‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Talks Negan’s Victim, ‘Brutally Damaging’ Season 7

'The Walking Dead' Finale Interview: Andrew

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The Walking Dead” Season 6 finale, titled “Last Day on Earth.”

The Season 6 finale of “The Walking Dead” literally brought Rick Grimes to his knees. And for Andrew Lincoln, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

After a full season of teasing the arrival of arch-villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), showrunner Scott M. Gimple and crew delivered a chilling introduction that built to the death of one of nearly a dozen key characters from the show. But who Negan actually killed in his first scene was left up in the air — a secret the show will try to keep until the next season starts up in October.

Variety spoke with Lincoln about filming the scene, why he said the finale’s script made him “physically sick,” parallels between Rick and Negan and how the cast handled another loss from their ranks, without knowing who they were mourning.


The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Draws Social-Media Hate

Excellent work on the finale. What was it like filming that climactic sequence?

It was a pretty traumatic and intense and weird two nights. It’s an astonishing scene and I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan was just magnificent and magnetic in it. But also it was the first time I had felt a sense of unity and focus and intensity from everybody. All around the camera and also from the entire cast — I hadn’t felt like that since Season 1. It was a really exciting atmosphere on set. I think everybody realized that we had to rise to challenge and create this suspense for the scene to work and the episode to work.

Was the final moment scripted as a subjective POV shot from the beginning?

Absolutely. It was scripted as a POV.

How did the cast react to the script? Did everyone come together and say, “What’s going on? Who is it going to be?”

There’s an unspoken feeling on set when we know somebody’s dying. We link arms, bow our heads and pull each other through it. I suppose that’s what they call omerta, the code of silence in the mafia. We have our own code of silence in “The Walking Dead.” It’s so intense and so traumatic to be losing a friend. It’s not just a professional relationship, it’s a personal relationship. So we all decide to not talk about it when this happens.

But this is the first time where it happens and yet you don’t know who it happens to. Did that change the feeling on set at all?

No, because you know that it’s over. The intention is exactly the same. You know that one of us is dying. The moment that Rick gets to his knees and acquiesces and almost hands the crown to Negan, it’s done. I was very consciously trying to position Rick in this place where all he’s fought for and killed for these last few years has been smashed all around him in that final scene. I don’t think it altered anything, the not knowing. Because we’re absolutely convinced that the game is up.

I know you don’t watch the episodes, but did you sneak a peek at the final shot just to see how it looked?

I did watch the final shot. I watched them do it. A lot of us waited behind because Jeffrey had done such an extraordinary job, to land such an incredible speech and entrance and create such an incredibly tough, charismatic character in front of our eyes, even though I was drilling hell holes into his soul the past two nights. I thought it was the least I could do to watch his final shot, which was particularly badass. So yes, I know how it finished.


The Walking Dead Season 7

‘The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Negan’s Finale Debut and Where Season 7 Picks Up

You said reading the finale made you “physically sick.” Now that we’ve seen it, what specifically did you mean by that?

I think it was the frustration I felt that I play this man who had answers to every available situation up until this point. I felt just powerless and frustrated and thwarted and angry and all of the things when I was reading it. It made me so upset. I think I was feeling all of the things you’re supposed to feel when watching it: It’s over. Everything [Rick] stood for is over. It hurt me, reading it. It hurt me, because he also feels responsible. He’s put these people — through his own pride perhaps or single-mindedness — he’s put everybody’s life in danger.

I’m so used to playing someone who had a way out or had an answer and I had to play a man who got to his knees. The joy of playing Rick has been trying to finely calibrate what it is to be a leader. He saw a problem, worked it out, makes mistakes, recalibrates and then that works for a time. This felt like a demolishing of all of this work that had happened over six years. [Negan] has got a baseball bat and he’s smashing everything I’ve fought for.

Even now do you or anyone in the cast know who will die?

Because it’s too painful and too intense, we made a pact on set that we won’t speak about it. I apologize but I can’t talk about it.

Have you spoken at all with the producers about how the show plans to keep it a secret or have they discussed anything about that with the cast?

