Kellyanne Conway Criticizes ‘Presumptively Negative’ Media Coverage of Trump

Kellyanne Conway

WASHINGTON — White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, appearing at a conference at the Newseum museum in D.C. on the relationship between the media and the Trump administration, criticized what she described as “presumptively negative” media coverage of the president’s first 100 days.

In a Q&A with journalist Michael Wolff, Conway said that she did not want to generalize about the media, but said that there were some reporters who “want to prove they have been right all along” about Donald Trump. She even cited cases where journalists were openly questioning whether they should even refer to him as the president.


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She said that some journalists had Twitter accounts that were a “hot mess,” with opinion rather than reporting.

“I think we need to have a conversation about the use of Twitter among the media, too,” she said.

Like White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who appeared at the event earlier in the day, she bemoaned the media focus on process rather than policy. She argued that what is getting highlighted is not what is of interest to the voters who made up the Trump coalition.


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“The forgotten men and the forgotten women didn’t just come out of nowhere,” she said. “They still feel forgotten in terms of how this administration is being presented.”

Conway, however, was reluctant to single out reporters by name. Wolff cited New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman as someone who Trump doesn’t like. When Conway said that wasn’t true, Wolff said he got that from Trump himself. But she defended Haberman and cited a recent CNN profile of her.

Conway did draw some unintentional laughs from the audience when she said that on TV, “people literally say things that just aren’t true.”

She said that “there is a reason that the president decided not attend” this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, citing the unhappiness with the way that the administration has been covered and that it was a “two way” street of responsibility.

“There is a selectivity there also — what do we choose to highlight and allow to recede into the background,” she said of media coverage.
At a later panel, Brian Stelter of CNN asked ABC News’ Cecilia Vega whether she was “presumptively negative.”
“I am presumptively cynical — that’s my job,” she said.

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  1. Ginwhopp says:

    So sick of all the negative press about Trump….Look he won the Presidency, he’s the MIC right now weather you like it or not. As multiple outlets have said his young term as president is sinking, which IMO is partially to blame if media they do not focus on what he is trying to do rather than focusing on every change they can to jump on him. He wasn’t a politician that’s what we liked about him, he spoke his mind another trait we like. How about we give him time to settle in and let the man do his job. In other words gets over your childish attitude and give him a chance!!!!!!

  2. Kaboom! says:

    another hit piece from the liberal hate machine. if you hate the current administration so much, move to north korea or iran. there when you open your mouth to spew your hate, they chop off your head.

  3. The Truth says:

    Could the reason that press coverage of the Trump administration is “presumptively negative” be due to its suspicious connections and consistently incompetent performance? If you keep screwing up, it’s intelligent to presume that you’ll screw up again. In this regard, stepping in their own shit on almost a daily basis is business as usual for the Trump team. Covering the Trump presidency is an endless exercise in “what’s wrong with this picture.” And calling the Twitter accounts of some journalists a “hot mess” of opinions rather than facts is laughably ironic in light of the President’s hallucinatory Twitter rants.

    If the forgotten men and women who constitute the popular minority who voted for Trump aren’t seeing anything that interests them from the media, it’s because they elected a mirage. Unfortunately, the real thing is just hot air and sand.

  4. Steve Barr says:

    The Trump’s are the Romanov’s. Hope they end the same way.

  5. Ahntara Miller says:

    The media seems to be accurately reporting the NEGATIVE actions/intentions/statements/origins of the tRump administration. It naturally flows as negative and tRump supporters just want to keep their heads in the sand. Conway needs to go away. Please stop publishing her statements and interviewing her. She has NO credibility.

  6. Dji says:

    She’s an idiot! Stop talking!

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