Moby Claims He Has Intel on Trump Administration and Russia

Moby photo shoot, Sydney, Australia -
Photo by Chris Pavlich/Newspix/REX Shutterstock

Moby tweeted out a message on Tuesday: “It’s not inconceivable that @realdonaldtrump will resign.”

Like the many other performers, actors and artists who are not shy about speaking out against the president, Moby’s comment may not seem all that out of the ordinary. But it followed a curious set of posts on Monday that suggested that he had some information about what is ahead for the White House.

On Instagram, he posted that “after spending the weekend talking to friends who work in dc i can safely (well, ‘accurately’…) post the following things…” He then listed a series of claims, including that Trump’s administration is in collusion with the Russian government, that the administration is looking to start a war with Iran and that the right wing is planning to get rid of him.


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“I’m writing these things so that when/if these things happen, there will be a public record beforehand,” he wrote.

He later tweeted that “most of the info i referenced is of public record, or will be relatively soon. also hoping iran war plans are thwarted.”

We’ll see, but the resignation of Michael Flynn as Trump’s national security adviser was treated by some of Moby’s followers that his predictions were coming true — even if White House spokesman Sean Spicer insisted that there was nothing illegal about Flynn’s contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, but there was an issue with Flynn misleading about what he talked about with Kislyak.

Moby isn’t the only celebrity figure to go beyond mere Trump criticism and into claims of insider information. During Trump’s transition period, Tom Arnold claimed to have seen embarrassing Trump outtakes from “The Apprentice,” via password protected online access. No videos were ever produced.

On Monday, Arnold wrote, “Those tapes make no diff but tapes of Michael Flynn’s calls 2 Russian Ambassador day of US sanctions starts 18 mo Trump Presidency crumble.”

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  1. Gigisoto says:

    Yes..Moby the great hypocrite. Tweets in one minute he wants compassion for all, but two seconds later, he tweets HATEFUL tweets about Trump and insults the Vatican. Pathetic puke fake typical nutso liberal.

  2. U.B. Yoo says:

    Trump, Putin, Moby, Tom Arnold?

    The truth is that America has built an enormous defacto publicly funded jobs program paid for by taxes known as the military, VA healthcare & defense industry.

    Can’t afford college=join the military.
    Can’t afford healthcare=join the military.
    Want to be a legal citizen?=join the military.

    But even more scary is how quickly America blindly rallies behind whomever is in charge once the war drum beats turn into reality & the defense budget goes from contested to bottomless pit.

    Even through this last campaign, career politicians like Clinton, McCain & Graham were pushing for war, and my fear is that both the DNC & RNC & Biz Interests will come together to make another meritless war happen regardless of who is in the POTUS seat.

    The vibe feels like Trump is being goaded into proving that he is not in bed with Putin by starting a war by proxy with Russia through 3rd party supported countries like Iran, and Putin seems to be encouraging it by all of his recent provocative micro aggressions because he saw how even the devil in human form as VP Cheney and a bumbling dolt like GW Bush could be supported & then forgiven for war crimes.


  3. Quacker says:

    You’d pretty much have to be an idiot to think anyone in DC shared ANYTHING with Moby. It’s beyond ridiculous. That’s almost as stupid as thinking Tom Arnold has “inside” info. Now, when is Moby’s next album coming out, because that’s the real reason he’s in the “news.”

  4. THE ART OF THE DEAL says:

    It is not far-fetched to believe that Trump and his people – before he was sworn-in, before his people were approved/appointed – told Putin and his people that the sanctions would be lifted. It is also not far-fetched to believe that Putin had leverage and the missile launch and the Russian spy ship were done as a reminder to Trump and his people that they expect their “deal” to be honored. Yes, you heard it here. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Thanks Moby.

  5. Sal U. Llyod says:

    T. Arnold is anti-Trumpf but Roseanne is FOR Trumpf??? Maybe because she’s from Queens.

  6. Bill B. says:

    He sounds as crazy as the corrupt loon in the White House.

  7. Jessica says:

    Um, Washington “insiders” sharing sensitive info with Moby? LOL!!!! Yeah, and then they found Tom Arnold and shared info with him too!

  8. Cheese Cake says:

    It’s not untrue that Moby DICK has been resigned to fantasyland with the rest of the malnourished vegan lib-tards and DNC sycophants of fascist anti-American dogma. Haha. HilLIAR lost! And now you keep losing every day! Bye!

  9. Mike says:

    This attention-seeking media whore has nothing. He and Tom Arnold should get together, sip tea and color in a Bugs Bunny coloring book.

  10. Lewis Goudy says:

    He says he’s putting this out so it will be in the public record and then says it’s mostly already there or soon will be. Sound burnt to me.

  11. Kaboom! says:

    LOL! Moby is another hateful college dropout liberal who is faced with the realization of a declining career as a musician. He has nothing to share and nothing to show about anything important. His only future to look forward to is an extended stay at the local mental institution. Moby…you are a failure.

    • Sam says:

      And you are still supporting Trump…and you are calling Moby a loser…right!

      • Triad says:

        Our candidate didn’t lose. She won the popular vote by almost 3 million, and if Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign can be proved, and it looks like it can, Trump won’t be president for long.

        So I wouldn’t be bragging or get comfortable if I were you. Trump is unfit, unqualifed and UnAmerican and he proves it every day.

      • BonnieFlats says:

        Who is REALLY the loser? A person supporting the President of the US, or angry little people who can’t come to grips that their candidate lost? I’m winning, and so is the US. Get on the right side of history.

  12. BonnieFlats says:

    This loser (Moby) needs to sit his sorry ass down. He’s got nothing like Tom Arnold, and Variety, once again, is stupid enough to print it.

  13. WAZAT says:


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