their opinion into everything. It feels like they should say the disclaimer that used to be said when the networks still cared about appearing neutral. The paragraph above, starting with “The mainstream …” sounds accurate to me.

  28. More people need to see this BEFORE it gets “disappeared” by FOX and the Trump Administration. Shepard Smith was only saying what needs to be said. You can’t just silence and denigrate the press just because you don’t like what they are saying. Yes, I admit that all too often in the race to be first, stories are aired and printed BEFORE they are totally vetted. Hold the media/press to task for that! Make them truly vet their reports! But you CAN NOT label EVERYTHING that is not complimentary as “Fake news” and refuse to acknowledge and take questions from reporters because they are going to ask the “HARD” questions that need to be asked and WE THE PEOPLE, DEMAND they be answered truthfully and completely. Not just glossed over, discarded or treated as if they never should have been broached. How old are you Mr. Trump? Grow up, get some intestinal fortitude and behave like a responsible President should!!! Face the fact that not everyone loves/likes you, you are human and do make mistakes and being elected President is not the same as being elected “Emperor”. You are now a “CIVIL SERVANT” and YOU serve ALL the people of the United States, supporters and detractors alike!

  29. Shep Smith should also be demanding to know who leaked all the classified info and transcripts to the media. Acosta is a good News person…but CNN DOES publish a lot of ‘fake’ news. They have been caught a few times manufacturing news in their studios. There are lots of lousy reporters in America today…not telling us the truth. Now I can’t trust Shepard Smith. How can he defend the news outlets like CNN that report fake news every day, CNN loves Democrats and hates Republicans. They are supposed to report REAL news with no bias or spin. Just tell us what is happening and quit the ‘hate President Trump crap.

    • You are more worried about who leaked what should be leaked rather than worrying about a foreign enemy that hacked the most important country in the world. You are just another inbred that cant admit you support the worst president in history. Go die somewhere.

  30. Linda says:

    THIS ‘CHEETOS & CHIEF IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY WE ARE FUCKED!!! And the even sadder and crazier part is that there are a whole lot of people out here that don’t see a damn thing wrong with this person. GOD SAVE US!!!

  31. Marge Haffer says:

    Used to be huge Shepard Smith fan……………..No longer.

    • Bob Baker says:

      Never have been his fan, never will be.

    • fred says:

      And he asked a valid question as n investigative journalist should which got no. What are “we” missing Marge?!

      • Mary says:

        “We” and missing credibility. Through CNN’s own fault. There comes a time when you have to look at the past actions of a media outlet, acknowledge the numerous attempts at ruining people with false news reporting, and say enough is enough, no more chances. CNN has used up all of their chances and needs to fix what’s ailing them or be shut down. Report the news, don’t make it up.

  32. Jose says:

    Time for Shep to follow Megyn Kelly. Shep, you are no longer compatible with FOX viewers. Start finding another job, buster!!

  33. Rob Malley says:

    Of course he would. He’s crazy.

  34. Nancy says:

    I wonder what your fuse length is? Constant bullying is not tolerance. Instead of fighting and looking for every little possible gossip and innuendo, I suggest doing what you did with other presidents. Look at the positive things. I remember in English class learning about the differences between responsible reporting and editorial reporting. Please start telling us which you are doing? On second thought I guess I do know. Did you grow up always trying to drag others down? What happened to the “Election Honeymoon?” Strange we have a president that is working on keeping his campaign promises. I am speculating that you do not understand that kind of commitment.

  35. nunya Dam says:

    This is another false reality/fake news hit job. Look at the source, nothing else to say.

    • Hmmmm? GW Bush was slammed and hounded by the liberal press his entire 8 years as President, but I never once saw him “stomp his feet” and cry “foul”. He knew he was going to be criticized harshly from the get go. Comes with the job and the territory. I guess Mr. Trump just doesn’t understand that. He can’t always “just take his ball and go home”! Time to put on his “big boy” pants and grow some thicker skin! In the words of poet John Lydgate, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”, and later adopted by Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all of the time.” (ABRAHAM LINCOLN, speech, 1856)!

      • Things Are Different Now. says:

        allowing others to control the narrative and not cry “foul” is exactly why the Obama and a brief, neu wave of Liberalism was ushered in. Now is the era of rejecting flawed premises and false narratives. No more sitting quietly– afraid of being called a racisxenosexiphobe by the liberal-media-Etainment-complex

  36. nunya Dam says:

    No, he has graduated to DUMBASS.

  37. Can I just ask who edited this article? There are typos everywhere and several sentences that read as borderline non-sensical because of incorrect word choice. This is important news your writing about and it seems you did your research, so please write and edit well enough to come across as credible…

    • G Banchero says:

      “You’re”. Be careful correcting other people’s English. Also, it should be , “May I?” because you can; you just did. Ellipses not necessary. Period belongs there.

  38. Rosanne says:

    You are an ass Shep

  39. Tim says:

    Shep is a liberal leaning fool who spews biased reporting like all the other MSM fools

  40. John Morris says:

    Seems to me the whiners in the room are not Trump they are the so called reporters.Not all of them but several twist the words or edit and distort the real news and also use adjectives that are demeaning of the speaker whomever it may be…

  41. Stanley says:

    Putin’s blood loving Russia will make the USA Great country again.!!!!!

