PopPolitics: How Trump’s D.C. Slump Mirrors Tales of Hollywood’s Chumps (Listen)

Donald Trump health care bill

The headlines are harsh and the punditry is pulling no punches in the aftermath of President Trump’s defeated effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Did Trump, who promised to shake up Washington and “drain the swamp,” end up getting engulfed by D.C. instead? Matt Drudge, a Trump supporter, tweeted this week, cryptically, “The swamp drains you.”

On the latest “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel, writer-producer Rob Long offers a comparison of the turbulent opening act of the Trump presidency to a familiar story in Hollywood: The outsider financier, lured by the glamour and glitter of showbiz, determined to remake the business only to get fleeced in the process. A few examples: Coca-Cola, Japanese conglomerates, Wall Street investment firms, German dentists.

“Washington, they’ve been around for a long time. They are good at this. They are good at taking the new guy,” says Long, who is co-founder of the conservative site Ricochet. “Look, it’s a lot like Hollywood. Big companies have been buying into studios since time immemorial. … People in Hollywood, like people in D.C., are looking for the next guy to fleece and send on his way, and that is kind of what they are doing in D.C. right now.”

He adds, “Everybody wants to find somebody with deep pockets, that they can use to get what they want. In D.C., it is the same thing. The deep pockets aren’t always money. At times it is power and influence. They know they are going to be here long after that guy goes home. At some point, Trump’s going home, even if he wins a second term, he will only be there for another eight years.”

Listen below:

Long talks about whether Trump backers in Hollywood have reason to worry whether making their support risks their careers in a business dominated by the left.

Listen below:

‘American Jihad’

Alison Ellwood, director of the Showtime documentary “American Jihad,” talks about the making of her project, which examines young Americans who have been radicalized by jihadist groups to carry out terror attacks in the U.S. She says that one of the problems in addressing the issue is that it so rarely gets addressed on the political stage.

Listen below:

Tim Allen’s Nazi Germany Comment

Nikki Schwab of Daily Mail and David Cohen of Variety talk about Tim Allen’s comment, made on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” that to support Trump in Hollywood now is a risk. “If you don’t believe what everybody believes this is like ’30s Germany,” Allen said. It drew a rebuke from the Anne Frank Center of Mutual Respect.

Listen below:

“PopPolitics,” hosted by Variety’s Ted Johnson, airs on Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. ET/11 a.m.-noon PT on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel. It also is available on demand.

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  1. Timely Comment says:

    It’s edifying know that there are Trump supporters who fire off comments to defend their President— and read VARIETY.

    Reading their comments, they must be more into inside-baseball Hollywood machinery than the usual Trumpeteer supporting their group leader. (Not Tea Party REP? A Libertarian/”Independent”/de facto Republican?)

    President Trump is being eaten alive by Democratic AND Republican politicians there in the “swamp”— a business outsider like himself is prey to these experienced Dc insiders. And Steve Bannon is doing what he can to stave them off…

  2. Michael S. says:

    Nice to see how Variety cares about bringing America together. I do not understand why the left is celebrating this when they are fully responsible for Obamacare which is imploding. The only people who are for Obamacare are those who do not have to use it. It is the worst heathcare forced on me ever. I just pay cash to doctors now, since my deductible is 6 k before anything is covered.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    Loser, liar, fraud, crook, p_ssy-grabber & toddler-in-chief couldn’t lead out of a paper bag. Poor deplorable supporters standing by their idiotic reality television host as he fails to deliver on anything EVEN with Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. Massive failure of a president with the lowest approval rating in history and only 8 weeks in office. Total disaster of a president who has to fly to Florida for golf every weekend at huge taxpayer expense because he can’t handle the job. WORST PRESIDENT EVER who lies about everything and f_cks up everything he touches and then blames someone else.. What a loser!

    • Bill B. says:

      He’s a tragic American abomination. I love the precious critics of the left that claim they’re are not working to bring America together again. Of course they are not. This delusional narcissist does not stand for anything admirable. He has few morals and is a pathological liar. This country will have the deepest divides ever seen in modern history as long as he is sitting in the White House. Get used to it.

  4. re user says:

    Liberal Coastal ,media ,news ,political and Hollywood elites only like various minorities and the immigrants for liberal PC gestapo propaganda and street cred and cheap immigrant labor and liberal political leverage .

    None of these elites ,liberal news and media elites or thier liberal politicians and elite globalists have any regard for America or Americans or the minorities and disadvantaged poor they swindle and use .

    Pres. Trump did more than should be expected here to pass the poorly and hastily crafted ACA GOP house bill albeit the GOP house speaker comrades aka Ryan Rhinos put up a very bad ACA bill from the start .

    It’s wholly the Rhinos fault noting they tried to de rail Trumps primary and so on anyway but the ignorant libtards and the corrupt liberals and liberal media and news are going to spin it to Trump and that may wholly backfire on them at some point depending on the variables.

  5. Frank says:

    The retail apocalypse has descended on America. More than 3,500 big box stores are expected to close across the U.S. in the next couple of months.

  6. Inspector clouseau says:

    Yes the looney libs and loser lefties still cry out in pain. Get used to law and order.The days of anything goes is over.

    • Rex says:

      The days of “anything goes” have just begun, but only if you’re Trump and his millionaire cronies in the new swamp.


      Tell that to your Liar in Chief and his minion who are unethical, amoral and believe their fraud and graft is acceptable. For them “anything goes.”

  7. sariff says:

    RINO’s and Democraps are both the swamp. It’s we the American people that will meet you head on anywhere and anytime as we drain the swamp. Do you really think the liberal pubics were any less harsh on President Bush or Reagan?

    • re user says:

      Frank says:

      “The retail apocalypse has descended on America.More than 3,500 big box stores are expected to close across the U.S. in the next couple of months.”

      re: ppffttt….thats been written on the wall for decades and since Eddie lampert ruined Sears and Kmart

    • re user says:

      sariff says:

      “RINO’s and Democraps are both the swamp.”

  8. Last I checked, Robert Downey, Jr., Robert Duvall, Gary Sinise, and Clint Eastwood continue to work because they’re outstanding talents. In Nazi Germany or the Blacklist McCarthy era you didn’t work – often didn’t survive – if you stepped out of line no matter how talented you are. For Tim Allen to complain how oppressed he is sure sounds whiny.

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