CNN Anchor Ends Segment Early Over Commentator’s Bizarre ‘Boobs’ Remark

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin abruptly ended her segment on Friday when the conversation took a sexist turn.

What began as a discussion about the Jemele Hill controversy digressed when Fox Sports Radio’s Clay Travis, who described himself as a “First Amendment absolutist” said, “I believe in the First Amendment and boobs.”

Baldwin cut Travis off, asking, “I just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show, what did you just say? You believe in the First Amendment and b-double-o-b-s?”


Jeffrey Lord CNN

CNN Cuts Ties With Commentator Jeffrey Lord After ‘Sieg Heil’ Tweet

“Boobs. Two things that have only never let me down in this entire country’s history, the First Amendment and boobs,” Travis responded. “Those are the two things I believe in absolutely in the country.”

After confirming again that Travis did in fact say “boobs” and not “booze,” a clearly disturbed Baldwin retorted, “Why would you even say this live on national television and with a female host? Why would you even go there?” She cut him off and ended the conversation early saying, “That was entirely inappropriate.”

Following the segment, Baldwin tweeted, “That was… I just… it was one of those thought bubbles ‘Did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!’ Note to men — that is never okay.” Travis responded saying, “You can’t say you like the First Amendment and boobs? I say and write it every day. Need to make t-shirts now.”

Watch the full exchange here or above.

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  1. H.G. C . says:

    The regression of Black America is coming full turn when they become the walking stereotypes that 100 years of civil rights and strong black leadership hoped to end. Now with Sharpton , Obama ,and Maxine Waters, Jackson and the rest of the bought and sold house boys and girls blindly reading the teleprompters of their white pay masters the fate of lower income blacks will only become more desperate

  2. john wilson says:

    Why is she so offended by a word that is used on TV all the time?, and why should the fact that she’s a woman make a difference? I thought women wanted equality yet she plays the woman card.

    • Richard says:

      I agree, the hosts of CNN and ESPN are the punching bags for the easily offended. They don’t understand human nature of masculinity. These women aren’t about equal rights, they’re about feeling empowered, if someone makes simple jokes about women, they want to make excuses to feel tough on the air. Brooke is making feminism look bad, when she plays victim by pulling the woman card. This isn’t equality.

  3. JoeThePimpernel says:

    We now have 47 different perverted “genders” and we are supposed to accept that as being so wonderful, but it is verboten for a straight male to mention his favorite female body part.

  4. Watch this Netflix trailer while you remember Brooke got offended by a man uttering the word “boobs”

  5. Eric Holp says:

    Nothing wrong with what he said and cutting him off was wrong.

  6. The cat’s out of the bag on female nature. We know now based on the celebrity hacking that even the wealthiest, most famous women have the dirtiest mind and objectify themselves just as much as the lowliest prostitute or charwoman. That’s what feminism is….criminalizing men (and women) for acknowledging the irrationality of the female mind. It’s the only way ‘equality’ (a social construct) can continue to be forced on society (because it goes against biology). It won’t last much longer, ladies, so enjoy the charade while you can because BIG changes are coming for your so-called ‘rights,’ which infringe on everybody else’s.

  7. muneshadowe says:

    Still proving that communist news network hates the first amendment. Get over it people.

  8. I thought he said booze, but this is perfect. He baited this stupid bitch and she jumped at it. Unless it’s rehearsed of course. But it was good trolling. That is the future. Trump got elected by trolling and memes. The internet must become a place hostile to SJWs. These pussies have to know that their weak minds have no effect online. The culture has to change. It was going to change anyway with feminists voting for open borders a la 50 shades of grey fantasies, but regular people are awakening to the nonsense that is ‘female empowerment.’

  9. Cae says:

    Okay, first off: what a lousy place for sexism. Dumbass, you’re on one of the most biased and politically charged news networks in the nation, and you drop a comment like that? The stupidity of humanity will never cease to amaze me.

    Now that’s out of the way, I do honestly believe in the first amendment, namely the right to free speech. However, I equally believe that the freedom of speech is not a freedom of consequence. That’s why the joke that PewDiePie used a few months ago (and his very recent comment) is(will again be) causing issues between YouTube and advertisers. I use that as an example, namely because he did something really stupid and YouTube, as a whole, felt the consequence.

