Lavar Ball Clashes With Female Reporter, Warns Her ‘Something’s Coming to You’

Kristine Leahy Lavar Ball
Courtesy of FS1

Lavar Ball — the polarizing owner of sportswear company Big Baller Brand and father of top NBA prospect Lonzo Ball — made headlines Wednesday for clashing with on-air Fox Sports 1 reporter Kristine Leahy.

Ball had appeared on “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” radio show to discuss his son’s prospects. Leahy is a contributor to the program and was in studio with Ball and Cowherd, albeit positioned in a booth behind Ball.

After heavily promoting his son — whom he hopes plays for the Los Angeles Lakers — he went on to discuss his footwear sales, boasting he’s sold a “good amount” of the the $500 to $1,000 shoes.

That’s when Leahy weighed in.

“How many?” Leahy asked.

“Stay in your lane,” Ball responded, without turning around. “I don’t even worry about her over there,” he added. “She scares me. I don’t look over there because I’m scared of her. I’m thinking assault right now. Leave me alone.”



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Ball continued to speak, addressing Cowherd only. “I’ll tell you. Four to five hundred pairs.”

Cowherd then replied, “She’s a reporter, her job is to probe.”

Ball retorted, “She can report to whoever she wants behind her. I’m talking to you, Colin.”

Things only got more tense when Ball accused Leahy of criticizing his brand.

“You are a hater,” Ball said, still without turning to face her. “I would never wear a Big Baller shirt,” he mocked in a sing-song voice.

Despite the mocking, Leahy responded, “If you want to work with Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, have something that appeals to women.” (Note: Big Baller Brand does sell a line women’s apparel.)

“If you want to have a successful company, you have to market to women,” Leahy added.

“Uh, if you have a women’s company,” Ball retorted, a comment Leahy found incredulous.

Later, Ball said, “I never disrespect women. But I’ll tell you what, if you act like that, guess what? Something’s coming to you, and it’s okay.”

When Leahy asked if he was threatening her, Ball said: “See how she’s trying to turn the words. I would never threaten you.” Leahy quoted Ball saying “something was coming to her,” to which he replied: “I don’t know what it is. I’m not a psychic.”

Watch the entire uncomfortable exchange below:

Several sports journalists condemned Ball’s behavior.

USA Today columnist Charles Curtis called Ball “completely disrespectful” to Leahy.

Sporting News writer Sara Jane Harris said Ball’s words and actions were “terrible,” but perhaps in response to Leahy’s previous criticism about the elder Ball’s relationship with his son.

Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo said Ball’s antics were part of his “weird media circus” and finished with this line: “If you’re exhausted by this Lavar Ball news cycle, trust that you are not alone.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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  1. california queen says:

    butthurt white folks in the comments i see. LOOK, whiny white women have been pulling the “oh, he threatened me!” card on black men for a LONG time!! and many black men have been killed because of it. that bitch needed to stay in her lane. i’m glad she was told to do just that.

    • grand wizard flash says:

      52 percent of all murders commited by AA’s that only make up 13 percent of population and look how bent out of shape,angry,making idle threats all bc she asked how many was sold maybe if yall werent such a violent group of ppl a wht lady 5’3 and 125 lbs wouldnt feel threatened 6’4 sports has been living his life thru his im sure embarrassed son . He probably does scare the shit out of his kids and he’s lucky that someone drafted his son bc he is baggage and using his kids to elevate his financial situation hell he was lucky UCLA wanted him bc im sure he was heavily involved in his recruiting process

    • HA HA..My God,you really are a moron. This pathetic POS uses his son to further his personal agenda, with zero regard to consequences for his son, he is a bully , misogynist and a racist. He does not like white people, he has made that very evident in past interviews. “What comes around, goes around, karma is a bitch”. He W|ILL get whats coming to him

  2. Alex says:

    He said “I’m scared of her. I’m thinking of saw right now.”

    You know the scary movie “Saw”.

    “I’m scared of her. I’m thinking assault right now” doesn’t even make sense. Can you get a person of color to proof read your stuff? Your bias is far too obvious.

    He never threatened her.

    “What’s coming to her” is an analogy for karma. For example, someone will publicly denigrate her parenting and how well adjusted her kids are after meeting her for 5 minutes and those statements will be completely unsubstantiated.

