James Deen Blocked Documentary That Cites Rape Claims, Director Alleges

James Deen

Porn star James Deen has blocked the distribution of a documentary that addresses rape allegations against him, according to a lawsuit filed by the film’s director.

Maria Demopoulos alleges Deen thwarted the film’s distribution on Showtime by taking the signed releases from her producer’s office. Demopoulos (“The Source Family”) accuses Deen of fraud, conversion, and breach of fiduciary duty, and claims she is owed at least $150,000.

According to the suit, Demopoulos was hired by Deen’s company, Seven Sins, to direct the documentary in 2015. She shot footage of Deen at the AVN convention in Las Vegas and elsewhere, conducted interviews and gathered archival footage. She was on track to complete a director’s cut in late 2015, when Deen’s ex-girlfriend, Stoya, went on Twitter and accused him of rape. Another dozen women came forward with other allegations against Deen.

The first cut of the film, delivered on Dec. 27, 2015, did not include reference to any of the allegations. Her producer and a Showtime executive agreed that the film — originally expected to be broadcast in mid-2016 — would have to be re-edited to address the new claims.

Demopoulos says she conducted additional interviews, re-interviewed subjects such as Bret Easton Ellis, and pursued several of Deen’s accusers. Each of the subjects who appeared in the film signed releases. In July 2016, Demopoulos delivered a second version of the film to Showtime.

The producers screened the second version for Deen on July 30, 2016. He had some requests for changes, but his overall reaction appeared to be positive, the suit alleges. However, three months later Deen appeared unannounced at the producer’s Culver City office. The producer was out of state shooting a film, and Deen persuaded a production assistant to turn over a binder of signed releases, Demopoulos claims.

Deen also asked a post-production staffer for the footage from the film, but the staffer recognized him and refused, the suit states, and Deen then walked out with the binder. Without the original releases, Demopoulos says the film cannot be shown at film festivals or aired on Showtime.

“This was all captured on security footage,” the suit claims. “Defendant James Deen maliciously refused, and continues to refuse, to return the original releases, thereby hijacking the Picture to the substantial detriment of Plaintiff, as well as that of her Producer and of Showtime.”

Two days later, Deen tweeted: “I respect the desire (need) to fight tooth and nail until you have no other options when it’s for something thats right… despite all odds.” Demopoulos perceived this as a threat and an admission that he had taken the binder to prevent the film from being distributed.

According to the suit, Deen subsequently told Demopoulos that he owns the production company and can control the release of the film.

“These are my binders,” Deen said in an email, according to the suit. “They will stay with me. I also will be picking up copies of the footage as soon as the[y] are able to transport it onto drives.”

Demopolous alleges she originally thought the project would take only one year, and was not paid for the additional work required after the rape allegations surfaced. She also says she accepted a lower rate because Showtime had agreed to air the film. Demopolous accuses Deen of interfering with her relationship with Showtime.

Deen’s attorney declined to comment on the suit.

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  1. porn reduces the mind, degrades the self, depreciates life and devalues our worth (esteem). To be in porn industry is an extreme negative karma that is demoniacal and deserves disregard…

    • Josh Jones says:

      Fuck off or at least try to stay on topic. Take your vendetta against porn elsewhere unless you’re at least able to mask your intentions and make it seem contextual.

  2. ybfishel says:

    Rape allegation are now a very big problem because the whole business of “consensual” is up for grabs, if you’ll pardon the pun. The point is: rape allegations ae easily made and very, very difficult to disprove. This means that in some contexts accusal is tantamount to being found guilty, thus Mr. Deen’s entire career is at stake

  3. Lyle Petersen says:

    The money-quote is in paragraph three. His company hired her to make the documentary. She was working for him. It’s his documentary, not hers. Case closed.

  4. Caroline Tipton says:

    He’s NOT a “star”, He’s a sick individual and we need to pray for him.

  5. seers says:

    why is drudge obsessed with this glorified male prostitute?

  6. I think he deserves a trial before you convict him of a crime. An accusation should not be an instint GUILTY ruling.

  7. Keith Diggs says:

    They deserve this and more for trying to “normalize” this filthy pos.

  8. Pepina says:

    Oh, the poor, poor innocent maidens…

  9. Dan Roth says:

    Does anyone really give a damn?

