John Leguizamo: Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General (Guest Column)

John Leguizamo Jeff Sessions
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Last Wednesday the U.S. Senate held four confirmation hearings on Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees. It also scheduled his long-anticipated press conference — largely devoted to Trump’s … intimate relationship with Russia — and a critical vote on the Affordable Care Act budget.

Sometimes we, as progressives, aren’t able to be laser-focused because we acknowledge complexity — we address the intersections and breadth of policies and positions. Sometimes, perhaps we try to do too much.

So let me be perfectly clear: Sen. Jeff Sessions should never be attorney general of the United States.

While the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on Sessions’ nomination, around Capitol Hill other committees moved forward on a host of other outrageous nominees. The American public may never hear about the number of serious conflicts each of these nominees pose — to our democracy, to our rights — because there is simply too much to process.

But the Department of Justice, the agency charged with protecting the rights of all American people, should not be led by a person who has failed to do that throughout his career. Sessions has a long record of opposition to the rights of many of the people most at risk in Trump’s America.

 Let me repeat: Jeff Sessions should never be attorney general of the United States.

 Sessions has spoken of the “fabulous accomplishments” represented by the Confederate flag. He has defended sexual assault. He has said it’s “appropriate to begin to discuss” Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants. He has made a career as the Senate’s most anti-immigrant member and has supported building a wall on the Mexican border. He has been an ally to right-wing hate groups, from conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant radicals to white nationalists and Islamophobes.

Even though Trump is our president-elect, let’s not forget what America really is. America elected an African-American president. America voted overwhelmingly in favor a woman president in the popular vote. A majority of Americans support equal marriage rights. A majority of Americans have consistently supported a woman’s right to choose. A majority of Americans believe that immigrants strengthen our country, and even a majority of Republicans support a path to citizenship for undocumented people. Immigration is not just my story. Immigration is the American story. And America is becoming more diverse and more progressive by the day, whatever the outcome of this election and this presidency.

As Americans and progressives, we can’t lose sight of this. We must stay focused, we must not get lost in the barrage of bad news, the number of battles to fight. We must hold our elected and appointed leaders accountable and build for a better future.

Because Jeff Sessions should never be attorney general of the United States.

John Leguizamo is an actor, writer, and producer.

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  1. haha says:

    HAHAHAAH shut up, you are irrelevant , just like the rest of make believe hollywood .

  2. Chas Hue says:

    With so many qualified and untainted candidates available for this appointment Trump goes low with Sessions. There is simply no need to take a chance, saying no to Sessions, for the second time, is appropriate and necessary.

    ** I do not reply to comments-too time consuming. I am not seeking affirmation or dissent. I simply express my view on the topic at hand. *

  3. This article is full of lies about Jeff Sessions. I watched part of the confirmation process. There was one African American attorney after another testifying on the senators behalf. They had either known him personally to working of for him. Liberals are losing credibility every day because of the endless lies they tell.

  4. Ronnie Lee says:

    John, you said “…Sometimes we, as progressives…” and you lost us right there. We don’t care what you and your “progressives” (LIBERALS) like or want. We spent 8 years listening to liberal rhetoric from a president that did nothing except raise the national debt, play golf and spend an awful lot of time taking vacations. WE the working class have to actually WORK to earn a vacation. Jeff Sessions is the man for the job because, if anything, our duly elected President thinks he will make a good Attorney General. We need no other reason because – unlike you liberals – we support Donald Trump.

  5. Beldezar says:

    Tomorrow you will see the true hatred and bigotry of the alt-left for the world to see as they march and protest calling trump names burning effigies, and lying their little hearts out. saying things like he’ll bring back segregation and Jim Crow laws. And he’s going to suppress women and minorities.
    People like Al Sharpton and Malik Zulu Shabazz, Groups like NAACP, BLM, La Raza, MEChA, NBPP. Organizations like OFA, OSF, LCCR, and other Soro’s or taxpayer funded organizations.
    Their faces will be twisted in anger and hatred.

