Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing Among Celebrities Signing Anti-Trump ‘Fascist’ Warning

Donald Trump

Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Joe Dante, and Ed Asner are among the celebrities who have signed on to an anti-Donald Trump effort calling his pending presidency “illegitimate” and for a month of resistance to stop what it sees as a move toward fascism.

The group published a full-page ad in the New York Times on Wednesday with the headline, “No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America.” The showbiz signatories to the ad also included director Charles Burnett, comedian Margaret Cho, playwright Eve Ensler, musician Wayne Kramer, director John Landis, actor Michael Shannon, musician Michelle Phillips, actor David Strathairn, and director David Zeiger. O’Donnell was not among the names in the print ad, but added her name after its publication, according to Larry Everest, a spokesman for the group.


Donald Trump

A New Celebrity Video Urges Congress to Obstruct Donald Trump

The group’s initiators include Bill Ayers, jazz musician Ted Sirota, musician Arturo O’Farrill, and Cornel West. In calling Trump’s election illegitimate, it notes that he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Also signing were author Alice Walker and poet Saul Williams.

In the ad, the group calls “on each and every one who opposes what this regime stands for, and what it will do, to take part in and actively build, this resistance and refusal.” The group is calling on protests in the days leading up to the Jan. 20 inaugural, including demonstrations in Washington.

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  1. Sissy Newman says:

    i am boycotting these celebrities that are bashing our President. The left wing media has paved the way for them to be allowed to do this. The Dixie Chicks did this and well.. they lost their Chicks. Before I watch anything now I look at director’s, producers, writers and actors. Yes folks. Just actors. Most will little college education, that think their money made them smarter than mere mortals such as I, and they have the right to bash our president?? I wish more would stand with me. We made them rich, and we can hurt their pockets. I used to love Will and Grace, but there is no amount of money that would make me watch her ugly mug.

    • Steve says:

      Boycotting movies based on participants’ politics is silly, as is any boycott based on speech alone. I recently read a review here of a new film starring Vince Vaughn, an outspoken conservative. I plan on seeing that film, because the review made the movie sound cool. Why would I want to punish someone because I disagree with his/her politics? Oh, and as for what gives them the right to bash Trump — or Obama or any other politician — I think you know what gives them the right. This is America.

  2. Br81 says:

    Lets take a look at some of the signers of this ad:

    Bill Ayers-A communist TERRORIST who even Obama tried to distance himself from when the media uncovered their ties

    Rosie O’donnell-A Hollywood hack conspiracy theorist comedienne who has said stuff like all gun owners should be locked up and that terrorists are good people who should be respected.

    Michael Shannon-Some D list hack who said that older Trump supporters should die.

    Cornel West- A known racist

    Debra Messing-Wasn’t she on Will and Grace years ago?

    Ed Asner-Has been hack

    Margaret Cho-Blah comedienne

    Ted Sirota, Arturo O’farill, Joe Dante, Saul Williams, David Zeiger, Wayne Kramer, Charles Burnett, Eve Ensler, David Straithairn-WHO???

  3. Brandon Johns says:

    Funny how these celebs say they hate fascism but often say fascist things themselves.

    • Sissy Newman says:

      You are totally correct. I read all of the articles I can find about these disgusting so called stars, and I just add the names to my boycott list. Rosie.. Rosie is just a train wreck. She doesn’t know which end is up. She needs to hitch a ride on Whoopi’s broom and she and Joy Behar can ride it on out of MY COUNTRY!!

  4. Michael S. says:

    I am so sick of these people. Go and put all this energy to some good use. Help some needy people, go and do something postive. Stop the hate. The lefties are the haters. You are all so full of rage and hate. It is pathetic.

  5. mike says:

    Lmao! I love it when loser actors think they are smart and have pull and that someones listening. People who give oral sex to get an acting job because they have nothing else to offer. Keep your stupidity coming. Its hysterical!!

  6. David says:

    Guess what happens in Every American election…someone wins… someone loses.hillary criminal lost. Move on. in four years you’ll get another far it seems like the protester are doing more damage than trump is.just sayin….

  7. Rosie is a FATIST!! Fat as a rhino.. and not Paul Ryan..

  8. Deni says:

    Your strike will benefit our BOYCOTT….. I Truly hope that you will strike, and please leave our country as you promised.

  9. hon says:

    Hitler? maybe not yet but for sure MUSSOLINI the Italian fascist with the same psychiatric symptoms….
    help me GOD Help America , this is not America who leads the world! the world is desperared!

