‘Supergirl’ Episode 10 Recap: Winn Some, Lose Some

Supergirl recap 110
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Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen episode 110 of CBS’ “Supergirl,” titled “Childish Things.”

This week on “Supergirl,” Winn gets a moment in the spotlight when his homicidal father escapes from maximum security prison and terrorizes the city (talk about an unlucky genes); Alex Danvers convinces Hank Henshaw to embrace his inner Martian and find out just what Maxwell Lord is hiding, and Cat Grant makes Lucy Lane an offer she can’t refuse.

Until this week, Winn served a secondary role as CatCo’s tech geek, and the more puppyish of Kara’s two suitors. But in “Childish Things,” his father’s prison break puts Winn front and center. Kara’s civilian bestie previously mentioned that his father was in prison, but, oh yeah, he somehow forgot to add the part about being the child of a psychotic supervillain named Toyman, who uses (you guessed it) toys as weapons.

While some villains this season have lacked depth (here’s looking at you, Jemm), and the battle sequences sometimes feel like a distraction from the otherwise highly entertaining CatCo office banter, Toyman (played by Henry Czerny) is a seriously creepy, and welcome addition to the show. But he’s not the only new face — the episode also introduced FBI agent Cameron Chase, played by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum Emma Caulfield, who arrives to help take down the bad guy.

Despite being on the run from the FBI, Toyman has enough time on his hands to invent elaborate weapons including carnival prizes that eject poison gas, giant ABC blocks filled with quicksand and bombs carefully planted inside toys.

But in the final showdown we really have to suspend our disbelief — even in a show about superheroes. First, our villain drugs Winn and tries to force his son to murder Toyman’s former boss at the National Toy Convention (you’d think maybe they would postpone that kind of event with a toy-themed supervillain on the loose). When Supergirl swoops in to save the day, Toyman detonates a series of ten bombs which he has placed throughout the convention center. Supergirl sets off the sprinkler system and constructs an ice wall to protect civilians from the bombs with her ice breath. Explosions shatter the wall into a million shards, but somehow everyone is safe. Supergirl captures Toyman and sends him back to prison.

Now, let’s talk about that kiss. With his father back in jail, Winn opens up to Kara about his ongoing daddy issues. “You and your father aren’t the only ones linked,” Kara tells Winn. “We are too and I’m not going to let anyone mess with that.” Winn takes this as a cue to go in for a kiss, aaaaand… he’s rejected. Hardcore. It’s really awkward. Later on, when, instead of ignoring the rejection, he opens up about his feelings for her, Kara adds inadvertent insult to injury by friend-zoning him again, leaving their relationship in doubt, since Winn insists he can’t go back to hanging out with her like nothing has happened. Toyman spent much of the episode trying to convince his son that they were more alike than Winn wanted to admit — could Kara’s rejection push our tech guru to the dark side?

The usual CatCo banter is sorely missed this episode, but Cat gets a moment to shine by offering Lucy Lane a job, something that neither Kara nor James seems particularly enthusiastic about. It certainly hasn’t escaped Cat’s notice that there’s some chemistry between her assistant and CatCo’s art director, and if Lucy’s in the building, it’s a fair bet she’ll pick up on it sooner or later too.

In the beginning of the episode, we see Supergirl and J’onn J’onzz flying together above National City, a scene that will likely please DC Comics fans everywhere. The martian gives Supergirl a tactical lesson, but now that he has outed his identity to both Danvers sisters, complications ensue. Alex pressures Hank to use his shape-shifting powers to assume Maxwell Lord’s form and uncover whatever evil things he’s cooking up in his lab, discovering Lord’s black-eyed Bizarro Supergirl before being forced to use his memory-wiping abilities on an unfortunate guard. Not only does the encounter leave J’onn guilt-ridden, it also allows Lord to plant a bug on Alex while she’s trying to keep him occupied during a dinner that toes the line between flirtatious and dangerous.

Even worse — Alex gets back from her date for a night of “Game of Thrones” and pizza with Kara, who comes home in costume — revealing her secret identity and the connection between the sisters to Lord. Ruh roh! Now that two secrets are out, it seems likely the Martian Manhunter will have to decide who National City needs more — Hank Henshaw, or J’onn J’onzz.

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  1. Charlie says:

    This episode left me livid – Kara didn’t “friendzone” Winn, they’re FRIENDS, or at least that’s what Winn has led Kara to believe this whole time. At no point has Kara ever let Winn think that she was remotely interested in a romantic relationship with him, she even outright rejected him the multiple times he asked her out at the beginning of the show. He let her think she could depend on his friendship, then he kissed her without even the smallest sign that a kiss from him was welcome, THAT’S BAD FRIENDSHIP – the idea that she can’t even show kindness or compassion to her so-called friend for fear that he might take it as an invitation to try to get into her pants is just sad. And now, his “I can’t be friends with you anymore bc I’ve now realized there’s no chance in hell you’ll ever suddenly change your mind and decide to smush faces with me” ultimatum just proves that he was never really her friend to begin with. It enrages me that Kara is left at the end of the episode feeling like the situation is her fault when she in no way invited WInn’s feelings or his presumption that their relationship was ever going to be more than friendship. Kara isn’t obligated to be attracted to Winn or have romantic feelings for him, so she has so no reason to think “she did that to him,” he did it to himself by “girlfriendzoning” Kara when all she wanted from him was friendship.