    When a liberal is criticized, he cries racism. When liberalism fails, liberals cry racism. When the Democrat Party gets in trouble, liberals cry racism. It has become the ever present background noise of politics, like birds chirping in the forest.

  6. Mark Ross says:

    I guess John doesn’t know that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when in the Senate voted for building a wall on the United States and Mexican border.

  7. Derek says:

    Look honey, the dancing bear is trying to talk politics! Isn’t that cute?

  8. I think JL is a fine actor. That said, he should stick to saying other people’s words while pretending to be someone else. On the other hand, perhaps he has with this piece, simply attaching his name and fame to another’s words as his own. JL parroted every lame anti-Sessions talking point spewed by the malignant nest of front organizations supported by George Soros, the greatest enemy America and self-determination has today. Half an hour doing his own Google search would have given him all the evidence needed to doubt those libels he aped in his article so thoughtlessly. But John chose to hew the party line like any good, non-thinking, obedient Progressivist.

    There is no such thing as a Constitutional Progressivist; Progressivism has always been diametrically opposed to the principles of limited government, separation of powers and personal liberty embodied in our Constitution. Like many Progressivists, JL is probably ignorant of its jaded history and also unwilling to correct that ignorance. Progressivism is worship of the state and political power. Progressivists bemoaning the popular vote is just a false-flag attack; if Hillary had won the EC but lost the popular vote, was about to become President, they would be defending the process they now decry with equal vigor and commitment. They don’t consider that hypocrisy since they don’t value any process, only the result. The only good they value is gaining power. All they care about is winning political power by any means necessary; any statement they make to the contrary is either complete self-delusion or an outright lie.

  9. Lulu says:

    Unsubstantiated fake accusations. Emotional diatribe by a fine actor who should stick to what he knows, acting! Jeff Sessions has a proven track record of defending the rights of all people. He successfully prosecuted the KKK. The murderer was executed. Let’s get our facts straight.

  10. Eric says:

    Clever boy communist (the name by which “progressives” were previously known in an era where honesty was king) name-calling Leguizamo gets an “A” for playground bully taunting and an “F” for his knowledge of history and analysis thereof. Apparently Leguizamo doesn’t care that Muslims have killed at least 270 million people for not being Muslims, and that doesn’t count the Muslims that were not “Muslim enough.” L-boy apparently doesn’t know that those unwilling to fight could contribute financially to the cause of Jihad and… according to Mohammed… that 100% counts as Jihad. Our boy L probably has never noticed that the misdeeds of the Roman Catholic clergy of yesteryear was only possible so long as they kept the founding documents of Christianity (the best seller of all time) out of the hands of the masses. Once Gutenberg’s press printed and distributed Bibles widely, Christians everywhere recognized that activities like the inquisition were completely at odds with everything Christianity stands for. The founding documents of Christianity militate against militarism to spread the message. Christians are only allowed persuasion by words and deeds of caring, no violence permitted. Not so Islamic terrorism, where one must work hard to figure out a misconstruance to avoid the unavoidable: That the founding documents of Islam command its adherents to wage whatever war is needed to supplant every government across the globe with Sha’ria law. What an ignoramus. And then he has the gall to shriek “Islamophobe” regarding those who have educated themselves about history, cause and effect, FACTS and logic. His term only indicts himself as being both ignorant and too lazy to learn, something he sees in the mirror and then projects on everyone else.

  11. Julia Petronila says:

    John Leguizamo? What does he know? Will he also be sharing his opinion on economics and health issues? He is not a good actor; he is not good looking; and he is an example of affirmative action and how anyone will do when a movie needs a Hispano for a roll.

    Jeff Sessions is a good man and an outstanding politician who cares about America before the GLOBAL kumbaya nonsense!

    Sólo falta un día para la INAUGURACIÓN del Presidente Trump!

