‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Negan Makes His Mark in Bloody Debut (SPOILERS)

walking dead finale Negan kills season
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Spoiler alert: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The Walking Dead” Season 6 finale, episode 16, titled “Last Day on Earth.”

After months of build-up, Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally made his “Walking Dead” debut as Negan in the Season 6 finale, and one member of Rick’s group paid the ultimate price for their continued attacks on the Saviors. Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait until Season 7 to find out who.

In a scene practically torn from Robert Kirkman’s comics, Negan lined up our survivors and played a chilling game of Eeny Meeny Miny Mo to determine which one he’d kill with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat Lucille, mostly as a way of setting an example to the rest of the group. In the comics, the victim was Glenn, but hasn’t he suffered enough this season?

Negan made it clear that he didn’t want to take out all of Rick’s gang (despite the fact that they’ve murdered plenty of his men this season) — instead, he wanted them all to work for him, and to give him and the Saviors half of their supplies, just like the residents of Hilltop have been doing.


‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Talks Negan’s Victim, ‘Brutally Damaging’ Season 7

The deadly encounter followed an episode that saw the Saviors playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with Rick and his group, blocking off every path between Alexandria and Hilltop as our survivors attempted to get Maggie to a doctor. After exhausting all their options and leaving Eugene to drive the RV along the road in the hopes of distracting the Saviors while the rest of them carried Maggie through the woods on foot, our group still ended up surrounded by the Saviors (and a bound Eugene). Even worse, Dwight and the other baddies then brought out the previously captured Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita before finally introducing Negan, who stepped dramatically out of the RV with Lucille over his shoulder.

“Pissin’ our pants yet? Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close,” he drawled, before facing Rick. “Hi, you’re Rick, right? I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men.”

He then laid down the law. “We invested a lot so you would know who I am and what I can do. You work for me now. You have s–t, you give it to me. That’s your job,” he told Rick. “This is your way of life now. The more you fight back, the harder it will be. So if someone knocks on your door, you let us in. We own that door. You try to stop us, and we will knock it down.”


The Walking Dead Season 7

‘The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan’s Finale Debut and Where Season 7 Picks Up

Negan then walked down the line, stopping at Maggie and noting how rough she looked. “I should just put you out of your misery right now,” he noted, prompting Glenn to break from the line and beg him not to hurt her. Negan didn’t retaliate, instead warning, “Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that s–t down, no exceptions. First one’s free — it’s an emotional moment, I get it.”

That charitable mood was shortlived, however. “Sucks, don’t it? The moment you realize you don’t know s–t,” he asked Rick, before realizing that Carl was Rick’s kid. “Do not make me kill the little future serial killer,” he warned, when Rick told him to stop.

Negan then proceeded to play his sadistic game, but the final moments of the episode switched to the perspective of his victim, showing Negan bringing down Lucille on someone’s head. As the casualty’s vision blurred and ears began to ring, blood dripped down the camera before the screen cut to black, even as the audio kept playing the sounds of impact and the rest of the survivors’ screams. Ouch.

So who did Negan kill? And are you tempted to take a barbed wire-covered baseball bat to the producers for ending on such a frustrating cliffhanger? Check out showrunner Scott Gimple’s defense of the cliffhanger and then weigh in below.

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  1. tll says:

    why did he take this part … now I will have to hate him and I always like Jeffrey …grrrrr

  2. Nick S says:

    Omg how did u people did not notice that guy said something about the other eye only one with one i guess is carl so i think its him cause one of his eyes was patch up so yeah its him i know it

  3. bogtrotter52 says:

    Well, whoever gets killed can live off residuals and sci first and comic con money FOREVER.

  4. bogtrotter52 says:

    We’re any of them wearing a red shirt. In star trek a red shirt meant you were going to die.

    • Porklift says:

      No, she’s not. Lauren Cohan has been filming the show all summer. Abraham and Glenn die in the season premiere.