    • Alex says:

      Having been on the other side I had to reply. You’re looking at this from Kara’s perspective, which is fine, but consider Winn’s. From his point of view, Kara was sending him all kinds of signals this whole episode. She didn’t see it that way, obviously, but when you have feelings for someone, you at least hope they return them. Now, he should have expressed his feelings first, not just gone for physical contact, but from his perspective, she was throwing out pretty major signals, and he probably felt like she had picked up on his vibe.

      I had forgotten here that he had asked her out near the beginning, but she never seemed to take him seriously.

      That’s not to fault Kara (at least not in this aspect in this episode): it’s entirely possible for two people who care about each other, but in different ways, to both behave rationally and still wind up in a bad situation. Kara tries to take the weight of the world on herself, though, and for that sort of person, even if they shouldn’t feel guilty, they do.

      I do fault her for trying to ignore it and not start a conversation later. And I fault him for basically abandoning her when she seems to need his help on the field work. But I’ve been there. I even tried, semi-sucessfully, to stay friends after such an incident and it ultimately just tore me up inside too much. You can’t just turn off your feelings, and you shouldn’t feel obliged to torture yourself. Winn’s happiness matters, too, and he can’t have that if he’s hanging around Kara like nothing happened.

      That said, I still would have been there in a heartbeat had they needed my help, I just couldn’t hang out with them anymore. It looks an awful lot to me like that may be real life writing the plot in this case: Winn’s actor likely had a break from the show and filmed his few scenes in the next episode ahead of time.

      And it’s (probably) not about sex, as you seem to think. Winn wants to be loved by her, making love to her is beside the point.

      …Sorry, this episode just opened an old wound and this comment gave me an opening to express that. I could say more but best not to. TL;dr: It’s possible for two people to behave perfectly reasonably and still hurt each other. Sometimes it’s not really anyone’s fault, it’s just something that happens.

      • Variest says:

        I agree with you man it’s not ones fault but I can say this for people that want Winn to be with her is that we all want to see Winn be with Kara on the show because Winn is so sweet and do hope and really think name a great pair for each other than being with James Olsen because James Olsen does have feeling for Kara too but not as much as Winn here and James already being together with Lucy and James does not really express his feeling to Kara even though Kara likes him and he kinda like Kara too. Winn deserve Kara more be had even though James have feelings for Kara but he doesn’t really care enough or don’t really feel like it matter to ask Kara out and Winn like Kara from the start and he did so much for Kara and been with her and supporting her and besides anyone who watch this show can feel or think or even feel like win a bad Kara are Better together and they got better chemistry I just hope the will be together because Winn is sweet and I bet everyone can tell that and he is perfect for Kara. Guys like Winn are perfect and Kara should at least date him. In the comics Kara or supergirl don’t really get together with anyone just saying for any one who don’t know and she like a couple or few people but she does. It really get together with anyone or at least in the comics it doesn’t show she is. The show is suppose to base on the comis so if in the comics she is with anyone then in the show she will be with someone later on but since in the comics it does not show she is with anyone so in the they can put her with someone since in the comics she is with no one then on the show they can let her be with someone like “Winn”.

  2. lillie says:

    This show is now a cliffhanger to me, I want to see what happens. Love how Winn opens up Kara about how he feels about her, I want a guy like that.

  3. Sam Norton says:

    I feel like tonight’s episode taught us that guys like Winn are caring and truly can be sincere in revealing there love for a girl they care about deeply. I don’t want no girls/ladies to be upset at what am about to say but in our society today too many of girls don’t look for the good honest working guys that are true to their character.

    I think Winn is so sweet and I ship them so much. I think they have more chemistry than James and her do.

  4. Me says:

    When does Supergirl loses her “Virginia?”

  5. Love this show so very much.

    My favorite moments until now were anything having to do with Kara’s flashbacks to her time in Krypton, because it’s just so different than anything we’ve ever seen in Superman’s movies or tv shows. But watching Winn Jr (Jeremy Jordan) act in all the scenes where his life was coming apart was so heartbreaking and so very cool . . . . it really made you root for the character.

    I thought the scene where he tried to kiss Kara was done SO damn well . .. just goes to the heart of what love and loss feels in real life. And the Maxwell lord bugging Alex’s purse twist was phenomenal. Truly a worthy Lex Luthor for national city.

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