Constance Wu Pens Scathing Reaction to Casey Affleck’s Oscar Nomination

Constance Wu

“Fresh Off the Boat” star Constance Wu thinks Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination on Tuesday is an outrage. The actress spoke out on Twitter, inferring the Academy overlooked two separate allegations of sexual harassment filed against Affleck in 2010 to nominate his performance in “Manchester by the Sea.”

“Men who sexually harass women [for] OSCAR!” she wrote sarcastically. “[Because] good acting performance matters more than humanity, human integrity! [Because] poor kid [really] needs the help!”

The actress then posted a longer statement that she wrote during a conversation with actor Peter Shinkoda about how Affleck’s winning an Oscar would “be a nod to Trump’s.”

“Art doesn’t exist for the sake of awards, but awards DO exist to honor all that art is trying to accomplish in life,” she wrote. “So context matters. Because in acting, human life matters.”

She wrote that awards can serve to signify a group’s “awareness of the harmful oversights it may have unknowingly participated in in the past.” Not, she says, “to reinforce the industry’s gross and often hidden mistreatment of women.”

Wu has been vocal in the past about political issues, specifically of representation in Hollywood. She made headlines in July 2016 for accusing “The Great Wall” of whitewashing for casting Matt Damon the lead role.

“I’ve been counseled not to talk about this for career’s sake,” Wu wrote on Tuesday. “F my career then, I’m a woman & human first. That’s what my craft is built on.”

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  1. Simon Barnard says:

    You don’t win best actor for being a nice guy. You win it for giving the best acting performance of the year.

  2. Proyecto Mas says:

    These opportunistic articles, and Constance Wu, seem to want public attention at the expense of damaging the parties involved, letting speculation run wild about them.

    Some people think that if the two women had a good case against the actor, they wouldn’t have settled after he threatened to countersue; they would have taken them to court and try to get as much money as possible. Think about it, let’s say that a WHITE MALE engineer sues ABC, or yahoo, because his female boss harassed him; but he does it after a few weeks of accepting the alleged treatment, and only when he thinks he could be fired, and then instead of going to court with proofs, he settles for a chunk of money. Do you think that another company would hire him and run the risk? Would your company hire him?

    So, while it could be expected that the actor wanted to negotiate with the two women to try to protect his family (he’s known to be fame-shy), the two women had to know the consequences, and should have taken him to court, with proofs, and get as much money as possible. Therefore, the actions of the two women appear to be either opportunistic or dumb, according to some.

    The thing is, to give an opinion about this ordeal is unfair and cruel because neither of these three people can comment or defend themselves from what is being said by websites and people who are ONLY trying to attract publicity or web traffic. If this were not the case, then why didn’t they say anything about this case during the past 6 YEARS, and only now during film awards season?

    Worse yet, if the two women did want to settle to keep down the noise, like the actor did, Constance Wu and websites like this one, are doing them a lot of damage by putting them in the public eye again. That’s why I don’t mention their names in my post; I think they’ve had enough of this. These three people have careers, and families, and lives that should be respected, so I’ll keep on posting and repeating that they cannot even comment or defend themselves from Constance Wu, this article or others like them.

  3. bliz says:

    this constance wu should be slammed with libel for taking something unproven and settled in court between the two parties…im so sick and tired of these feminist morons destroying men over unproven accusations that are either tossed out or settled….these idiots think they can just say and do whatever they want and use sexual assault accusations to ruin them….i used to watch fresh on the boat, now i wont…i used to let this stuff pass because if any men defends a man accused of anything they are attacked while these moronic feminists and man hating women can have carte blanche in public opinion, now i wont…if these ppl arent careful and they want a real gender war beyond hiding from the comforts of twitter in a secure fair society that has evolved and afforded women the rights to do so unlike 90% of the rest of the worlds treatment of women, then i say lets all bring it on and get it over with then…if u play with fire and crap on us too long we will turn the switch back on and rule over you like in the past so give it up and let time continue to progress u morons…i used to be more sym,pathetic to women issues but now i could give two craps, like most ppl have begun to be turned off more and more by identity bs and hypocrisy—u continue this stuff, u get trumps…and i dont want trumps so cut it out u annoying privileged feminist brats…and stop taking credit for the efforts of other protestors and activists—the womens march was a peoples march and tried to brand and hijack alllll the other protestors as some singular movement allll about women and women issues when it wasnt at all, morons..