  5. Todd says:

    Aaron is the only outsider in the group,so I would guess him or possibly Eugene,either way it would be a shitty way to go!

  6. Steve says:

    It was absolutely and unequivocally not Michonne. TWD has a number of seasons still coming and she is too central of a character. Furthermore, you are trying to apply logic to who was killed but this is a *fictional show and logic does not apply.

  7. subhuman says:

    it has to be michonne, when neagan is doing the whole eeneeminie moo scenario , he puts the bat to everyones face but hers and in one person face shortly before in a first person perspective then switches back to michonne but she looks away as the bat leaves and the first person part looked like the same. he threats to rick and carl because shes close to them both.

    • CoolRantFlavor says:

      Nope. It’s already been spoiled…Abraham and Glenn haven’t shown up for filming since the first episode of the season. It’s both of them.

  8. Tony says:

    Couldn’t Have Been Rick Or Carl Cause Negan Said If They Make A Move Cut The Other Kids Eye Out And Feed It To His Father, Something In Between That

  9. Stacy says:

    I also think it’s carl because Enid was like what would i do without u and now she would be without him also it says taking it like a champ so it most likely wasn’t a girl and when o hear champ I think of like a kid and carl was the only kid

  10. Stacy says:

    It had to be carl because it said something about ripping his other eye out and feeding it to his dad aka Rick but also that could have just ment like say enything but don’t move even say to cut the kids eye out and feed it to Rick but I’m still killing this person.

  11. ArnabUchiha says:

    shouldn’t say like this but be anybody but carl..i really want him and Enid to hit it off..i cant seem to stop thinking about it..if he dies how would she just survive somehow ?? just finished watching TWD all seasons in one go(now when i c som1s back of head..wanna push a knife thru it..hangover i guess)

  12. Carl says:

    I know it’s going to be Aaron since in the new trailer on ads in youtube, it shows the flashbacks of every member being held besides Aaron’s. I’m positive on this, since they also said it’s a beloved character.

    • rain says:

      no, no fantasy love connections please, not in a series like this

      • bogtrotter52 says:

        Was Aaron the gay guy? Yeah, let it be him. Won’t need him to repopulate the earth anyway.

    • Stacy says:

      I would not say he is really a beloved character but carl is as much as I heat to say it I’m pretty sure ho killed carl

    • MargeGunderson says:

      you’re positively wrong since Aaron isn’t exactly a “beloved” character, he’s been spotted filming episodes beyond the first and the it’s already been spoiled that Glenn and Abraham both die at the hands of Negan.

  13. isiah says:

    damn why glenn

  14. Dank says:

    It’s gonna be Coral, I know it

  15. Ted says:

    At this point – I accidentally stumbled across this looking for something and realized – we are still talking about AMC and the Walking dead.. Give me a break.. This show has lost all potential and desire.

    The producers needs to stop with this crap and go on to basket weaving because the suspense and the way the show is being handled sucks!

    The first couple of seasons – Great loved it -worth watching – I cancelled cable and direct tv after the last showing and didnt think I would find anything posted about the stupidity of season 6 at this time.

    Well once again, good luck to all you fans and the show – Unfortunately, I Lost interest about a year ago and it just appears to be getting dumber!

  16. Albert says:

    It´s Daryl :(. An AMC employee has leaked a video on YT(They fired him so he wanted to screw it up), where you can see Negan brutally killing Daryl. The Video got deleted. AMC said, it´s fake, but i´m pretty sure that it isn´t.

