ABC Orders Competition Series ‘The Toy Box’ With Host Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet Toy Box
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ABC has ordered toy-making reality competition series “The Toy Box,” hosted by “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet.

“The Toy Box,” a partnership between ABC and Mattel Creations that is set to air sometime in the 2016-17 season, will feature contestants from around the world.

Each episode will have a set of amateur inventors run their designs through various trials, aiming for a spot in the finale in which they’ll pitch their inventions to a panel of kid judges. (What better way to test a product’s worth than by having the end user be the arbiters?)

The winner of the competition will have their toy brought to market by Mattel, with all the marketing and shelf-position perks that entail from having the support of the brand behind Barbie, American Girl and Hot Wheels.

For the synergy-minded, the winning toy will be available to buy right after the finale airs.

TV production agency Hudsun Media is producing for ABC and Mattel Creations, the content arm of toy conglomerate Mattel, Inc. Electus, who developed the project with Hudsun Media, will handle international distribution.

“For the first time, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of toy making, as they see what it takes to design the next great American toy,” Hudsun Media CEO Michael Rourke said.

“The Toy Box” is the first major TV project for Mattel Creations, though it’s not the first step the company has taken into content. Mattel recently partnered with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to create a Batman-themed virtual reality experience for Mattel’s new View-Master VR headset.

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  1. D.G says:

    This show is insufferable. Four truly obnoxious children, and three annoying “toy” experts out to sell crap to your kids. Can’t understand why the guy from Modern Family is there. His interviewing skills are non existent, and it is clearly career suicide to go this hosting route to a bad tv magazine so early in his popularity. Worse, didn’t see one toy I would let my kids play with. Ballerina dolls for a $100 a pop, clearly the “inventors” have never heard of collector dolls; nothing unique there. Butterfly books? A guy running around in a caterpillar themed sleeping bag. Really, how were those toys, how they even made it onto the show is a mystery. Let alone the outrageous over reaction the butterfly book creator had when she was told how lame idea an idea it was. Fortunately only caught a few snippets of this show. But clearly this is a lame attempt by Mattel, ToysRUs, and ABC to get a captivated audience for toys not worth being marketed. Get rid of this reality crap once and for all!

  2. Mimi says:

    Love Eric…always have since Modern family. The kids are adorable, although Noah is very intelligent, he is so obnoxious that I fast forward whenever he starts to speak. His parents need to reign him in a bit. If I had in him in my classroom, I would quit teaching. God only knows how he will behave as an adult as he has such an ago and loud mouth at what 8 years old. Scary if this kid is going to decide my retirement. I have now taken this show off my auto-record. It cute have been a cute show, but just did not work. Unfortunately (and I do not want that sweet child to see this), but it but it put a spin on a not want to see the show anymore amplified. 😞

  3. Kevin Patterson says:

    Noah ruined the show as a judge, and the concept of kids making the decision. He is obviously a bias infuence on the show for candy.

    Episode 105 the game is a clear winner for all ages. Up to 30+ and the kids loved it. Candy toy wins????
    Noah ruined the show.

    Get real kids and not spoiled ……..wait, not someone in productions kids.

  4. says:

    Like I said before and I’ll say it again…


  5. Kim Durham says:

    What did they do with last Man standing, this show Toy Box is one long cemercel for Mattel

  6. David MacDonald says:

    one of the worst programs I have ever seen, the Parents of the smart alec male judge surley must be embarassed by his behavior, If I had a child like that he would be out in public. also the Judge who is usually a good actor shows no personality. wrong spot for him.. Will not watch anymore. Good concept but wrong cast. David

  7. Roxanna Caton says:

    I watched this show once. That was one hour I will never get back. I had a headache by the time it was over. I try never to talk bad about children but since this child is being goaded by adults, I do not feel bad. But that one child with red hair, yelled thru the entire show. The hyper behavior coming from him just made me anxious. I will not watch this show again.

  8. Judi Cook says:

    I stopped watching this after the guy with the swurfer, a swing that I would’ve loved as a child, got turned down by the so called adult experts who are obviously part of this new ridiculous helicopter parent mentality. So scared somebody might skin a knee. I know they worried about the safety issue with the tree branch the swing would hang on, but, ya know what? Most of us have enough sense to pick out a sturdy branch, or, (surprise!) we have enough sense to use a swing frame if a sturdy branch is not available. It was an amazing toy that I would’ve loved to buy for my child. But, then, I refuse to wrap him in bubble plastic. I was disgusted by their stupidity. At least I found out how lame this was going to be on the first episode..

  9. says:

    I’ve got only two words for this show, and those two words in general are…


  10. Due to the nothing else being on that I was interested in I watched this crap this evening and my first thought was this will be the fast track for each of these children to become messed up adults just so Toys R Us and ABC can get richer while carelessly exploiting children. I can only imagine the crap that didn’t make it on the air.

  11. Anne Mueller says:

    OMG! This show stinks – the kid with the red hair is extremely obnoxious. The other kids were annoying. Hated it!

  12. What ever happened to Sophia Grace Brownlee’s heavy English accent? Couldn’t stand this brat on Ellen Denergres Show can’t stand her now with her new accent and her hateful attitude. One show we will not be watching.

  13. Christian Romero says:

    So tired of reality Crap, it ruined our artistic culture. Set a Watchman Undercover Boss I’d rather watch a Jack In The Box commercial. Wha!a at? Where’s Jack, he was just here? I hope your Sponsors give you 10% of what they pay for real talent, a real show and Union work. Yeah, I said it Union work. Time has come, can anybody say “Boycott, reality shows”.

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