‘Supergirl,’ ‘Telenovela,’ ‘The Muppets’: Which Bubble Shows Will Be Canceled?

2015-16 TV Shows Cancelled Renewed
Courtesy of ABC/CBS/NBC

As upfront presentations approach and this year’s longer-than-usual pilot cycle reaches its peak, network execs are tasked with axing — and sparing — their veteran shows as they look to enter a new television season.

But with upfronts three weeks away, little is left on the bubble. The Big Four broadcasters have all renewed a healthy helping of returning shows. Though most final decisions won’t come until just before the week of May 16 when the networks present in New York City, Variety has the early buzz from industry insiders.


Dead: “Blood & Oil,” “Of Kings and Prophets,” “Wicked City,” “Galavant”
Mostly Dead: “Agent Carter,” “The Catch,” “The Family,” “American Crime”
Staying Alive: “Last Man Standing,” “Nashville,” “The Muppets”
Too Close to Call: “Dr. Ken,” “The Real O’Neals”

ABC got an early start on renewals for 2016-17, picking up 15 shows in early March, including freshman breakout “Quantico” and Shonda Rhimes’ “TGIT” block, marking the first major programming move for the network’s new president Channing Dungey.

Despite winning a Primetime Emmy Award for supporting actress Regina King last year, John Ridley’s “American Crime” is probably dead, according to insiders who tell Variety that ABC gave Ridley a choice: continue “Crime” or get a series order for pilot “Presence.” He chose “Presence,” which the network is high on. Marvel series “Agent Carter” is highly unlikely to return with star Hayley Atwell signed on to topline another ABC drama pilot.

Meanwhile, “The Muppets” is primed for a renewal, despite ratings that continued to sag after a midseason showrunner change. Though execs have been 50/50 on bringing back the furry friends in recent months, sources say to expect another season. Long-running drama “Castle” also has a 50/50 shot at returning after jettisoning actors Stana Katic and Tamala Jones and their accompanying salaries. ABC is in negotiations with star Nathan Fillion and will have a definite decision for the show’s team May 5 or 6.

Veterans “Nashville” and comedy “Last Man Standing” are likely to come back. Freshman comedies “Dr. Ken” and “The Real O’Neals” are on the bubble, thanks to middling ratings. Dramas “The Catch” and “The Family” have underperformed and have only outside shots at returning.


Dead: “Rush Hour”
Mostly Dead: “Code Black”
Staying Alive: “Criminal Minds,” “The Odd Couple,” “Supergirl”
Too Close to Call: “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” “CSI: Cyber,” “Limitless”

CBS announced during February’s Super Bowl that long-running drama “The Good Wife” will end with this season. Among new series, “Rush Hour” and “Code Black” are closest to the chopping block, according to insiders. Both are long shots, but medical drama “Code Black” has a greater chance of returning than “Rush Hour,” which struggled to take off with a late midseason bow that exemplified the network’s lack of faith in the show.

However, two other bubble shows appear headed toward surprisingly good outcomes with “The Odd Couple” and “Life in Pieces” eyeing renewals.

Veteran “Criminal Minds” is definitely coming back, insiders assure Variety, after surprisingly being omitted from the network’s slew of 11 renewals in late March. Murkier is the outlook for spinoff “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Both shows are co-productions with ABC Studios, diminishing their value to the network somewhat. It’s a good bet that their fates are linked.

Sources say that “CSI: Cyber” has a 50/50 shot of returning, although ratings are down 36% from last year and star Ted Danson is already set to depart for the new NBC comedy, “Good Place.” A limited 13-episode order is a possibility.

There’s little buzz for “Limitless,” which started hot, then faded. Fellow freshman drama “Supergirl” wasn’t the huge hit some hoped for, but count on it flying into another season — especially after that stellar example of corporate synergy with “The Flash” crossover, which resulted in increased viewership.