  17. Justin says:

    If Vegas was taking odds, well Glenn is about the closest to a sure thing you’ll find anywhere. Although anything is always possible. I mean OKC doesn’t even look like they are going to get to the finals. So yeah, crazier things have happened. Show keeps getting more and more aligned (to the best of their abilities and previous directors visions) to the comic. Only thing you know for sure here is that Rick and Carl are the only safe ones. Regardless of any perceived hints, possibilities, It’s they’re story, and this is one thing I’d bet my life on

  18. Alessandra says:

    Everyone here has not mentioned that guy who brought them to Alexandria, remeber he was there too! I think it’s him because they barely showed him to make you think it’s one of the more important characters

  19. Thistled says:

    I really don’t think they give a crap about gender, age or ethnicity when it comes to killing people in this show. I don’t believe they care about whatever idiotic backlash would ensue. They’ve killed black people and women before. It’s not Rick, Carl or Glenn. You can’t kill the main character, he already said he wasn’t going to kill Carl, and it just wasn’t Glenn. If they were going to kill Glenn they would have continued with his outburst over Maggie and finished him off like they did in the comics. They had him step out of line to make us think it was going to happen, and this show has proven before that they like to keep things pretty separate from the comics in terms of character deaths and when and how they happen in order to keep us on our toes. I’m betting Daryl.

    • Justin says:

      Well you’re right one one thing, Carl and Rick are out. This is they’re story. But on the other hand, Glenn has got to be the front runner. When you say they haven’t been afraid to deviant from the comic… Well, the last two seasons since they got back to making the show great, they are getting more and more in step with the comic. To the point where everytime a major event happened this season, I knew before hand what was going to happen. Not that that’s bad, still edge of your seat. With the exception of the things they already can’t replicate (Carol dying long ago, Rick getting with Michone since Andrea was killed off) they are manipulating, at least major plot twists and events, to line up with said comic. Sorry people… I have a feeling Glenn is going to be having a very bad hair day when season 7 resumes

    • Kizzy says:

      I believe it’s Carl that dies. In Episode 11 they drop the hint. Jesus tells about Megan taking the bat to the 16 year old son of the leader just to show he means business.

    • Kizzy says:

      They killed Plenty White men, women, and children to. What are you trying to say? The Walking dead is racist? Most all of the relationships are bi-racial but it must not be good enough because there White Men with Black women huh?

    • Steve says:

      Nice job, Thistled. One of the best comments I’ve yet to read. You are correct in that the producers don’t give a fat rat’s arse about who they kill off. …..for the most part. My only problem with your theory is that Daryl has a *huge* fan base and is such a central character that killing him off *might* affect the show’s longevity? Your thoughts?

      • Ste says:

        Couldn’t agree more Steve. Daryl can’t be killed it would (for a lot of people) kill the show. I’m thinking Eugene. He already said his goodbye when he took the rv and plus it would cause problems because the group will struggle to make bullets without him

  20. Sugardaisee says:

    This “leak” may be a clue that it’s not Daryl or Glenn… I originally thought it was Rick because of the clues “treat them like family, because it may be their last day, or yours.” Thes things have been analyzed in the comments below: the skyline, the hair, the angle, shadows, sounds, etc. Trying to picture all that made me realize that it’s not a real person they’re hitting at all (of course because this is TV after all). They’re using Hollywood special affects, possibly having Negan hit an object with a camera in front of it and photoshopping the eye blinking. Not to discredit anyone’s analogies because it could be point on in really laying out where “that person” was sitting. My guess is Abraham, Eugene, Rick, or Mischonne by narrowing everyone posts. But a big twist would be if Negan used one of HIS OWN PEOPLE to show how far he’ll go to make an example. Like he has love for no one, not even his closest allies.

  21. Daniel Gunnoe says:

    How did Carl get 7.46 % of the votes??? Did you guys not even watch the episode?

    • Natt says:

      I thought it was Carl at the start but what Negan said at the ending doesnt prove anything… It could mean that if anyone tried to stop him he would take the kids other eye out. He could could be saying that so no one tryies anything or they will hit Carl (so for the safty of Carl they will shut up. Plus, you wouldnt say that if you are going to kill the kid anyway…

    • Ben says:

      Right?! Negan even says “if anybody says anything, cut out his OTHER EYE and feed it to his FATHER”… It’s clearly Carl!

  22. kyle coombs says:

    i am huge fan and would like to know who died e.g how old do you have to be to be in the show

  23. Annaleza says:

    I don’t think Daryl died..

