Lady Gaga, Ava DuVernay, More in Hollywood React to Charlottesville: ‘There Is Only One Side’

Charlottesville rally flag

Entertainment industry figures took to social media to condemn the hate speech and violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday as protesters and counter-protesters gathered in the city for a rally organized by white nationalist groups.

Virginia declared a state of emergency after violence erupted on the streets of Charlottesville. Outrage swelled among entertainment industry figures as news coverage of the event dubbed “Unite the Right” showed unabashed expressions of racism and anti-LGBTQ hate speech from a range of white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.


Charlottesville rally protest

GLAAD Leader Decries ‘Disgusting Threats,’ LGBTQ Hate Speech at Virginia Rally

The rally was organized by Jason Kessler, a prominent voice in the white nationalist movement, to protest Charlottesville’s decision to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the city’s Emancipation Park. Another prominent white nationalist extremist, Richard Spencer, had been scheduled to speak at the protest.

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  1. Alex says:

    Look at all the Trump hate in Hollywood, these douchebags truly “HATE” Trump. But that hate is hip in Hollywood.

  2. John says:

    Jesus, of all the people in the world, I was really only interested in what

    J.K. Rowling and Seth Rogen think about the Neo Nazi meeting in Charlottesville…

    Wow – so interesting, what they shared with us !

    Ms. Rowling, will Harry Potter fight against some Neo Nazis in your next novels ?

    I’m sold!

  3. Thom Fang says:

    Where were these ‘great’ voices of wisdom and condemnation when the hateful left was burning down Berkley? ….crickets. And hasn’t JK Rowling embarrassed herself enough lately? And doesn’t she realize she lives in….England?

    • Sam says:

      However a lot of people died to get that statue for their memorial in history.
      Right or wrong no matter race people died for a belief and they have as much right as anyone else to have their memorial.
      Go make your own, stop refusing the rights of anyone else. Definition of hate crime.

      • The Truth says:

        Those who served and died for the Confederacy were on the wrong side of history then and are moreso now. Dying for the right to enslave others deserves no memorials. Removing statues, monuments, and flags that glorify a warped notion of Dixie heroism does not erase or alter the shameful history of the American South. It’s an important step in eradicating a widespread, deeply sick idea of Confederate nobility that perpetuates racism to this day.

      • cowgirldiva says:

        These comments here are more about hating President Trump…!! Disgusting…!! Hollywood bone/butt heads need a BIG TIME OUT…!!

        This protest had a lot to do with erasing and altering Southern history..!! Southern people don’t like their history/heritage erased….forgotten…!! We cannot alter or erase history,….we must learn from it…!!!

        I don’t agree with any of these hateful groups, but they have just as much of a right to march as Black Lives Matter…!!

  4. Carl Baggins says:

    As if the Left’s hate hasn’t started all this? Idiots like Dunham claiming she was raped by a “conservative” and all that bile tossed at the president every day from trash like Colbert? This is ALL the fault of the intolerant left. You reap what you sow, haters.

    • The Truth says:

      Didn’t your mommy ever tell you, Carl, that “he started it” doesn’t excuse you from responsibility for your actions? Furthermore, local and national crime records confirm that almost every person convicted of hate crime in modern America is a conservative goon. Most of these crimes take place in the South and are racially motivated.

    • Steve says:

      So Lena Dunham and Stephen Colbert made the white nationalists drive a car into a crowd? I see.

      As another essay here says, part of the agenda in Charlottesville was to create a fresh batch of “violent left” talking points for righties to parrot. It seems to be working.

  5. Seth Rogen is trash. Him hating this makes me want to support it.

  6. schenker says:

    Is this all variety could scrape together for a story? A British writer asking why a us president isn’t tweeting on reaction to some local nothing event. Why didnt Seth rogan and jk Rowling criticize Obama every time swastikas and kkk rallies happened under his watch. Ridiculous Hollywood hypocrisy, I’ll never watch another film from either of these two losers trying to shove politics down your throat and they’re only making the divide between normal people and preachy self righteous out of touch people like Hollywood and democrats.

  7. Tariq Nasheed says:

    Communists aren’t people

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