    Cause and effect.

    This idiot’s comment was the cause. Who wants to bet the radio station letting him go will be the effect?

  10. This is scripted. Yet it still is an opportunity for every other disingenuous female behavior to be highlighted. Women objectify themselves 24/7. Men are considered the animals even though women constantly think about sex. They wore pussy hats for god’s sake. That’s what women do. They dress as their anatomy every chance they get because it’s all they think about. Women should never be allowed to lecture men on anything. You are the weaker sex. You are not equal to men in any way. You aren’t subject to prison or selective service.

  11. The Truth says:

    Not a First Amendment issue. Clay can say whatever he wants, but his dickhead actions have consequences.

      • To the hysterical, sexually frustrated woman below… ALL you women think about it sex. You are animals. You want it on the first date. You aren’t fooling anybody. Do you know the second most sold book of all time is now? 50 Shades of Grey. You line up on our borders holding up signs welcoming the most violent, feral third world men on the planet because you are starved for BDSM sex. You objectify yourselves in impossible ways every day. Men use technology to create, women use technology to objectify themselves. What have you done with the apps on smartphones? Use cat and dog ears and noses on your duck face photos. How on earth are women allowed to vote?

      • ph says:

        Funny how when Trump says stupid things, he’s “telling it like it is”, but when a young black woman speaks the truth (Trump is racist, no point in denying it), she’s shamed for it. Jemele Hill was telling it like it is. Trump CAN’T tell it like it is, because he’s a totally clueless, rich man-baby who’s lived in a golden cocoon his entire life.

        But at least Jemele Hill exercised her freedom of speech for something important. This idiot just chose to say “boobs”, like he’s the class clown in fourth grade. If he wants to be taken seriously and not get cut off in the middle of a segment, maybe he should try talking like an adult. Flippin conservatives who result to childish statements because they failed highschool debate class.

        Earth to men: boobs don’t belong to you. They are not things. They are part of human anatomy attached to actual humans who are frankly sick of you obsessing over them. We’ll show them or not show them at our leisure and you guys don’t get a say in it. Because they don’t belong to you. It’s not your choice what we do with them.

      • Greg Green says:

        Yes, funny how slanderous smears about being a supremacist get a pass but boobs gets you ejected.

  12. SusanSSC says:

    Yet it is OK for a face of CNN, Anthony Bourdain to say he would poison the president when asked what he would cook for him? I don’t like either of these comments, but the comment of “boobs” was shut down by turning off mics yet the comment of Bourdain’s of poisoning a sitting president is chuckled at and accepted with some perceived shared logic that well, we all do hate him, right?? Honestly, I dont’ want to hear either of these comments and i can make that choice on my own. What I dislike way more is a “news” organization deciding for me what is acceptable and what isn’t!!! >:| CNN is (was) a news organization, they take this bait and shut down the mic, really?? This is the reason CNN is losing their audience, me being one of them. Take a moment and think this through.

  13. “when the conversation took a sexist turn.” How the fuck can you brazenly make that statement based on a single word? Liking boobs means that you think women are inferior and should be treated as inferior? This is why journalists are a fucking joke now. Rebecca Rubin is a failed writer. A hack.

  14. DinChild says:

    It’s HER show. Brooke had every right to be offended, just as anyone has a right to throw someone out of their home if they don’t like the behavior of their guests. You can agree or disagree – it doesn’t matter. He was her guest.

    • antiscreed says:

      Uhhh….a “guest” that she wanted to prove a point at some level. She couldn’t exist without guests…LOL it’s HER show huh?

  15. DAVID SPENCER says:

    Who don’t like boobs ?All men and most women do.So stop makeing it shamefull or bigger then it is-Unless it’s boobs LOL

  16. Joe Elegua says:

    This is what happens when you play video games into your 30s. You never grow up.

  17. Jack O'Brien says:

    On a different news site Brooke is applauded for her action on Twitter by Pat Benatar using the word A**hole and another celebrity using f**ing. Is it any wonder when profanity and vulgarity are used in every day life that this boob thinks he can use it too?

