‘The View’ Renewed for Season 20 (EXCLUSIVE)

Candi Carter The View
Courtesy of ABC

ABC has renewed “The View” for its 20th season to start in the fall of 2016, Variety has learned.

The network plans to make the announcement on Tuesday, along with naming Candi Carter as the show’s first African American executive producer effective immediately. Carter has served as the interim showrunner on “The View” since September, working with consultant Hilary Estey McLoughlin (a veteran executive from CBS and TelePictures Productions) and co-executive producer Brian Teta (“The Late Show With David Letterman”), to help reboot the talk show, which has struggled since creator Barbara Walters retired in May 2013.

It’s been a tumultuous period for “The View,” but the network is counting on a turnaround. Season 18 saw viewership dip after Rosie O’Donnell departed the Hot Topics seat, citing health concerns last February, and Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace were ousted over the summer. But the numbers have slightly improved this season to date. “The View” is ranked first in viewers (2.97 million) for the second consecutive week, and it has beat CBS’ “The Talk” in the key demographic for four of the last six weeks.

In season 19, “The View” has tried to regain buzz with its panel of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Candace Cameron-Bure, Paula Faris, Michelle Collins and Raven-Symone. The show has amped up its political debates during Hot Topics and landed interviews with presidential hopefuls such as Bernie Sanders (who appeared on “The View” on the morning after his New Hampshire primary win), Carly Fiorina and Martin O’Malley.

“This season ‘The View’ has once again been at the very heart of the political conversation and cultural conversation in America,” said James Goldston, the president of ABC News. “Candi and the team have worked tirelessly to make ‘The View’ the place to be heard for an impressive roster of celebrities, politicians and people in the news.”

Carter spent 15 years as a supervising producer at “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and has produced for BET. “It’s an honor to be part of the extraordinary legacy built by Barbara Walters, the exceptional, funny and smart women at the table led by Whoopi Goldberg and a terrific team behind the scenes,” Carter said.  “Every day is a thrill.”

It’s too early to say who will be part of next season’s panel of “The View.” Goldberg’s contract is up this year and many of the co-hosts signed one year contracts that may or may not be extended.


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  1. Fred says:

    Gosh golly gee if the president would stop doing what I feel are stupid things Whoopi would stop commenting about them.

  2. Carla Beck says:

    Whoopi should be fired for her public display of her t-shirt that has a very disturbing picture of our President beheaded!! I will not watch view ever again and will be contacting your sponsors along with a petition to get others to show you you should be the example not the problem!! He is our President. I can only imagine her reaction if this had been done to President Obama!!

    • timgray2013 says:

      She never wore a T-shirt like that. It was photoshopped. She was photographed wearing a T-shirt at the Women’s March, and someone altered the photo to make a different T-shirt and posted it online. She blasted that anonymous person on “The View.”

  3. Jolene Neal says:

    The world does not care about Whoopi’s view on anything anymore as she portrays herself as being the be all end all opinion, cutting off all the others on the show. “You know who” is our President for better or worse…get over yourself and support him!!!! I’ve finally given up watching.

  4. Tammy Updegraff says:

    Why do the producers of the View allow such valgur talk on the show, always putting down the PRESIDENT, this behavior should not be tolerated, this show should be taken off air.

  5. Charlene Fuller says:

    I am so sick of listening to the hosts of the View slamming our President of the United States. It is sickening! It is fine if they don’t like our President but they don’t have to go on and on. Why don’t they talk about something else instead of being so disrespectful. They have no clue what they are talking about. Wish they would cancel your show. Nothing but trash!

  6. Theresa says:

    Sorry, have been done with this show for the last few years . Too political and democratic. Dishonest and unfair!!

  7. Lisa says:

    Get rid of The View and your co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg!

  8. Janet Thorup says:

    This show is just to air personal political views and hatred for President Trump. The disrespect that this show is allowed to voice is disgusting. If anyone has a different view than Whoopi or Joy look out! I guess if they didn’t have President Trump to constantly bash they wouldn’t have much to say. I stopped watching because the show has no class, and basically out of control. Why this show has not been cancelled is beyond me.

  9. Meaf Malofmo says:

    OMG! All Bullshit Commentary (ABC) renewed the vulgar elitist evil witches (View) show. Good thing Trump is immune to their evil spells…

  10. DONNA WHY says:


  11. Brenda Dale says:

    Whoopi is truly racist, when she said black people don’t like to talk to white people, here we are trying to be diverse, but when you have someone like Whoopi fueling the fire, it will never be diverse! But I guess when you have someone like candidate carter being executive producer(black) I guess that is why Whoopi thinks she can say what she wants and we should like it! Wrong, Whoopi and Joy need to go, like to Canada!!!!!!!!

