Willie Geist to Anchor New Sunday Edition of NBC’s ‘Today’

Willie Geist

Don’t bother Willie Geist on Saturdays. Starting in April, that will be the one day of the week he will have off.

Geist will take on a new role as the anchor of the Sunday version of “Today” on NBC, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The move appears to be aimed at making the Sunday broadcast dovetail more readily with another NBC News weekend stalwart: “Meet the Press.”

The New York Post was first to report the move. NBC has yet to announce the shift. Geist is expected to continue his other roles during the 9 a.m. broadcast of “Today” during the week and on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The Post report cited an executive who billed the revamped Sunday broadcast as being more “thoughtful and reflective,” something that would cover politics, popular culture and social trends, and give Geist a chance to present things in his own voice. Geist is the author of a handful of humor books and got his start as a producer for a now-defunct sports-news channel that was a joint venture of CNN and Sports Illustrated under Time Warner.

It is not outlandish to imagine the new Geist-led “Today” might compete with “CBS Sunday Morning.” That program, revered under hosts like Charles Kuralt and Charles Osgood, serves as a weekend newsmagazine, and offers in-depth reports on American life and culture. It may also be going through a transition. Osgood and CBS have held talks regarding a potential transition of hosting duties for that program, and Jane Pauley has been mentioned as a candidate who might take over as anchor.

The move could also have some implications for Geist’s personal life. His father, Bill Geist, appears regularly on “CBS Sunday Morning” as a correspondent. The older Geist is a former newspaper columnist and essay writer.

Erica Hill, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer, who currently anchor “Today” on weekends, are expected to continue to hold forth on the Saturday program, the Post said, which is likely to continue as is.

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  1. Donna says:

    Great job every Sunday. But where in the world is Gary Busey? I miss him……

  2. Mindy Tarry says:

    Willie does a great job on Sunday morning Today, but his weekday chemistry with Al and Tamron is so missed, and should not be ignored. I find myself channel flipping far more often during the Billy Bush segment of the show. He is great in his own genre, but is not the superb fit that Willie was. I personally hope to see the return of Willie to a more prominent placement on the Today show. I miss the perfectly balanced cast that NBC had here, and fine tuning the line up for ratings just seems wrong in this particular case.

  3. Dorothy Danley says:

    Love the new Sunday Today with Willie Geist, he is very, very handsome. Willie is the perfect host, he is easy going and extremely knowledgeable. Will see you Sunday Willie! One of your best fans!

  4. Judy Goldsmith says:

    Absolutely love the show! The format is varied and rich with content and outstanding guests. And Willie is the perfect host for this kind of show — knowledgeable, easy with people, and warmly engaging. Keep it going!

  5. David Bartha says:

    Why? I liked the other crew! Makes me Sick!

  6. Johnny dlee says:

    So Joe Scarborough’s influence(his 2 former interns,on the the Today show)is costing others their jobs.I won’t be watching Sundays,only Saturdays.

  7. Charles Blogg says:

    The story this morning then Hillary is the first candidate to want area 51 files released is totally wrong ! Check your facts ! It was Jimmy Carter !

  8. Joanne says:

    Please bring back Erica Hill & Co….Willie Geist just doesn’t do it for me …..

  9. Me dunn says:

    Very disappointing. Please give me the old show back.

  10. CarolFeltz says:

    Won’t be watching the Today show on Sunday anymore. We miss the others that were on! Very big disappointment!

  11. dean kuykendall says:

    ther are so many to pick from beside this clown where the hell did he come from i d rather see bryan williams then willie yawn or hollie jackson or peter alexander any one of the reporters ive have never in all my years seensome one with no emotion

  12. dean kuykendall says:

    why is this guy even on tv on mornging joe he is like a deer in head lights he sits there and with his mouth open and the others do all the talking i could do better the hat and add to the show he is a waste of camera time

  13. Virginia Sterry says:

    The Today show has always be lite & airey if I wanted to watch a political shoiw I would watch meet the press!!!!!