  18. Dan says:

    Although I find the whole thing childish. He was asked a question regarding wether people on ESPN should be allowed to discuss politics. He said yes calling on the first amendment. In saying that he liked the 1st amendment and boobs, he is saying he likes the 1st amendment because it is that document that lets him say i like boobs on tv. It was a forced metaphor, that was poorly delivered and delivered to the wrong person.

  19. GRANTED says:

    Looks like the Fox News virus is spreading to Fox Sports radio. These clowns can’t get out of their own way – LOL

  20. Joan smith says:

    NO ONE has the first amendment right or any other amendment right to reduce things to that low, or high, of an area. What he said was wrong, inappropriate in so many ways, demeaning, and very crude to say on national television…not once but several times. If that’s what he says all the time then it’s past time to get him off the air, out of the public, and silenced. Show some respect and more so you don’t look like a fool.

  21. Yawning in Reno says:

    “Much Ado About Nothing” – William Shakespeare

  22. Matthew Tanner says:

    I’m pretty sure he said “booze.”

    • red kong says:

      And he had multiple chance to clarify that, but didn’t. Perhaps he can’t spell, as that was her method of trying to clarify. If he didn’t say “boobs” then he sure did nothing to clarify that misunderstanding. Sorry men, you might think that’s ok per herr drumpf, but it just makes you sound immature and inappropriate.

  23. Sherry Michell says:

    As a professional acting coach and drama teacher for 20+ years, I know rehearsed lines when they’re being read off cue cards. This is a blatant contrived situation to create an uproar.

  24. IMHO says:

    Apparently, some folks here need an education in civility.

    When you are invited as a guest to give commentary on a news program, you act in accordance with the “rules” of the show. It’s the context that makes this remark inappropriate. I’m sure Baldwin has heard the word “boobs” before just as she’s heard plenty of other words. She may have even used them herself. However, in a news segment that is trying to hold a serious discussion, it’s inappropriate. On the other hand, such a comment would be perfectly appropriate on Howard Stern’s show, and probably expected. So anyone who is a guest on his show, knows what to expect and agrees to those “rules”.

    Despite some of your comments, Baldwin’s reaction was NOT delayed, NOR faked, but rather a double take of incredulity, as in, “Did he really say that?” And she was perfectly right to end the segment. Again, it’s her show.

    Your wives or girlfriends may not find such sexist comments to be offensive. But in case some of you are unaware, women who have professional careers, do not want to be seen as sex objects. That is, all the women who don’t work at Fox News. The exodus of serious women from Fox has shown that an network’s atmosphere of sexism will not be tolerated by such women, as well as many men.

    So if it’s sexism you want, you know which channel to return to.

  25. Tonybaroni says:

    I like boobs.

  26. Even though this looks rehearsed, the nerve of this stupid woman to act as if women collectively are oppressed and then lecturing men. So sick of feminists. You are not our equals. You don’t even pretend to be. This is why you ladies will die childless and single.

    • Seun says:

      Dude! Mr ‘not going quietly’! I’ve read a number of your comments on this post alone, do you really have nothing else to do? We know you hate women, you’ve made that clear in MANY UNNECESSARY ways, you now need to chill. Seriously, did a woman cut off your balls cos I don’t understand this constant need to just comment everywhere. And your bleak prophecy of all women dying single and childless would have been really great if it was applied before your mother got pregnant with you. Then no one will be subjected to pitying you reading your obviously sad and bottercomments. Is it that girls have turned you down all your life, if it’s that, sorry for your bitterness.

    • red kong says:

      Well, THAT comment certainly shows us – thanks for putting us in our places. Jackazz. You are right – women are not YOUR equals – we are clearly superior and your comment proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      • nico says:

        It’s true. Women as a whole are of average intelligence. Men as a whole are also of average intelligence. That is the definition of an AVERAGE.

      • LOL thanks for taking the bait. You have beautifully proved my point. Women either see themselves as less than or above men. The bell curve perfectly explains this. Women are average in intelligence.

