Comedy Central’s ‘Daily Show’ Has Lost Its Edge

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Courtesy of Comedy Central


Of all the words ever used to describe “The Daily Show,” that adjective has rarely come up. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to describe the Comedy Central program at the moment.

Under the leadership of new host Trevor Noah, “The Daily Show” seems to have lost its way — but in the most amiable manner possible. Ever since Noah took over six months ago, the show has assumed an air of easygoing chill. It’s not that he doesn’t tell reasonably good jokes now and then, but few, if any, are aimed at the jugular. And he rarely loses his expression of gentle bemusement.

Given that the current American political season is more chaotic and unpredictable than any in recent memory, the show’s strange affability creates a feeling of cognitive dissonance. It’s as if our reliable attack dog had suddenly lost its teeth and self-medicated with Xanax.

One of Noah’s main problems is that he treats his opening news round-up as if it were a stand-up set at a comedy club. Stewart’s pointed opening remarks often drove viewership, especially in an election year. But Noah’s routine is merely a string of middling, even groan-worthy jokes tied together with nothing more substantial than the host’s dimpled grin.

He delivers his jokes as if he’s already charmed by them, even though they often lack bite and have tired hooks. Noah on Marco Rubio: “Like so many Cubans before him, he got smoked by an obnoxious, rich man in Florida.”

John Oliver and Samantha Bee have built loyal followings by energetically delivering the one thing Noah’s show needs most: a distinct point of view.”

The lack of urgency in this new “Daily Show,” coupled with the absence of a strongly defined worldview, have conspired to make the show eminently missable. That translates to ratings that have sunk more than 30% vs. a year ago, even though one would expect an election-year boost.

Another problem is that the writing simply isn’t as sharp as that of its competitors, particularly that of “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” a show that’s been the bracing blast the year has needed.

But Bee isn’t alone. While “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore” hasn’t achieved the heights of its predecessor, “The Colbert Report,” it has a host whose deadpan delivery and improvisational chops make for a dependably funny half-hour. In an election year in which race is part of the conversation as it rarely has been in the past, Wilmore has found a multitude of serious and sarcastic ways to come at that crucial topic, and his riffs on the news of the day are often dryly amusing as well.

Meanwhile, another “Daily Show” alum, John Oliver, has built a loyal following by energetically delivering the one thing Noah’s show needs most: a distinct point of view. “Last Week Tonight’s” long segments have the kind of thematic unity, intelligent structure and logical crescendos you find in a well-wrought piece of music. Oliver is angry, but somehow his wry British accent makes his rage seem both accessible and justifiable, whatever the topic.


comedy central logo Black

Comedy Central Renews ‘Tosh 2.0’ and ‘Drunk History’

And while it’s true that Oliver (Sundays) and Bee (Mondays) have to be funny just one night a week, they deliver more laughs than four days of “The Daily Show.” Bee may well be even angrier than Oliver, but like him, she wields her revulsion and frustration like finely wrought blades.

In a world where mainstream programs like “Scandal,” “Black-ish” and “Master of None” are willing to take on hot-potato political topics with gusto, the only real way to stand out is to go even further — but it’s not mere sensationalism that drives “Full Frontal.” The fact is, the show stands out because it’s willing to take a stand. Bee is a virtuoso of brilliant sarcasm when it comes to feminist topics, of course, but she makes mincemeat of hapless politicians of either gender who wander into her field of fire. (And yes, that means even Hillary Clinton doesn’t go unscathed.)

Now more than ever, viewers want comedy commentators who not only make sense of the current-events cyclone we’re living in, but who bring an agenda of their own. It’s clear by this point who’s winning and losing the election from a comedic perspective. While Noah complacently floats above the fray, Oliver and Bee sting.

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  1. This guy sux—not funny and does not do this once great show justice—I vote to replace him….

  2. mutz says:

    let’s give him time to make it his show, a change was long overdue, and I believe its the best change they could have done

  3. mnaxe says:

    he is a great new face bringing a good view to the show.

  4. mnaxe says:

    Trevor is a great comedian bringing a worldwide viewer ship to the show and getting a proper footing. critics will always be critics, you can’t always follow what they say.

  5. Alice G. says:

    He is funny, different and refreshing! Stop comparing!

  6. Mark says:

    The new Daily Show is ignoring the demographics of the USA and focuses too much on South Africa and blacks. If it truly wants to be relative to many in the USA, consider that the largest minority is hispanic.

