Patton Oswalt Reveals Wife Michelle McNamara’s Cause of Death

Patton Oswalt: Wife Michelle McNamara's Cause
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Comedian Patton Oswalt announced in a statement to the AP on Friday that coroner officials had told him the cause of death of his late wife Michelle McNamara. McNamara died in April but, at the time, no cause of death of was announced.

“We learned today the combination of drugs in Michelle’s system, along with a condition we were unaware of, proved lethal,” Oswalt said in a statement delivered via his publicist.

He added that blockages, combined with the medications Adderall, Xanax and the pain medication Fentanyl were responsible for taking McNamara’s life at age 46.

McNamara was a crime writer best known for her website TrueCrimeDiary where she covered and discussed both breaking news and cold cases. She said in an interview from 2007 that she started the website for fun.

“I think what’s interesting about them is there’s more stuff to be unearthed that hasn’t been in the public yet and you can do it,” she said.

Oswalt is known mostly as a stand-up comedian and writer. He has starred in “Veep,” “The King of Queens,” “Magnolia” and “Starsky & Hutch.” He also voiced the rat chef Remy in “Ratatouille.”

Following his wife’s death, Oswalt penned a powerful open letter published by Time as an obituary. “She hasn’t left a void,” he wrote. “She’s left a blast crater.”

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  1. Really sad that so many that seem to have it all give up on life at such a young age. Life is painful at times, however belief and a real Creator, not the false gods of xanax, and other mind altering killers usually end up in tragedy. If he raises his little innocent daughter to be a wacko left winger, she will probably end up with a miserable life, as all liberals seem to have. Sad, really sad..

    • Rodney says:

      You’re a piece of garbage bringing in your right-left battle into this. I hope you someday find the maturity to rise above it.

    • Frankincense says:

      Poor little Tommy Williams – impotent and trolling for attention by saying idiotic stuff. Guess what – I’m a Liberal and clearly MUCH less “miserable” than you. What could that mean?

    • aimeeworley says:

      You’re a fucking idiot. Please do the world a favor and keep pretending that “god” will fix all. That means when you have a heart attack or any other life threatening illness, let “god” take the wheel, no need for hospitals or medicine. I can say, the doctor who prescribed those medications together, is a fucking idiot too. That man had no intentions of following the hippocratic oath, he was too busy following the money.

      • You don't know says:

        I agree with what you’re saying, but as I like the actor, I don’t see how he was busy following the money

    • You are the one who is sick and sad. What a disgusting thing to write about someone. You do realize there is more drug addiction and alcoholism in red states, don’t you? There is more poverty and despair in red states? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! And BTW, I’m a diehard liberal, prefer to associate only with liberals as I don’t care for immoral right wingers, and we all have lovely lives. You are a disgusting piece of crap.

    • This is the stupidest bullshit ever. Not all liberals have sad, pathetic, empty lives. Not all religious people have happy fulfilling lives. And as far as I can tell, god doesn’t do a thing for anyone that they aren’t capable of doing themselves. And god belief can be just as dangerous an addiction as any drug.

  2. It said she also had blockages, which means she probably had a heart attack

  3. Erin says:

    Hell, Im on xanax, fentany patches, oxycodone and soma for years. Its called being responsibe and watching the dosage. Oh and I take restoril at night, as all the above isnt enough to help me sleep.

  4. Marc says:

    Theses doctors are out of control prescribing just what ever without finding the problem. I’ve had an ear and balance disorder. The second ENT doctor I saw didn’t want to continue with a steroid to battle the inflammation and when I told him I was taking Xanax for heart palpitations the idiot prescribed Effexor. I said no thank you and he is no longer my ENT doctor. Further research by myself leads me to be 100% the palpitations are due to inflammation. You have to be your own advocate and be careful of physician’s “practicing” medicine because they can kill you. I finally sought out a cash on physician. That’s another thing also the mainstream medical practice is against cash only physicians. They got Congress to rule that with a HSA account you cannot pay a cash only physician. What a crock. They want to keep you sick to milk that insurance you have.

  5. Jack says:

    Were you in the room when it happen? Then it’s not obvious.

  6. swede says:

    He is a nasty, bitter troll now. Too bad.

  7. Mark says:

    That’s a crazy drug cocktail fentynl alone can kill you, but she was on aderall AND xanax? Drugs are not a joke, and definitely not to be take lightly.

    • Erin says:

      Who prescribes xanax for heart palpitations??? Thats the Dr. you must question! Its for anxiety and panic attacks! Google it! There’s also online forums by docs and patients to verify your drugs, their effects and purpose. The is why people die, they don’t know what they’re taking or why; are unfamiliar with the dosage. That’s when they don’t wake up. Know your drugs and tolerance. Simple. Its dumb people who OD that make it difficult for us responsible patients to get our needed meds.

    • Marc says:

      See my comment above. The first ENT doctor said I had a hearing/balance nerve damage. Long story but the short version is after I had lthostripsy done for a kidney stone I woke up one morning sick like I had the flu and my ears felt full like they were stuffed with cotton. 8 or 9 trips to ER and not a damn one of them could figure it out. With the palpitations all they kept saying was anxiety. I said BS no way. Just their cop out. After taking a VNG test yip sure enough it was my left ear. I have been in contact with a lawyer and you can be darn sure I am suing and people should that are mis-diagnosed. They kept looking at my ears, nope don’t see anything red. Damn idiots don’t understand there is a middle ear that you cannot see or what. What the hell do these medical schools teach.
      Patton should sue and sue big!!!! He has every reason to just the same as me. If I hadn’t been my own advocate some dumba$$ cardiologist would have me stretched out in surgery doing some $50,000 procedure to burn areas in my heart. Idiots!

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