  4. Bobbi says:

    Some people in the real world say and do aweful things. They can cause others terrible grief by their behavior and choices. Sometimes those people turn their life around… they forgive, are forgiven, they change, move forward, and become successful. The only difference between the real world and the Hollywood bubble, is that actors have a platform. By sheer constant media attention, and public recognition, they have the opportunity to express themselves, whereas; the general public does not. Hollywood is smoke and mirrors. Actors PRETEND to be someone or something they are not, but in REAL life, they’re no different than you or me. They too, can change, forgive, can be forgiven, can move on and become successful. Why don’t we give people, no matter who they are, a break, as they become better individuals and truly appreciate what they have… we know who they are, in real life AND Hollywood. Sometimes people don’t remain jerks forever.

  5. Stillwater says:

    Oh shut up Constance! The women making the allegations took the payoff so the whole matter is behind Affleck as long as he doesn’t repeat this against other women and he better be walking on eggshells the rest of his life. He’s convicted of nothing and nobody has the right to publicly tar and feather him.

  6. Chuck says:

    “She made headlines in July 2016 for accusing “The Great Wall” of whitewashing for casting Matt Damon the lead role.”
    Aaaaaaand, I no longer care. Just another boy crying wolf.

  7. Jo Mama says:

    I think it’s clear Casey Affleck was “let in” and has no business as a movie star.

  8. James Wooten says:

    I am so tired of the same old s##t, Look I personally think that they should all get over this juvenile name-calling, for something that always seems to happen over 5 years ago. I pretty sure I will never see half the movies up for a Oscar, because the last 3 years I Hated the winner.

  9. Bill says:

    I guess the question is whether awards just recognize the work or something greater. After all, Polanski and Allen have both won Oscars or been nominated after their alleged mis-deeds came to light. These aren’t Presidential Medals of Honor or Nobel Peace Prizes. They are just awards to recognize the best performances of the year. If we vote for the nicest kindest people, then I think the line up of past winners would change.

    • bliz says:

      well, also in case of polanski the actual girl he had that encounter with has since becomming an adult said he did nothing wrong, it was consensual, that she lied about her actual age to him, and that she was a regularly working sex worker at many hollywood parties before and after the incident. Literally, case closed.

      In case of allen, the child molestation accusations were never proven, the daughter and son that were present at time in question admit they were manipulated by others to say stuff and that nothing ever happened…the cop report, and the post investigation that was even financed by farrow against allen proved nothing..this is all readily available info online, so case closed. As for sook yin incident, she was 17 so yes underage is true but what isnt true was that she was his adopted daughter. She was adopted by farrow and ex husband in her early teens well before allen even met her…he only cohabitated in same family when sook yin was 16, then a romance brewed as underage and weird as it was, and since then he has stayed married to her and says she is his soul mate—it wasnt his daughter, he didnt live there with her for years as father figure, it was consensual, and it has lasted three decades and wasnt some sexual predator romp. Case closed.

      Soi even the feminist big two examples are bs examples, and they continue perpetuating false depiction and story of the past, just like this idiot wu is against affleck …girl cant act so she is jealous i guess

  10. Haz says:

    Wu already embarrassed herself enough last year with her criticism of The Great Wall. She needs to stop. She is one of those SJWs who jumps on her soap box without knowing all the details. I’m not condoning the behaviors that Affleck was accused of, but we do not know all the facts. Affleck could have settled the lawsuits pertaining to this to save his career, reputation, and protect his family. I don’t recall any criminal charges against him, and please correct me if I’m wrong about that. I’m pretty sure this did not receive the attention that Nate Parkers scandal did because Affleck more than likely heeded the advice on how to handle this. I know that people will try to draw comparisons to the two. Parker did not take any of the advice from a crisis management team or Oprah Winfrey herself on how to handle his situation and hit bit him in the ass. Bottom line is Wu needs to stop. FOTB is not a ratings hit, it is usually a toss up by the end of every season it’s had. If she doesn’t keep quiet she will find herself out of a job along with the entire cast and crew of that show. She even tweeted she did not care if this killed her career, I wonder if she cares about the cast and crew on her show?

  11. Gerry3123 says:

    Why are we assuming guilt in Affleck’s case? When did that become acceptable in American society? This type of approach is scary, an the fact that anyone would back up Wu is even scarier.

  12. Eddy says:

    Constance Wu/ Fresh off the boat boycott

  13. Lance says:

    First of all, these are allegations. We need to take them seriously, yes, however, they are still only allegations. People are innocent until proven guilty, they are still in the process.

