PopPolitics: Rosie Perez Defends Latest Anti-Trump Video: ‘It Does Work’

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A number of entertainment personalities, including Rosie Perez, Sally Field, and Jeffrey Wright, appeared in a new video that debuted last week, calling on Congress to oppose Donald Trump if he pursues “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-union, anti-environmental policies.”

It was a signal that Hollywood figures will continue to speak out as Trump takes office, even though a number of groups produced videos featuring celebrities before the election — yet it still did not stop “The Apprentice” star from beating Hillary Clinton in the electoral college.

On the latest “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM, Perez defends the latest video, which comes from the group Humanity for Progress. She is joined by Yasmeen Hassan, who also appears in the video and is the global executive director of Equality Now.


Jackie Movie

PopPolitics: Noah Oppenheim on the Limits of Dramatic License in ‘Jackie’ (Listen)

“Seventy-five percent of the people in the video have nothing to do with Hollywood,” Perez says. “What happens with the media propaganda machine, it starts rolling and they say, ‘Well, celebrities are putting out this video.’ Twenty-five percent of us were in this video, 75% were not celebrities. That needs to be taken into account. The facts need to be the facts, even though it seems facts don’t seem to be relevant in the United States lately. It is not a celebrity-driven video, it is an American-citizen-driven video.”

She also noted that the video has been successful in getting attention — which is a goal — as Sean Hannity went off on it on his nightly Fox News show.

“So it does work…No matter how many times you want to say the people voted for him, that is not the truth. The majority of the people did not vote for this man.”

Hassan says, “It is easy to say the previous videos did not work because of who we have coming into the White House, but again, the majority of the American people did not vote for the president-elect. I don’t know what worked and what didn’t work, but the majority ended up voting for Hillary Clinton, so I would imagine that a lot of videos did work.”

Perez said that the video says nothing against Trump voters. She says that attacking those who voted for him is wrong. “That was their civil right.”

But she says that the response she has gotten to appearing in the video has been positive.

“If there were negative attacks, it was, ‘Oh, you are an elite. You are a celebrity. Why should we listen to a celebrity?’ I go, ‘Well, you voted for one! What are you talking about?’ That is not a good argument, I’m sorry.”

Listen below:

Stars on the Capitol Steps

When did it become a tradition for Hollywood figures to attend presidential inaugurations? Donald Trump has reportedly struggled to line up entertainers so far for his ceremony.

Jim Bendat, the author of “Democracy’s Big Day: The Inauguration of Our President 1789-2013,” says that it is only a recent trend for entertainers to show up at the swearing-in ceremony, but the idea of a pre-inaugural concert dates to 1941, when a slew of showbiz figures staged a concert for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s third term.

Still, he says, it will be unusual if Trump’s inaugural goes by with an absence of star power.

Listen below:

Vexed on Viral Videos

Nikki Schwab of Daily Mail and Hunter Schwarz of IJ Review talk about the effectiveness of the latest Trump video featuring entertainment figures.

Listen below:

“PopPolitics,” hosted by Variety‘s Ted Johnson, airs on Thursdays at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on SiriusXM’s political channel POTUS. It is also available on demand.

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  1. Jacques Strappe says:

    The illegitimate despot-elect must be stopped. Impeach him. Lock him up. The biggest crook and liar in presidential history. Trump s-cks Putin’s d_ck and Trump faithful want to stand in line to do the same. Sad.

  2. Rom says:

    Another celebrity that can’t handle the truth, popularity vote does not give you the presidency ROSIE LOSER… why don’t you just stick with acting.

    • The Truth says:

      Trump whined throughout the campaign that the system is rigged. Yet he was elected by the system, not the popular vote. Trump’s clown posse keep saying “the people have spoken,” but the facts demonstrate otherwise. The system has spoken. Regardless, Trump will soon be President, and Rosie Perez and every other citizen has a Constitutionally guaranteed right to urge our government representatives and officials to hold him accountable for his actions.

  3. Jeff Cicillian says:

    Enough!!!! For god’s sake the Democrats lost. Get over it!!!! Move on. Obama did nothing as a senator prior to being elected president. Give someone else a chance. Let’s see what this president elect will do.

    I have never witnessed so much whining by a political group in my 60 years. Your congressmen decided to create the electoral collage. Blame them. Not Trump.

    • The Truth says:

      Apparently you slept through civics class. Congress did not create the Electoral College. Like Trump, you don’t bother to check out the facts before you blurt out bullshit. And just because Trump won the election doesn’t mean that citizens who oppose every crappy thing he represents should fall into lock step behind him. Concerned citizens are moving on by calling on Congress to hold Trump accountable for every outrageous lie he tells and every cockamamie move he makes.

