Cosby Spokesman: ‘Johnnie Cochran Is Looking Down Smiling’

Andrew Wyatt raises his fist as

Following a mistrial on Saturday in the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby, his spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Johnnie Cochran is “looking down smiling” at the 79 year-old comedian.

“Mr. Cosby’s power is back. It’s back,” Wyatt told reporters. “So the legacy didn’t go anywhere. It has been restored.”

He also quoted Black Panther co-founder Huey P. Newton, repeating the quote: “Power is the ability to define phenomena, and make it act in a desired manner.”


Bill Cosby mistrial Camille Cosby

Camille Cosby on Mistrial: ‘Truth Can Be Subdued, But Not Destroyed’

Cochran, the late attorney who helped acquit O.J. Simpson of murder in, was a friend of Cosby’s.

Wyatt, before escorting Cosby to a nearby SUV outside the courthouse, also took a shot at Gloria Allred: “To all those attorneys like Gloria Allred who conspired against us, go back to law school and take a class.”

Prosecutor Kevin Steele vowed to retry the case against Cosby for allegedly drugging and raping Andrea Constand in 2004.

“We have made the determination of moving forward, and it lies in the fact she deserves a verdict in this this case … and we will push forward to try and get justice done,” said Steele during a press conference after the judge declared a mistrial. “We hope that moving forward in this case sends a strong message that victims of these types of crimes can come forward and can be heard on what has happened to them.”

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  1. Lisa says:

    So drugging women constitutes ‘power’ these days?

  2. Julian Penrod says:

    Take a lesson where a lesson is given.
    Cosby’s “spokesperson”, Andrew Wyatt, says “Johnnie Cochran is looking down smiling”. Wyatt raises his hand in the “black power” fist of threat. He quotes Black Panther thug, Huey Newton. A black man getting off for murdering two whites, one of them a white woman, and a black man getting off for raping a white woman. In both cases, evidently, because of having juries, or “juries”, affected by the presence of blacks who wouldn’t let a black man be punished for brutalizing a white. What black representatives openly typify as a “civil rights”, blacks rights victory, a black being declared innocent after brutalizing a white.

  3. Authoritarian Slayer says:

    You mean looking up.

  4. Tracy Williams says:

    I believe he gave some of them drugs, not slip them drugs. That was the happening thing during those times.

  5. Haz says:

    Gloria Allred is trash, I will admit to that. No matter what your opinion on Cosby is his spokesman mentioning Cochran and making us think of OJ is just stupid. Even if Cosby is never convicted I hope his career never recovers because look where OJ is now. Even if you don’t believe he’s a rapist, he’s a serial cheater and his wife’s a moron. Sorry but Allred and Cosby both are neck in neck in the game of “Who’s the Worst?”, I’m pretty sure when either Cosby or Allred die many will silently celebrate.

  6. sensrbtch says:

    historically; white woman prosecutors always lose against black men. so! yeah! keep cuminon !?

  7. sensrbtch says:

    ok! time too move along and bring bACK O.J., AND THE BILLERY!? good luck billie, we look forward too your new show. go phillies and flyers! yeah! home of the cheesesteak!

  8. Weary says:

    He might be … he’s thinking “brother beat the man.” Even if “brother” is guilty as sin.

  9. rodittis says:

    A mistrial is not the same as winning a lawsuit. Somebody needs to go back to law school alright, but not Gloria Allred.

  10. Ms. Sinstar says:

    Does Wyatt mean looking up?It does get hot down there.

  11. R.D. Frable says:

    Writer: why does the article delete the year of the Simpson criminal trial, 1995?

  12. Paula P says:

    RAPE is never about sex, it is about POWER!!!! So, Bill Cosby got his POWER back!!!!! Does this mean Bill Cosby will RE-AFFEND??? Another drugging & sexual assault call to be expected?? Will Mrs. Cosby finally get her head out of the sand or out of his butt? She is a very intelligent woman but she’s not physically blind!!

  13. Johnnie says:

    There was no conviction for the same reason this wasn’t tried when it was alleged initially: The evidence for sexual assault just wasn’t sufficient.

  14. Spike says:

    dumb jurors just postponed the inevitable, and Cosby knows it. that’s all and that’s why he looked so miserable when he got out of the courthouse.

  15. 1Ronald says:

    I’m sure Johnnie Cochran is. A shame to lose this bigger than life attorney who had everything to live. While his law firm lives on Johnnie is missed with each passing day. How about it, OJ? Agree to this?

  16. I came out to Hollywood in 1989. Even then it was well known that Bill Cosby was a sexual harasser. My old friend who was the first black Playmate was a Disney kid and she was greeted by Cosby in an open bathrobe at the door when he invited he to come for dinner. She was 15 at the time. Many actors didn’t want to work with him because he was such a pervert, and I’m talking about black actors. This guy needs to finish out his life behind bars. It won’t be so bad Bill. There are lot’s of black people in jail who like you. Maybe you can even share a cell with OJ.

  17. Georgia F says:

    No way restored by those in the know. I’ve known about his sexual exploit behavior since the ’70’s. indeed, found it frustrating for him to be named father of the year and other honors. His unique behavior cannot be made up!!

  18. Michael anthony says:

    His power is back? Lol!!!!!

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