  10. in the right says:

    I sense there is more to this story than what those reporting it are letting on.
    If those releases don’t belong to him, then they are stolen.
    If there are REAL Rape accusations, where are the Police?
    A documentary is supposed to be a One-sided version of things. If he is the one who hired them to do it, then they are supposed to make the changes he wanted.
    I think James Deen, while not Pure as the Driven Snow here, is probably in the Right on this.
    If not, then why doesn’t the company get the law involved?

  11. John Beargrass says:

    Takes a lot of talent to screw. This guy is a STAR.

  12. will says:

    “Allegation” Its like libs and these bleeding heart pc guys we have running america are not happy until a women is INSTANTLY VINDICATED. Make a claim!? Dont want to go to court!? Then its not true! Dont like it!? Then lets go back to the thousands of years of vigilantism that brought us to these great times. Stop making claims against people youre unhappy with. Did hee screw you on some porn deal? Dont bring it up as allegations of rape that you never plan to pursue and are in fact untrue.

    People will slam this as misogynist and anti women but those types just dont like men or the law. I wish i could make up shit too and everyone would have to follow but tough.

  13. Lou Cubbage says:

    Everytime I see his picture I feel I like I want to go take a shower.

  14. ElGuapo says:

    If there is a rape allegation why has it not been pursued? Seems to me they could get the people who already signed releases to sign them again, except Deen. So they are screwed, unless they can sue for breach of contract…

  15. Omar G says:

    From a legal standpoint, I have huge respect for the way he has been able to manage his image in the face of typical public lynchings. We can make him a scapegoat for the industry, but he has the free will to try and prevent this. Find someone else. He beats the negative press once again. Smart.

  16. This scumbag is the epitome of deviant sleaze. Truly a waste of food and air.

    • stupid says:

      Ooo can you point me to the case where these allegations were proven true? NOOO!? Weird. I guess the women involved in porn are just being taken advantage of right? It has nothing to do about the money? Let me guess it was some evil man in their lives that drove them there. Tool, have an original thought for once.

  17. CrabtownUSA says:

    When you pervert sex into something other than a loving expression how can you define the perversion as anything but perversion, which includes rape. These purveyors of the flesh should get no sympathy for what they do to denigrate a sacred expression between man and woman. That Deen has cultivated a persona about which young girls fantasize is despicable.
    But yeah he’s hot and eff ’em.

    • Jesse McKay says:

      Holy Crap! Are there STILL people so old, moral-signaling, and sexually repressed that they use the term “Purveyors of the Flesh”?! It’s hysterical to think that people still exist who think sex should only take place in the confines of marriage & is some super-special “Union”. I mean, it’s nice when that happens…but to think it’s the ONLY way sex should be experienced? Ooofff…

    • Your “feelings” have no place in law. The law is very clear and although I don’t agree with the lifestyle, he is probably in the right on this and can do what he wants since he’s the one who paid for the filming.

  18. GozieBoy says:

    Drudge’s toy boy is always in some kind of trouble.

  19. Mark says:

    Why couldn’t they just go to the people who signed the releases and ask them to sign new ones?

    • Esteban says:

      Exactly. The story is a crock of horse shit.

      • Because it is not legal. A release was signed and since those original releases were not lost or stolen and are known to be held by the owner of the production company in which the releases are drafted on behalf of, they can’t sign new ones in an attempt to circumvent the law.

  20. Esteban says:

    What a load of crap. So what if “signed releases” are missing. What is this, 1985? And where is this, an elementary school mock court?

    First, the “signed releases” would have been scanned electronically as EVERYTHING has been for over a decade. This isn’t some 1985-era “the binders have the only copies of the documents.”

    Second, even if it was 1985, the theft of the “binder of signed releases” means nothing BECAUSE YOU MERELY HAVE TO OBTAIN, AGAIN, THE CONSENT OF THOSE APPEARING IN THE DOCUMENTARY. It’s not like the “signed releases” go missing and “gosh, those were irreplaceable.”

    This sounds like a bullshit story meant to cover up the fact that the producer, etc. were paid off by Deen (real name Sevilla) to kill the documentary. The problem is that the excuse (binder theft) is just so ridiculously weak.

    I hope Showtime sues the crap out of the producer and Deen for conspiracy and breach of contract.

    • Joe says:

      You do realize that Deen paid for the documentary. He owns the fim, the binders and can do whatever he wants with it? Do you understand that concept?