That’s the double edged sword of our show. As a victim of our success, people are very keen to know what happens next. We’ll try our damndest [to keep it secret] because it’s such an important and powerful moment that changes the landscape of “The Walking Dead.” It would be a real shame if it got out.

It’s an incredibly courageous way to start a season. It’s not a conventional way of opening a new season of our show. Usually it’s an up-and-at-’em call to arms, big episode. This is a brutally damaging, psychological and emotional battering to begin Season 7, which is a huge writing task. It’s an extraordinary call from Scott [Gimple]. I commend him. He made a pact a few years ago to keep scaring us because it’s absolutely the right thing that we should be doing after five years. I’m a bit scared about playing this guy, but that’s a good thing. It means we’re challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves. We’re trying to do something to not repeat the show and I think he’s done that with this way of starting Season 7.

You mentioned it’s an unconventional ending for the show and a lot of fans are very upset that the death was presented as a cliffhanger. What would you say to fans who feel like this is a stunt?

I think people are absolutely in their right to feel exactly what they feel. The mere fact that there’s a lot of energy around people feeling means that they’re invested in the show. I always want to go to the movies and watch something and be moved by something or feel things. I know that is the great endeavor in our show: To keep people invested emotionally in this story.

I prefer to not talk about how the season finished, but how we are endeavoring to begin next season. I think that’s a truly impressive and quite courageous call from Scott, which is something I’ve grown to expect from a guy who pushes himself harder than anyone else I know because he cares so much about his show.


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale: Scott Gimple Defends Controversial Cliffhanger

There have been parallels drawn on the show and outside of the show between Rick and his group and Negan and the Saviors. Do you feel those are fair? Can Rick claim moral superiority in any way?

I do think it’s a comment on the world and what it does to people and what leadership now looks like in these very bleak brutal environments. I do think there’s a brutality to Rick that is not his natural way of operating as a leader. It’s only brought into account when he is threatened or the people he loves are threatened. It’s not about coercing others into living the way he wants you to live. It’s not a dictatorship. He’s a much more benevolent [leader] but if he feels threatened, as he did by the Saviors, and he knew that the only way to eradicate that threat is by killing, then he’s not afraid of doing something that actually appears morally questionable.

I do think he was full of hubris. I think after the battle for Alexandria he believed his own hype and he said a couple of things that were pretty grand statements. Maybe that weakness in his leadership, his pride, made him make a call that was questionable. And Morgan’s restraint was perhaps the right call.

But he knows there’s a modus operandi with these guys that one person is going to get killed. Rick’s feeling was that he doesn’t want to risk one life for the sake of preserving the integrity of Alexandria. He’s not willing to live under a rule. This is a question that I know, I’m sure, is going to be explored absolutely in the next season, which is thrilling. It’s the mirror put up against Rick. One of the great things about playing a guy for six years is it feels like I’m trying to explore who and what the perfect leader would look like. I think Rick has made many good calls over the six years that I’ve been living with him but also he’s made bad calls and those all recalibrated who he is as a man and as a leader. I think what happened and is about to happen at the beginning of the next season is going to change irrevocably who this guy is from now on. That’s if he makes it past the bat…

There are many similarities between [Rick and Negan], but I do think there is morality still in Rick. It’s morals and the sanctity of the people who he loves and fights for that are the driving force behind his decision-making. He is a ruthless, uncompromising and tenacious man who will stop at nothing — we’ve seen it — to keep these people alive. But I think he’s met his match.

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  1. daa says:

    East or West!! Walking Dead is the best.. If i talk about all time best shows.. them I will put Walking dead at first place and House of Cards on Second.

  2. Geryl Pecora says:

    Find it interesting Negan’s bat is named Lucille… same name BB King named his beloved guitar.Any symbolism ?

  3. Geryl Pecora says:

    Find it odd that no one commented on Negan’s bat being named Lucille… same name Bb King named his beloved guitar.

