Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited From CPAC, Simon & Schuster Cancels Book Publication

Milo Yiannopoulos Banned From Twitter Harrassment
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UPDATED: Controversial far-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos has been disinvited from speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, it was announced on Monday.

The decision comes amid a controversy involving a video from January 2016, in which Yiannopoulos appears to defend pedophilia. It resurfaced after it was recently shared on a conservative blog, and has gained traction and backlash over the past week.

“We realize that Mr. Yiannopoulos has responded on Facebook, but it is insufficient,” American Conservative Union Chairman Matt said in a statement. “It is up to him to answer the tough questions and we urge him to immediately further address these disturbing comments.”

In the video, a 2016 episode of podcast “The Drunken Peasants,” Yiannopoulos discussed his own experience with sexual assault as a teenager. He argued in the clip that relationships between “younger boys and older men” could be beneficial.

Later on Monday, Simon & Schuster’s Adam Rothberg announced that the company and its Threshold Editions division would be canceling its publication of Yiannopoulos’ book, “Dangerous.” It was due for release on June 13.

In a Facebook post in response to the controversy, Yiannopoulos claimed that the video was “deceptively edited,” and said he was “horrified” by allegations that he was an advocate for pedophilia.

“If it somehow comes across (through my own sloppy phrasing or through deceptive editing) that I meant any of the ugly things alleged, let me set the record straight: I am completely disgusted by the abuse of children,” he wrote in the post.

Yiannopoulos is far from a stranger to controversy. He’s carved out a reputation for himself as an unapologetic speaker, and recently appeared on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” where he criticized Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, and Amy Schumer, and discussed his issues with actress Leslie Jones.

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  1. lenstein says:

    this photo is not what he currently looks like..if you saw Bill Mahrer…

  2. JaJa says:

    But the pedo Lena Durham spoke at the DNC.

  3. rodittis says:

    Milo, I hope you’re taking notes here. If the alt-right were as committed to “non-PC” free speech as you claim, then they should be rushing over to defend you. Even I, one of the dreaded liberals, can see you’re no pedophile. But here’s the alt-right’s dirty little secret : they don’t love you because “free speech”, they love you because you sound like a bigot. ( I won’t debate semantics over whether you are or not — it’s enough to them that you sound like it. ) For many of them it’s not a philosophical position, you’re not the voice of protest against oppression like you think. You’re the voice telling them it’s still OK for them to continue with their bigotry.
    You can take comfort in the fact it was bound to happen anyway. They don’t want a gay man as a spokesperson, no matter how much hate mongering he might get up to.

  4. DorothyParkerlite says:

    Well, he got a little of his own medicine. Had no idea who he was either but he obviously felt threatened by these outspoken women which is why he needed to lash out like a little boy. The fact that he was able to land a book deal despite how disgusting his actions and hate speech are is what concerns me the most. I am second-guessing any book deemed worthy of Simon & Schuster’s notice now. It’s a shame that such an experienced publisher would need to stoop to this guy’s level to just to earn a few bucks. Sometimes you have to take stock of whether you’re actions are perpetuating an idea/belief even if you are not directly involved. We really can’t afford to be oblivious consumers and pretend that we aren’t complicit in the kind of ugliness these kind of people cater to anymore. No more excuses, no more lies. And fact check EVERYTHING.

  5. Harley Robert says:

    what I have never understood is why anyone would give a rat’s ass what this guy has to say about anything. He’s just stirring up the provocation to sell his books like Anne Coulter. it’s just all about the Benjamins so ignore him/it and he/it will slink away….

  6. Smith Cassidy says:

    Firsthand knowledge?

  7. Rudy Mario says:

    Ha ha ha. This is unintentionally so funny at so many levels.

    The red neck – neo nazi – evangelical axis came up with this freak. What else can you expect?

    Save our chidren.

    Wonder where all those Breitbart fans in this forum are hiding now that one of them has been expised.