  4. Rena Moretti says:

    The Hollywood press would do out-of-work actors and actresses a big favor by not indulging in their fantasies that they are political players.

    Poor Rosie Perez looked like a complete idiot thanks to that article.

    Some will say she deserved it, but the Hollywood press is complicit in making her look bad.

    • The Truth says:

      Contrary to your “assessment,” this article makes Rosie Perez look like an engaged citizen. Conversely, your inane comment makes you look like a complete idiot.

  5. Steve says:

    Rosie who? Another has been celebrity that thinks we give a sh#& what she thinks. Here is something for you to keep in mind. Regardless of who you are, you only get to vote once and my vote cancelled yours.

  6. Alex says:

    Thanks to her and other Hollywood dimwits award shows are going to be unwatchable, they’re going to become 3 hours of Trump bashing. One of the story’s from the “Golden Globes” Monday will be how low the ratings are…and how many celebs got drunk and made asses of themselves.

    • The Truth says:

      Wrong. Ratings for the Golden Globes were the second highest in a decade, and Meryl Streep’s comments rang true around the world. Of course, Trump once again showed what a stupid ass he is by spending his time trashing her as “overrated,” when everyone knows she’s one of the most gifted performers ever.

  7. Silent Velcro says:

    Little known fact: Every time you mention DJT’s name, he gets stronger. Just FYI.

  8. Mitchell says:

    Oh, Rosie. Please grow up. It’s over, ok, OVER.

  9. Bill H says:

    These celebs crack me up, it’s like having a 3 year o;d not getting their way so they lay on the floor kicking and screaming, they need to be sent to their rooms lol THE ANSWER WAS NO

    • You mean the same way Republicans did for years when Obama was in office?

      • The Truth says:

        Rena: Who appointed you an expert on how much actors know about politics or how they react? What a stupid remark. Actors know as much about politics as anyone else, and some know a lot more than you do. Regarding criticism of Obama by Republican actors, apparently you missed Clint Eastwood’s epic fail talking to an empty chair at the GOP convention. But the reason you haven’t seen many Republican actors going after Obama is because Obama is not a lying, pussy grabbing, narcissistic jerk like Trump is.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        When’s the last time you saw a video by Republican actors criticizing President Obama?

        I don’t recall any.

        The truth is actors know little of politics, react with their feelings and generally get the reverse result of what they want by being annoying.

    • See Me - Feel Me says:

      How many times does this guy have to lie, insult and play the victim before you really understand who you elected? I can’t think of another elected official who whines more than DT. He is a baby. This is a small, insecure little man with serious mental health issues who has to be watched and scrutinized by everyone who cares for safety of this country.

      • Jim says:

        I can think of another elected official who whines more than DT and he is currently trying to start WWIII over a hack of the DNC that showed how corrupt his party (and the delegate process) is.

        Somebody needs to explain to Obama that the end result of his bitching is another Cold War. Let’s tighten up our cyber security and STFU. There is nothing to gain here.

  10. Inspector clouseau says:

    Oh yeah the weeping continues. — really pathetic. Who’s Rosie hired lately? She put any minorities to work. All bullshit coming from the lefty brigade still bitching over the fact a creep named Clinton lost. That’s right a lying,snake creep that jeopardized the nations security while lining her and her criminal husbands pockets. Well maybe she needed to push the hot sauce in her purse bullshit a little harder. As for the feminazi skanks who bleed for their loss of not having a “strong” woman(lol) in office just stock up on more crying towels.

    • See Me - Feel Me says:

      I would imagine if she did hire any minorities she would at least pay them unlike the guy you obviously support. Her calm demeanor and approach is certainly in stark contrast to your anger fueled propaganda which just feels like the hate machine that got you and others like you to vote this tyrant into office. Those of us who aren’t simply flame throwers, rather concerned citizens, have an obligation to watch that this traitor does not sell our future down the river to line his own pockets which seems to most of us to be exactly what is going on.

      • The Truth says:

        Rena: Trump’s encouragement of the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails is a blatant act of treason.

        Tim: You know nothing about Rosie Perez or whom she employs. Like Trump, you’re a lying scumbag.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Funny how you accuse others of being filled with hate when your vocabulary exudes hate…

        You say you’re not a “flame thrower” yet call the President-elect a “traitor” (to what?) and a “tyrant” (frankly he hasn’t had the time to qualify yet).

        Maybe a quick look in the mirror…?

      • Tim Osman says:

        She does hire illegals to work in her house and pays them slave wages. This whole illegal immigrant controversy should be called what it really is. SLAVE TRADE.

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