  24. Muzni Ziard says:

    Sadly its Glenn because statistics say that Glenn had a one year contract which is over by Season 6 and Glenn was not shown while Negan play his sadistic game, as well as Abraham was not but its most likely not him .. i think it’s Glenn because i went through so many sources but theres still a 5% chance it might not be him due to having a terrible director(so many horrible twists).

  25. karen says:

    If anyone should get killed off if should be juduth cause she cries and draws the walkers and slows the group down

  26. Gedd says:

    I think it was eugiene…. just as he steps us and forms a bond with rick ( driving rv alone) and him and Abraham continue there friendship. Seems as soon as somebody shows there worth they die lol.

  27. Tommy says:

    I think that it is Abraham reasons being:

    1. I doubt they would want the the bad responses that come with killing of pregnant women/black people or homosexuals. That leaves Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Abraham, Rick, Carl and Eugene.

    2. Negan says if anyone moves cut the other boys eye out and feed it to his father. Therefore, I believe this eliminates Rick and Carl. (Glenn,Rosita,Daryl, Abraham,Eugene)

    3.When Negan Chooses his victim he says “you can breath, you can blink” whilst looking at the two people either side of the victim. This eliminates Glenn and Eugene due to them being on either end of the line. (Rosita, Daryl, Abraham)

    4. A downward blow like that to the top of the skull would cause massive damage Rosita surely could not withstand this.. Daryl too due to his wounds and blood loss. (Abraham)

    • Justin says:

      In the crazy off chance it’s some insane upset and not be Glenn. Sasha or Abraham are the only other possibilities (not integral characters anymore, and aside from Daryl they’re it that are lined up there, and well, killing Daryl with his popularity and fanatical fans… Not gonna happen) Poor peeps finally found an ounce of hope. And you know what gets you killed, f’d up, or just generally screwed in The Walking Dead…. Hope, especially puppy love & life changing hope. You wanna live and thrive, gotta give up that hope!

    • Steve says:

      I think all of these comments are interesting but remember that we are not dissecting something that actually happened in real life. This is a television series and the unlucky person on the business end of Lucille can be anybody regardless of the position of trees or camera angles or whatever.

      That said here are my *3* guesses in order:
      1. Abraham
      2. Eugene
      3. Glen

      Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t think the producers have any problem with killing off *anyone* regardless of whether they are black, gay or pregnant. LOL If we have learned anything from this series it is that anybody can end up dead on any episode. :)

      • Rumors have been flying around that Abraham will get picked, and will begin to get beaten, but Glenn will go to Maggie, and attempt to intervene, and Negan will kill them both, or the other way around, as they are close friends, and if Negan began to kill Glenn, Abraham wants to protect Maggie’s future child, so he would intervene, either way, rumors are flying that they will both be killed. And, they are the only ones who have have not been spotted on set after the season premiere filming, so, farewell Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford.

      • Rosita says:

        What about killing off an asian?

  28. Queen bee says:

    I feel it’s abraham because when they were stopped the first time the comment was made to rick “be nice to those people in the RV it could be one of their last days to live” I really feel that was a clue. And I’m very disappointed in the writers how stupid to take Carl arrow and Eugene along on this trip. From people who were afraid their home would get attacked they sure let everyone who could fight leave. And another big mess up on the writing of this episode was the fact they didn’t get out at the first stop when there was only 8 saviors kill them and drive on down the road. Watching that RV drive all over Virginia was worse than watching OJ in the white bronco. It just got a little stupid,after a while