  10. C. says:

    Wooo Hoooo!!! I’m good with that! Let them take whatever time they want to consult their higher powers and get in the right head space. I am so sick of them thinking that the world revolves around them They are entertainment.

  11. Curtis R says:

    Well good luck with your temper tantrum. You SHOULD have learned that we are NOT a Democracy and never were. We are a republic and therefore popular vote as a total is absolutely meaningless

  12. meteorofpoo says:

    Please let this be true! Let the entirety of Hollywood strike.
    We will go out and do other things!
    Added benefits are:
    -More productivity
    -more spending money
    -more communication/family time
    -more population
    – alternative culture development
    – less privileged quacks annoying the rest of us.

  13. So what we will have left is a bunch of Clint Eastwoods, Vince Vaughns and Mel Gibsons?? GREAT. Trump is already MAKING HOLLYWOOD GREAT AGAIN.

  14. You people are silly,who cares what you do or where you go.Your entertainers, celebrities, and what ever else.Do you really think anyone cares if you protest because Mr trump won the election. Get a grip and get over it. It’s over and done with. Get on with your lifes.

  15. Josie says:

    None of these celebrities speak for me! I’m so done with these elitists that think they know what’s best for America. THEY DON’T! The Nation has spoke. Sit down and shut up and enjoy the ride!

    • Steve says:

      These people DO speak for me. And we don’t have to shut up, because we’re Americans too.

      • Sissy Newman says:

        They will not speak for me. EVER These people have no morals. They think their money gives them the right to do anything and it is okay. Well it is not. So it is okay for an “actress” to write a book on the proper technique for anal sex? These teens and young adults read this stuff on the internet and think it is right. Aids is still an epidemic. It will still make you suffer and die at an earlier age. I am not bashing gays. I am simply stating that newbies to the sex scene and young kids should be made aware of the danger of free sex, instead of being encouraged to do so. Precaution will keep you safe. I do not want some ditz telling my daughter or son what to do in their personal sex life. And this ditz’s mother is alive. Wonder if she was proud of her daughter?

      • BJ says:

        Great Steve,
        Since I know you lefties can’t speak for yourselves so you need a bunch of overpaid hacks who act like some one else for a living to speak for you. Pathetic you are.

      • You can come along but you’ll have to sit in the back and be quiet.

      • Deni says:

        Why do you allow yourself to be lead by the delusional few…

      • Why do they speak for you? Can you not speak for yourself?

  16. mcgwynne says:

    If all around you are startling examples of fascism maybe it’s because you self-identify as a communist.
    Both stances lead to tragedy and the slaughter of innocents.
    Perhaps you are merely hysterical. Have some tea and reread the Eastern ‘wisdom of acceptance’ manuals you’ve been preaching about for decades and relax.
    Acceptance is the way. The Way out of Hell.

    • Why do they speak for you? Can you not speak for yourself?

      • Curtis R says:

        An appropriate use of their ‘fame’ is to keep playing dress up and make believe and stay out of politics. It’s what they are good at

      • Steve says:

        Let me answer your question to me (this same question) here, since I can’t up there.

        Obviously I can speak for myself. That’s what I’m doing here. I agree with these celebrities, and I’m glad they use the platform their fame gives them to speak out. I think that’s an appropriate use of their platform.

  17. Eamon says:

    Love watching the arrogant narcissistic elite spew their hatred ,I find it fascinating . I have met some of these characters who play pretend for a living , and who are over paid.
    Real dysfunctional people who have too high aregard for themselves

  18. Jay says:

    We had the same thing here in The UK with Brexit. Why cant these morons accept the fact there was a democratic Vote and THEY lost?

    On the flip side. If ANYONE had gone up against Trump instead of Clinton they would have won, so if you wish to blame anyone, you know where your anger should be directed.

  19. mcgwynne says:

    You had a right to post this!!!
    Do some research before you spout off things you’ve heard rather than actually thought about.
    Capitalism and fascism are mutually exclusive. Get it??
    You’re coming off as a poorly informed pawn. What the communist party refers to as, “Useful idiots.” Wise up. You’re being used.

  20. Taking a stand says:

    Trump is a capitalist fascist. All rights for businesses. None for individuals.

    • You do realize that those two political ideologies are mutually exclusive right? They are literally the polar opposite of each other in the political spectrum. Its people like you that so easily become ideological and intellectual slaves.

  21. Grant says:

    Those of us who go to work every day to take care of our families, often working two or three jobs to pay the bills, buy food, and hopefully have enough left over for gas and some extras, have spoken, and after eight years of these spoiled brats getting their way, we are sick and tired of their temper tantrums.