  7. Ann Chessman says:

    Daily & Nightly Shows should pool their resources and do something great together.

  8. I think that people are doing TDS the same way they are doing The Late Show,You can not compare Trevor Noah to Jon Stewart any more than you can Stephen Colbert to David Letterman.Each one of these guys are trying to make the show their own and i like them.Anymore it is so easy to sit back and judge,Remember it took Jon Stewart almost 4 years to make TDS his own.Like the old saying goes “Those who can do…those who can”t critique “.

  9. Cindi says:

    From South Africa myself he sucks big time nothing more

  10. Mister No says:

    I hear people saying we have to support Noah cause he’s black.. What…?? If you suck – you suck! It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, green, yellow or orange – dude you suck.


    Look, we have to remember, Trevor is not white, and that is whats most important. Remember how big of a deal having Stewart replaced by a person of color was? We need to support him and the show so they don’t try to put some other white face in there. If they were to replace Trevor with someone else who wasn’t white I could probably except that, but I don’t trust the exec’s who are mostly white men to do that again after having Trevor lose ratings. It’s time to be adults and think of the kind of people we do and do not want on TV in our future America, and act accordingly. Even if you don’t like the show put it on and do something else so that at least you can support the transformation of America.

    • dandeman says:

      The word is accept and to put a black person just because he is black, is childish and pushes years of fighting for equality back. Because, what you are saying is hey we of color are really not that good so please gift us half an hour master.

  12. AK says:

    Trevor is not engaged with the material because he doesn’t care about any of it and it’s not relevant to his life experience. His whole approach can be summed up by “wow, you Americans are so weird and stupid, if we were back in Africa it would be different!” I mean, his stand-up is a bunch of AIDS jokes. No one in America cares about AIDS anymore, including the people with HIV. They should have given this show to Samantha. Will be interesting what happens when his two remaining correspondents (Kleper and Williams) both leave the show to do their own thing. They were the source of the very few highlights this past year, so now the show is literally just Trevor and his handlers.

  13. timkanejd says:

    Trevor isn’t all that funny to me – I don’t like watching him even a little bit. Poor guy had to stand in a giants shoes and couldn’t deliver – at least for me. So I don’t watch him. I do miss Stewart. He was funny, smart, and I generally agreed with his point of view (though I thought he was a little hard on CNN and Arby’s). I don’t have advice for Trevor. As for Comedy Central, they had John Oliver cover for Stewart for an entire summer and he delivered sufficiently. I guess they let HBO grab him – but if I want to watch the Daily Show the way I used to like it I have to go to HBO and watch Oliver, I got Bill Maher on Fridays. The rest of the time I’m at a loss. Jon Stewart should have waited until after the election to go. We do need more Stewarts and I assume that they are out there and if so, they are the ones who should be doing the Daily Show, not Trevor.

  14. Brian Blair says:

    Why don’t they tell the truth? The daily show is losing ratings because it has become propaganda for a very unpopular political narrative! People are sick of this vomit!

  15. Bliz says:

    For march: carson daly last call had .84 million viewers…daily show had .84… a show that hardly anyone knows is even on air and airs at 130 at night in less markets hosted by a guy most ppl consider a joke of a host, is beating this lame trevor noah version of daily show….pathetic

  16. bliz says:

    this article is so on ppoint. Agree 110% with everything. Whether ppl find it funny or not, or like noah personally, one thing is objectively certain:the show has lost its edge and is no longer an important staple in our political diets. Wilmore, on the other hand, although no colbert by any means, has plenty of bite and is doing his job well with many issues especially race, gender, and poverty. Wilmore writing is better and harsher, and he has grown better as a host—unlike daily show writing and host. But, man, i wish oliver was four days a week. He’s killing it. Just one piece on trump alone obliterates months of jokes about trump on daily show. One thing stewart did, in addition to jokes, was give a factual basis and details of tough issues, and truth was actually a stepping stone to critique and humour. The program used to be actually informative, both in terms of data and perspective. Now it offers neither.

  17. Jon Stewart retired a year too early. I gave a try to Noah for months, I rarely watch the Daily Show now.

    • Sterling Archer says:

      The problem with Larry Wilmore is that even though he is fairly adept and reasonably intelligent, the show is unwatchable, and the ratings reflect that. The way he treated Bill Nye The Science Guy was absolutely shameful.