    Variety needs some black translators… stop all this buffoonery lol

  3. Cece says:

    Questions: Do u have kids? Have u raised any kids? Do u live in the same house with Lavar? Why do u infer that his son is scared of him? You were simply mad that he ignored you at the show and he has genuine reasons too… there is a clear-cut distinction btw disrespect and “i don’t wanna talk to you”. You were simply over-matched in that dialogue hence the reason you were seething with anger and drawing unnecessary far reaching conclusion from his outputs. Hahaha good effort trying to incite sentiments from the women’s group and obese folks…oh and threatening you? oh mehn! that’s an all time low woman. What he meant was: “if u talk about my family in such manner, I will treat you the way I am doing right now” comprende? Just to let you know, I watched that show and disected every second of it…My conclusion – For some unknown reason, you don’t like this dude and you will champion anyhing that will make him look bad. Like Lavar said; “You are a hater”

  4. Juan says:

    Nothin but a wannabe lowlife. As long as the media continues to give him a forum, he will keep this circus act rolling. A good throat punch might help…

    • Guest says:

      Certainly the media isn’t blameless when it comes to Lavar Ball, but consumers of news aren’t blameless. If you don’t like what Ball has to say, tune out. Because attacking him in the comments section will sustain his presence in the spotlight.

  5. Steve Monnier says:

    Lavar Ball needs to shut his mouth.

  6. Harold Holmyard says:

    The studio for this program seems poorly designed since one of the interviewers (Kristine Leahy) is behind the person being interviewed (Lavar Ball), a considerable distance behind, too. A voice (Leahy’s) comes disembodied to the interviewee (Ball) because the interviewer is out of sight. It would make me uncomfortable. The interviewee cannot even see the interviewer by turning his head. He would have to turn completely around to see her.

    • Guest says:

      I noticed that, too. Any interviewee who runs afoul of at least one of the hosts will have to constantly shift his head back and forth to address both hosts’ questions or attacks.

      Ball simply chose to face one direction and give his tormentor a cold shoulder.

  7. Hal says:

    He acted like a bitch! For a second I thought it was one of the housewives program. Act like a man!

  8. VBS says:

    What about Coherd being sexist? He put a woman reporter in a small box, in another room, behind the guest. We is she not allowed to be in the same room and face the guest like Coherd? Don’t give me any response like, “that’s how the studio is set-up.” If it is the case that the studio set up allows for only two people (Colin and Ball) why does Leahy allow herself to be degraded like this? Think about that. Coherd, “Leahy, you can ask questions of Mr Ball but you must be contained to a small box, in another room from a position of inferiority behind the guest.”

  9. Nosmo King says:

    She deserved it!

  10. Bradley Pope says:

    Both Lavar and Kristine were wrong here. Lavar should have not said “stay in your lane” and not even look her in the eye. He was wrong there but he also had the right to be angry with Kristine. Kristine ridiculed Lavar’s parenting which is uncalled for saying that Lonzo is afraid of him and that Lavar forced his three sons to play basketball at a young age and also saying that Lavar would not let Lonzo date a hot chick. That is crossing the line. Frankly how somebody raises their child is their business, not anyone elses unless they are abusing their children which I don’t believe Lavar ever did. And she also baited Lavar by saying he is disrespectful to all women. Not true, he was only disrespectful to her and by the way he actually does have merchandise for women on his Big Baller Brand website. To be fair here, would I have ignored Kristine during an interview? No. And if Lavar is ONLY mad about her comments about him trying to become a business mogul, then that is pure pettiness. If I was Lavar, here’s how I would have confronted Kristine and this would be behind the scenes not on live tv, “Kristine, you are well-respected reporter and I commend you on your success but I have a genuine problem with you. You can say anything about Big Baller Brand. You can criticize me as a businessman. You can say you would never buy or wear my merchandise. You can criticize my sons as basketball players. But, how dare you say that I abused and forced my sons to play basketball at an early age. How dare you criticize my parenting when you aren’t a parent yourself. How I parent my kids is none of your business. This is not a threat, I’m just telling you, don’t ever say that I did that to my boys ever again. And by the way, I have merchandise for women on my Big Baller Brand website, t-shirts and tanktops. Have a nice day ma’am”. That’s how I would’ve handled it with Kristine, behind the scenes, not on live tv. I’m not defending what Lavar did to Kristine, I’m just saying he has a right to be angry with her. And Kristine was wrong with those parenting comments and baiting. Just being completely fair here.

  11. Lorenzo from Chino Hills says:

    Both Ball and Leahy were in the wrong here. But whereas Ball was rude to her because of her previous interaction with Lonzo, Leahy responded by forcing her business advice on LaVar, who ostensibly already spoke with the Major Brands and received their feedback, and then pivoted to accuse Ball of being misogynistic when he rejected her advice by saying BBB is primarily a men’s sportswear brand. Leahy actions here underscore a common problem this new wave of antagonistic feminism seems to encounter, where people confuse a lack of symmetry with sexism. Lonzo Ball is a top NBA – not WNBA – draft pick and arguably the face of the BBB brand. The brand itself is intrinsically male-orientated and for Leahy to completely ignore this and co-opt the gender-equality movement to try and shame Ball is amoral and unprofessional. I wonder if Leahy believes all brands who offer female rompers should also carry the new RompHim’s.