  22. Alistair Crew says:

    Where is Sen Joe McCarthy when we need him to clean out Hollywood? Rich celebrities have no clue to how working class middle America struggles. They do not care the Carrier & Ford plant American jobs that have been saved. Maybe if they had real jobs, where they worry about healthcare, mortgages, food, they would understand how real life works. All they care about is their ed carpets & free swag & self-serving awards. Just adding more names to my ‘ignore any of their projects” list.

    • mcgwynne says:

      JOE McCARTHY is back he has a new name(s)and what ruins lives now is not the word, “Communist” but the word, (Racist)!!!
      You become the thing you hate.

    • Steve says:

      “Where is Sen Joe McCarthy when we need him to clean out Hollywood? ”

      Jesus Christ.

      I’m sorry. That’s terrifying.

      • mcgwynne says:

        It would be…to you. Why is that? Perhaps because you identify as a victim? Only victims elect losers.
        Starting with the Clinton mob up to a few months ago we have been celebrating losers!!!
        The pinnacle of losing and the merits of victimhood and “losing” as a political policy have been with us for eight embarrassing years.
        We’ve had enough now. New deal. New deck.

  23. I can’t think of a better group of people who should throw themselves off a bridge. Is Debra Messing really that racked with stress and sadness about Trump? These ‘people’ need to move on, try to figure out why their garbage candidate lost. These so-called celebrities have lost touch with reality – and clearly their sanity. It’s quite sad. But oh well…. MAGA!

  24. Steve says:

    Ahahaha. There’s gonna be another 600 posts from people who are butthurt that famous people disagree with them.

    You know, I’m always up for a good Clint Eastwood movie. And I certainly wouldn’t avoid a movie because Jon Voight or James Woods was in it. They’re great actors, and their politics are their business. So all this hubbub strikes me as rather silly.

  25. Haz says:

    The fact that this article has the names Rosie and Debra Messing in the headline already shows it should not be taken seriously. People are allowed their opinion and the right to express it, however these two have taken their disdain for Trump beyond expressing their opinion. They are both completely unhinged, go look at Messings Twitter, she either needs to land a role soon or she has employed someone to constantly post on her timeline. Rosie shared a video speculating if Trumps son was autistic. If someone wants to legitimately try to block Trumps impending presidency then distance yourself far away from these two. Sorry but he will be our president. Hillary will even be at his inauguration, so suck it up.

  26. craig eliot says:

    “Celebrities” — this is becoming a code word for DUMB.

  27. jackie says:

    wake up celebrities we the regular folks, you know the ones who do not exist in your high and mighty minds voted for trump because now listen closely we are sick of the liberal progressives ruining our country with their ungodly policoes.i will not watch any movie, tv show that any of you are in ever again and i will encourage anyone i know to do the same. it may be a surprise to you all but most of the american public do not worship you like you worship yourselves.

    • Steve says:

      As I say above, I’m a progressive and I would never boycott a movie because a conservative actor was in it. Don’t see the point.

      • Alistair Crew says:

        P.S. If you’re wondering (as many on her page did) how she will know who voted for Trump & who to block – exactly, that is the screwed up thinking/logic of these celebrities. Nuts!

      • Alistair Crew says:

        Not just because of their politics, but when they publicly call any of their fans idiots for exercising their freedom of choice in voting. One actress went on her facebook page and said anyone who voted for Trump, they have to unsubscribe/unlike to her page & if they don’t she will have them blocked herself. ya think they will want to watch anything she is in. i wouldn’t.

  28. JudithK says:

    LOL. What a bunch of clowns.

  29. Larry says:

    Someone should educate these overblown egos as to the actual meaning of fascism. Obama is far and away the most fascist president since FDR. Trump barely registers on the fascist scale – if one is speaking the truth.

    • Steve says:

      You mean, if someone is speaking your opinion. I personally don’t call Trump a fascist, but that’s certainly no more silly than folks who call Obama a Marxist.

  30. edrt says:

    Look Trump is an idiot, but so is Rosie O’Donnell. I mean, she said some offensive shit about autism and she spoiled Fight Club on national TV for no good reason.
    I really don’t understand why these people are liked.

  31. IT--II--IT says:

    Closed show –FAKE— oppostion – – both ways.

    And 100% Intel scripted, directed and RUN too.


  32. What on earth are you talking about, the evidence is everywhere. What are you smoking?

  33. cardmarc58 says:

    I didn’t vote for Trump, but he is our next president so I will support him until he does something to lose my trust. He hasn’t even taken office yet & you are predicting all these doom & gloom predictions.

