Plastic Surgeon Sues to Block Airing of ‘Humiliating’ E! Reality Show

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A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon on Thursday filed suit in an effort to block E! Entertainment from airing an episode of a reality show, saying that it set out to humiliate him and to break up his marriage.

Michael Obeng says his wife, Veronika Obeng, agreed to participate in the show, originally titled “Second Wives Club” in 2015. Michael Obeng went along with the idea in hopes of promoting his business, and because he thought it would spotlight their happy marriage. However, he says he quickly realized he had been misled.

“The Series was nothing about the couple’s happy marriage as Defendants represented to Plaintiff,” the lawsuit states. “The Defendants constantly staged Plaintiff in artificial situations and demanded Plaintiff to engage in conflicts that were often fraudulent and deceptive.”

The show evidently succeeded in creating conflict — Veronika Obeng filed for divorce in July 2016.

Obeng claims that he was required to display an “unrealistic and manufactured personality,” which could harm his business if the show is allowed to air. In a letter from his lawyer to E! Entertainment in August 2016, Obeng demanded that he and his children not be included in the program. The letter identified the show under a new name: “Famously Married.”

E! is set to air “Famously Married” this year. According to the network, the show “explores the lives of young women who recently married or plan to marry wealthy and successful older men.”

Obeng signed a talent agreement with Bright Road Productions, which is also named as a defendant in the suit. The contract requires Obeng to settle any disputes in arbitration, and it also warns that the show may include “dramatic, humorous, embarrassing, humiliating, and satirical elements.” Obeng initially filed a demand for arbitration, but says he has received no communication from the network. When he recently discovered that the show is about to air, Obeng filed the lawsuit.

Obeng is also suing NBCUniversal, the parent company of E! Entertainment. The suit seeks an injunction barring the network from airing or promoting the episode in which Obeng appears.

E! Entertainment did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Update: An E! spokesperson said, “E! has not received a complaint and will not comment on this matter.”

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  1. Angelique demands RESPECT says:

    He’s a dirt bag. He sued because he was caught cheating on his wife. Who cares if hes a good doctor. Ehoever made tgat comment is one dumb stupid person…He sucks as a husband! I hope she hired tge best attorney and cleaned him out. Let’s see who will run his business now!

    • Michael's Cousin not playing says:

      You don’t know shit about shit! Veronika, is a thirsty ass, lying ass, manipulative trick. First of all she had five children by three different men, not two, she blocks out the first baby daddy when she got pregnant at 16. Second, she broke up Michael’s 2nd marriage,because she was the other woman, ( that was her first cheating allegations) How does he cheat on you when you know he’s married? Go watch her YouTube video under the name Veronika Clayboure, she’s talking about a marriage man who tried to talk to her…her future husband. Then check out her video on “Golddiggers” as Veronika Obeng. Fourth, she didn’t want to move to LA to help his business, she was trying to propel her career as a singer, model, and actress (which she does well). Notice how in the 3rd episode her friend asks her if she was singing and writing to coup with her husband’s cheating. Yep, because when your husband cheats you want to sing. Fifth, notice how during the show she shows no receipts and she never confront him to his face. She tricked his ass just to get out of the marriage and told him that the show was about her being a wife, and their business.
      Your probably one of her Gatorade sisters, so you felt the need to write bullshit. Tell her I hope she proud of manipulating Michael into doing this show, allowing Shiva to use her to deflect the fact that Mohammed has legal issues, portraying her as a hood rich, schizophrenic,third wife. VERONIKA and MICHAEL have successfully, psychologically fucked up, eight kids. Fuck Veronika, she’s not a victim! Good luck finding another dummy to take care of five kids. Bitch you ain’t Shiva. #delusion

      • wendyw2407 says:

        lol Michael’s cousin….of course you will stick up for him. Disgusting. You just proved that he has a history of cheating! Just shut your mouth, you can’t defend those disgusting actions. Give it a rest, your cousin is a TERRIBLE person.

      • Mary Hall says:

        He’s truly a screwed up man…

        Ruining his marriages, sleeping with women all over town

        Creating a dysfunctional environment for his family

        Nasty Nasty Nasty

  2. Lies all lies says:

    He is a disgusting cheater and a liar! That’s why they got a divorce.

  3. Alisa says:

    Dr. Obeng is a wonderful and kind philanthropist, who has given time and entertainment hope and free plastic surgery to truly disfigured women and children.
    He’s not from this country and is sometimes too trusting of people.
    I really hope his marriage didn’t end in ruins just for the popularity of a show.

  4. Danielle H. says:

    He should keep his you know what in his pants, stop sleeping with known escorts and be honest about the money he makes from his “foundation”! I hope they air because I’ll definitely tune in for this craziness.

  5. Why says:

    Why don’t reality tv networks just get META already and make a show called HOME WRECKERS that follows reality show tv producers into every kind of genre documenting their take down of family relationships, businesses & marriages?

  6. Wut says:

    Just goes to show that you don’t have to be smart to be a cosmetic surgeon.

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