Whoopi Goldberg Extends Her Contract at ‘The View’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Whoopi Goldberg Oscars
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Whoopi Goldberg will be back as moderator of “The View” for the show’s 20th season in the fall. The Oscar-winning actress is on the verge of signing a one-year contract extending her time on the show through next summer, Variety has learned.

The deal is expected to close by the end of this week, according to two sources with knowledge of the talks. Contrary to online reports, Goldberg will not be taking a pay cut as part of her new contract. She will continue to earn her current annual salary, which is in the $5 to $6 million range.

Similar to this year’s season 19, Goldberg will act as “The View’s” moderator for the first four episodes of the week and some Fridays. Joy Behar will fill in as the show’s moderator when Goldberg is off. “The View” used to pre-tape that day, but ABC News executives ordered a change last fall so the show can better cover breaking news stories in the lead-up to the election.


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Goldberg joined “The View” in 2007 and has steered the Hot Topics debates during some of the best of times and the worst of the times for the daytime talk show. When she took over on “The View” in season 11, ratings for the program were already up because of Rosie O’Donnell’s first tenure on the show, and they jumped even higher. For the last two summers, following Barbara Walters’ retirement in 2013, Goldberg has been the lone surviving member of “The View” panel, as the network has attempted several reboots of the show with revolving casts.

ABC is planning a series of reminisces and throwbacks for the 20th season. The rest of the Hot Topics table will include Behar, Paula Faris and possibly “GMA Weekend” anchor Sara Haines, who is in talks to join the panel. ABC is still figuring out if Raven-Symone or Candace Cameron-Bure will return as full-time co-hosts.

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  1. I feel Whoopi is the worst moderator they have ever had.She is truly nasty and extremely bullying to the other girls who don’t agree w/her about her politics.Especially about anyone who disagrees w/her about Hillary Clinton stating that she lied about how she lost from this ridiculous Russian narrative that has never come into fruition..If it were true, we would all know about it and top officials have all stated this is ridiculous and even Democrats have stated they have found ZERO evidence..Whoppi will NOT stop speaking of Trump and in the most childish of manners, referring to him as “YOU KNOW WHO.” Excuse me, but if you’re doing a network show, when did it become appropriate to act like you’re 5 years old and absolutely ridiculous. She isn’t funny.. I don’t like her moderating.She continually interrupts people so that they can never finish a sentence at all. it’s truly ridiculous. I like Joy as the top moderator because she is funny and the girls are more at ease w/her..it’s palpable that they are not at all comfortable with Whoopi because Whoopi will start screaming and yelling if you don’t agree w/her. It’s truly become a show that I no longer want to watch because all Whoopi and Joy do speak about is Trump…Mostly Whoopi..It’s become old news and every news channel in the world is going on about him and this show is supposed to be entertaining as well and have various topics to discuss..Whoopi has a sick temper w/all who are not in agreement w/the Democratic party that I left because of the continual corruption that went on. I no longer want to be party of that party because quite frankly they are no different than the GOP.They are in complete alliance or any war. For NOT breaking up the big banks..They are against bringing in Single payer healthcare and every country in the entire world has Single payer and free college but the United States.We are 30 years or more behind every other country and it’s truly disturbing to listen to someone who only wants to hear herself speak and not let anyone else speak at all..I’m sure if Barbara Walters were still there she would be highly disappointed at Whoopi and her immature and superior attitude she has towards the other girls..I think it’s about time for her to just leave..She brings nothing to the show but utter hatred and negativity..Joy makes everyone laugh and she does a great job of moderating as she has had her own show before on HSN which was really good and she interviewed quite a few people w/out interrupting them every 5 minutes.. so truly. I think people at the network need to understand how bad this is.. I am not going to watch the show any longer because I am sick of hearing about Trump and how the show is biased towards a woman who lost the election almost 6 months ago…it’s time to move on from that same boring topic!!

    • Suzanne Cobb says:

      I am trying to get my grandmother on “the view” her name is Maurice Prince she will be 101 on Sept 9th. She had a very famous restaurant in L.A. know as Maurice’s Snak n Chat on Pico. Her dream is to be guest on The View. Whoopi Goldberg among many others ate there. Google the restaurant and you will see who all has eaten there. Can you help me with this dream

  2. Diana Lovett says:

    If Whoopi left I’d quit watching the show.

