LGBTQ Resist March Draws Heavily on Anger Over President Donald Trump

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Tens of thousands of LGBTQ folk and their allies marched through Hollywood and West Hollywood on Sunday for the Resist March, a protest which this year replaced the colorful and over-the-top celebratory atmosphere of a Pride parade.

The event was billed as non-partisan, but unmistakeable was the heavy presence of marchers bearing anti-Trump signs, speakers decrying the administration’s immigration, healthcare and civil rights policies, and Democrats calling for a burst of activism to channel into the 2018 elections.

At a rally on Santa Monica Boulevard at the march’s end point, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi led the crowd in a chant, asking “Why do we resist?” “Because this is not normal,” the crowd answered.

“Now let me tell you this, what our colleagues and I hear sometimes in the Congress. ‘It’s easy for you. You represent California, where people are so tolerant.’ And I say to them. ‘Don’t use the word ‘tolerant.’ That is a condescending word.’  This is not about tolerance. This is about taking pride. This is about respect.”


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She called for passage of legislation to protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination, but she also talked of winning back the House in 2018. Not to be outdone, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who said that Trump “stands for the worst of everything,” led the crowd in a chant of “Impeach 45.”

“When he thinks he can mess with the LGBT community, he better know what happens right here in West Hollywood,” Waters said of the President.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told the gathering, “We are still as proud as ever, but we are also mad as hell.”

“The LGBT community has always been the tip of the spear of resistance,” he said. “This community has always been on the forefront of so much positive change.”

Brian Pendleton, the organizer of the event, said that more than 100,000 people were in attendance.

Among the signs: “Batman’s dead … but the Joker is still our President.” “I’ve seen better cabinets at Ikea.” “American Horror Story: Trump.” “Resist Covfefe Betches!!!” “If Hillary Was President We’d All Be At Lunch Right Now.”

“I am terribly against the Trump agenda. I am pro-choice, pro-sexuality, pro-good government, and we need a change,” said Tauby Lynn Ross, who held a sign that read “I am … just a person … love is love.” The words gay-bi-straight were crossed out.

Ross, who identifies as straight, said that they have been to previous Pride events, but “wanted to go to this one because [they] knew it would be different.” “I went to the Women’s March in Washington, so I have been marching since January,” they said with pride.


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There had been some questions as to whether the parade should be replaced by a march this year, but most speakers said that it was entirely in line with the meaning of Pride events.

“What do you think the parade was about for the past 40 years?” asked West Hollywood City Councilman John Duran, pointing out that Pride events have their roots in protests of the late 1960s. He noted that when Los Angeles police raided the Black Cat Bar in Silver Lake in 1967, arresting same-sex couples for kissing each other, “our forefathers and mothers fought back and resisted against that unjust law.”

Chad Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, also noted that the passage of Proposition 8 in 2008, which banned same-sex marriage in California, led to a backlash that saw protests and court challenges and eventually the Supreme Court recognition of gay nuptials in a 2015 decision.

“We built coalitions and changed hearts and minds,” he said, adding that “Just like Proposition 8, together we are going to defeat Donald Trump.”

A number of Hollywood figures spoke, including America Ferrera, Chris Rock, Adam Lambert, Jussie Smollett, and Margaret Cho.

Cho, never one to shy away from humor at the edge, told a series of ribald jokes about Trump’s sex life with his wife Melania, drawing on what Trump said in that infamous “Access Hollywood” video. “I don’t think he grabbed Melania by the p—y. I think he grabbed her with a green card.”


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  1. Mayzell says:

    I’m a Democrat, but I’m switching to Independent. I’ll be voting for the Republicans. They are the ones to keep America moving along. Democrats are about a bunch of hate and violence shrouded in “love”, or whatever the hell they call it. I like Trump and I’ll be voting for him again. Democrats are not my cup of tea anymore. You are too caught up in some dumb sh*t.

  2. Heisenberg says:

    Fortunately not everyone agrees with the left wing, secular agenda.

  3. visionary says:

    Trump will be impeached–as he is mentally unfit, and violates the 25th amendment—anyone who voted for him is either stupid, uneducated, or a bigot–Those of you who are Log Cabin GOP are frauds–Those that voted for the fringe third party people like Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein—-you helped elect this clown—Thanks to all the crazy Bernie folks who split the vote, and help Trump to get elected—The people that are brainwashed by faux news, and ignorant people that believed the Hillary attack are also to blame–the apathy and uneducated need to get a reality check—Trump is a wrecking ball that hates the US–

    • Mayzell says:

      Sorry, John “Legend in your own mind”. No one cares what celebs think about. This is why Hillary lost so big. You are just caught up in your own fanfare.

  4. Art336 says:

    Be more impressive If it hadn’t been planned since Clinton lost.

  5. Steve S. says:

    FYI – The “Q” stands for questioning, not queer. LGBTQI = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex

  6. Kaboom! says:

    LGBTQ….wake up….Trump is not your enemy. But Sharia law, the law that’s ok with liberal Democrats, that is your enemy. You need to “resist” the lies of the left.

    • Brien McAddey says:

      First off, I wish everyone would stop using the “Q”. It is derogatory and does not reflect the community with proper respect and is a well known hate crime word. Whoever started this trend should be held accountable. People are born gay, bi or straight, we are not born queer, Secondly, Trump is our enemy if he is not protecting our civil rights and an enemy to the United States of America as a whole for his dealings with Russia and if he refuses to protect our environment for clean air to breathe and the food and water we eat and drink. Lastly, you may be correct about Sharia Law as it condones misogyny and homophobia of which we are against but please do not forget the tens of millions of people that have been tortured and murdered in the name of Christianity throughout time. Be Blessed, Be Well.

      • jjlnyc says:

        Donald Trump is the most pro-LGBT president in history. He is the first inaugurated president to be “fine” with gay marriage. (Obama spent years as president opposing gay marriage.) Trump said he will “do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens” at the Republican National Convention. Unheard of! He fully embraced Gays for Trump and held rainbow flags on the campaign trial. Trump has said Caitlyn Jenner can use any bathroom she wants. I legitimately do not understand why many at #ResistMarch think Trump hates gay people. Mike Pence, I understand. Trump? He’s actually pretty dang socially liberal.

      • YoMo says:

        How as Trump tortured and murdered people? He has not lined up anyone and stuck them in the gas chamber. Also bad air quality and crappy water have been around for years.

    • Steve says:

      If you keep saying that liberal Democrats support Sharia, you won’t have any credibility. Because, well, that’s a lie.

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