  14. bernard sledge says:

    Nor impressed with this weekend format ,I’ll move on.

  15. Mo says:

    Used to look forward to the weekend show since I work during the week. Very disappointed with the new format. NBC needs to rethink this one.

  16. KS says:

    Sorry, feel the new show is an embarassment & waste of Willie’s talent …. will watch next weekend to see my if changes are made. DISAPPOINTING

  17. Karen Gaither says:

    I really like the new Sunday Today Show hosted by Willie Geist. The format for the show is very interesting. Willie is good in his role as host, good going ABC!

  18. Marlene Schnur says:

    Love the new show! Great format! It’s fast moving and interesting. Great change :))

  19. Susan Boyar says:

    Watched Willie for 5 minutes and quickly turned it off. I love the Today Show format but not on Sunday’s. Sorry.

  20. Keith says:

    Bring back the old format, and you bring back me as a viewer. Until then, I’ll be sleeping in on Sunday morning instead of getting up to watch Today.

  21. Mike Mayo says:

    This is just plain bad. Do not know who made this decision. Should be fired. Bring back the Sunday Today Show. I tried to watch this. It is really bad and I will not watch again.

  22. Sue Mullett says:

    I watch Today..seven days a week…but not anymore. Big mistake. Luv Willie but want the regular gang back on Sunday.. They are family. You have lost me…I will go to GMA.

  23. Cathy Padham says:

    Very sorry to see the new Sunday show. Setting Willie up to be a failure – over exposure will never win fans. You had a great weekend lineup and you messed with it – Erica hill is fabulous! You have lost me on Sundays.

  24. Sue says:

    This is the worse change ever for the TODAY Show. We normally enjoy the Sunday TODAY Show with all the weekend cast. Willie without the others…..boring, not exciting at all, hard to keep my household’s attention. His whole show was what we’ve already seen during the week or the week before…nothing really new. What a bummer to see this change. He just isn’t going to make it without the others. He & his show is just not that interesting. We won’t be giving him or the Sunday show a 2nd chance! He’s just not that good to try to carry a show by himself. He’s not his dad! He needs help!!! We definitely will not be watching it again. Your competition is probably happy as their ratings go up while yours go down. Who thought this was a good idea? So very, very disappointing. Please go back to the former format! Worse two hours of TV I’ve ever tried to watch. PLEASE do us all a favor! Cancel the show and go back to what we have previously enjoyed on Sunday mornings. PLEASE!!!!!!

  25. Terri says:

    Had no idea it would be JUST WILLIE. We are very fond of him but the new show format is oh so boring without Erica, Craig, Sheinelle and Dylan. Too much like a pure news program now with that panel! We watch Meet the Press for that! Both weekend Today shows ‘were’ entertaining and full of fun and variety and the wonderful personalities of the hosts. Yes they also did the news but not the entire show. It was our treat for Sundays. Now there is no national weather or any fun stuff and no Sundays with Harry. Boo Hiss. Add Willie but bring back the former format. Will not watch it again.

  26. Ed says:

    Didn’t care for Willie as a Today show anchor and i dont like him on Sunday mornings for sure!

  27. Jan Petry says:

    Terrible, like two hours if meer the press only way more boring. I liked the way it was. Funny and not boring.

  28. Jim Carmine says:

    Willie Giest needs help on Sunday. That show was horrible. Only lasted 10 minutes and off to cable. I watch the Today Show everyday and weekends. No more Sunday’s.

  29. Willy Geist is so good. He is witty and warm and can connect with a guest. Focus on new faces with individual points of view. I liked the panel, especially the man with the gray pompadour who brings a fresh point of view. Follow-up questions with him would be good.
    Avoid personalities fighting for attention. Keep to fewer people on screen at one time.
    This show will develop as Willy develops his niche.