  3. Sidra says:

    I was hoping Whoopie would be gone from the View cast. The only day I watch now is on Fridays when Whoopie is not there. She is rude, angry, and one must agree with her opinion or she will try to intimidate the other cast members. I actually like Raven when Whoopie is not on as she has her own voice and is not afraid to speak up.

  4. Kati says:

    I loved watching the last few shows with Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Paula and Sara. A great combination. I don’t enjoy Raven and Candace at all. I hope those 5 ladies continue to be on the panel for next season!

    • Robert Carey says:

      I find the whole panel a bore! Plus the host they announce everyday most of them never show! Now Michelle Collins has been axed! It is very irritating to me when the mention the cast of the show and only two of them appear each time! Glad to hear Whoopi is staying at least through season 20.The show better it’s act together or I’ll stop watching!

  5. dee says:

    I love Whoopi and Joy. I wouldn’t mind if Candace didn’t return. Raven drives me nuts at times with her immaturity and “facts”. Paula’s okay; I like Sunny a lot.

    So, I’d like to see Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, Raven and Paula for the regular line up. (Raven until another young person can be found).

    Also, I miss Rosie. Say what you will about her – she brought the ratings up.

  6. J says:

    I used to watch this show for years but I can’t Whoopie anymore. No class and it’s her way or the highway every day.

    • I agree with you ..Whoopi has completely ruined the show. I am tired of her negativity. She is rude and curmudgeonly and she name drops continually as if any of us care..WE DO NOT.. I live in L.A and have seen many of these people and they are simply just people..not impressive at all.. Point being is Whoopi is extremely rude..When she is gone on Friday’s everyone is in a good mood and they are all feeling at ease to express their opinions as they should. Since when did Whoopi suddenly become this person people had to please..She is just nasty and bullying towards the other women who don’t agree w/her..I thought this was called The View..not Whoopi’s view..She truly needs to go..The last person who was there when I stopped watching for years was Elizabeth Hasselbeck..She was just too Right Winged and made too many excuses for Bush and his $6 trillion dollar invasion that turned out to be a lie..now Whoopi and Joy have amnesia because both of them say that they miss this war criminal..this is insanity at it’s highest..They don’t like Trump,.believe me, we get it..we hear it every minute of the entire show..it’s old news and what on earth do they spend the entire time speaking of him for? I’m sick of hearing about him..and it’s nothing new..It’s the same Russian narrative garbage..Change it..MOVE ON ladies or just get Whoopi out..I’m not watching it any longer.Who needs to watch that lousy attitude of hers and her holy than thou ways she acts..It’s terrible..and it’s very disruptive… Please rid of her or I’m just not going to watch.. Believe me, I am not the only one who feels this way…

    • J says:

      Meant to say can’t stand watching Whoopie anymore.

      • Carolyn says:

        Whoopie guides the discussion to her way and if you disagree with her, you’re wrong. Barbara started the show with a cross section of women to get different points of view. It is nowhere near balanced anymore. There’s usually only one conservative which would be fine if there was one liberal. That’s one reason Elizabeth left, she had most of the other women screaming at her that she was wrong. Why is this show still even on anymore. It should have been laid to rest a couple of years ago

  7. angeldove says:

    Glad to hear Whoopi is staying, I like her as moderator. I do wish sometimes she would let opposing views be heard more. I like Sara Haines, I also like Sunny Hostin they would both be great additions to the show. I liked Michelle, she just never seemed to really fit in. Joy has long passed the time when it was amusing to have her on, she’s just irritating now and takes up way too much of the show. Raven tries SO hard to separate herself from the others, acting as if it’s the “adults” versus her. She’s a 30 year old woman for goodness sake! She plays the “baby” angle far too much for someone that age.

  8. sheila says:

    Whoopi Sucks

  9. Nancy Magee says:

    why they didn’t clean house by getting rid of Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar I will never understand. I agree with Dr Zimerman, they are loud mouth commercial for Clinton, every show it is always brought up by one or the other, they drag the show down, on the plus GREAT move bringing on Candace Cameron Bure, she is sweet, funny, and kind, get rid of Whoopi at least, try guest host a week at a time.

  10. Watching today: bored to death. It’s 10;37 and they are still talking. Nothing happening… just a free commercial for Hillery Clinton. Oprah did the same in favor of president Obama and I never forgave her for it now Whoopee and Joy are brainwashing the public. This is ANTI DEMOCRACY!!! I don’t approve of using a talk show for that whoever your candidate is. And so I am switching the channel. I turned it on was to see Lionel Richi… By the way I dislike Raven immensely for her loud opinionated mouth and ugly hairdos. Time to close shop!