  4. rex2020 says:

    I loved it and Love the show. JPM was incredible! So a little drama gets people talking. He probably takes out Eugene or someone esle he feels is useless. He is building an army so keep the tough ones under his wing. Unless he kills Daryl? But ratings are the all might God so who knows? The comic version impies Glen. Why be a hater? This is a great show and I always dreamed of this being on TV cuz I’m such a horror fan and Zombie fan. Ever since a saw Night of the Living Dead. Enjoy it! It rocks.
    Fear is good to give it chance I mean you can’t have craziness every episode. Like the Sopranos somone could not get whacked every episode. Losses it shock value. The show has never had someone take over so quick in such a few minutes like JPM did. Never knew much about him. Pretty amazing. We will see where it goes…I know I will! They met their match. Be intersting to see how this unfolds.

  5. Terry Bracken says:

    I believe it was Michonne who first feels Negan’s wrath. With this event, Rick must start all over in a new relationship.

  6. mornata says:

    “This is a brutally damaging, psychological and emotional battering to begin Season 7” Sadly I can’t believe the cast and the others involved anymore.
    AND it already ruined the finale, S6 and a lot more.

    • dmretrogames says:

      Agreed – others have already said that none of the actors know who gets it. Likely that writers don’t know, planning to watch backlash before deciding.

      • GimpSmuggles says:

        Reedus admitted on the Today Show that they’ve known all along who it is. based on the leaked audio, it’s Glenn.

  7. George says:

    Easy… Whoever expresses desire to leave the show will be the one Negan kills… Maybe even the writer.

  8. Eva says:

    The impact of the Negan scene at the end of the episode of the finale of season 6 will have faded by the time it resumes in season 7… I’t won’t have the same impact for me at least as I am already feeling blasé about who the heck died… don’t really care at this point. So, there’s a new kid on the block who is some perverted gang-like thug trying to intimidate others by killing… at some point I am sure Rick and whomever is left of his gang will find a way and get rid of the Saviors/Negan … this story line has been there and done that. I don’t intend to watch a full season of flashbacks on how the Saviors came to be… at which point is the series going to address the smart aspect of this apocalypse and find a cure for this disease or at least give us some real answers as to how it began…BTW, Fear The Walking Dead – I gave it a shot by watching the first half of the first season only to be miserably disappointed to find out it is more of the same… I’m invested in The Walking Dead, but what on earth propelled anyone to believe that we(audience) would like more of the same in Fear The Walking Dead… So, yes I will watch the first episode of season 7 to find out who died, but that’s about it. Kirkman needs to start writing smarter.

    • dmretrogames says:

      Agree on the cure part – and could they stop collecting badasses who just end up getting more people killed and maybe find some engineers and scientists? Walkers should be pulling plows and spinning turbines to generate electricity by now, not just popping out when it’s convenient (which apparently it wasn’t with all of the lights and sound deep in the woods in the finale).

      And don’t even get me started on the brain dead “zombie parade” idea that set the whole season in motion.

      • heather says:

        agree totally with FTWD being a disappointment … what the hell were Kirkman thinking when he started that show…unlink able characters ..stupid writing..was so exited when i began to watch it..I don’t think there will be a 3. season…thank god tTWD never ever was bad..love this show but Kirkman hasn’t done anything close as good as TWD…that’s dissapointing..expected much more success

  9. Patrick Thomas says:

    I don’t understand the outrage over being spared having to see a character we’ve come to care about being brutally beat to death with a baseball bat in front of their friends. I get that people don’t like the mystery of who it was, but do we really need to see something that traumatic and disgusting? The only reason for it would be for the shock value, and this show doesn’t need to pull stunts like that to draw viewers. Aren’t the zombie attacks and almost weekly gruesome killings enough, or do we now have to personally witness even more violence and brutality to be satisfied?

    • Alice says:

      It was shown in the comic books and it was one of the most powerful moments in the entire series. Yes, you need to see who was killed because that’s what made that scene so hard but amazing. It shapes the characters for the rest of the series. They took something profound and turned it inside out for cheap shock value and ratings and it was a terrible decision on the writer’s part.