  29. Joseph Mariano says:

    I believe it to be 2 characters for certain reasons.
    – Abraham or Eugene.
    TV shows and movies have its ways on killing someone off from the show, either give them a really big importance near the end so that when they get killed off, itll affect viewers dramatically. Or give a dramatic farewell to everyone.
    Near the last scene before they left Eugene with the RV, Abraham gave Eugene a dramatic goodbye. Also both Eugene and Abraham was emphasized during the last few episodes. Eugene being a survivor and being more brave and useful for the group. Abraham settling down and hinting to Sasha that he wants to start over and start a family.
    For Eugene, it’ll be a sad ending because he was starting to make use for the group and being more brave instead of being a coward that he used to be. The scene with Eugene handing Rick the blueprint on how to make bullets somewhat implies that he wont be coming back home.
    In Abraham’s case, everyone’s already at awe after the scene where he confronts to Sasha that he wants to start a family. So killing him off would be totally dramatic. Also the disrespect he gave Negan as he asked him to bow down should be an indication of betrayal already towards his future employer.
    Other than that, I doubt the producers would kill off anyone who has been in the show since the beginning and has played a major role compared to everyone else, such as Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Rick, and Carl.
    Other than that there is no clear evidence or hints that its anyone else besides Abraham or Eugene.
    I do believe its either one of them, no one else.
    Who do you think took the bat?

  30. Sandi Ehler says:

    I feel it was Abraham because of the comment Negan made, ” taking it like a champ”!!-( when Negan stopped in front of Abraham , Abraham put his chin out and up as if to say , “go ahead, choose me”!! Plus he had just admitted to Sasha that he wanted children with her…

    Even though Glen was the victim in the comic book series , the tv show doesn’t follow the book. For instance, Darryl doesn’t exist in the book..

    • angel galarza says:

      I bet my life is Abraham .why ? Because on the first swing of the bat dude said uh taking it like a man.

  31. nobreak1269 says:

    Eugene did not ‘rat out’ Ricks location in the woods after he took off in the RV.After he was captured Eugene made an agreement with Negan to be the one killed so no harm would come to the others.

  32. Joel Simpson says:

    I do not think that Glenn is dead partly because we get the victim’s POV and there vision is clear.(well until Negan beats him to death) and there was hair in front Glenn’s eyes if it was Glenn we would have seen his hair in front of his eyes.

    I think it’s Abe who is dead. The reason I think is that is that Negan said to the victim before they blacked out and his visions was fuzzy, He said, “He’s taking it like a champ,” Abe is the one of the toughest in the group, also there is no hair in Abe’s eyes and there is no hair in the victim’s eyes. Darryl is also one of the strongest in the group but there was hair in Darryl’s eyes, also Darryl was shot in the shoulder/neck area and loss lots of blood. I think that Darryl would die in impact being by Lucille.

    Well that’s my two bits on what I though happened.

    • Alex F Hernandez says:

      I think that it is Eugene.
      This guy wants people that will work for him! That can survive! That can fight! Look at his army all of them are big dudes with attitudes. And when he hit Eugene and he took it like a champ! It shocked him and that’s why he said that. My next guess would be the guy originally from Alexandria. He is the second weakest in the group in my opinion. Plus everyone seems to have forgotten him. But I still think he is alive for some reason and believe it was Eugene. With that big head I’m sure he can take a beating!

    • KillaSpaceKlown says:

      1st off, you’re giving the creative team too much credit for thinking this whole thing through. if that was their tendency, the cast wouldn’t have had to act so out of character for this whole ridiculous finale to come together. 2nd, it’s someone from the van based on the POV shots and that only leaves 4 people, none of whom are Abe.

  33. tedw says:

    regardless- this show has gone downhill – it was a piss poor ending and I think the writers are sloppy and arrogant .

    I am done with this show – I think it is time to wrap up as it is no longer the hype it once way.

    If it gets through Season 7 – i think the idiots writing just need to end it and be done. I cancelled my cable because this was the only show left that i cared about watching – after the season 6 ordeal -i am not coming back to watch any more episodes. Just stupid writing!

  34. I think everyone has forgotten that Aron was there, it didn’t show him kneeling with the others even tho he was indeed there which i think was a big clue and then hinting at carls eye to thro us off.

