‘The View’ in Talks to Add ‘GMA Weekend’ Anchor Sara Haines (EXCLUSIVE)

Sara Haines of 'GMA Weekend' in
Courtesy of ABC

“GMA Weekend” lifestyle anchor Sara Haines is in talks to take over as a co-host on the “The View,” Variety has learned.

The daytime talk show, which has been rocked by a series of staff shakeups since Barbara Walters retired in 2013, kicks off its 20th season the fall. Haines is a familiar presence at the Hot Topics table, having served as a guest host more than 30 times over the last two years. She’d be occupying the seat vacated by comedian Michelle Collins, who is exiting “The View” after just one year.

“We’re lucky to have terrific and talented guest co-hosts fill in at the table and we include Sara Haines on that list,” said an ABC spokesperson. “When we are ready to make to make an announcement about next season, we will.”

Sources inside ABC say that executives are high on Haines, 38, for her ability to tackle both hard and softs news stories, as well as her interviewing skills. Over the last six months, “The View” had been using Haines more frequently with the correspondent talking about her first pregnancy. In May, while still on her maternity leave, Haines stopped by for “The View’s” Mother’s Day episode to share stories about the birth of her son Alec. That followed a full-hour baby shower on “The View” in February for Haines, with an audience packed with pregnant women and surprise visits from her parents and husband.

Haines arrived at ABC News in 2013, after a nearly a decade at “Today,” where she served as a contributing correspondent for the fourth-hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Haines’ addition to “The View” would make her the second cast member to join from “Good Morning America” (after Paula Faris). Two years ago, when Disney/ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood switched the oversight of “The View” from daytime to the news division, it fueled speculation that the network was considering turning “The View” into a third-hour of “Good Morning America.” But ABC strongly denied such a plan was in place, and “The View” has remained a separate brand.

The rest of the panel for season 20 will likely include moderator Whoopi Goldberg (who is in talks to re-sign her contract), Joy Behar and Faris. The network is still figuring out if Raven Symone or Candace Cameron-Bure will be back as full-time co-hosts, according to two sources with knowledge of the discussions.

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  1. Sherri Seefeldt says:

    “Let me tell you something” Whoopi Goldberg. You are so biased and so negative . You Joy and Sara should have a show named “when things get worse listen to us and it’ll never get better. Oh my god you 3 are a disgrace to the United States of America!!!

    • Daria Zeek says:

      I ‘m watching the View right now. Sara I Love your Beautiful sweater, where did you purchase it.
      Since you havebeen you have been on the Show You as are A Breath of SunShine. You are what Makes the Show, you, Joy
      of course Whoopi, You Are All Great. You Tell it Like It Is The Truth! Hope that You
      All have a Great Day. God Bless You All. Daria 😊😊😊😊 P.S. Hope to hear from you.thank you

  2. Sara, I love the beautiful reddish/orange (on my TV) top with the sparkly Ginko leaves. Very cool.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I love the view and would to see Raven Symone stay on the show Im glad that Sara Haynes joined the view Dont get rid of the other women


    Sara I hate to see you leav GMA> I will miss you as I do NOT watch The View. Good luck

  5. Erica. Spence says:

    Sarah Hank, after watching you on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Good Morning America on the weekends. You’ve shown the world that you are smart you are funny you are very intelligent. But after this morning on September 10th I’m saying that you’re leaving. I started to cry. All the way from Louisville Kentucky everyone loves you. Praying that you have a great group of people to work with at The View. Praying that your husband Your son and your lovely little pet can’t leave him out. Enjoy life and live life to the fullest. From a viewer that loves your smile and your laughter .Don’t let anyone change that. Enjoy life have fun and if I do not remember before the day comes. Happy upcoming birthday.

  6. Darryl V. West says:

    Ravens ideas and comments are centered more around her lifestyle.
    I can do without that.
    We want to see more hosts like Sara.

  7. Barb says:

    Glad she is leaving GMA weekend – I don’t watch the view so I won’t have to listen to her anymore

  8. jeff says:

    Sara Is the BEST EVER

  9. Celine says:

    I find Sarah too hyper( speech is pressured ) laughing at her own jokes and always making unfunny jabs at Dan on GMA/ weekends. Everything she says to him is sarcastic. I keep hoping he will zing her back. One word to describe her is “obnoxious.”

    • claudia l beigel coryell says:

      I Agree Please make her go away!!!! She is so obnoxious and unprofessional. Her voice is so piercing and she is such a narcassist

  10. Christine says:

    I love Sara and Sonny as new additions to the view. The are smart, funny, thoughtful woman. Please keep them on the show.

  11. D. Goad says:

    Sara Haines would make a great addition she is just as bubbly as she can be and she a lot more intelligent than I gave her credit for she has a lot of knowledge and she’s no dumb blonde that’s for sure. Paula Faris honey this is called The View it’s not called ABC News it’s not a journalist program it’s the view so maybe you don’t have to be such a stickler for everything and just kind of open up on what your views are not necessarily as a journalist but as a person.Woopie you just keep being Woopie okay, and Joy glad to see you back sweetie.

  12. Gladys Sporko says:

    Sara Haines has definitely been an asset to the view. I always enjoyed her. She has a terrific personality. Please let her be the next edition. I do agree that candace has to go. She does nothing for the show. Sonny would be a good addition Paula should be given a little slack. She will do ok. Give her a chance. Raven has never done anything for me.