    • mornata says:

      It has nothing to do with the death. They started to build-up the savior thread in 6A and all of 6B. Every story needs an end or it’s a cheap cop-out.
      Building-up for 6 months and now let us wait 6 months more is simply hitting Negan’s bat in our face.

    • Sam Moore says:

      I will attempt to answer this as someone who really wasn’t happy with the ending. This was a VERY powerful moment in the comics, and it’s horrific nature was part of what made it so important and such a notorious moment. The entire second half of the season was building up to this scene, and then they just end without even concluding it properly, and we need to wait 6 months to see what happened with no real justification other than to make sure we tune in next time.
      The fact is, we know someone died, and we will see who eventually, but rather than just showing us who died they pull this move, which feels more about ratings than anything else. This entire season has been full of these types of moves where they try desperately to make us keep tuning in every episode, and it just makes the show exhausting to watch as it’s never trying to satisfy you now, it’s trying to hype you up to be satisfied later. And when “later” comes, it uses it for yet more hyping. It’s just insulting in my opinion.
      The brutality of the death is important to the story, I personally didn’t want to see ANY of these characters die that way and that’s what made the scene so uncomfortable in both the comics and the show. But at least the comics gave us a conclusion, and I think that’s the real issue here. Not for the lack of a gruesome death, but the lack of an actual conclusion to a season desperately in need of one after such an exausting and uneven year of the show.

  10. Bill says:

    It was not Rick who got the beat down, if you listened Negan said if anyone moves take out his son’s other eye and feed it to Rick. So that eliminates Rick and his son from being the one who dies.

  11. Didn’t I once read that Steven Yuen’s contract was only thru this season? Also, didn’t I read before this season started that Norman Reedus sold (or was selling) his house in Atlanta? Reedus does have his RIDE show debuting on AMC. I don’t know how he could reasonably do both shows. RIDE does seem like a vanity project/golden parachute as thanks for being Daryl. Probably it isn’t..but it could be.

  12. Vladimir says:

    I would like to say that it is either Glenn (probably him due to the fact that he was almost killed in that famous scene near the dumpster earlier in the season) or Michonne who gets killed judging by the POV shots throughout the end of the episode. But I think it would’ve been far better for the story if the one killed was Maggie. And here is why. She is pregnant and she got pregnant after the pandemic and the zombie apocalypse. We know that every human being that dies turns into a zombie. And that is the reason Maggie could’ve gotten sick in my opinion. She’s got a zombie fetus inside! Negan knew about that and being ruthless but moral character , he made that decision to kill Maggie. Maybe Negan would even later reveal to Rick that no children would ever be born after he explains why he really had to kill Maggie. Now the fact that the human civilization is absolutely doomed would be a major cliffhanger at the end of Season 7, leaving no hope for the humanity. And Judith could be the youngest person alive in the world. The last and only reason to live and fight for Rick’s group. Of course I may be wrong and maybe I’ve watched “Children of Men” too many times…:)

  13. I just HOPE that Rick pounds the living daylights out of that Negan clown & THEN puts Negan’s lights OUT!!

  14. Justin Lane says:

    What was there to be emotional about? Nothing happened. People were so worried about spoilers when there was literally nothing to spoil. It was the worst episode they have ever done.

  15. JC says:

    This show is amazing and my family and I will watch it for 20 seasons if they keep it that long. I know a lot of people that would. It annoys me to see people predicting it’s bitter end due to the fact that it doesn’t have mind blowing action in every scene. If you want that rent Schwarzenegger films. There was nothing boring about this season. It’s one of the best seasons yet! It’s gold. There is no show of this caliber. The writing, acting, and directing is first class. You aren’t going to have a show that stays on this long and to be this good by ignoring character development. If AMC decides to end the show after 10 seasons I hope Hulu or Netflix picks it up.

  16. Sandy says:

    It’s Eugene that dies. This is why the show has been taking time these last few episodes to build up his character into something that will honor his character’s passing. This is also why Eugene passes the recipe for bullets on to Rick. TWD, makes sure to honor it’s bigger characters before it kills them off. Remember Beth and all of the screen time she got before she was killed off? I do remember them saying the bigger the character the bigger the death. To comic book fans whoever Negan kills is suppose to be a big character, that is the only reason why I have enough doubt to think they may kill someone else off from the original group or Herschel’s group. If they do then the progression of Eugene makes zero sense these last few episodes because they would have missed giving that screen time to the one who was going to be killed off.