  12. I don’t get it — I just read where they cancelled this evil and wicked show. I hate it — they are horrible calling rape victims tramps! Disgusting! I will not watch it! They are low class!

    • Theresa says:

      I agree, Whoopi and Joy need to go to Canada . They are true racist!! Can’t stand the show and haven’t watched it in years because of them and their unfair views!! I’m not racist but I’m sick and tired of being blamed for the past- let’s move on. Most people have but if you continue to blame and not move on you will never end racism.

  13. Carmen says:

    This is not a “View”, It is a one sided opinion of LIBERALS. If you want an active discussion that all
    intelligent people want to hear, than get NEW people. Eliminate Whoopee and Bahar! They are stuck in their opinion and will not listen to any other VIEW. Represent “all” people and you will have a better, well viewed show.

  14. tiredofthedvision says:

    No such thing as an African American. Your either American or African you cannot be patriotic to both countries. The show needs to be canceled. Nothing but hate division added to the United States they do a disservice to this country.

  15. Sheryl Vriesman says:

    Finally I feel like I can watch the show again!

  16. barbara bowman says:

    Use to enjoy The View, but in the past few years Whoopie & Joy have destroyed the premise of the show, no intelligent conversation,& lack of sheer entertainment….Should be called the very Liberal
    View with very rude women….

  17. Ellen Garner says:

    I just love Joy Behar. She is, I my opinion, the most intelligent and informed co-host. I watch, mainly because of her. Candace is so backward that I’m embarrassed for her. Please don’t bring her back! I just loved Michelle Collins, but I guess she has already been ousted. I find Whoopi to be a good mediator, and I find Paula likable. Also, a lot of humor is important to me. Looking forward to the next season.

    • Lori says:

      What is it you have against Candace? She’s an intelligent, kind, beautiful, funny, Godly young woman. She loves her family, speaks her mind, and stands up for what she believes. You may not believe the same way she does, that is your right to do so, but please do not feel embarrassed for or speak ill of someone so kind and respectful.

  18. Lee says:

    Good glad Paula gone. She likes to point out the faults in other. This is good for weekend news. Sometimes less is more. Now sent the other lady back to Fox. She is a clone of Paula. Keep Joy and Sunny to help Whoopi. Get two new faces. One Asian.

  19. Judy Spencer-Reichwald says:

    I love The View. Am thrilled that Whoopi and Joy will be back. Also like Raven. MY only hope on the rest of the panel, is PLEASE do NOT have that smerky know it all Jedadah. Truely, she is not what the View is about. There are great opinions of all political parties, but she actually makes things up and is not open to any other opinions except her own right wing ideas and she seems to get so much time to put down and lie about anyone who does not agree ith her, Please do not have her on The View.
    Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. I am a person who sees the good in people, and maybe in another venue, she might be ok, but not on The View. thank you.

  20. Patti Fritz says:

    I have always had a lot of respect for Whoppi, but not liking her much lately! I know that this country is diverse, and half of us differ in our views of how this country should be run. But she shows NO RESPECT for different views than her own, and I find this so disappointing. Joy has always been that person, which is why I was so happy when she was let go. But Whoppi used to give credence to those who see the world and politics differently from her, with respect. This show should be renamed ‘The Liberal View’, and I, who have been a fan for years, can no longer watch it. Sad.

  21. margaret zahorec says:

    please get rid of sunny hosin….she does NOT fit in. with her dour facial expressions and constantly interuppting everyone because she knows everything. she sits there like she has a broom up her…….

  22. Regina Salazar says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to have The View for another season, and more. Whoopi is the greatest. She is a very good moderator, keeping it balanced! Joy is a ‘joy’ to have as well. Sara, Cristela and Sunny (she is so classy) are great choices of smart team.
    The rest can go and please NO Jedediah!
    Keep up the good work. It is always pleasant to watch The View. And to those who are miserable watching it, change the channel!!

  23. Donna Morgan says:

    I am in the heart of southern evangelicals. I am disabled and home most of the time. Southern Baptist in my world are fighting for the Bible. Candace was good but didn’t balance Whoopi’s statement last week about her transgender support. All I can do pray. We are on a downhill slide and Whoopi supports no Bible believing Christians. Anyway, I have a choice. No more View!

  24. Insider says:

    Joy Behar
    Jedediah Bila
    Sara Haines
    SUNNY hostin
    Keep. One existing host or future draft pick like maybe someone on their mid 20s or a black or Hispanic conservative

    And please stop with different hosts every day.. Right now you have 6 hosts in the open for 5 Seats & yet you have guests (and the same 3 mentioned above) I’m all for cleaning house on the current cast but you’re not really testing many new people

  25. Sue Vandever says:

    Beware of Joy She is not a woman of virtue example Psalm 31 woman. She has a manipulative agenda and sucks the Joy out of life.

