Hillary Clinton Says She Doesn’t Think Her Future Includes ‘Running for Office Again’

Hillary Clinton Women in the World

Hillary Clinton, appearing at what was billed as her first post-election interview, said that she is focused on “doing interesting things” but doesn’t think “that will include running for office again.”

Clinton appeared on stage at the Women in the World Conference in New York on Thursday for a Q&A with the New York Times’ Nick Kristof.

Kristof had asked her about her future plans, even mentioning the possibility of running for mayor of New York. Although Clinton said that she had no plans to seek elective office, it will hardly tamp speculation that she may consider something down the road.

The wide-ranging interview covered the crisis in Syria, Russian intervention in the 2016 election, and her opinion of President Trump’s initial weeks in office.

“As a person, I’m okay,” Clinton said, describing her surprise election loss. “As an American, I’m pretty worried. There’s a lot to be concerned about.”

She said that she supports an independent investigation of Russian hacking into the election, including potential collusion by members of the Trump campaign. She said that Republicans should also be concerned of what Russia did.

“It was a theft,” she said of the hacking, adding that it was a “more effective theft than even Watergate back in the day.”

She said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “not exactly fond of strong women, although he did shake hands with me.” She said that he wants to “sow distrust and confusion” by influencing the election.

But she also cited other reasons for her loss, including FBI Director James Comey’s decision to restart the investigation into her private email server after the discovery of more emails. Two days before the election, Comey announced that the investigation turned up no new information, but Clinton’s campaign team has since argued that by then, the damage had been done.

Clinton also reflected on the way that she has been attacked from the right, saying that after serving as secretary of state and seeking office again, she was a target.

“By the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary, and poor Mary, she didn’t deserve it either,” she said.

She did say that she thinks misogyny played a role in the campaign, but also talked of the need to “toughen up your skin” and “take criticism seriously, not personally.”

Although Clinton did not say exactly what her plans were, she did say that she wants to focus on children and the rights and opportunities for women and girls, as well as helping Democrats win back a congressional majority.

She also admitted that it was “somewhat gratifying” to watch as a Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare failed even before it came to a vote. When she was first lady, Clinton was responsible for the administration’s health care reform proposal, which also stalled out in Congress.

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  1. logicjohnson says:

    Good. Go away, and stay away… and leave the Dem nomination to someone who won’t piss it away on a lazy, self-satisfied entitled campaign. Because we’ve clearly established that a large of the country would rather catch polio (OR elect it in human form) than hand you the White House.

    You’re done. Bye. And thanks for giving us Trump.

  2. Then please exit the stage and STFU. You are dividing the party with your hate campaign against Bernie Sanders. And we still want a refund for the money we donated that was mean for Sanders.

  3. Frank says:

    Huh, why didn’t hrc mention her husband physically assaulting
    women ???
    Like people would vote for her regardless like they’re stupid. She’s calling us stupid. She used an illegal server, destroyed govn documents and conspired to remove sanders, illegally received questions in advance , lied about bengazi, intimidated and threatened the mothers of same as well as bills women, pandered for money with pay and play to violent foreign governments, allowed her daughter to run a bogus charity foundation, sold Haiti govn repair funds money to her
    brother , and on and on and on.
    Oh……and…….she’s still not in a jail cell.
    Please go away and just be a grandmother and a wife, for once.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you, I wouldn’t had said it any better !! Cancerous to America, GOD was looking upon us on Nov the 8th THANK YOU GOD !!

  4. heyitsron says:

    Hint. Hint. Y’all start beggin’ her to run. That’s where we are now. Are y’all going to surprise her or bite the bait? Time will tell. With Scotty at EPA, Jimmy at DOD, and Neil about to sprint into SCOTUS, we’re left wondering just what we’ve done, just how bad it’s going to get? And Donald about to do a Libya to Syria. With your kids. With your college kids. Yes, I feel a Draft. The future of America.

    • Another moron. She needs to go away and so do morons like you who have NO IDEA who Trump really is. Or how mentally ill he is.

    • Mamabear says:

      The adult says, you idiots just proved her point. Your misogyny is so obviously, you couldn’t wait to knock her off some female $***. Having a loud man in power doesn’t compensate for the fact that he’s lacking in the medulla.

    • Milton says:

      Obama says “cut that out” when infants are killed by being gassed. Trump blows up stuff. God bless America and Trump. Hillary Clinton, good-bye and good riddance.

    • Andy says:

      Your toddler wasn’t killed by gas.
      Depraved dems.

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