  17. I think that Andrew is right, and Rick has met his match.

    Negan’s character is the scariest of villains, a sane maniac.

    • Dimitri Toran says:

      People are so selfish, we think as the fans we should het everything we want but we forget they are trying to tell a story and that is what people started watching for in the first place. Talk about fair weather friends (fans). I think Kirkman, Gimple and the cast are doing a fine job at telling their story. People should either like it or leave it but don’t trash it because it didn’t go down the way you thought it should.

    • Dimitri Toran says:

      I hope it is not Eugene. I think any person will hurt the gang but I think it really should be Glenn. His death will move the story more and involve more characters. And why do people insist that it was for ratings and not just because they want to move the story in a different direction and do something different. If people dont get what they want they cry foul ball. This was a great episode and my favorite season.

  18. Claudia says:

    The show is getting a bit boring…….What character get’s the axe next……in this case a bat called “Lucille”……..or was it “Lucy”?………Does anyone know if Vegas is giving odds?

  19. harry the cat says:

    What a HORRIBLE way to end the season. It really was a big F.U. to the fans. I will watch the first episode to see who was killed — and then I am DONE with WD.

  20. L says:

    It’s glenn read the comics book.

    • Christine says:

      Abraham is also the one who was supposed to take the arrow to the eye, no Denise. In the comics, Andrea and SOPHIA are still alive…. sooooooo.

    • Claudia says:

      I think it’s Eugene….
      Why? Because he handed Rick the ‘recipe’ for loading new ammo……..and he overcame his weakness when he drove off in the RV….

  21. sam says:

    That was a horrible decision not to show who died. Its a major event in the graphic novel and as a fan I don’t need a cliffhanger to come back in October. They strung along the Glenn and the dumpster story and now this? They’re just getting too cute with themselves.
    The new season is going to start and it will be 3 months later, Alexandrians will be living under Negans thumb and everyone will be dealing with and having flashbacks about what happened that night.
    This whole season had been building to that moment and they just kicked it down the road. Kirkman is letting Scott Gimple piss all over it.

  22. J says:

    Americans killing each other 4 basically no reason……

  23. Dolorees Roy says:

    I think that because Rick is the leader , who better than him to take everything away from. I feel that it may have been Carl , to bring Rick horrific pain and despair . Negan knows that would bring the worst pain and suffering to any of them.

  24. ZacharyChase says:

    It is not Eugene, Carl, Rick, Maggie or Aaron. You can tell by the angle of the RV in the background when Neegan picks his victim. It is also not Glenn because with where Glenn was at, you would see the others behind Neegan. That leaves Daryl, Rosita, Sasha Michonne or Abraham. It wont be Sasha cause Abraham would’ve stepped up. It wont be Michonne because rick or Carl would have stepped up. That leaves us with Daryl, Rosita and Abraham. I don’t think they would kill off Rosita because no one would really care. Daryl would make sense because he has a new show coming out but i think they would loose too many fans out of anger. Abraham makes the most sense to me because he symbolizes strength. He has been there to save others in the past plus he had gained a major role this season.

    Additional notes: Not Maggie cause Glenn would freak out. Not Glenn cause you would hear Maggie Screaming a lot more at the end of the episode. Also not Glenn or Daryl cause they both have hair in their eyes but this persons view was clear. (could just be cause they needed a clear shot but I like to think this would be a factor).

    • Rossovich Arkady says:

      who cares? Geezuz….too much thinking about it…..really? camera angles and what not. A true fan doesn’t care to know……we will wait until next season and go from there……some people take this WAYYYYYY TOOOOOOO SERIOUS.

  25. Crystal LaGrone says:

    I thought the episode was GREAT! As a faithful fan from the beginning I think if the episode has created such strong emotions from it’s watcher’s then the show is doing it’s job.

