Katie Couric’s Sundance Documentary ‘Under the Gun’ Acquired by Epix

Under the Gun Sundance 2016
Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival

Sundance documentary “Under the Gun” has been acquired by premium network Epix for the U.S. and Canada. Executive produced and narrated by Katie Couric, the film aims to present a balanced look at the gun debate.

The feature length doc will make its world television premiere on Epix and all its platforms on May 14 at 8 p.m., Epix announced Thursday.

Lionsgate will coordinate the release of “Under the Gun” in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles, as well as manage digital distribution on platforms including EST and VOD. Lionsgate will also manage distribution in Canada.

In “Under the Gun,” Couric and director Stephanie Soechtig (“Fed Up”) examine why, despite the increase in deaths at the hands of guns and the outpouring of shock and outrage that comes with it, our nation has failed to respond with meaningful action. What is keeping the two sides of this debate — those favoring stricter gun control laws and Second Amendment purists like the NRA — from finding common ground? Through the lens of families impacted by the mass shootings in Newtown, Aurora, Isla Vista, Tucson, as well as the daily gun violence in Chicago, the film examines why our national politicians are refusing to act and what is being done at the state and local levels. The filmmakers decided not to mention the names, nor show the photos, of any shooters in the documentary.

Mark S. Greenberg, CEO & President of Epix said: “During this Presidential election year, we at Epix want to contribute to the national dialogue on the major issues affecting our country today. I can think of no more pressing subject than gun violence, and I am extremely proud to bring ‘Under the Gun’ to Epix viewers. The gun debate, with its core issues of gun rights and gun violence, is one of the most polarizing taking place in our society today. In ‘Under the Gun,’ Katie and Stephanie bring their dynamic talent and perspective to this complex, multi-faceted issue and present honest, unbiased, and thoughtful commentary to this subject that has real life or death consequences.”

“I’ve covered mass shootings and gun violence throughout my career, but following the massacre at Sandy Hook, I was confused by the disconnect between public opinion (over 90% of Americans supported universal background checks) and public policy,” said Couric. “I hope this film will help people have a better understanding of how we got to this point. Now is the time for a truly informed, rational conversation about gun violence and I’m thrilled Epix and Lionsgate are committed to making this film available to the widest audience possible so we can do just that.”

Soechtig said: “We are pleased to make Epix the home for ‘Under the Gun.’ As both filmmakers and citizens who are deeply concerned about this issue, it was important for us that our film be seen by the widest possible audience. Epix showed a unique willingness and commitment to make ‘Under the Gun’ available to the entire country — for free — by premiering it during Epix’s nationwide free preview. Making our film available to anyone with an Internet connection was something that no service or network other than Epix was willing to do. Their belief in this cause, and the passion that they bring to it, made them the obvious choice for Katie and me.”

“Under the Gun” is produced by Atlas Films in association with Carellie Productions. Couric, Regina K. Scully, Michael Walrath and Michelle Walrath are the executive producers. Olivia Ahnemann, Joshua Kunau, Kristin Lazure and Soechtig are the producers. The screenplay is by Mark Monroe, Brian Lazarte and Soechtig. The director of photography is Josh Salzman, the editor is Brian Lazarte and music is by Brian Tyler. The deal was negotiated by John Sloss of Cinetic Media on behalf of the filmmakers.

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  1. Mike says:

    It is despicable that Kaite Couric manipulated/edited the film. Her apology is shallow and not sincere. I am a professional scientist and if I were to manipulate a report, I would be fired and my career would be over. Not with the liberal media, no harm no foul. There should be harsh consequences for her and the editors actions!

  2. John says:

    Actual audio proves that the editing practice used in this film is intended to mislead. This really does invalidate the entire position taken by the filmmaker. Must we resort to lies and deceit ? Here is a link that proves the film is just more anti gun propaganda.