      • matt says:

        The reason he, and any other similar show on comedy central, sucks is that it’s left wing propaganda that’s only gotten worse over time. That’s why I stopped watching Stewart. I don’t appreciate some smug a-hole lying right to my face and promoting popular myths. This is coming from a liberal…

      • AGREE!! I didn’t see Bill Nye on Wilmore because after the first two months his show just didn’t work for me. I’ve posted below, my opinions about Noah & TDS. xoxo :)

      • Bliz says:

        Ummm bill nye has been regularly on the show so i have no idea what youre talking about

  18. PB says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I love the Daily Show! I enjoyed John and I thoroughly enjoy Trevor. He has stepped into some pretty big shoes to fill, he has done an outstanding job!

  19. christianlynch says:

    Viewers and critics are incredibly short sighted when it comes to the history of late night. Years ago, when Jon Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn, the immediate consensus was that Stewart was a pale Kilborn imitator. Most assumed Stewart would get the axe. But what did he do? Slowly, but surely, a talented guy found his voice and altered the late night landscape forever. 6 months isn’t enough time to assess Noah. Undoubtedly, he’s still worrying about altering the format because he knows it will upset longtime fans. Give him 1 more year. That is a better time to judge the worthiness of his TDS “point of view.”

    • bliz says:

      you just made up a history that wasnt true….the daily show was nothing and hardly known to anyone and was a sports news type focus with some political….it was like is espn hired a comedian to cover politics…..half the reason they replaced kilbourn was because it wasnt that successful at all and killbourn left to host late night show….stewart was a mtv host and comedians comedian and astute scholar on all things politics….the choice was intentional, and low and behold what did that change do: it completely redefined and defined what the daily show is, made it popular, and made it relevant to the mass discourse on politics……your comparison is a joke….noah inherited a highly rated, highly respected, highly known show that has become a cultural phenomenon….killbourns daily show wasnt, and stewart taking over wasnt reversing or lessening some established show that had hish ratings, a brand, respect, and cultural phenomenon….only jocks that got 60% in poli sci 101woud make such an observation and have such a foggy selective memory about killbourn….awwww, u meat heads really miss that hack eh

    • I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with you (see my comment below). Give him time to find his voice & feel his way. I think most of the people posting have NO IDEA regarding the myriad of details and work that result in getting a program ready for air once a week, let alone 4 times a week. The quickest to judge usually have the least talent to create. Cheers. Here’s to seeing what happens and another vote to give Trevor Noah a “DECENT” chance. xoxo :)

      • Sterling Archer says:

        Don’t kid yourself. Kilborn was not the second coming of Carson. People HATED Kilborn, even when he was with ESPN.

  20. Wow! I can’t believe people actually thought Jon Stewart was funny.

    Stewart was nothing more than a leftist hack.

  21. Whereas I tried to like Larry Wilmore’s show after watching The Colbert Report since it’s original air date, after 2 months I cancelled the recording. Likewise -I have tried to like Colbert on his new show …but it just doesn’t work for me & I don’t know why. Perhaps because the Roger Colbert of The Report was a persona….?

    On the other hand I expected to be disappointed with ANYONE who took over The Daily Show and EXTREMELY PLEASED WITH TREVOR NOAH. The jokes & HIS WAY of packaging what passes for “news” in legitimate “news media,” ARE every bit as enlightening as were Jon Stewart’s ….but in a more subtle way.

    Perhaps the show needed a new title. It was really, “The Jon Stewart Daily Show”. In the last year of Mr. Stewart’s hosting (The Daily Show), he became (to me) tedious & redundant …burnt out, with only flashes of the brilliant genius we became accustomed to.

    Mr. Noah, to an outsider in Canada, gives the Daily Show a refreshing take on U.S. & World events.
    While finding his way he is trying different styles of delivery, seeing what boundaries he can and cannot push. Trevor Noah DOES NOT HAVE THE CREDENTIALS or CACHE (yet) to walk in, take over and say “THIS IS THE WAY IT’S GOING TO BE!!” It is unfair to compare him to a veteran, around who, the show was originally created and who was/is? an executive producer.