  21. Rich Vail says:

    I suspect that this is all about drumming up free publicity and punch up earnings.

  22. Why in the world would anyone want to make a doc about some porn prostitute?
    He’s not even good looking and is well ya know ” medium” at best.

  23. TeachEm2Think says:

    But I was always told that porn empowers women ‘n stuff….

    • thisstupid says:

      O no now its just a perversion off men taking advantage of women and feminism and men are evil and deans a rapist, I SWEAR THERES ALLEGATIONS!!!

      Like it would be the first women to cry rape the day after when she sobers up and realizes she didnt want to bang “That loser”.

  24. joe says:

    It was plainly obvious that the charges against him were false.

  25. Joe Voter says:

    So you made a deal with lowlife degenerates to make a documentary about lowlife degenerates and were expecting to be paid by the lowlife degenerates.

    What could possibly have gone wrong?

  26. Unlv131313 says:

    Good luck with that in court. Porn star raped on camera. Yeah right.

  27. Michelle Korner says:

    If it’s his binders then why was he so sneaky about obtaining them? Going to the producer’s office when he knew the producer was out of town? Why go to that trouble? If they are yours, you should have had them in the first place. Right?

    • Joe says:

      Another fool who doesn’t understand how things work.

      He owns all the footage and documents. He can do what he wants with it.

      The producer was keeping them in her office. Why would he instantly have them in his possession?


  28. Allan Falk says:

    Yes, i am sure a porn actor like this guy would have to rape someone……….again just some lowlife women looking to cash in…….years after the alleged crime

    • Female porn prostitutes are treated harshly by the male porn prostitutes and degenerate producers.
      So it’s easy to see that Deen got drunk with his power.

      • Shlomo Shunn says:

        Female porn stars are also routinely paid much more than their male counterparts. In fact, they are paid more than the normally “higher” rates when doing “harsh” scenes.

    • Stef says:

      The stupidity of assuming that because he has sex for a living means he doesn’t “need” to rape someone proves you know nothing about rape or why people rape. Very few rapists “need” to rape someone to get laid. It has to do with power, not sex. But yeah, I’m sure a guy who has filmed countless abuse themed porn in his day has no personality issues or power trip issues or authority issues. Totally normal dude.

      • Shlomo Shunn says:

        Rape sure IS related to power: female power!

        Women have the power to redefine rape to cover ever-slighter “perceived” offenses while keeping the penalty severe…akin to murder.

        Can anyone imagine THIS scenario: a man goes behind a dumpster with a female, both drunk, for some “sexy time.” She merely TOUCHES his peen while he’s zoned out. Two female soccer players jog by and see her fondling him. They pounce on her, holding her for police…who then arrest her.

        The guy, though he can’t remember the “rape,” then pens a “Perils of Pauline” screed that is read into the Congressional Record. In it he claims he’ll never be the same…acting like a survivor the Burman Death March.

        Of course, he remains anonymous. The female will be named and shamed, booted from Stanford, and jailed for 20 years…raped daily by her cellmate, Big Bertha Broomhandle while the world laughs.

        In reality, that’s never happen. Only female bodies are valued.

        A female pre-med student in the UK recently stabbed a male because she was angry. The judge said she was too smart to be imprisoned.

        Plus female teachers routinely rape their underage boy students now. Media call their crimes “sexual encounters,” “trysts,” “relationships,” or “dalliances”– not RAPE! Plus the perps usually get a slap on the wrist, mostly probation.

        Though females are the biggest abusers/neglecters of children and the elderly, whenever men are seen with young children they are assumed to be pedophiles.

        Recently a young, irresponsible couple let their child wander off. When a man found the child, he walked her around asking if she recognized her parents. The father and 2 of his mutton-headed boyos sucker punched the guy, then called the cops. When the police showed up, they decided the guy was a Good Samaritan. He chose not to press assault charges against the doltish dad. The ungrateful parents responded by using social media to harass the rescuer of their daughter…forcing him to move his family away.

        Think that’d ever happen to a female who found a lost child?

        Feminists HATE equality. They want ever-more rights for females without concomitant responsibilities. They want the right to vote, for example, not the obligation to defend that right with their lives. They also want the cushiest male jobs via affirmative action, keeping women protected from life atop sexist pedestals.

        The greatest powers are to define (1) what power is and (2) who has it. Females in 2017 have both powers in spades.

    • George Lewis says:


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