  30. Dick says:

    I have been a regular viewer of TODAY (including Sundays) for years. The primary reason is that I thoroughly enjoy the co-ankors and the variety of topics and news reports. I must tell you that after watching the first new Sunday show I am very disappointed with the change. It seems to me to be a very poor attempt to copy other shows like CBS Sunday morning, Meet the Press, and others. I’m sure many others will be sharing my views on this new show, that it will have very dismal rating, and will be very short-lived. Hopefully you will reconsider this change and reinstate the original Sunday format and team.

  31. Terry Green says:

    Like Willie but the new format is the reason I do not watch the others. I enjoy the the lighter side presented by the previous format and crew. Have always been a big fan of the weekend news but I don’t think I will be watching the news on Sunday anymore. I will check back from time to time to see if you will again dare to differ yourselves from the rest of the boring news shows and presenters.

  32. FunKyChick says:

    “It is not outlandish to imagine the new Geist-led “Today” might compete with “CBS Sunday Morning.””

    In my city, the Today show is on at 8 am on Sundays, followed by MTP at 9. CBS Sunday morning is on from 9-10:30 so it would not compete with Today.

  33. Betty Domal says:

    Enjoyed the first show with Willie. I am a fan of his. Wish he could replace Matt on the weekday shows.

  34. Bill says:

    Terrible show, won’t be watching again

  35. Bob Walden says:

    Like father, like son. Congratulations on hitting it out of the park on your show Willie!

  36. Peggy Hatcher says:

    Like Willie, but miss the weekend “Today” Show, Sunday Today is like a 1 hour pre-show to Meet the Press. I’m open to change but if I wanted to watch something liked this for 1 hr I will watch CBS. It would be great to have Weekend Today, then maybe 30 minutes for Sunday Today. AGAIN too much of general information

  37. Tim Butler says:

    That was GREAT

  38. Nancee says:

    It is boring as hell. Will not be watching Sunday Today show.

  39. Sheree says:

    Don’t like……as a loyal Today Show fan I won’t be watching again.

  40. Lydia says:

    Are you kidding. Willie has no talent and is hands down one of the most unattractive people in broadcast news. Were it not for nepotism he would have remained BEHIND the camera. Done with Sunday today.

  41. Cat says:

    There goes Sunday mornings, I will be watching something else.

  42. Dulce Snowman says:


  43. Cara says:

    Absolutely disappointed in the new format. Has no energy. Miss all the interaction. This one is a miss. Totally flat. Bye bye lost me

  44. Richard Harris says:

    Well I tried to watch your new formatted. Sunday Today but the channel has been changed. Bring back the old crew. You have ruined Sunday morning news in my opinion and have lost a very loyal viewer. Bad decision NBC!!

  45. Kim says:

    Congrats to Willie! I don’t like the format, Sunday is a time to relax with the Today Show! I just ch ax nged the channel and won’t go back..

  46. j4a4 says:

    I have admired your father over the years, and followed your career at “Today”. I will be there every Sunday morning, enjoying every moment of great Geist reporting and hosting.

  47. Brenda says:

    Great move Today Show!! to bring Willie Giest to Sunday, Sunday…I’m excited to see the new format! love Erica wish she was on the regular show more often!! Very tired of Tamron and Dylon….someone better at interviewing and real news would be nice….how about giving Joel McHale a run?

  48. Jan says:

    Excited to see new format with Willie Giest! He is such a great anchor who can bring it all. I was not enjoying Weekend Today any longer and last weekend actually turned on another station! Erica Hill and Dylon were the only saving grace. We lost Erica and then there was only Dylon to hold it together. So happy Erica is still on during the week, she is great. Have been a fan of Today for years and was sad that the Weekend broadcast was going downhill. I think Willie will bring back that missing piece to keep us tuned in.

  49. Pam says:

    I love Willie Geist. He is so talented and versatile. I think NBC is making the right move & am glad they are utilizing his talent to the fullest extent. What will happen to Erica Hill? The two of them would make a super team for a Sunday TV show.

  50. Candance says:

    What about Craig Melvin? He is great! You guys should have left Sunday alone. I like Willie a lot, but he is to dry to hold on his own.

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