    • Helen says:

      Dr Z: I agree. The View should not promote any particular candidate, nor their guests be allowed to do so!
      I can’t stand the program, nor Whoopi or Joy. So, I never watch! Never have liked either one of them; Whoppi’s clothes are apalling!! She should be on “The Walking Dead” with those rags!!

    • dee says:

      Some days are all topics which means they talk. As for the free commercial for Clinton, June 8th was the day after Super Tuesday and Clinton won the big States so she would be talked about. It wasn’t a free commercial, it was the news.

      Also, you wrote about not forgiving Oprah because she gave her opinion about supporting Obama. If she had come out for McCain, would you feel so strongly?

      I don’t like Raven either but it’s not for her “loud opinionated mouth and ugly hairdos”. Raven takes the opposite side of other moderators which is fine but she doesn’t always have the correct facts. At times, even when she’s corrected, she’ll disagree. She has an iPad in front of her – check it out during commercials!

  11. Tish says:

    Jedidiah and Sunny should be permanent along with Sara Haines and Paula…. They should have never let Nicole Wallace go!!! They are smart….We don’t need more comediennes cause Joy and Whoopi are BOTH politically smart and funny! I have watched/DVR’d daily since the show started….keep smart women, especially since we have a political season coming up!!!

  12. NWNWNW says:

    Bring back Nicolle Wallace!

  13. Whoop deedoo, Who cares. Between the whole bunch their IQ couldn’t be over 2.

  14. Mike says:

    Why are the keeping someone on the show that bashes it on air, that cusses out the producers, is rude to her colleagues on air, and refuses to work more than four hours?

  15. ChrisSF says:

    This is great news! She has done a great job this year! She is such a powerful speaker and isn’t afraid to speak her mind! just loving this show so much the last two years!

  16. Berke Zane says:

    Should be called View From The Ledge.

  17. Mac says:

    I’m. Sad. Gonna give up on The View. I had hoped they had seen how much better the show is when Joy moderates. So they’re not even gonna make her work 5 days for that large a check?

  18. Nanny Mo says:

    Well, Whooptie doo. I used to be a fan, but since the View I have lost all respect for her. At least, the show gives us all a chance to see what kind of women she really is, truly a nasty, mean spirit, if one ever lived.

    • khrish67 says:

      What is it about Whoopi that you find so unlikable? without Whoopi and Joy I would have left already. Thank goodness she was there and they got Joy back.

  19. G says:

    Isn’t Sunny Hostin joining as a regular too next season?

    • Max says:

      And where’s the conservative. They seem to have Jedediah Bila on all the time. It looks like ABC wants to bury the show & expand GMA

    • khrish67 says:

      I hope so. She would be a great addition. The others are just sitting there as far as I’m concerned. If Whoopi and Joy aren’t there I just watch or listen to something else.

  20. Michael Anthony says:

    Thought Goldberg had more integrity. The way they treat their hosts is appalling. And yes, get rid of the young free thinkers and put 2 ABC news people in their place. Sounds fishy. Truly, it’s time to put it down. The Talk may skew CBS in their coverage, but they cover more topics. I hate they avoid politics and often condemn a person for say drug use, but then pardon another, if they are “friends” with the show. Guess they should put “The Talk” down too.

    • The Talk has become unbearable.It is so boring and has more commercials than The View has. I am not a fan of Julie Chen who undoubtedly gets the moderator position because she is married to the head of CBS Les Moonves.. I find her to be boring. She watches what she says w/a fine toothed comb, compared to Osbourne who is either just outright revolting or she just is super quiet..Can’t quite figure her out but I find her odd. Sarah Gilbert is the one who created the show..She should be the moderator… Julie is too stiff and boring..I’m seeing way too much botox on that show and it’s not good.. So I am no longer watching that one either..Boring junk they have on TV now.and I’m not wasting my time watching that garbage..I hate when Julie speaks of a story and then says, what would you do, or what do you think? Playing it wayyyy to safe and it’s boring as hell..They never once discuss politics.. WE know that Sheryl is a Republican which was a shock to me..strange… I think the rest are to the Left. but I really don’t give a damn..That show is dull..

    • khrish67 says:

      more topics about what?????something that no one wants to talk about?

    • Nanny Mo says:

      Well, isn’t that sort of like the way P M S works? Up, down, happy, sad, friendly, angry. I’ve stopped watching but it had its entertainment value at one time. Now, it’s probably all that Whoopie has left.

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