Dead: “Minority Report,” “Second Chance,” “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life”
Mostly Dead: “Grandfathered”
Staying Alive: “Sleepy Hollow”
Too Close to Call: “The Grinder”

With most of its shows already renewed, Fox has little left to decide on.

Freshman flops “Minority Report” and “Second Chance” are long gone, their episodic orders trimmed and schedules shuffled way back when. As Variety recently reported, sources say that newbie comedy “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life” is also being axed.

“Sleepy Hollow” said goodbye to star Nicole Beharie when her character was shockingly killed off in the season three finale, but insiders say the show will probably come back without her.

Double-header comedies “Grandfathered” and “The Grinder” struggled to hit on Tuesday nights. Both face long odds, but insiders stress that “Grinder” has the edge over “Grandfathered,” as the former is owned outright by 20th Century Fox TV and the latter is a co-production with ABC Studios.


Dead: “Undateable,” “The Player,” “Truth Be Told”
Mostly Dead: “Telenovela”
Staying Alive: “Mysteries of Laura”
Too Close to Call: “Crowded”

NBC has already renewed all of its strong performers, giving early 2016-17 pickups to all of the “Chicago” shows, “SVU,” “The Blacklist,” Friday night staple “Grimm,” Jennifer Lopez vehicle “Shades of Blue” and freshman breakout “Blindspot.”

New comedy “Superstore” also scored a second season, but the same cannot be said for Eva Longoria’s “Telenovela,” and insiders say the Latino laffer is leaning toward cancellation with an average of fewer than 4.5 million overall viewers — unless NBC wants to stay in business with Longoria. As for other new comedies, sources say NBC execs are waiting on more episodes of “Crowded” to further examine the ratings before they make any decisions with that show.

“Undateable” is dead, despite the network’s creative gamble on a fully live season for the most recent third round. Sources say the show was effectively cancelled last week with NBC giving a heads up to the cast and crew, though the official news may not come until upfronts.

“Mysteries of Laura” will likely return for a third season, sources say, as the Debra Messing-starrer is stable enough to be used as a short-order filler show. Though they haven’t officially been given a death sentence, freshman comedy “Truth Be Told” and Wesley Snipes drama “The Player” both failed early on, with the network cutting down their original episode orders — in other words, they’re both cancelled.

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  1. Genevieve Rust says:

    I love Castle and hope it continues with all the same people.

  2. Brian Beaver jr says:

    If Supergirl in Castle get cancelled I will stop watching the networks that cancel them

  3. Mary Jo Pfannenstein says:

    Nashville was a favorite show for my sister & myself, looked forward to it every Wed. In fact, we held all phone calls when Nashville was on! Extremely disappointed!! There in nothing else worth watching👎👎

  4. Johnny 5 says:

    Too bad about Telenovela, I enjoyed the quick paced humor, eye candy and overall entertainment factor. It was FUN to watch, I enjoyed the chemistry of the cast, it’s a humor filled escape from the “real world”, we need more entertainment like this! Eva Longoria is a funny, funny lady!

  5. LindaG413 says:

    Please put Castle out of its misery,it is an epic mess with no heart and soul left after Stana and Tamala are gone.Theratings have always tanked with Becketless or Becketlight episodes so this makes no sense other than stubbornness and ego to have a s9.Even with a supposed time jump and a new love interest it is just madness.# CancelCastle.

  6. Shan says:

    OHNO PLEASE DON’T CANCEL TELENOVELA!!!!!or the real o’neals. crowded can go no offense

  7. WILLIAM says:



  8. Lea says:

    ABC just needs to let Castle go and allow fans to have a happy ending! After firing Stana Katic and Tamala Jones there is no point in having a 9th season. ABC would be better off finding a new show cause viewers are leaving Castle. ABC should take note of how Fox is honoring fans of Bones.

  9. C Furr says:

    Really hope Castle given season 9! Best show on T V. last 4-5 episodes much improved, back to original direction, what made show unique.