    • nobreak1269 says:

      The LGBT would never allow it!Negan beating a gay guy to death with a baseball bat???Cmon man! Eugene gets the bat :-)

  35. Degree gray says:

    I do not think that Negan had killed Carl! but , there are some observations:

    01. killing of children is a habit of saviors to make them an example to others.

    02. In the previous episode, Rick admitted that he was afraid of lose anyone very close to him!

    03. Enid expect that Carl may not be come back!

    04. Carl wanted to get out because he wanted to revenge, and he had hoped to face the saviors!

    05. One of Negan men spoken to Carl, taken his gun and hitting his hat (See 49 and 50 minute)!

    06. After he had forced Rick group to sit on their knees, and before Negan get out, The same man threw gun in front of Carl specifically! (I did not understand the aim of this)! (See 52 minutes)!

    07. After that Negan came, spoke to Carl, And picked up the gun placed in front of him! (See 59 minutes)!

    * Nevertheless, I do not think Carl who was killed.

  36. Jordan says:

    Looking back at the show watching it over and over its either three people… Glenn, Daryl or Abraham… But I bet more than anything it’s Glenn… Why? Because well when it shows Negan beating him if you look behind him the rv is gone… It’s not their anymore and second Glenn called out when he was talking to Maggie and said that was a bad idea… And because in the comics it was Glenn… Therefore I honestly truly believe it was Glenn who was beaten and killed. If it is someone else I will honestly be very surprised.

  37. KEVIN LIGHT says:

    I believe it to be Abraham. Hes the only one that showed no respect to Negan when told to bow down, just starred at Negan the whole time. Hes the only one that would take a shot with a bat and say nothing and look back up at Negan. They want fans to still watch the season so they wont kill off a super loved character but more likely a “moderately” loved character…For Abraham you can also remember the convo in the RV with Sasha “starting over have kids talk”… and he made amends with Eugene. A goodbye of sorts. May not mean anything but also, Josh McDermitt who plays Eugene also told a fan that he had been filming a movie called “Middle Man,” to which Abraham’s Michael Cudlitz replied “enjoy! I had a blast working with you.” then soon deleted the tweet….Abraham dies

  38. Rick says:

    From watching the finale a few times it looks to me like its Michonne we keep seeing the first person view from inside the van. If that’s the case then it goes to figure that it’s Michonnes first person view when we see the Negan beating taking place. So that’s why I think he killed Michonne. Or possibly Rosita. It’s definitely one of the four being held in the van. Daryl, Michonne, Rosita or Glenn.. Thats my. 02..

    • Rick says:

      I need to elaborate on the first person view in the van. It’s a person on the passenger side near the front. In one first person view you can see there is someone that looks like Daryl sitting just in front of the person on the passenger side. When you see them let out if the van it’s Michonne who is sitting behind Daryl in the van on the passenger side. Now Rosita is next to her and Glenn us across from Daryl on the Driver side so it has to be Michonne or maybe Rosita that we are seeing the first person view from.

  39. johnnyhenry says:

    It’s Judith. I could tell by the squishing sound.

  40. johnnyhenry says:

    At this point who cares who Negan killed? The show has been getting steadily closer to the Kingdom of Suckdom for some time now. Not only because of the decision to have an unearned inane cliffhanger, but because Gimpel is way out of touch with his audience. This episode has clarified how definitively inept the writing has become. Whether an attempt to fulfill what is apparently their preconceived notion of where the story must go or desperation under pressure, only the Zombie Gods know. But instead of writing a coherent narrative which flowed organically from good and consistent character development they veered off into nonsense and had the characters behaving in uncharacteristic ways (uncharacteristic even for how things might actually happen in the real world wherein sometimes people actually do behave uncharacteristically) to the point where the fictive dream has been rudely corrupted. For this they can’t blame the audience or make lame excuses. If you have to defend your “cliffhanger decision” against an audience that’s now asking themselves if it is all still believable or even entertaining then you’ve effed it up.. From dopey Morgan with his Ghandi philosophy to Carol’s out of the blue strange and obtuse hyper emotionality and actions to the dumb decisions made by the rest of the group to the running around in circles from one road blockade to the next it’s just become too frustrating and ludicrous for many fans to care anymore. Granted, the fantastic zombie effects are just as awesome as ever, but I’m not sure it’s enough. I’d probably rather eat a dry bologna sandwich and watch Better Call Saul or reruns of Fargo, Breaking Bad, or The Wire. Here’s a cliffhanger: Will enough of the audience still be back next season?