  3. GB says:

    With all due respect, and I have debated this ad nauseum with gun grabbers and pro second amendment proponents alike. As a gun owner, I will say that there are certainly needless gun deaths occurring in this country. That being said, the absolute numbers of deaths are not kept in perspective, and generally only the total number of gun deaths is stated. A bit of research and exposing the numbers produced by the CDC and FBI show that about 31,000 people die from gunshots every year. That is absolutely true. What is not usually revealed is that about 2/3 of that number are suicides (many of whom will take their own lives by other means if necessary. Of the remaining number, roughly 80% of those are criminal against criminal (generally gang/drug related). Bottom line is that once accidental shootings are removed, the number of innocent people killed per year is slightly more than 2,000. What is also left out is that we are also a nation of 320,000,000 people. Exponentially more people die every year from other causes, particularly auto accidents (with about 10,000 alone from drunk driving), slips and falls, and at an astronomically high rate, medical malpractice. Oddly enough, I have neither heard not seen any advances being made or proposed to address or make any attempt to reduce those numbers of deaths. Why is that? Simple hypocrisy–nearly everyone can justify the use of automobiles or ladders, so those numbers are simply swept under the rug and ignored. Gun grabbers have an inexplicable fear of guns, so they therefore feel a need to vilify and hold accountable, an inanimate object. I have never seen a firearm simply jump up and fire on its own, thereby killing anyone nearby. Bottom line is that the gun is not the problem, it is the intent of the user. Many gun owners will be glad to follow any and all gun confiscation laws—-once there are no weapons in the hands of law enforcement, government agents, military, etc. Gun grabbers need to not be hypocritical and lead by example. Of course, we all know that will never happen. Let’s take for example how our current administration feels we as citizens should be limited to smart guns. Why should we as citizens be limited to weapons that don’t work half the time while government and security details are held to no such standard? As a gun owner, and having s multitude of friends who are also law abiding gun owning citizens, I could think of roughly 100-150 weapons between all of us. That said, that also equated to several tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Amazingly, there are no injuries or bodies anywhere. Why? Because we know and practice safe rules for firearm handling and training. None of us ever hope we have to pull he trigger against anyone—far from it—we would like to have the chance to defend ourselves and our families from others with less than admirable intentions. If law abiding citizens were truly such a huge danger, there would be blood running in the streets and people tripping over bodies. We don’t seem to have that issue, outside of cities who already have strict gun control laws (these same cities also tend to have the highest incidents of violent crimes, including murders).

    Also interesting to note that the second amendment rights also guarantee the rights of the first amendment, which seem to carry so much importance for the anti gunners out there. Also hypocrital how people can pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they choose to obey and defend, and which parts they care to ignore and gloss over. The Constitution is one large multi faceted document which delineates which rights we have as citizens, and also defines and LIMITS the powers of government. It must be accepted as a whole and defended as such. We simply are not at liberty to pick and choose what we care to follow and ignore what we do not agree with.

  4. Rich says:

    Do You Patronize Businesses That Undermine Your Freedoms – Fact is, mindless gun-free zones are what mass shootings have in common. They are killing zones, free from good guys with guns. That’s why the Aurora movie theater killer chose the more distant theater where guns were not allowed and thus where he wouldn’t have to worry about his plan being foiled.

    • Froggieonthehill says:

      We already have background checks and the criminals don’t buy guns through an FFL holder to get their name ran anyway
      As for Katie Couric’s statement of “75% of gun owners and NRA members can’t believe people on the no fly list can buy a gun?” is an erroneous statement and misleading on purpose

      The reason a high majority of gun owners screamed about and hate the “No fly list” crap championed by the liberals is because anyone can be put on the no fly list and the government will not give the people a reason why they were put on this no fly list and there is no recourse to be removed from this list

      Gun owners realize that the no fly list tactic by the left is backdoor gun control. By adding law abiding gun owners to the no fly list the government is barring these innocent people from their 2nd Amendment rights, their right to self preservation and their right to protect their loved ones

      To the leftists that say “This will never happen” just look at the past attempt by Nancy Pelosi to put all military veterans on the “Domestic Terrorist” list which right there would bar all veterans from the above mentioned rights

      In the past the NRA and gun owners have compromised with the liberal politicians saying “That is all we want, we won’t ask for or try anything else with more gun laws”

      What happens after these new laws are signed? The liberal politicians come up with more attempts at gun control before the ink is dry on the last laws that were passed which shows the liberals agenda of banning all guns in increments

      Gun owners and the NRA have said that is it. No more compromise and us gun owners will not give another inch and why would we even listen to the leftists now when Obama and his fellow liberal politicians spout outright lies on TV and to the print media with their made up statistics, polls and made up numbers from these bogus polls

      NOT ONE MORE INCH! The good part is that I highly doubt that many people will even watch or see this movie and the ones that do see the movie are going to be the left leaning people that have an agenda to push

  5. Drew says:

    “Balanced look”…hah, that’s a joke.

  6. Gene Ralno says:

    Perhaps she missed the fact that leftists and conservatives already found common ground, in 1934,1968 and 1996. Owners have had enough of the leftist flimflam, desire to control and the whole agenda. The consequence is they now won’t give an inch. Most are willing to ignore new laws, resist and then fight for their rights. New York, Connecticut and Washington owners already are in the process of ignoring their so-called betters. The rest of the population waits their turn.

  7. John Faden says:

    “What is keeping the two sides of this debate — those favoring stricter gun control laws and Second Amendment purists like the NRA — from finding common ground?”

    Geeze, I don’t know. Maybe because one side is being presented (right or wrong) as reasonable, rational, and sensible…and the other side is basically being name called…right in the very question? Let’s turn the phrase around, and see if it makes you more or less hopeful that this endeavor seeks to find ‘common ground’…

    “What is keeping the two sides of this debate – those who believe their rights, and ultimately their core ability to physically defend themselves and their loved ones, is at stake, and gun grabbers like Moms Demand Action – from finding common ground?”

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