    • E says:

      If you enjoy Castle’s original direction, how do you expect to enjoy a season 9? Without Stana/Beckett, it isn’t even the same show. Crossing my fingers it’s cancelled by the end of this upcoming week for the sake of the show’s legacy.

  10. glo11962Glo says:

    Without Stana Katic, Castle is nothing. I’m hoping it’s canceled if we’re going to have some obnoxious Castle PI show with Castle, Haley, and Alexis. #CancelCastle

  11. Nicole Frost says:

    All this thing reads as a guess nothing has been confirmed about a lot of these shows.

  12. E71 says:

    I can’t believe Limitless is in the “too close to call” category with CSI Cyber. Cyber reeks of such cheesiness I could barely watch their original crossover eps with CSI.

    No, I want other people’s favorite shows knocked off the air but it’s still mind boggling that a fresh show like Limitless is even in this situation in the first place…

  13. To each their own when it comes to what people like and love. Personally I love the Agent Carter feel and would love to see more seasons. There seems to be many shows cancelled that I am uninterested in, but also a few I like and would love to see more off, such as Supergirl, The Player and both CSI Cyber and Criminal minds Beyond Border, but that’s mostly cause anything with Alana De La Garza is great, secretly hoping for a renewal of Forever, which has got to be the worst cancellation since Firefly.

    • Kat says:

      I miss forever too! And hope for a renewal because the network realizes they messed up massively. I wonder if ABC is kicking themselves yet since no show has done as well in the time slot since? Seriously, worst cancellation everrr.

  14. The Grinder’s on the chopping block?

    …but what if it wasn’t?

  15. I love Code Black and Super Girl and Agent Carter They put them against other shows or holiday time when it takes so long to get them going again!

  16. JD says:

    Castle is dead without Stana Katic. Cancel it.

  17. chung2music says:

    For CBS, Code Black should get renewed, it’s among the best show of the season. Cancel Supergirl because it’s cringe worthy. Limitless got dull really fast. Rush Hour needs to get chopped. CSI:Cyber needs to get axed. CSI franchise lost its charm years ago and Cyber might just be the worst show in the franchise. CM is obviously coming back.

    As for Fox, most of the shows were mediocre. Sleepy Hollow is a horrible adaptation, if it gets renewed I’m gonna bash my head against the wall.

  18. Kenni says:

    The only GOOD SHOW on TV! Please don’t cancel Castle. AND please keep Nathan and Stana on as a Great couple. We have been watching from day 1. We have all the DVD’s But the new one, But already order. This Couple hast o be together always. I don’t believe they hate each other, NO WAY! So Mr. Paul Lee, keep them together !!!!!

    • chung2music says:

      “Only good show”, tell me one good thing about the show in the recent seasons? It’s a spoof at best. It was good at first, but the overused humour got boring not to mention the storylines were badly written.

  19. Lisa says:

    Please let Castle get cancelled. Stana, Tamala, the characters, and the fans deserve so much better.

  20. shaina says:

    dude please keep telanovela and the family i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that show

  21. Daniele says:

    Keep super girl and Grimm and Nashville I love those shows so good

  22. Jamie says:

    Anyone who wants a Castle season 9 is delusional. Hoping it gets cancelled ASAP.

  23. David says:

    I’m very happy to hear that the prognosis is good for Nashville. NBC really needs to give Telenovela a chance. It’s really funny.

  24. Noliaboy says:

    Super girl was pretty good for a spin off, all the other show are just boring. If any thing super girl needs a season 2 for the fans.

  25. Peterisgr8 says:

    TELENOVELA needs to to be renewed!! This show is incredibly funny and nothing like any other program on the air now. Eva Longoria is did such a great job with this show!! The show is so well cast and well written. NBC pay attention and renew this show immediately!!