    If you NEED EDGY & BITING -we have Sandra Bee & John Oliver -WHICH IN CANADA COSTS a substantial investment $$$ in one’s cable subscriptions. “Everything” on TV doesn’t need to be “HARD & DIRECT & OPPOSITIONAL” …with Trevor Noah one’s options are well rounded & I will continue to record and watch his show!! xoxo :)

    • bliz says:

      im cnadian…it still sucks….and if youre a white canadian living above the u.s. and a part of the most powerful groups and europe, and consume american media all the time and dont live in an igloo, you arent an ‘outsider’…a new york jew is as much an outsider to a canadian as is a south african…being aan outsider doesnt matter, and clearly hasnt given noah any added perspective worth noting or any bite….the daily show brand is bite as an institution, its not some late night show that should try to be chipper glossy bs. NOah sucks and the daily show sucks and its not doing its social responsibility and has no integrity anymore

  22. jamm says:

    I like TDS and Noah just fine. I would be very miserable if the show ended.

    • Sterling Archer says:

      The whole “outsider perspective” argument doesn’t work and here’s why; The show’s appeal is still rooted in U.S. politics, discourse, pop culture, news and media coverage. And Noah simply has no skin in the game when it comes to any of those, and worse, he comes across as a naive rube when he attempts to talk about any of it. He reads the copy, smiles and giggles, and looks as the camera as if he’s saying “America is confusing, I don’t understand it, and aren’t I adorable, please like me!”. The whole Borat routine of stumbling through our culture has worn thin, and it’s become GRATING, right to the point when he starts laughing at his own jokes I want to reach through the screen and grab him by that ill fitting David Beckham suit, and scream in his face Ala Sam Kinison “STOP LAUGHING YOU IDIOT!!”.

      The irony here is that saying the Daily Show doesn’t need to be edgy or biting, when that’s what the program’s reputation was built upon. Trevor Noah simply doesn’t understand the show, or any of the stories he’s covering, and that’s why he’s completely detached from every story. Even though John Oliver is a Brit, he genuinely loves living in the U.S.,and his anger comes across as real. He’s saying to the audience “I know you’re angry, and so am I!”. Meanwhile Trevor Noah seems as if it wouldn’t phase him one bit if he had to pack up tomorrow and move back to South Africa.

      The Daily Show doesn’t just need a host, it needs a VOICE, and Trevor Noah who recently said in a Guardian interview that it’s “just a comedy show”, doesn’t have one. What’s worse, is with Samantha Bee and John Oliver, the Daily Show has become something worse than just unfunny, it’s become an after thought.

      • bliz says:

        agree…the outsider argument is bs….and even so, as an outsider he hasnt offered any bite or good perspective that makes me think differently….when he does try his whole fish out of water routine, its inda pandering and stereotyping and comes across as flaky and dumb… as a south african why would he be able to give an outsider perspective that could judge the u.s. when his country and continent are waaaaaay worse? no wonder he has no bite, because trums are like regular daily things in south africa…he has no americaan perspective or western persepctive to show his confusion, anger, and knowledge of american politics….its like a take your kid to work day host who stares wide eyed at everything without any basis of understanding and just tries to mimic his father when he’s just a kid.

  23. I’m actually South African, and while never been a big fan of Trevor Noah I’ve always loved The Daily Show. It was essential viewing for me. Jon Stewart was amazing! But since he left I’ve watched Trevor Noah maybe about once every second week and just keep losing interest. I’ve never liked his style of humour, maybe I’m an old fuddy-duddy. I prefer Larry Wilmore’s show now actually. (Even though Wilmore himself can’t compare to Colbert)

    • bliz says:

      well according to some white male candian poster tht speaks for all ‘outsiders’ of the world, your opinion doesnt exist—everyone not american is suppose to love this noah guy….right

  24. unclelawwy says:

    An absolutely fair and accurate review. Thank you.

  25. Bea says:

    Jon Stewart needs to return.

  26. Steve says:

    I have to admit that I’ve stopped watching the Daily Show. I never missed it when Jon Stewart was the host. The problem is that:

    a) The show is no longer biting and poignant.
    b) Trevor Noah doesn’t really relate to U.S. politics.
    c) Trevor Noah just isn’t very funny and he should consider doing something other than comedy.

    They had so many good Daily Show correspondents that they could have chosen to take over Jon. Any one of them would be doing a better job than Trevor Noah.

  27. Nuria says:

    I think of Trevor Noah as competition for Colbert and Fallon rather than as Jon Stewart’s successor. I really like Noah’s very dry sense of humor and his low-key delivery, as well as his international perspective. Colbert and Fallon are often boring now, so after the 10 p.m. news, I usually turn to The Daily Show” and “The Nightly Show” (my very favorite program — love him, love his writers, love all the women on the show).