    You stomping your feet like children does nothing but make you look foolish. Give him a chance, he might surprise you,

    • Steve says:

      I don’t think he’s gonna surprise us, but your viewpoint is entirely valid. Personally, I don’t think that calling him illegitimate is helpful.

    • cardmarc58 WHAAATTT??? Have you not been paying attention the last two months, indeed the last year and a half? Since his election non-victory, have you not seen the abhorrent things he has said and done? “He hasn’t even taken office yet” — yes and he’s caused irreparable damage already! Get your head out of the sand and read the paper. He doesn’t deserve “a chance,” not by a long shot.

  34. Steve Barr says:

    Not only is mango Mussolini a fascist . He’s a traitor.. This coward who did every thing he could to avoid serving in Vietnam is now attacking our intelligence agencies . These are people who have given their lives to protect this country. Thank God for people like John McCain who Trump is probably terrified of because he knows once the investigations start Trump is going down . This pathetic strutting clown is going to get us all killed . Maybe all you brown shirts should get ready to follow him into the bunker when the time comes so you can all share his fate.

  35. dbteez says:

    You guy’s sound like idiots. They have every right to express their feelings as any average American citizen. America is foremost about freedom of expression, protest, speech and criticism of politicians. You got your tea parties and blatant racism comments for the last 8 years about Obama. Now sit back and shut the hell up while the idiot you elected makes a fool of you all.

    • mcgwynne says:

      Ooooo! Somebody’s off their anger management meds. Lemme ‘splain something to you. Disliking Obama for his failures and sneaky behind Congress back moves for eight years is not racism. And only incompetents call people they disagree with idiots.

      • cadavra says:

        Please list all of Obama’s failures and sneaky behind Congress back moves. Be sure to provide empirical evidence from credible news sources (i.e., not Fox, Breitbart, NewsMax, Alex Jones, ad nauseum).

  36. mcgwynne says:

    Pathetic. The popular vote is NOT the Country vote unless you’re living in a Third World Country. Or a Banana Republic under martial law. Izzat what you want?
    Throwing tantrums and going to your room is not contributing. Your stance is childish and unworkable.
    He is the new President. All this trash you’re throwing around sounds like the same stuff that was thrown at Obama.
    Lemme lay an ancient Hebrew saying on ya. “You become the thing you hate.”

    • Larry says:

      Cadavra, For your edification (please have some intelligent person – not a Democrat – define that for you) Solyandra (and the entire slush fund creating “stimulus” packages), Fast and Furious, IRS persecution of conservative (but quite legal) organizations, Benghazi, Increase of Federal debt by over nine trillion dollars; Obamacare, Eric Holder contempt of Congress, Dodd/Frank and the CFPB, spying on journalists, stabbing Israel in the back, the Pigford Scandal, Bowe Bergdahl, Iran ransom payments and failure to curtail Iran’s nuclear proliferation, Hillary’s secret server (as his Secretary of State), VA deaths and criminal neglect of the entire agency, EPA polluting the Colorado River, GSA extravagant parties, Secret Service and their parties, the incredibly massive amount of complete bald faced lies told to the American people, the targeted theatrics of the “shutdown” debate in 2013. The man is at best a complete fraud; at worst, he is something far worse. It’s funny you denigrate certain news outlets when the ones upon which you no doubt rely (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, etc) are completely complicit in downplaying everyone of these scandals and helping to promote the frauds upon the public. The truth is sometimes very elusive; but, it can be found if one is diligent. You should try it.

  37. jeff says:

    Doesn’t’t matter if he lost by 20 million votes, he won, so shut up Rosie and take the rest of them with you.

  38. So some has beens and never was types join with a terrorist to oppose a democratically elected President. WHO CARES??? Hollywood does not decide who will be our president. Most of these losers have never done much more than sitcoms.

  39. Tyrone says:

    Whats the chance that these guys will take responsibility for what happened in Chicago? This immature crowd in Hollywood talked of nothing but hate against Trump since the election. As they keep telling us. Words have consequences. Yet I cannot see them actually maturing to the point of taking responsibility for this. I am sure they will have some outlandish excuse.

    • Ha! Hypocrisy at its finest. “Words have consequences. Yet I cannot see them actually maturing to the point of taking responsibility for this.” Yea, just like Captain Tangerine, the guy you seem to support. Real mature, real aware of the consequences of his words, real up to taking responsibility. You go on in your reality, good luck.

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