  26. i will make a party if you cancel “supergirl” worst series ever

  27. As for keeping #Castle is a good thing. I hope it will be renewed for 2016/17 season .I know everyone is upset and mad at ABC right now but if it ‘s gets renewed I think it might be a very interesting #Castle S9 #SaveCastle

  28. It is frustrating to see some of the shows cancelled! The networks jack them around by moving them from one night to thee next. Then they show other shows and sometimes show re-runs or some special or whatever takes the shows regular time. I do not watch re-runs and there are millions of viewers like me. The ratings are not always true because of the situation which is caused by the network in the first place. ABC and CBS are the worst, yet they have most the best shows. The problem is with the network idiots that don’t pay attention to the viewers. Maybe the companies that advertise for the shows that are being dropped should have a say along with the viewers. Maybe the network idiots should be dropped like they do the good shows. Maybe they should take a pay cut so they can pay their stars what they are worth and keep the shows like Castle, Nashville, CSI Cyber , Criminal Minds, and instead of having all Rhimes shows or dumb ass shows like Last man Standing staying on?
    Take a vote like American Idol by putting the shows out for votes. Keep the ones with the highest vote and drop the ones who don’t. At least some over paid network exec. don’t make the final decision.

  29. Tony A. says:

    Supergirl got old fast.

    • WILLY G says:

      It’s a kids show. It’s not meant for adults.

      It’s not cheesy, it’s written in the same vein as the 1978 Superman movie. That is totally intentional.

    • David says:

      I really liked Supergirl out of the box. But then it became the same thing every week. And that does get boring.

  30. Kathleen Ruth says:

    Always, our favorite shows get cancelled. It’s frustrating but maybe it’s just time to get rid of cable and watch what we like online.
    Grandfathered has turned out to be a MUCH better show than I thought it would be and Limitless is just a good show. In fact, of EVERY show on the lists–these are the ONLY ones we watch!
    And what’s with ABC, anyway? Keeping such misogynistic shows as Last Man Standing? Really? That show is an insult to any thinking person! (Hmmm…I guess I just answered my own question!)

  31. Sharon says:

    Of all the shows gone, or almost gone, the only one I will miss is The Catch. But the plot is probably too difficult to sustain. It’s kind of like The Fugitive. How long can an effort to catch one criminal go on.

    • Barbara Sasse says:

      Please do NOT cancel Code Black!! It is such a wonderful show, with beautiful Characters and story lines. I look forward to this show every week.

      • WillyG says:

        Code black is nothing like a real emergency room.

        This should do a series about a CASH, combat Army Surgical Hospital. Wait… Obama doesn’t want us to know we’re still at War. So they can’t do that. You might show how much good were doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yeah that’s right… We are still in Iraq

  32. AJ says:

    Take them all off. its not like corporate syndicates actually care what paid subscribers like or watch! Over the years, every favorite show I loved has gone by the wayside. What is the point of being a paid subscriber? None! Get outside and enjoy life! Heck with the T.V. (babysitter)!

  33. Deverl Gunn says:

    If you have taken Stana Katic from Castle you have basically killed the show

  34. Thomas Sulok says:

    keep supergirl plase, I love that show!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ditch Limitless & Odd Couple and keep Code Black!

  36. Marcia M Lazenby says:

    oh please keep Crowded…i find it as do my friends hilarious and we are the babyboomers…with Mike and Molly going off this yr…..this is the only comedy worth watching …thank you…

  37. DAVIN P PETERSON says:

    Lesley Moves at CBS said he expected the freshman shows would be renewed.
    CSI: Cyber bosses are in talks with CBS about renewing the show

  38. shesch says:

    please keep Agent Carter!!

  39. fjpike1105 says:

    too bad about Code Black, one of the better medical/hospital shows

  40. tomadzo says:

    I evidently am NOT any of the demo’s that the networks want. The shows I liked the last couple of seasons are gone. (Not Minority Report, that was dreadful) I never watch Nashville, Mysteries of Laura, The Odd Couple. And for further proof, why on earth Two Broke Broads survived on air for more than two episodes is a mystery of the universe that may never be solved. No wonder cable channels have gained so much ground on the large networks. Large networks decision making is atrocious and the reason we will never have another Seinfeld.