  28. jimmy says:

    it should be like fox and friends where all the funny correspondents talk news and politics. have jason jones moderate.

  29. Stef says:

    Surprised they wanted to continue the show. It should have just ended with John and perhaps started something new. The show is horrible now.

  30. Mantra720 says:

    The problem with the show is that Viacom tried to reinvent a show that had no need to reinvent, but Phillipe Dauman (who even as Viacom’s networks are losing homes is still CEO) has no idea what the hell to do. The Chris Brown interview for a do-nothing album pretty much killed the show for me. I can see a stupid Chris Brown performance on even Last Call; I don’t need to see him on a comedy news show. And Noah’s delivery is so somnolent that it just ruins the entire show.

  31. I happen to agree wholeheartedly, the once “need to watch” Daily Show has become so “Not even in the top Five choices” at least! While Trevor Noah is unquestionably charming and delicious to look at he does not stimulate anything like Jon Stewart did. NO. Not in the sexual sense! But more in the political, philosophical and hitting the funny bone sense, ALL at the same time.
    Sorry to say, but without Jon Stewart, there is no more Daily Show for me. I won’t even bother to see whomever they pick for the “next guy.” As Nathan Hale would say if he were alive, “Give Me Jon Stewart, or give me death!”

    • EricJ says:

      (If he were quoting Patrick Henry.) ;)

      Political shows have to evolve, and it’s in the humor:
      In the 80’s, HBO’s Not Necessarily the News was the “Radio Free Comedy” answer to Reagan, until SNL’s Dennis Miller took over in the late 80’s.
      In the 90’s, the then non-jerk Bill Maher was the Voice of the People on Comedy Central’s “Politically Incorrect”, until it moved to ABC, turned toothless, and Maher took his Jerk-of-the-people act to HBO.
      Daily Show only became what it was when they kicked host Craig Kilborn out on his smug, vicious, narcissistic hinder, toned down Liz Winstead’s grumpy-lesbian humor and focused on the interviews, and that’s how Jon Stewart became the voice of the people.
      It’s time to elect someone else as public Smartass-In-Chief, and I vote Oliver.

  32. Valerie Robertson says:

    I think it has lost some of its bite. But TDS is not aired by CNN; it’s aired by Comedy Central. I think TDS may not be the best venue for Noah, who I think is the best stand-up comedian ever. And he’s funnier than Stewart and just as intelligent. I miss Jon, but I don’t want him back on TDS.

  33. Aaron Smith says:

    The problem is, that people have treated this show (since Stewart took over anyway) as something other then what it really is. It’s a comedy show plain and simple. Treating it as anything other than that show a lack of intellect in it’s audience.

    • Marie says:

      It’s more than a tv show. Especially since such a high younger demographic watches it and a lot of comments have been made where people feel more informed about what’s going on politics, news and etc. because of this show.
      Don’t be narrow minded.

    • Valerie Robertson says:

      There’s a group of people, mostly middle-aged and older, who will never forgive Trevor for not being Jon. And apparently that’s Trevor’s fault.

    • noahgins says:

      Not so plain and simple, my friend. People have come to rely on these type of TV shows as more than just comedy and comedy is more than just laughs. It’s political, it’s perspective, it’s meaningful, persuasive, and has impact. People like Stewart and now Oliver, Bee, and Wilmore to some extent are America’s investigative journalists and use comedy as their door opening technique to important political issues. Comedy is too cross cutting, it’s the simple wo/man’s way of punching up at the “man” and if a comedian can’t help his audience punch up and hit a few marks, it’s tough not change the channel, and that’s why 30% drop in viewership has followed. For the record, I adamantly supported Noah’s selection, but I’ve stopped watching a long time ago.

  34. Bill B. says:

    I enjoy him. He just has a different lighter style than Stewart, but he won’t last long if the ratings keep tumbling. Wilmore & Oliver are very sharp and very funny at times.

  35. Bill says:

    Jon Stewart is irreplaceable. Noah does his best but Jon is like Michael Jordan — a very rare breed. What if Noah took two weeks off and let Jon have at it with current affairs. We’ll at least like Noah better for stepping aside to give us some comic relief! John Kasich even referred to Jon Stewart this morning on Good Morning America: “Can you imagine if Jon Stewart was still on television?!?” Believe me, we all can.

  36. He would have to have a MASSIVE ego to think that he could follow Stewart.

  37. Mlk says:

    I like both John and Noah but John had really good writers.