    • Joyce says:

      Zachary your reasons all make sense. But you’re also depending on the writers thinking it thru the same way to reach the conclusions you do. I’ve read a lot, written a bit, so I just don’t trust writers.

  26. sparkymalone says:

    I LOVED this episode and the ending was BRILLIANT. Negan’s appearance is to shake up the show, and oh man did he ever shake up the fan base. I would have been let down if we would have known. What would have been better was to show Rick’s face looking down at the ground with the “What the hell did I do?” look while whosever’s head was being smashed to pieces.

    And JDM is magnificent. Can’t wait for October.

  27. David 101 says:

    So by Lincoln’s admission that Rick’s decision “not to live under a rule” will be explored in season 7, we know that Rick lived. Let’s look out for more inadvertent balls ups.

  28. death dealer says:

    faux pas or intentional feint by negan, he says cut the boys other eye out—he turns his head in carls direction thus he must be at other end of line of who he hits

  29. teamrick says:


  30. Ariel says:

    When Negan said “damn,taking it like a champ” I was immediately thinking Abraham is the strongest there…But for them to be able to survive the next battle, Abraham needs to stay alive… so I guess Abraham is still alive. Also I will like to note that Abraham said to Eugene that something like he is a true fighter and so on…I Eugene really started to act like a very strong character so maybe it was he who took the fatal punch. Whoever might be…I will miss him on the next Season. I am not such a big Fan of The Walking Dead BUT whoever died I will watch this show until the very end! Nothing will prevent (no dying character) me from stopping watching the show! This is the greatest show I have ever watched in my entire life and I absolutely enjoyed in it every second. Got to be honest here and say I would want the dying character to be Aaron…since I will miss he the less. Forever with you The Walking Dead!

  31. johnson339 says:

    it’s Glenn, according to a break down of the audio. i never thought i’d care so little about a major character’s death, but Gimple is just ruining everything, then adding insult to injury with his condescending “damage control” interveiws. ugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9sK7fa4ohQ&feature=youtu.be

  32. Jason says:

    The ending was lame. It sucked form a simple storytelling perspective. It was cheap, contrived and overall, formulaic. To make matters worse, it’s a formula they’ve used multiple times. My only sense of satisfaction would have been I’d Negan simply shot all on them for being colossal idiots. No, there will be some miracle escape ala Terminus. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  33. They are supposed to work with another group against Negan.That is what season 7 will be about.

  34. James Camp says:

    Is it just me or has this show completely gone downhill? I feel in love with the TWD graphic novel, but the show has ruined it for me. Now Ive been reading Treadwater by TWD alum Chad Coleman, and I heard it just got picked up as a TV show. Point is if something isnt broke, dont fix it! People loved the graphic novel! I hope thats not what happens with Treadwater too.

  35. JJ says:

    People are going to look back on this Finale as the beginning of the end. I honestly feel sick in my stomach at how insulting that was. Everything Rick did crumbled before him indeed…

    • sick in your stomach? Whoa.. it’s a tv show for goodness sakes…

      • Passerby says:

        And for goodness’ sakes, so what if it’s a TV show? Isn’t it pretty obvious that it’s one of the key ingredients of a good show, movie, or a book? When people can get attached or can relate to a character? That’s why they follow the show or finish a book and that’s why actors, like for example in this article, Andrew Lincoln, also felt sick just reading the finale.

      • Yeah Lots of people hated it. No reason why they couldn’t let us see what happened.

  36. ron nordan says:

    What’s insulting to me as a fan of both the comic book and the show is that I’ve wonders for six seasons how they were going to depict the brutal execution of Glen from the comics only to have the producers of this allegedly bold TV show basically answer “we’re not.”

    They really should remove the “viewer discretion is advised” warning should be removed if Gimple is going to serve us timid Bambi’s mom dies off screen nonsense.

    • Dimitri Toran says:

      Wow they never said they were not going to show who got killed, all tjey are saying is wait and see. Gimple is doing a great job and people should not be so quick to jump ship or complain.