  26. Chris carey says:

    Excellent, the View has lost its vision of a multitude of views. As women, we are not one mind. There should not be 2 young white Christian mummy’s. One is more than enough. Candi should replace both of them as they have Raven for young and joy for white. There is a Latina on sporadically that should be permanent. They need a Chicano view. Then no longer have a senior w the loss of Barbara nor an Asian any more and they need both. An elderly Asian woman who is conservative is needed to round out the view. That Michelle woman isn’t very interesting.. New leadership can see the forest….old, baby boomer, me lineal, gen x..Latina, African American, white, Asian, left, right, intellectual, religious needs to be represented!!!

  27. Crystal says:

    Maybe now the Executives will let Michelle Collins go. I started watching The View again but when Michelle is on she tries to make a joke at the worse time. Michelle brings nothing to the panel it’s just time for her to go!!

  28. ViewThe says:

    The View just threw a big baby shower for Sara Haines. It pretty much confirms that she will be on the show permanently after her maternity leave. Why else would they do this for a GUEST co-host. Great idea to have her join the show.

  29. TerryShilo says:

    I never miss a DVR of The View; on the other hand, I will delete The Talk.. it’s basically a gossip show about reality celebrity and Entertainment Tonight lite. The View is the news, show business with a political take; the worst thing they did was get rid of Nicole Wallace to replace with Candace. I like Collins, could do without Raven.. replace her with Sunny. What made the show so much better than season 18 is the re-intro of Joy Behar in 19. Joy is an intelligent and opinionated woman and doesn’t apologize for it. I do think Whoopi is past her personal tolerance to continue, she should leave. Bringing back Meredith Viera would be great. It’s a good show and there’s been plenty of Conservative and Christian views with Paula and Candace. I don’t buy for a minute it’s anti Conservative. It’s a mash up of both. There’s views to be considered from either side. Glad to hear it’s returning.

  30. Dr. Helen Ruth says:

    The View has gotten unwatchable. Low-information panel with little education, discussing issues that are way above their ability to grasp. Disturbing racism lately (Whoopi), and bullying. Trump-bashing is very disturbing. Childish use of the word “like” destroys any credibility. (I watch while walking on the treadmill, but am increasingly switching to something else.)

  31. josetwitterfan says:

    So many fangirls on this thread, it blows my mind that there are people who still watch this crap.

  32. jh says:

    One of the most horrible and self-serving shows in the history of television! I’m amazed that it continues year after year and can’t understand why anyone would tune in.

  33. Make Believe says:

    I don’t know anyone who watches that show anymore.. it’s a bunch of hateful people spewing…

  34. linda says:

    the show is racist led by the hater Goldberg but you know that’s the way it goes these days

  35. ChrisSF says:

    Just love The View! Started watching again last year after Rosie came back on (I stopped watching when she left the first time) The show has improved so much. The topics are mostly all about real life issues and politics which makes the hour of viewing worthwhile. I love all the new hosts and they don’t cross talk over each other this go around so it’s easy to hear them make their points and views. It has really gone back to quality, People should be giving this show a try again. Everyone should be watching this show!

  36. mharris20121 says:

    I personally think they should cut the show off completely it’s run it’s course. They named it the View for a reason they all have the same View all Liberal. An Whoopi I thought she was an actress i see she see’s this show as more of a source than the acting. Joy she has know Joy she is a miserable sea hag that’s not funny and she has a no it all attitude an Raven her Hair has to Go, The rest of em I don’t know . But I know what they can do they can go away. Please do me a favor an shut this mindless Show down I thank you for It Goodbye View

  37. c says:

    I hope they get rid of Raven and Michelle add nothing to the show. Michelle is NOT funny and Raven’s comments along with her costume and makeup she wears really take away from the show/!

  38. Mike Durso says:

    Are the hosts of the View as stupid as they seem or do they rehearse appearing as if they have an exceptionally low IQ?

  39. Cathy says:

    The View doesn’t have political debates. It has political bashing. It’s Whoopi and Joy’s view or none at all. If the producers are telling these women what to say, they are making a grave mistake by not letting all views be presented. And people cannot even go to their Face book page to express a different view from what was expressed during the show. There is a group of bullies on there that attack every poster that does not agree with the View’s view. No one even has the decency to moderate the Face book page for comments. Watching this show is a miserable experience and asknig questions or making comments later is even worse. Good luck with a new season however, if I want to be tortured, I’ll stick pins under my nails. It’s less painful than listing to Whoopi and Joy spew hate on behalf of ABC.

    • dee says:

      We must be watching different shows – Candace is very loud and she & Paula give their conservative opinions quite often. They are on one side while Whoopi & Joy are on the other.

      Either way, if watching the show is a miserable experience, why are you still watching it??