    Secondly, let’s say he did use these words, it has nothing to do with her performance which is what is being nominated for an award.

    Tom Cruise can jump on as many couches as he wants, the Mission Impossible movies are a blast to watch and he risks his life every single time he makes one to entertain us.

    Mel Gibson, said terrible awful, harassing anti-Semitic things ON TAPE and he’s nominated this year, for Hacksaw Ridge, but that’s not a cause she wishes to fight for apparently. His words don’t make films like Braveheart any less amazing. I don’t like him, but I love his films! Many of us can separate the work from the artist because we are rational….he has also been accused of domestic violence, but then there are the people accused of physical sexual abuse….

    Woody Allen allegedly sexually abused a minor, the WORST thing to be accused of but he doesn’t make films about abusing minors, he is accused of it. Yet until it’s proven, actors keep clamoring to work with him because he is SO good at his craft and the films are amazing. I can guarantee you that with this example, if the status went from allegation to confirmation, I would never re-watch any films of his again and he would be blacklisted from ever making them again.

    Roman Polanski is another that causes a conflict. He is actually wanted for abusing a minor and actors still want to be associated with him and work with him because he’s a master at his craft. The minor (now an adult) has since said he’s been punished enough by living in exile all these years and she doesn’t care anymore, which may be their reasoning, I will never know.

    I will add Bryan Singer here as well, whose accuser recently recanted his accusation.

    Selected outrage seems strange to me when there are so many BIG things to be outraged about in Hollywood.

  14. Joe says:

    She’s a d-lister whose only claim to fame is playing up Asian stereotypes on a popular show who desperately needs to check her ego. After this show is over, you will be forgotten.

  15. Julian Lean says:

    while her stance is commendable, her understanding of the nominating process is seriously flawed. There is no “awarding committee”. The process just doesn’t work that way.

    Also, if you want to single out an individual for disqualification based on accusations or behaviors external to the performance itself, then do it for all potential nominees. Let everything about every person come out. Let’s have a real and open discussion. Some of the nominees use drugs. While we may not like the laws, technically, they’ve broken the law. Do certain things get a pass because some of us are okay with it? Look at Mel Gibson – she’s not calling him out, and he’s had some pretty disgusting accusations leveled against him, not to mention having some abhorrent behaviors as well.

    It’s not really a slippery slope, it’s a cliff. If a person isn’t squeaky clean, if there’s any blemish, then the are automatically disqualified.

    But if that were to happen, all we might be left with is football and MMA ;)

  16. Blue Silver says:

    Constance, if Casey was Asian, would you still have written this letter? ..does this have something to do with you directly? .I understand that we ALL have a moral obligation to stand AGAINST mistreatment of women, children, pets, and even men, but your letter reads as though you are peddling a personal agenda!

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      Lemme guess. You’re white. Just because Ms Wu is raging against someone allegedly involved in sexual harassment of women on two separate occasions , what does this have to do with ethnicity. While I don’t necessarily completely side Ms. Wu here, I respect her point point of view and the right to make it at the same time. Professional athletes, in spite of their great skill and accomplishments in their respective sports, are routinely banned from playing and / or denied Hall of Fame status due to bad behavior in their personal lives. Sports is just another form of entertainment. Character should count in everyone, regardless of one’s profession or fame. The operative word here in Mr. Affleck’s case is “alleged” but one can make the same case about Bill Cosby, only his list of “alleged” is a mile long.

    • Lance says:

      Man, you had a real chance at a valid point if you didn’t introduce race into this. Why would you go and do that? There is no indication at all that her being Asian was a factor in her decision to write the letter.

      It very well might seem as if she herself might have been wronged somehow directly by Casey Affleck. Her being Asian has absolutely nothing to do with this from everything that I’m seeing. I guess you may have seen some other story somewhere, but I haven’t seen it.

  17. Dunstan says:

    Constance, don’t let the aholes tell you what to do. Fight on.

    • Nepotism trumps reason says:

      I agree. Too many people are giving whiny, weasily, sexually harassing Casey Affleck a free pass.

      • Gerry3123 says:

        Except that an allegation of something does not equal guilt of something. It is disturbing that you would jump to any conclusions about someone’s guilt, especially when it was the plaintiffs who offered to settle the case in mediation as opposed to going to trial. The action by the two women seems like a shakedown more than anything, ig you’re being objective.

      • Chris Madeiros says:

        Because the case was settled in court years ago, you’ve never done something in you past you would like to move on from ?

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