  27. Can we please do away with using ‘snowflake’ as anything other than precipitation? We get it. You saw Fight Club too. It wasn’t that great of a movie. That wasn’t even the best scene. Calling somebody ‘snowflake’ as an insult isn’t original and does not even make sense. Why not just call somebody ice cream?

  28. We are not Neandrathals for liking boobs! It is only libtards and queers who deny such that titillates the heart and soul of a man. Women would not be obsessed with their boobs if men were not excited by them. Women would wear burquas in the West if they didn’t want us to salivate at their boobs like Pavlog’s dog. Get freakin real, queer bait.

    • red kong says:

      Wow, the whole point of this clearly went WAY over your head. BTW, it has been proven that people (especially men) who use queer terminology as perceived insults are, in all likelihood, closeted homosexuals themselves. So interesting when you announce it this way on a public forum. PS – if you can’t come up with a better “insult” than libtard, you need to go back to mommy’s basement. It’s 2017 FFS.

      • Chris says:

        Ironic that you used the “mommy’s basement” insult after lecturing someone about unoriginal insults.

    • Shaming men for the behavior of women. Typical. I think you internet tough guys get off on self flagellation. Women are really dumb. That’s why they are obsessed with vanity.

      • HAHA dickbag below. Did I trigger your faggot ass? HAHA this is how ALL white people feel.

      • Williams says:

        I’m sure this vile imbecile commenting above is a racist as well, and supports the traitor trump as well. Lets export all these scumbags to russia where they can appreciate their 1st amendment rights in a gulag. Good riddance to these mentally imbalanced rightwing nazis, and may they inbreed themselves into extinction.

  29. John says:

    What a bunch of stupid comments below. If you’re on national tv how about act professional? What’s so hard to understand about that? What does that have to do with voting democrat or republicans? It’s okay to talk like a 12 year on tv? As a man I would have cut him off the interview immediately. I would have said your comment is stupid and not worthy of being broadcast. I really wonder what kind of neanderthals we are becoming reading the stupid responses people have this article I am reading below. How about get an education, idiots?

    • you like dicks says:

      Frank Furillo: Blah blah blah… look at me I like boobs… (screaming at the top of his lung and no one gives a shit)…

  30. Private says:

    As a liberal, I can no longer watch CNN. I think the were both in on it, intentionally creating some crap to increase their ratings. This is not a news story. Its just garbage.

  31. Oracle says:

    Brooke Baldwin used to be a better journalist. She invited Clay Travis for his opinion. What he said wasn’t FCC, but Brooke Baldwin offensive. Doing her homework would reveal he previously used this statement. Her delayed “shock” was bad acting. But at least she made the headlines again.

  32. She is no Margret Thatcher. Slow to react, f/b acting offended, until the teleprompter told her to end the segment.

  33. John says:

    This is unacceptable but Madonna promising a blowjob to every male that votes for Hillary Clinton CNN did not cover….Hmmmm

    • yoda says:

      That was the one time CNN actually performed a public service. If Madonna followed through on her promise, we would have had a pandemic of biblical proportions.

  34. Asterisk says:

    Big deal. Lots of snowflakes and faux-outraged idiots in liberal land.

  35. Anonymous says:

    CNN=Very angry Feminists! This man’s remark may have been slightly inappropriate, but by no means is he to be shamed. Thats what men do, our Masculinity distills down to unlimited access to unlimited sexuality, and women innately presuppose this about us.

  36. Steve says:

    Obviously, someone trying to be a shock jock sports radio guy. He knew exactly what he was doing. The neanderthal part of his audience just got larger.

  37. Danny says:

    Bunch of butthurt libtards here. He said he liked books, big deal. Her manufactured outrage is laughable. She gets a boob job, sometimes wears clothing that reveals her cleavage, but gets offended by the usage of the word. Hypocrisy much?
    Bill Clinton systematically abused women for almost forty years, but it’s crickets from the left.
    Again, hypocrisy much?
    How about this, try to go a week without getting offended by every little thing that happens in life.