  38. He’s as boring as that grey suit and tie

  39. docweasel says:

    This critic’s real beef is that noah isn’t leftist enough. bee and oliver are stridently, blindly far-left and use michael moore-type twisting of facts and ignoring those detrimental to democrats to serve up hard-left talking points and narratives. noah isn’t a liberal ideologue, and that’s his real sin, in his eyes.

  40. Raoul Duke says:

    Sorry, although he’s a nice guy, Trevor Noah simply isn’t very funny. He reads stuff off a teleprompter and has a poor sense of comedic timing. As a recently-arrived immigrant, has a weak inherent grasp of American sympathies, styles and humor. He laughs at his own jokes, even when HE doesn’t really think they’re funny, and his attempts at political satire (okay, OKAY already.. we KNOW you think Trump is a jerk), are a very pale shadow of anything Stewart or Colbert ever produced.
    Unfortunately… he’s a flop. I watched Stewart and Colbert (what a MISTAKE for him to ever leave Comedy Central!), religiously… and gave Trevor a good shot. Now, I never bother. The show is a bore.

  41. Adlai Armundsen says:

    Following a popular host like Stewart is difficult. People forget that Stewart didn’t start out as popular as when he left.

  42. No Longer A Fan of Daily Show says:

    Noah’s impish “I’m so cute” naughty little boy grin wore real thin last fall. When I was recently channel surfing, he was still doing it…and I am still no longer watching The Daily Show. The dude’s a self-adoring hack, and this once great show has gone down the tubes. Replacement, already!

  43. Jim Emerson says:

    I’m sad to say I stopped watching because Trevor Noah’s self-satisfied, one note delivery (don’t laugh at every single one of your own jokes!) became too monotonous. Colbert still does great stuff while sitting at his desk after his monologue. (He should jettison the hackneyed monologue and get to the good “fake news” stuff.)

  44. Renee Leight says:

    I am a 73 year old female and I love Trevor Noah. It is a relief to get news and comedy without creating rage and anxiety. I look forward to his show every night.

    • Renee … the fact that he is appealing to a 73 year old woman who is looking for mild amusement is what is wrong with the show. That is demographic of NO ONE. PS … unless you are in biology class, you are a woman ( skip the “female” stuff ).

      • Steve says:

        Don’t let the facts get in the way, Sheila. the Daily Show has been the most-watched late night talk show in all of television with millennial men during the entirety of Trevor’s tenure. And it’s currently behind only The Tonight Show among the entire millennial audience. It beats Full Frontal by 30%+ in virtually every single demo. So if the writer commends Full Frontal for having a loyal following, what would she call a show that has hundreds of thousands of more viewers? Oh wait, she won’t call it anything because that goes against her narrative.

  45. troydarling says:

    I’ve felt the same way. Noah can’t deliver satire because he’s trying not to offend. Perhaps the Twitter fat joke controversy put him too much on the defensive out of the gate.

  46. EricJ says:

    Watch John Oliver’s deconstruction of Donald Trump’s Wall plan on his own show:
    Oliver IS the official reincarnation of Jon Stewart (before Stewart took to nagging about Fox News, gay marriage and vets’ hospitals), Trevor Noah is a black comic on Comedy Central.

  47. Susan Piper says:

    I would like Trevor Noah better if I saw him in a standup show anywhere but the daily show. I just don’t think he has the political sophistication of Jon Stewart. I am fairly well read on politics but like most people I have to work. When I watched Jon Stewart at night I would learn things that lead me to research things on the internet. I felt I was a better informed person by watching him. I find I rarely learn anything from watching Trevor Noah. I do not feel better informed when I watch him. I guess the problem is I feel at this point I am politically more aware (or sophisticated) then he is because I watch Jon Stewart for so long.

  48. Daniel Kelly says:

    I am never reading or linking to another Variety article ever again.

    • Well I am sure Variety executives will hold an emergency meeting to determine the future of the company now that you will never read or link another article… The end of Variety is near!

  49. Abc says:

    “John Oliver and Samantha Bee have built loyal followings by energetically delivering the one thing Noah’s show needs most: a distinct point of view.”

    How is having the same point of view as about half the country a distinct point of view?
    Just because these people speak to your personal bias in a way that tickles your emotions doesn’t mean their point of view is unique.

  50. sam vaaka says:

    I miss Stewart on the daily show.

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