  41. Judy says:

    What a shame to cancel “CATCH” . It is so smart, witty , and keeps you guessing.
    It reminds me of the classy and clever show of the 50’s and 60’s.

  42. John Smith says:

    I can’t even believe Supergirl hasn’t been renewed yet. Okay it’s not the most popular show ever but its easily doing well enough that it should be a no brainier for renewal.

  43. Victoria Wiles says:

    American Crime….one of the best on TV. Why is it cancelled?

  44. Thankfully I don’t watch any of these! I wanted to watch Agent Carter, but didn’t. The issue is the mid season replacements. A show takes a break and then you have to find out when it will be back and if you get into the replacement than you don’t know when that will be back. I hate what networks have done to TV and I really hate reality TV. I am keeping my fingers crossed for my favorite shows Grimm & Once Upon a Time

  45. From what I understand, the season finale of Sleepy Hollow was the finale of the series. I hope not because that is one show I do watch. It would be weird though without Nicole Beharie….

  46. Paul Palermo says:

    Very disappointed Fox will be cancelling “Second Chance”. My wife and I looked forward to the episodes feeling the characters were so believable and possessed great chemistry. Storyline was captivating and whoever was responsible for the “casting” is a genius. This show was much more than just another “Frankenstein” theme.

  47. E says:

    Castle needs to be cancelled as soon as possible. The ratings are consistently low. The storylines have been a constant bore this past season. The fact that they’re even considering continuing without Stana Katic is just disgusting. The plug needs to be pulled.

    • Darin says:

      Much as I love this show (and I have not hated this season as much as you seem to have) I have a hard time seeing how it could be half as good without one half of the main team.

  48. d.w. mckim says:

    Elated that a second season of “The Muppets” is likely. The major shortcomings with the show had nothing to do with the creative team but by ABC’s handling of it: (A) They greenlit it on the fall schedule at the 11th hour robbing the show of the development time it needed to set the tone/style leading to very uneven first few episodes. The show quickly found its footing (even before the showrunner change but Newman made a wonderful thing even better) but too many people had already started tuning out beforehand. (B) Paul Lee put way too much faith in the show by putting it on doomed-to-fail Tuesday nights, one of the most competitive timeslots. In that oversaturated arena, “The Muppets” was not a show viewers were going to choose to watch the live broadcast airing of, choosing instead to watch later on. But even as increasingly irrelevant though they may be everyone still basically looks at the same-day ratings numbers as measure of success. The show not only deserves to continue but needs to air at a time where it’s far more likely to maximize its potential of connecting wwith its most likely live viewership (It’s almost a no-brainer that it should be paired up with “The Goldbergs”)

    All in all, despite a rocky debut, the show very quickly became one of the best shows on network television (with lots of “best show you’re not watching” write-ups in Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide in addition to victories such as a Kids’ Choice Award, Critics’ Choice Award, Art Directors Guild Award, and is nominated for a Saturn Award) and fully deserves to continue. I was quite fearful the new regime at ABC would be too anxious to peg it as “a Lee-associated failure” when his faults in regards to the show wasn’t with putting it on the air but rather doing so too soon for it to develop before broadcast and choosing one of the worst possible times to put it on the schedule. The audience for the show is absolutely there and i’m pleased to see ABC recognizes this and is most likely allowing it to continue.

    Besides which, the 2016 season just wouldn’t feel right without more of breakout stars Uncle Deadly and Gloria Estefan!

  49. TruthTeller says:

    Typical! Anything with a plot get cancelled while mindless garbage goes on forever

  50. Soothsayer says:

    No way the Muppets is coming back. It pissed off too many families, which is the Muppets’ primary audience. If ABC is stupid enough to renew it, it’ll only bomb again, but harder. Stop beating a dead frog already, ABC.

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