    • KillaSpaceKlown says:

      Amen to all of this. I might check in on my characters when the new seasons hit Netflix, but this season has been the last straw for weekly tune ins.

  41. Steve says:

    No offense but can we dispense with the idea that whoever got beaten didn’t die? That is just silly. Did you see Lucille? Let’s keep it real. Whoever got beaten is as dead as a door knob.

  42. Belle says:

    I’m pretty good with the foreshadowing on this show. I’ve guessed the majority of the deaths from the symbols used. Early in the episode, there was a man being beat by the saviors. He was later hung in the episode. During the early beating, the scene kept going back in forth from the man being beating to Enid screaming Carl! from the closet. There was another scene before Carl left where he is looking at his gun. The gun has the bat image on it. The clues all point to it being Carl. I hope it is not. But thats what they want us to believe. If it is Carl though, I don’t think he’ll die. Neegan said he didn’t want to kill them, he wanted them to work for him, but that he was going to beat someone real bad. So even if it is Carl, there’s a chance he won’t die.

  43. Ruben says:

    It ain’t gonna be Carl, they can’t kill a kid on tv.

    • Kizzy says:

      They killed a bunch of kids on this show lol do you even watch? They get chewed up by zombies, or shot by guns, but all of them have died save Carl. He is the one that dies. Tmz said filming has started and all the main characters are in real tears, crying over who died. It’s Carl.

    • Steve says:

      Tell that to the two sisters who were killed a couple of seasons ago. The older sister killed the younger sister and then the adults killed the older sister. Can’t remember their names.

  44. RobP says:

    I think it’s Glenn. The producers say hints were in there. They show the POV of the victim in the beginning. So this narrows it down to Glenn, Michonne, Daryl and Rosita. Then, in the final scene, when Glenn gets out of line, Negan says “It’s and emotional moment, I GET IT”, while he punctuates the words “Get it” with his bat (Lucille) nudged towards Glenn.

  45. I think it was glen because they wanted us to cry and it would make the walking dead more interesting!!!!!

  46. Darrell says:

    Glenn dies in season 7

  47. Jen Sanderson says:

    This show is full of symbols and Easter eggs!

  48. geek says:

    Maggie is the one that gets up close and personal with Negans bat. Her pre born then turns into a ‘CRAWLER’ and chews its way out into the night air. It then goes strait for Negans real ‘bat’ and proceeds to bite! You can take this spoiler to da bank-I’M NEVER wrong!

  49. Jen Sanderson says:

    Maggie or most likely Glenn? The clues I thought of included Maggie cutting her hair- symbolic of mourning, death, loss of luck or a watershed in many cultures. Maggie slowly disappearing from vision in the rear view mirror as Glenn leaves Alexandria. The fact that she is pregnant, thus Glenn will “continue to live on” through the baby. And of course this may be one of the stay-true-to-the-comic scenes. And the words that the first time was a “freebie” comment by Neegan directed toward Glenn- well, Glenn already had his “freebie” back-to-life moment under the dumpster. Maybe this was symbolic that he can’t escape death this time around.

    • Alyson says:

      It’s definitely not either of them. The whole point of his drawing it out was to see their reactions. He wasn’t going to kill part of an obvious couple or a father and son because he knows the other half would never obey him after doing that. He needed to kill someone who would be defiant or whose death wouldn’t make the others completely unwilling to follow his rules so that pretty means Darryl. You are reading way too much symbolism into it. The show is not that deep.

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