  42. Vicki says:

    The White House is a casting-call for the new reality show ‘Lord of the Flies’…

  43. Brandy says:

    Forget liberal vs conservative. Democrat vs. Republican. Just because someone disagrees with Trump doesn’t make them a liberal and just because someone agrees doesn’t make them a conservative or “trumpee”. The issue at hand is the “questionable” actions found by the intelligence agencies pertaining to Russia and Trump’s administration and or campaigner’s that he or his administration still have not addressed. The issue at hand is the constant blatant lies by not just him but those in his administration. He and his “office” should be held to upmost highest of standards just as with any who hold the office, and held to an even higher standard than the media. The issue at hand is his undermining of our free press if the news doesn’t flatter or favor him or his administration. It is not his policies, as some may even be good if they could have action or rolled out properly. Some may be totally destructive. It IS however about how he cannot stay focused on true issues at hand that he was appointed to govern. He himself, without a single reporter, shows that via twitter. So ALL news set-aside, his own actions are telling and readable and that is VERY concerning.

    • Gwen Holley says:

      Thank you Brandy! While everyone is bickering over parties and their stance, our country could fall victim to a nuclear holocaust. it’s no secret that Russia is anti-America, has nuclear missiles, and wants to become the most powerful nation in the world. If Russia gains control of the oil it seeks, the proceeds might be used to strengthen its military which, by a small margin, is the 2nd strongest in the world. So, why WOULD a U.S. president be consorting with his country’s nemesis? DT uses a reality tv method to hit hot spots and divert attention away from real issues. It’s unfortunate that so many succumb to these manipulations. Mr. Smith simply asked questions that need to be answered and, rather than trying to safe face, EVERYONE needs to focus on saving our country.

    • Ree says:

      Brandy, thank you for saying that. I am tired of this country’s divide. I am not a fan of Trump nor was I a fan of Clinton. I felt from the beginning that neither was fit to run this country but kept my faith that what was happening during the campaign would fade away once the office was taken. I’m disappointed that crazy followed us after the inauguration. My father would always tell us that the hardest thing to do is change a persons mind. I question why his supporters won’t hold him accountable to his position. He has to let the crap go and focus on running this country. No one cares about the numbers at your inauguration, or about how many votes you received. Why is that relevant when we have a Russian war ship of our coast? He needs to focus on policy and learning the constitution so he will know exactly what he can and can’t do. No one is taking into consideration that we cannot alienate our allies and expect to remain a superpower. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones to fight that war. How much do they and their futures mean to us? As a country we need to come together or we are lost

    • Bryan Hare says:

      Just like Obama was held to a high level of accountability. The press must clean up it’s act and show a little more respect for the office.

      • You’re just a dumb ass. We aint falling for your bullshit. Go to hell.

      • Michael says:

        You are so delusional. Trump is acting out directly from the Adolph Hitler playbook. separate, isolate, intimidate. he lies blatantly about actual FACTS. There is no such thing as “alternate truth”. He is a nazi by all accounts and he is trying to become the new Hitler. He’s already said how he admires him, how he admires putin, and that our country is no different than theirs. you are a moron and if you can’t see this you are doomed to re-live the same thing they did prior to and during world war II… and it will be your fault.

  44. All of the daytime anchors or opinion moderators on Fox News are Liberal… as all evening anchors are conservative. Shows that have more than one moderator like The Five or Outnumbered, always have a mix of both persuasions…. vs MSNBC, CNN ABC, NBC & CBS news which are 100 % Liberal.

  45. tonia barringer says:

    I will listen to Fox news. Thank goodness That they have begun to have fair reporting! Tuned in 3 times this week- record for my 56 yr old life! We like fair and balanced news.

  46. Marc D says:

    This is the only anchor on Fox with any b%@#!. He called the Trump press conference fiasco correctly. It’s nice to see someone on that network with a spine.

  47. george says:

    shepherd smith is a arrogant crybaby, he doesn`t have any room to talk about trump, he`s just another liberal that didn’t get his way, put his show right up there with the view

  48. Robert Copia says:

    Every FIVE MINUTES an innocent European women is raped by a muslim-islamist. There are also frequent reports in the foreign press (nothing in the worthless American media) of the killing of a homosexual by muslim islamist. It is commanded in the Koran. Being an admitted and obvious homosexual Shep would be first in line when the muslims hit the 2 to 5 % level of population in the USA. President Trump is trying to keep these people(???) out and protect the American people. You would think that Shep and all other women would be grateful.

  49. John says:

    Fire Shepherd Smith! I’m very tired of his bug eyed remarks blasting our President! He shouldn’t be on Fox news.

  50. Lou Sutphen says:

    My hat’s off to Shepard Smith for his brutal honesty and condemnation of Donald Trump. Just when I thought that Fox News had totally gone into the “Trumpzone”, finally an anchor has the guts to be honest. I’m sure that the decision was not a popular one with the studio honchos. Americans deserve the answer to these questions. Thank you for demanding that we get them.

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