  12. Joe Smith says:

    What you and “progressives” fail to understand is, this isn’t just losing an election. This was THE election for a generation. Staying positive…well…what else do you have? It sure isn’t SCOTUS. Since SCOTUS is set to be shaped conservative for the next 50+ years, your “progressive agenda” has been reduced to rubble and not likely to see real daylight again, until we’re all dead and gone.

    The Constitution stands…despite the left’s efforts to turn America into a Democracy. A nation ruled by the elite majority living in the liberal population centers. No…we are a Constitutional Republic and always will be. So get used to it…or find a new country. Either way…enjoy your 3 million vote consolation prize. That’s a lot of lattes. ;)

    • Mike says:

      Yep. Obama burned the DNC right down to the ground while they all danced around him proclaiming his greatness. Meanwhile, hard working deplorable Middle Americans took notice and righted the Ship Of State. Hillary goes down in flames and has to shut down her “Global Initiative” and lay everyone off because there is no more influence to sell. She’s lucky it wasn’t Mob money or she’d be sleeping with the fishes. These airheads look around in shock and wonder where they went wrong and why they will be out of power for the next 50 years. Leave Government to the Adults and shut up and dance Monkey.

  13. Kilmore says:

    Yet another hollyweird liberal progressive living in a bubble… Come out here in the real world and you’ll soon see why President Trump was elected. 93% of counties voted for Trump… 30.3 states did too. You and your kind have spent all the capital we’ll ever give you…more than enough, you all are now running a deficit, sort of like our 44th president… you know, the one that ran up more debt, without anything to show for it, than every other president in history, COMBINED.

  14. Wrath says:

    Stick to acting. Spewing your political psychobabble only confirms how worthless you are outside of Hollyweird.

  15. sailfishman says:

    Other than the lies he spewed forth about Sessions supporting hate-groups with zero evidence to backup his claims/lies, all he did was ramble on with the same silly talking points the left was provided by HRC and her minions. I suggest that the actor who wrote this trash stick to his acting career as his attempts at being political are as far fetched as his lead actor credits in epic movies like The Pest and Super Mario Brothers.

  16. rreyri says:

    Hatefulness and bigotry -No place in the Supreme Court. Look what happened to Scalia. God said-enough is enough! Mr. Sessions , just stay where you are.

    • Mike says:

      You got it all wrong. God took Scalia home to warn us to throw you amateurs out of power and Make America Great Again! It will be a Conservative Court now for the next 50 years.

  17. Haz says:

    This dude is a complete idiot. I am a Hispanic gay Trump supporter. I have no problems with immigrants. I have a problem with people coming here illegally and getting a free pass to stay in this country. Come here the right way, come here chasing the American Dream wanting to follow American traditions and customs and I respect and admire you. There needs to be a stronger vetting process for people coming from countries known for terrorism. There is nothing wrong with a temporary ban until there is a method to properly vet them. Sorry John but you claim America is becoming more diverse and progressive? Diverse? Yes. Progressive? No. The media is becoming more progressive, the media is writing articles every time a celebrity who has liberal views speaks out. If John was not an actor and semi-well known would anyone be giving him this platform to speak from? No. How many entertainment news sites alone get a majority of negative comments on every article they write concerning a celebrity’s view on politics? Let’s also reflect that California was what put Hillary ahead in the popular vote. Let’s also count how many counties who previously voted for Obama were flipped in favor of Donald Trump. There are many Hispanic, African Americans, & members from the LGBTQ communities who support Donald Trump. It is just not older white males anymore from the Midwest as Michael Shannon implied, while saying it was time for them to die out. Maybe John should travel to the most southern tip of Texas and see how a wall might actually help, or should we all pretend that Mexican Drug Cartels are not a serious problem in Mexico?

  18. eddie willers says:

    I’m waiting for a more astute celebrity to weigh in…like Cookie Monster.

  19. Jon Etnyre says:

    Another Hollywood idiot. He’s off my list of “the watchable.”

  20. Cooper says:

    More political advice from actors. If the last election taught us one thing, it’s that NO ONE CARES what actors think, or who they support. NO ONE.

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