      • janicekucera says:

        Dear Vanity & WordPress.com 4-24-16 SOOO thankful to be receiving these emails from you after I stupidly hit ‘unsubscribe’ when what I was TRYING to do was hit the “Reply” or “Comments” button!! I was SO AFRAID I had messed my subscription up…I LOVE ALL these emails from you!!

        Very Sincerely, Janice Kucera

    • KatieKate says:

      You know, it really isn’t necessary for them to faithfully follow the comic. The show can stand on its own just fine.

      • olivia says:

        It’s Eugene that dies. This is why the show has been taking time these last few episodes to build up his character into something that will honor his character’s passing. This is also why Eugene passes the recipe for bullets on to Rick. TWD, makes sure to honor it’s bigger characters before it kills them off. Remember Beth and all of the screen time she got before she was killed off? I do remember them saying the bigger the character the bigger the death. To comic book fans whoever Negan kills is suppose to be a big character, that is the only reason why I have enough doubt to think they may kill someone else off from the original group or Herschel’s group. If they do then the progression of Eugene makes zero sense these last few episodes because they would have missed giving that screen time to the one who was going to be killed off

    • ModernThespian says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m really invested in getting a brutal beat down of a major character after this build up. It’d shock the audience.

  37. sakineh says:

    if you follow Negan when he sings his song to pick his victim, it ends with Abraham. Yes my friends say adios to Abraham.

    • Uh no. He was at Carl last with Lucille and walked RIGHT ACROSS to Glenn.

      • I didn’t care for this episode.First they completely ignored Daryl being shot in the shoulder. There was no surprise in their eyes when they saw Daryl was bloody..Rick didn’t even have an expression when he saw Michonne.And seriously,showing a lot of Morgan this episode was boring as hell.

    • Alex says:

      Kirkman has said he wants Abraham alive for the All Out War arc

      • Jered says:

        Actually, Kirkman said he regretted killing Abraham off when he did in the comics because he would have liked to see him as a part of All Out War. He never said he wanted a do-over in the show.

      • Marie says:

        I think Rick was too much in shock over the situation lol to have a normal expression. Well, I loved that episode -what a tense buildup to the brutal end U can feel that was coming (I haven’t read the comic it’s based on) and Morgan was perfect for the role! Too bad it’s so far away….

  38. christobal says:

    I am not sure what I find more entertaining, the actual show itself or the fans who get so bent out of shape about fictional entertainment not going the way they want it to. Such passion and conviction. Imagine if it were directed toward something that actually mattered.

    • dmretrogames says:

      Ha! Probably the same people who complain about their lot in life and are waiting for some politician to fix it.

    • John Molea says:

      there is always someone that has to post nonsense like this when a show does something that its fanbase isnt happy with, we all know its a tv show genius it doesnt mean we cant be unhappy with a certain direction.

  39. Well, lets just hope that season 7 will start off with a bang. Although I am kinda fine with the cliff hanger, that leaves the whole scene feeling kinda empty.

  40. kelly says:

    I think the reason why the cast members of this show had such a hard time when then read their scripts for this finale was because they knew as well as the rest of us loyal viewers of TWD that the writers and the producers were making a huge mistake by selfishly choosing to end it the way they did. I loved this show but was so disturbed with the whole episode. They have taken good, strong willed characters and reduced them to idiots. Then they hype up this pompous ass of a character named Negan and what he’s going to do and leave us hanging. The reasons they have given for choosing to close out this season have been weak and lame, at best. Mr. Gimple left a bad taste in my mouth after watching him on the Talking Dead show afterwards and I have no respect for a man who finds it so amusing with how people have reacted to this ridiculous ending of this season. After all, the show is for the “fans” who watch and not for him. I am one of many who feel it wasn’t necessary to keep us waiting for another 6 months to see who actually got the bat and by doing so has ruined the wonderful opportunity he had to really make that finale what it should have been. He has ruined a lot for me and I won’t be watching next season just so I can see what I deserved to see already. Maybe I’ll just read about it…who knows? It will be better than watching, only to be so disappointed by a man who clearly doesn’t care about the people who watch the show.