    • And we have a bunch of Butthurt Bin-Laden Conservatives because of Jemele Hill’s tweets. Didn’t Lil Putin (Donald Trump) call President Obama a racist, on a few occasions. Wow, Hypocrisy much? So my dear Bin-Laden Conservative friend, what’s good for the Goose is also good for the Gander. Just figure it the f**k out and you’ll catch my drift.
      Also, Osama bin-Laden is a conservative and so are the Mullahs and most Republicans. Sharia Law is a Conservative agenda.

  38. Regis says:

    Fox has some pretty high-class employees :)

  39. Wayne criswald says:

    Hard to believe it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

  40. Curly4 says:

    The civility level especially in things related to sexuality in the US has fallen greatly since B Clinton was took office. This has been fueled by the liberal press and Hollywood. So what is wrong with the boobs when sex is displayed on the small screen everyday, Some of it show the very acts. But this is to be expected from the liberal media.
    Take hypocrisy is also rampant on the left. When a white man can make a comment about a black woman who is only a sports figure and be fired because it was in bad tastes then a black woman can insult the President of the US and only be told that in good taste. It is strands out like a sore thumb. But then again this is the liberal median and that is to be expected.

    • Julie says:

      Are you drinking alcohal right now? Or do you actually say these ignorent things sober? You, my friend, are EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA! GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

      • Big Boobs Bounce Better says:

        Dear Julie, you really are an uneducated imbecile. You do realize that you misspelled 2 words in your hysterical diatribe… GO BACK TO SCHOOL and Learn to SPELL – BOOBS is spelled with two Nipples.

  41. Jerry Todd says:

    What a moron–embarrasses every other guy out there. Throw him off any broadcast media.

  42. Reaction says:

    Brooke is typically a class act. Travis, however, sounds like he’s really – er – overcompensating.

  43. Walter says:

    Baldwin shouldn’t have been surprised. All viewers of cable news recognize the shows have accelerated their scramble to find talking heads to fill seats for outrageous comments. Why should the anchors feign indignation when these talking heads – who come from the bottom levels of the talent pool – spout ridiculous things, often for their own self-promotion? Baldwin should be complaining to her own producers for letting this “boob” in the studio door.

    • benjaminawong says:

      I don’t think she was “feigning” surprise or indignation. This wasn’t some sixth grade boy she was interviewing, it was a grown man. He’s a Fox sports reporter. He had just been interviewed by Tucker Carlson about the same serious topic. He’s not a comedian or a “shock jock”. There’s no reason to expect him to insult her.

      And even if there was, she shouldn’t have to put up with it or suppress her irritation if he acts like a jerk.

      This is not normal and we shouldn’t let ourselves get used to it.

  44. scottloveserica says:

    He’s answering every negative tweet he gets. The thirst is real.

  45. Pete says:

    This is what happens when the press and the public let up off the gas in pursuing Pussygate. The Office of the President is supposed to be the country’s best example of what good public behavior is to be. Bill Clinton’s unacceptable behavior is why (in part) he was impeached. Trump’s sexist behavior hasn’t evidently been overt enough for a significant portion of our population. We are all to blame for allowing his behavior to set the example for the cretins like Clay Travis and others (Joe Arpaio, etc). We either shame them now and with strong conviction, or we should expect more public displays like this from not only supposed adults, but from our youth on into the future where it will be more difficult to change.

  46. Mike Jones says:

    Okay, so this is on CNN and is a bunch of B.S. They are talking about Jamele Hill and asking if she has the right to say this and what ESPN should do. First, Donald Trump spoke bad about Obama all the time and made racist remarks when he was on television. Second, Donald Trump speaks like this about women all the time, remember the locker room talk.Third, this guy is just trying to illustrate how stupid this channel is and how ironic it is that they focus on her and don’t compare her remarks to that of which Trump has made. The fact that he wants an apology is ludicrous. I would ask him to give one to the Miss Universe contestants and Obama before he gets one from her. It’s only fair. Trump=Big Baby!

  47. Whatever happened to behaving like a grown-up….smh.

  48. s n says:

    More trumpanean manchild -mook talk, eighth grader men, didn’t like their mommy teachers, or reading books in school- jock frat brag-a-bouts, look at my big hands, look at my junky junk. Smell my farts guys hey guys guys guys look at my junky junk. Smell my farts guys let’s tap dat let’s go deep my junky junk fart fart!

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