‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy Reveals Who Will Be Back Next Season

American Horror Story Paleyfest
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Ryan Murphy revealed that every actor who took the Dolby Theater stage for the “American Horror StoryPaleyfest panel would be back next season on Sunday.

That includes cast members Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare, Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson, who all attended the Paleyfest event. Executive producer Tim Minear and creators Brad Falchuk and Murphy joined the cast onstage.

“I will tell you that every darling person up here that wants to come back can come back,” said Murphy.

While Murphy did not announce the title and/or theme of the new season, he did say they have been working on two ideas.


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“I think the show has always felt to me like an opera,” said Murphy. “So, I think both of the things we’re writing right now will have a certain feel. But, I think I know what the winner is.”

The event opened with a screening of an episode from “Hotel” before the show’s cast and creators took the stage to discuss the development of season five and the creation of the first four seasons.

A shared standout moment of the panel was the interconnectedness of the “American Horror Story” series. Paulson played Sally, a heroine-addicted spirit trapped in the Hotel Cortez, and later in the season Billie Dean Howard, a psychic she played in season one.

“The deeper we go into the series we will see that it is a definite universe and all of the worlds are connected,” said Murphy. “I think it’s interesting that we had an episode where Sarah played two of her characters in one.”

Murphy said this season has been the most fun so far — partly due to the ensemble cast and the addition of Lady Gaga, who has previously announced that she’ll return next season.

Gaga, who played the Countess of the Hotel Cortez, while not in attendance, had a lasting impact on the cast.

“She reminded me of Jessica (Lange),” said Paulson. “She was one of the most emotionally available actresses I’ve worked with.”

“I think she is incredibly courageous,” added Bomer.

The actors said they put forth a lot of work in developing their characters for this season. “I spent an hour a day shaving,” said O’ Hare, who played the transgender Liz Taylor. “I shaved my head, face and, depending on what I was wearing, my arms and legs.”

The romantic scenes between O’Hare and Wittrock influenced how the actor prepared for the role as well.

“When I found I had a scene with Finn I said I have to Nair everything,” said O’Hare, who noted the love scene between the two was his most memorable moment of the season.

Bassett said in preparation for Ramona, she watched films from the ’70s and took inspiration from Diana Ross and others; Bentley said he drew inspiration from his personal experiences to play John Lowe; and Wittrock said he listened to a lot of rock music and researched the Sex Pistols to portray Tristan.

Murphy didn’t take credit for the success of the show, but instead credited his network for trusting the show to be a success. He also said having children has changed how he creates content and inspired the anthology series.

“It’s a form of storytelling that I really love,” Murphy said. “I don’t have time to devote to a seven-season show.”

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  1. Keitha Ketchum says:

    When will it be back on. Don,t want to miss any of the shows.

  2. Terry says:

    So – when is the next season? I didn’t Google ‘who’, I Googled ‘when.’

  3. Elizabeth Grega says:

    What about Evan Peters?? He really plays psyco / murderer really well, and I think without him something would definitely be missing!

  4. chrisitna says:

    What about Evan Peters?????? I can’t watch without him!

  5. foxglove says:

    Excited to have Gaga return, she got dramatically better as episodes progressed. I hope AHS can revive some of the magic of the earlier seasons.

  6. Mister CaCa says:


  7. PJ says:

    Gaga was so silly and over the top it was hard to keep from laughing. Ruined it for me. As a fan of every other season, I was disappoint and lost all interest. It was so bad I didn’t even care how it ended. Total rubbish compared to the other seasons. Lange was missed and they would do well to beg her to come back.

  8. Mark Lindy says:

    What kind of shoes is that guy wearing??? Yikes

  9. Rich says:

    This entire article is NOT accurate! He NEVER confirmed anything. I was there! He said something to the effect of, “Any of these people on this stage is welcome back IF THEY WANT TO” That is not a confirmation. They don’t even have a storyline chosen yet.

  10. Victoria says:

    Gaga needs acting classes! She was talking like any other interview she has given in the past. Denis O’Hare did deserved a nomination.

  11. Krista says:

    “She reminded me of Jessica (Lange),” said Paulson. “She was one of the most emotionally available actresses I’ve worked with.” It’s a real insult to Lange.

    • JacksonM says:

      How is that an insult? Have you ever worked in a production with Jessica or Gaga? How do you know how emotionally giving they are to a fellow actor if you haven’t worked with them?

      Stupid c–ts need to learn reading comprehension.

      • PJ says:

        What kind of hysterical, silly, limp pr–k calls someone (like Krista) a c—t for not loving Gaga? You must not have much going on in your life to take a TV show or a celebrity so seriously. Does it make you cry and wanna call the popo to tell them someone was wrong about Gaga on the da interwebs?
        Have YOU worked with Gaga? Do YOU hang out with Jessica? NO. Because if you did you would have something better to do than be a misogynistic little queen who calls a stranger a c–t for having an opinion you dont agree with.

    • Vidia says:


    • Scarlett says:

      Just because you don’t like her as a person or artist can’t change the fact that she was a great actress. No one is comparable to Lange, and I’m not saying Lady Gaga could ever replace her. But she still did phenomanal and if so many skilled actors can see that and you can’t, then you clearly just have a pathetic hatred towards her as a person. It’s that simple.

      • Cynical Jesus says:

        Great actress? Seriously? Have we devolved to where Lady Gag is a “great actress”. She had sex on camera and spoke a handful of sentences in a faux-male monotone voice. I relished the scenes when she wasn’t in them. Great actress? Give me oxygen.

      • PJ says:

        So if someone doesn’t like Gaga or her silly acting, it is only because of their “pathetic hatred?” Some of you Gaga supporters here on Variety are a very mentally unstable group. You need counseling just to deal with anyone having a different opinion. Grow up

    • Rush says:

      But she won a Golden Globe!! (I say very sarcastically)

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