  8. jmengele says:

    what he did to leslie jones was unconscionable. and he just would not stop. what he did to will smith many years before was horrible, but nothing as bad as what he did to leslie jones. he was so jealous of her well earned and hard wrought fame that he tried to embarrass, ridicule, diminish her by hacking her account and posting all her business on line–social security numbers, personal nude photos, friends’ info, etc. He ranted on and on about her looks. Well, she does NOT look like him. She is African; he is European. But when questioned, he could not come up with one good reason that he had been so insensitive in his attack of her. The reality was that he was steaming mad that a black person made much more money than he did. His career was in fakeness while her career was real and solid. Then he put his entire upper torso UNDER America Ferrara’s gown at the Met Gala. He tried to grab one of those famous girls off the street in a fake attempted kidnapping scheme, [can’t remember if it was cara dellavigne or bella hadid or her sister or even one of the kardashian girls. but those of you who follow TMZ will instantly know about this incident. Milo Yiannopoulos is angry that he is not WHITE-WHITE, you know, ARYAN white. So he jumps on the Trump train, even though he is gay, in the hope that Trumpsters will accept him. BUT THEY WON’T. Ask Pence about his views on Milo’s sexuality. And,the article insists that Milo cannot be anti semitic because his own mother is Jewish is ABSURD. Self hating people come in all races. Ask Omarosa, Stacy Dash, Jessie Peterson, Clarence Thomas, Sheriff Clarke, et al.

  9. Malanean Dewinter says:

    I still stand behind Milo. He has condemned Pedophiles many times in his speaking engagements and his Journalism. As far as being anti-Semitic, he is half Jewish himself. This video used some creative editing to string together different quotes from different times and context. They “Michael Moored” it. It’s ashame that CPAC caved. He would have been their most entertaining speaker amidst a sea of stuffed shirts. Simon and Shuster should also be ashamed for canceling his book deal. If you want to see the real Fascists, look to the left. They will do anything to discredit any right wing speaker, especially one who is funny and persuasive. Don’t buy into this smear campaign. This is just their attempt to suppress his free speech and shut him down. He does have a dark sense of humor. It’s part of what makes him funny. He is not a racist or a pedophile or a fascist. That’s all BS. Go out on Youtube and see for yourself. It doesn’t surprise me at all that all the liberal rags would be all too happy to jump on this band wagon. Absolutely disgusted with the Nazi Left.

  10. I watched him and his Make Me More Famous antics on Bill Maher’s show this last Friday night. I am so glad that this is being done. Free speech is fine… but hate speech for hate speech sake is just wrong. Just as promoting unethical practices. We all need to stand up to these strange souls.

  11. Stephen says:

    once again the extreme, biased left suppresses those whose views are contrary to theirs and will censor anyone opposed to leftist views

    • Jane says:

      You do realize his pedophila was outed by a conservative blog, not a liberal one and CPAC is a lot of things, but liberal is not one of them. So, maybe you might want to put away the kneejerk reaction so common in situations like this. The guy is a creep and Berkeley was right to kick him out and so was CPAC and Simon and Shuster. He was just a big a jerk last week and should never have gotten this far.

    • Mark Robinson says:

      lol. If you consider the American Conservative Union to be the extreme left, what would you call a Democrat?

    • Arek says:

      I’m sorry, is “against pedophillia” only a leftist view??

  12. Billy Bob Hickson says:

    Shoddy writing, poorly put together, you should be ashamed.

  13. Billy Bob Hickson says:

    Link to the video in question? Seems like your typical bullshit.

  14. Bill B. says:

    I had never heard of this guy until a few weeks ago and had never seen him until the Bill Maher Show. This is a serious political figure?!

    • Robert says:

      He is a big personality among the political right wingers. Does speaking engagements, talk shows, etc. He’s also the guy who was banned by twitter for his repeated harassment of Leslie Jones from SNL.

  15. Paully says:

    I advise Milo not to come back to Berkeley..Capech..

  16. Silent Velcro says:

    The guy’s just an asshole, regardless of his political or sexual views.

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