      BTW, you mentioned Whoopi & Joy spewing hate – if you’re a Trump supporter then you are incredibly ignorant. Hate = Trump. Anyone who mocks a disabled person, should never be the President. Never.

  40. Jill says:

    I like the view and I like Whoopie and most of the others. The talk when I have seen it, only a few times but It seems they don’t get too political or even say anything that will hurt each others opinions. If it is too important they turn it into a joke or something to laught at. Seems to only talk about a celebrity more like celebrity who said it. Running into a male celebrities arms with thier legs wrapped around them.

    • matonna says:

      I watch it to catch Whoopi and Joy in some of the blatant misinformation they give on the show. It’s humorous but sad that some women get theirs and form their opinions from shows like this. Don’t disagree with Whoopi or Joy’s “view”, else you are a stupid bozo unable to think. So much for the politically correct virtue of tolerance on their parts.

  41. ladydayforever says:

    Whoopi is a great person and her views are on point. Beauty should not be the end all of anything. Also Whoopi has a lot of friends and money and she’s a great actress.She is not a low life, she is a hard working woman. Raven is the youngster the millennial and her views reflect that age group which older people have a problem understanding. Back off old crows. I like the group they have now there is only one thing about the show that bothers me and that is, they do not know how to let the next person speak their mind before they interrupt each other. I think that is so rude, you can’t hear or get the understanding of what that person said about the subject. They cut each other off, they get angry and it shows. Now they can take some pointers from The Talk group, they let each other shine and have their say, full sentences and ideas are heard by each one. And you don’t see screw faces on The Talk, you really get the sense that the ladies like each other. On The View, I get the feeling they really don’t like each other, they pretend
    and it shows.

    • mharris20121 says:

      So you really think highly of Whoopi she needs to pay you for all those nice comments.An you said the only thing that bothers you about the show is they won’t let one another speak. That show is full of arrogant self centered old bats that think they know everything mainly whoopi an Joy everything they say is the Gospel in there minds. They invite Guest on get mad at what they say and walk off the show and you call these Broads Nice. I’m sorry i don’t agree

  42. I am glad “The View” will be back for a 20th season! I do hope Poopi walks away from the show as she is REALLY been bad news for “The View” since day she was hired. I have no idea why ABC has kept her this long? She is the ugliest woman on television hands down. I would love for Meredith Vieira to come back home to “The View” as the shows moderator. Her show was canceled and she is available. She is a class act and nothing at all like low class Poop. I would also fire Raven is I were ABC. She is clearly out of place and her stupidity is overwhelming. Maybe bring Star Jones back? How cool would it be to have the original panel back for the 20th and perhaps last season of “The View”. Debbie Melanoplus would be great to return also.

    • mary shirley says:

      I thank you for using your voice to discredit Donald Trump. something is terribly wrong that he got this far. Seems like media is afraid him. he gets way too much air time.

  43. My dream team for next season is : Raven,Nicole Wallace, Paula,Woopi and Lisa Ling !!

    • George Hirst says:

      Meredith Viera would be great to return to “The View”. Her show was canceled so she is available. What a class act! Nothing like obnoxious Goldberg. Fire Rave who is clearly out of place. Bring back Star Jones. How great to have the original panel back for “The View”.

  44. Luis Grant says:

    Oh Boy !! Another year of the cackling hen

  45. sharon says:

    Used to be a decent show…however, now it’s just anti republican and anti white

  46. ravensgal says:

    I was hoping it was cancelled. What a nasty bunch of “women”

  47. Toebe Fremin says:

    My view dream cast next season would be Raven, Joy, Nicole Wallace, Ana Ortiz, Candice, Michelle and finally Mario. Mario simple to appeal to the millions gay men watching the show.

  48. Lisa says:

    All the good shows out there to run and ABC still drags this show around. Renewed for season 20? Please put it out of it’s misery and actually run a show that is worth watching and not something like a bunch birds squawking on air!

  49. vito says:

    I beg and plead, do not have Goldberg back. Please give the show to Joy and bring Rosie O’Donnell back along with Mario Cantone and present a show which makes us laugh. We already get plenty of misinformation about candidates on CNN and elsewhere. Make the show watchable again. Goldberg needs to clear her throat and realize she is NOT some great arbiter of morality and she does NOT know everything. She should go get her own show. I assure you, nobody will watch it.

    • helen says:

      I agree with vito, DO NOT bring the RACIST Whoopie back
      she is nothing but a BULLY and thinks her PooPoo does not stink..

      • Rosie won’t come back with the new executive producer,Candy Carter. She produced the short live “Rosie show” on “OWN” the Oprah network. There was bad blood between Candy & Rosie. Rosie would possibly come back if Dick Wolf was still producing the show but they fired him and hired Candy.

    • sharon says:

      Frankly Joy is worse than anyone else on the show.

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