  13. Judy Love says:

    The persons who choose the cohosts for The View make one bad decision after another. I am tired of
    Whoopi, her cursing, pot advocacy, and absences. First, letting Nicole Wallace go before a season heavy on politics was dumb.. Candace is so holier than thou and syrupy she is offensive and needs to go now. Michelle brought unique qualities–her size and her Hebrew faith. Love Joy and Sara.. Sunny would be a good addition. Jedediah is unpleasant and a pit bull. No, please! Why is Raven at the table? Because she’s gay, black,or young? She isn’t the brightest. Paula is a disappointment, but I think she would be better with Candace gone. At least she is likeable and intelligent. I watch The View and The Talk. The Talk is definitely better with a stable panel of enjoyable intelligent women. Please fix The View. I remember it when Meredith was there and how good it used to be.

  14. I did not read all the other posts before making my previous comment but it seems like a lot other VIEWERS like Sunny as much as I do. She is funny and smart. Love her. ABC, please take notice.

  15. Cyndy Sturdy says:

    I love Sarah. she would be a breath of fresh air!

  16. IRENE ADAMS says:

    No matter what they say, they are turning it into GMA which I do not watch. MC was not suited to a round table talk as she talks too fast and cannot pace in conversations. It never got better. Didn’t dislike her but it was a bad fit. I like Sunni Hostin a lot and would have preferred her to Sara. Having Sara and Paula is like watching GMA and as I said before, GMA is not a show I even like. I do also like Jesediah(sp). Sara is just like Paul #. too sugary.

  17. Brenda R says:

    Please no more Raven Symone. I can’t take another season.

  18. khrish67 says:

    I will be glad when you guys get the hosts set for this show. Every time I get used to one or two you change and they never come back. I don’t know why you let the good ones go and keep those on like that Faris girl and the one with all that different color hair. They seem to know nothing about the politics. and Faris girls just whines all the time. If Whoopi and Joy weren’t there, there would be no one to carry on the conversations….For goodness sake not that Jedediah Bila, she is a real dummy when she fills in for the 5 on Fox which I have to watch to know what the other side is saying….I think I picked the show with the least intelligent panel on television, but that’s the only time slot I can give to Fox. The first panel you had when you started was Whoopi, Joy, Rosie, the woman that was a part of the team for McCain whom you got rid of without even letting her know. Why can’t you choose from some of those very talented ones that MSNBC got rid of. That’s a whole bunch of very good ones. I’ve been with The View for years and now I never know who will be there……Thank goodness you have it arranged so that either Joy or Whoopi or both are there. Please get someone else of color and the lady that’s the attorney that’s latin to make it balance. She’s always a refreshing guest with Joy and Whoopi and she knows the politics and the news. Not that my input would matter. But just in case, she’d be a good one.

  19. VIEWer says:

    Whoopi (unfortunately) but will she work on Fridays like us common folk
    Sara Haines
    Sunny Hostin
    Jedediah Bila

    • Stella says:

      I like your list and I think that Sarah and Sunny are likable and smart women, I will watch the view again now.

      • Brenda R says:

        I LOVE your list. Sunny Hostins deserves to be at the table. Replace Raven with her. Keep Candace.

  20. Michael Anthony says:

    Another ABC news person? Cut the crap, it’s all about saving money. The more internal people, the less likely they’ll rock the boat. Tick took, that’s the death clock on the show. It’s way past its time to have been axed.

  21. ChrisSF says:

    Love that Sarah is coming to The View full time! She has such a cheery personality and seems real open minded and compassionate!
    Although it’s been a strange year on The View with the rotating hosts, and the subs on more than some of the other permanent cohosts, it’s become a better show than past seasons with more real life topics and less talking over each other.
    Hopefully they will add Sunny. I think they should keep Raven too, she has good things to say. I don’t mind Candace either even with all the nutty religious stuff, I find it quite amusing, but don’t like how she is hardly ever on like they did to Michelle. If the hosts can’t commit full time or won’t talk about certain topics than ABC needs to move on and find people who are willing to cohost on a more full time basis.
    Still think they should put Kelly Ripa on The View and then use that hour to make The View 2 hours long. Also wish ABC would give The View a couple of night time specials around election time.
    Will miss Michelle but Sarah is a great addition. Hoping ABC gives Michelle a sitcom.

    • Max says:

      How can you miss Michelle if she’s never on.
      Bure won’t be back either.
      ABC should find a mid 20s person who can comment more intelligently than Raven.
      They should have 2 conservatives.. Jedediah Bila has done well
      Im more surprised that ABC isn’t testing more candidates.
      The show runs much smoother & is funnier when Joy moderates. Just watch on Fridays & the Web after show when Whoopi refuses to work.
      If its true that Whoopi signed a new deal, I hope she changes the nasty attitude she’s had this season. Joy acts like she wants to be there while Whoopi is just cashing a check and can’t wait to get out of there.

  22. R C Jackson says:

    GOOD. Sounds like someone at ABC is finally on the right track. I really like Sara, she’s a natural, funny and seems “real” not phony. Now if they would just 86 that “Holier than thou” Cameron-Bure. I like Faris, only because Behar likes messing with her (in that funny way, only Joy can). I don’t understand why they ever let Behar go in the first place.

    • khrish67 says:

      I haven’t noticed that Whoopi has a nasty attitude????? but those other two. I liked Michelle but you should have kept the one that’s with MSNBC. Having worked with a president she made good conversation. Those religious nuts, I’m sick of. Send them to fox.

  23. Where’s any mention of Jedediah Bila? It seems like she is certainly in line to be hired for the next season of “The View”. She’s been crushing it on there and they need someone who can talk politics.

  24. Rob says:

    They need to get rid of that God-awful Paul Faris once and for all. She’s uneducated, not charming, and frankly a hack “journalist.” The show would be best with five panelists and have Sara replace Paula as the “news” person.

    • Caroline says:

      Glad to see Sarah Haines on board. Great addition! intelligent, genuine, warm and charming personality. Tired of the whining Faris, she has a lot to learn. Love Joy’s personality and appreciate her experience. Will miss Michele’s cheerful attitude.

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