  12. Josh says:

    Ahhh this is just the beginning… keep running your mouth ,Ball… your gonna “get yours” sooner or later when you piss off the wrong person.

  13. David Butler says:

    I’m glad he called her on her nonsense. She questioned his parenting which she is certainly entitled to do. He showed her the respect you would show someone who questioned your parenting.

    She gets upset and plays the victim. Get real and kudos to Lavar for not playing into her nonsense.

  14. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    He is Black Trump exactly.

  15. Lore says:

    Shame on Colin for not putting this ignorant ass in has place. Your a guest on their show and you come off like that. Seriously I wouldnt wear those sneakers if you gave them to me for free. 3 billion dollars, what a joke. I use to like watching this show but seeing Colin how he handled himself was just pathetic.

  16. Bruce Wayne says:

    Hahahahaha. Put that ignorant bitch in her place.

  17. CB says:

    I’m just waiting for the son to tell the dad stfu and let him get on with his career, as far as shoes, there are no shoes only the promise of shoes. As far as I know how it works the manufacturers have to be guaranteed a large enough production run to even start. 400-500 pairs are not going to cut it.

  18. Bill says:

    Good for you, Mr. Ball. I’d like to see more of this, where reporters are ridiculed for trying (and failing in Leahy’s case) to bait people or otherwise make the story about themselves. It’s high time the news media begins acting like responsible adults again.

  19. Ming mow says:

    Ball is not even that good

  20. Natan says:

    A horribly annoying female with quintessential Muffy cadence. Sports media needs rethink. Declare dyed blondes endangered species. Take off suits. Have men and women who know and feel sports talk about sports. If they dye their hair blonde ok just spare us this one.

  21. Tjappleg8 says:

    Who cares . . . ?

  22. Edge says:

    I regularly dvr this show so I was able to watch without any opinion to sway me. I felt uncomfortable just watching it and all though in black and white his remarks did come off as a threat , I never felt like that was the mans intentions , the one one thing that did recall thinking was if I was in Colin’s shoes I would have defended my coworker to the very end and that clown would have been thrown off the set . He had a chance to set a standard and blew it , but I guess the ratings will take a hike and that’s more than likely his intentions.

  23. Troy Trier says:

    Disgusting, sensationalist headline. No matter how annoying or obnoxious he might be, that man clearly wasn’t threatening her. Unnecessary and cowardly for her to take it *there and irresponsible of Variety to report this this way.

  24. F-Lavar Ball says:

    Lavar Ball is an a$$hole plain and simple

  25. cc says:

    Why does Variety include “female” in their description of the r reporter. There was no evidence he was dissing because she was female. If she had been male would Variety write “male reporter”?
    This guy has had testy interviews with lots of male reporters.
    What kind of world do we live in that Variety things females need to be addressed more respectfully than males? And she is the one who brought up gender saying his company did not make r market things to women. Since his company has womans line, she either was lying or just ignorantly assuming this due to her own bigotry.

    • Chris Christie's Belt says:

      He said “this company is nor for women” an “stay in your lane”.

      He is trying to sell clothes to women by thew way, he is black Trump. Delusional, clueless, racist, sexist, just a loud mouth moron with delusions of grandeur.

  26. kem says:

    Good for him.

    • The Truth says:

      For what? Acting like the asshole he is when a reporter calls him on his bogus bullshit? Leahy knows there are no shoe orders, and Ball couldn’t take the heat.

      • Guest says:

        You can’t say there are no shoe orders because a few hundred pairs have been sold already. Not a lot, but considerably more than none.

  27. So what says:

    Modern sports is trash, and all sports entertainment is lower than trash. This entire genre of talking about sports in suits is going to be a thing of the past very quickly.

  28. Lets hope celtics do not draft his son plenty of assets still besides this #1 pick.

  29. WakeUp says:

    What an ass clown. Kudos to the reporter for keeping in professional. This guy’s a joke.

  30. Kobe lover says:

    Good god. Lavar Ball needs a safe space even though he has the biggest mouth in the world. Kudos to Kristine Leahy to for sitting there and not losing it. I would have slapped that motherfucker.
    Still repping for Lonzo though.

  31. Eric H says:

    What a Dbag. But I guess we already knew he was from his previous interviews.

  32. Chris says:

    This guy needs to just go away he’s gonna cost his son so much if doesn’t shut up.

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