    • Cesar says:

      I agree with you. It seemed too out of character to see how Rick was progressively underestimating the threat with each roadblock they came up on. The script had them set up to fail. Too strange and frustrating.

      • dmretrogames says:

        The same Rick who thought it was a bright idea to release ten thousand contained walkers and lead them on a parade by their settlement? Yeah, he’s a real Einstein.

      • John Molea says:

        i had a huge problem with this as well, suddenly rick seemed to become a moron and not realize the danger they were in and become so blindsided by one thing “maggie to hilltop” that he disregarded everything else.

  41. OrgXIIIBoss says:

    Absolutely cannot wait for Season 7! I hope that Rick and his group find a way out of all of this. Negan is definitely going to be one of the most bad ass villains I have ever seen! So for ideas on how they will get out of this shitty situation? Well somebody is dead and we don’t know for sure who it is. but The rest of them are alive and going home. We know that Negan has control over the Hilltop and i find it very hard to believe that Alexandria and The Hilltop are the only ones who are in this shitty situation. So here is how i think it could potentially go down. (I Have not read the Comics so i am not basing anything off of that).

    I think that Rick will go back to The Hilltop and inform them of what happened. He could go there and request that they join forces and potentially ally with other groups in surrounding areas who are being threatened by Negan. This could go down like The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies!!! they all March on Negans land and kill everyone! Leave nobody left to rebuild what Negan Started! all of this could build up in season 7 and then season 8 could be the point of which they actually make their move on Negan.

    Another thought… “We are all Negan”
    What if Negan isnt a person but rather Negan is the name of their “Faction”. Any body can stand up and Challenge the current Leader and should this Challenger defeat the Leader this Challenger would Become the primary “Negan”. They are all “Negan” as a faction but the Leader claims the title of Negan!

    My mind is racing with ideas right now!!!

  42. T. Walker says:

    Tom… say it ain’t so! Never watch it again. My-my what ever did TWD or Gimple do to cause this fan reaction? Surely, this is sarcasm at its most rarest form.

    I cringed at the “Talking Dead” couch interview and clearly saw the host want to crawl under that dumpster with Glen 10 episodes ago. In last nights finale, Rick’s bewildered expression relayed these words, “I can’t believe I have to performed this rubbish!”

    To Gimple, I will repeat it again. What enjoyment will any fan get watching more struggle and pain for any of the group members. I simply do not care to watch beloved characters get pummeled week after week… only to get to another mid-season cliffhanger and then watch them suddenly regain “who” they were years earlier when they had no houses, farm, prison, rv or cars… just each other to fight for. Clearly, the message from Carol is they aren’t even worth fighting for, so why should we?

  43. Tom says:

    “a truly impressive and quite courageous call from Scott, which is something I’ve grown to expect from a guy who pushes himself harder than anyone else I know because he cares so much about his show”

    well that’s just the problem, Gimple and the other writers obviously don’t care at all about the show or the fans, that’s why they couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything more creative than Glenn diving under dumpster and staying there. They have the number one show, they do not have to try to make it good, and they do not care. Which is why I will never watch again.

    • johnson339 says:

      it does take courage to completely screw your fans with hackneyed writing, then expect them to come back for more, even after you’ve referred to them as children having tantrums. i’ll watch season 7 when it’s released on Netflix, but i’m done with the weekly disappointment that is “Gimple’s TWD”

    • christobal says:

      Sure you won’t

      • Bob says:

        I wasn’t happy with the whole season. But, if you think about it, there never has been a time, when our heroes were on top for very long. They always meet a superior force, lead by, yet another, more formidable and more ruthless leader. It seems to be their lot in this life after the apocalypse. So, we, as fans, continue to put up with the writers and their ideas, or, just quit watching. I choose to continue to watch, at least until I get overly bored or tired with the unending ups and downs of the original cast. I like Abraham and Daryl over Rick as the strongest characters. Rick got the group as far as he could, now, it’s time for new leadership for our heroes.

      • Tom says:

        I stopped watching when Glenn came out from under that dumpster. Reading this review of the finale doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s entirely consistent with Gimple’s contempt for TWD fans.

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