TNT’s ‘The Last Ship’ Season Premiere Postponed After Orlando Shooting

'The Last Ship' Season Premiere Postponed
Courtesy of TNT

TNT has postponed its previously scheduled season three premiere of “The Last Ship” in the wake of a mass shooting in an Orlando, Fla., nightclub.

“As a result of the shootings this weekend in Orlando, tonight’s originally scheduled season premiere of ‘The Last Ship’ has been postponed,” TNT said in a statement on Sunday. “Our hearts are with the victims and their families.”

The scheduling change is likely due to the fact that the episode reportedly featured a shooting at a Vietnamese nightclub. The Orlando shooting is the deadliest in U.S. history, killing 50 people and injuring 53 more. The shooter was killed in a shootout with police.


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“The Last Ship” season three premiere clocks in at two hours. It’s not yet been announced when the episode will air.

TNT’s scheduling change may be the first of several, as the TV world reacts to the mass shooting. The Tony Awards on CBS, while not postponed, is expected to address the shooting on Sunday night. The production has been dedicated to the victims at the shooting at gay nightclub Pulse.

Post-apocalyptic drama “The Last Ship” is executive produced by Michael Bay, and focuses on the aftermath of a pandemic that wiped out 80% of the world’s population.

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  1. Karen says:

    George! You actually think terrorists give a rat’s behind whether or not they disrupt regularly scheduled programming? Bless your heart.

    • George says:

      Of all the reasons i stated, you chose that one to comment on?
      Um,..up yours,..and i’ll comment however i want to without asking **GASP** your permission, and without asking **GASP** if you think it’s pertinent.
      Now don’t go away mad, just go away.
      Oh, one last thing,..
      Up yours sweetie cakes.

  2. karen says:

    Very confused. The season premiere aired ten days ago on Xfinity. I understand the compassion to reschedule due to the sensitive nature of the relevant content because of Orlando…but IT ALREADY AIRED. I cannot be the only person who noticed. It’s still in my TiVo. Someone, please, tell me I haven’t lost my mind.

    • Glenn says:

      You haven’t lost your mind! I feel the same way! The horse has bolted so to speak so it makes no sense at all to delay the 3rd episode. It’s political correctness gone mad!

  3. Norma says:

    TNT is getting an awful lot of free publicity by everyone talking about the postponement of The Last Ship. They even made the news about their decision to delay the premiere. Enough already, announce the new air date and stop making milking it.

    • wendy says:

      Really get on with this season premiere if a plane crashed would they cancel evert show that had a plane crashing?? That postponement was stupid we all better get used to seeing terrorist attacks especially if Clinton becomes president at least Trump will secure the borders and get rid of some of the shit heads coming across the border if 2000 Mexicans are crossing every day how many Muslim extremist are coming across and what are they smuggling with them wake up people we need a president that doesn’t care what our enemy’s think about us and will quite sending billions of dollars to these countries that hate us that is so stupid look up the facts and see how much money we send to these third world countries to help feed the poor haha u think they are feeding the poor with the money we are sending them your crazy!!

  4. Mike Munday says:

    It was aired 2 weeks ago on Direct tv I dont get it. Why are they touting it as the premier if season 2 when we have already seen it?

  5. I do understand the horror of the tragic shooting that happened in Orlando, Florida. My shock is that all the network channels ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, have all the information and complete coverage of this horrible event. I am sure those families involved would not be watching the last ship. The awards aired. Just shocked at this decision.

  6. H.M.L. says:

    It is shocking that a show delayed just one week would cause such anger and confusion. Although, it is a potent statement on priorities and a dominating boob tube life. There are other things to do in a person’s life other than a TV show not airing I hope. Sigh.

    • George says:

      So, according to you, when a TV network schedules one of their shows for airing, it isn’t important that they actually play it at its scheduled time.
      Got it,..moving on from TNT, and not trusting that they, or any other TV network will play their shows when advertised, because of some SUPPOSED, unintentional consequences.
      Moral of the story: Don’t ever trust that a TV network will air their shows as scheduled & advertised.
      After all, it’s only a TV show, and scheduling & advertising, along with their viewer’s time, mean nothing.

  7. I went to watch it 2 hours after it “aired” on my DVR and saw/read the ticker across the bottom … then realized it was an episode from last season, and went WTF!?!?! Look I’m sorry another handful of people got killed by some fracking lunatic, but doing shit like this just gives “Them” more reasons to try to disrupt our daily lives. Even if there IS a mass shooting in the episode, IT HAS NOTHIGN TO DO WITH REAL LIFE. GET A DAMN GRIP YOU TV BIG WIG MORONS! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING THIS FOR TWO WEEKS (and last Sunday I thought it was on then cause it was the next thing in my DVR schedule lol…..). 2 weeks I’ve been waiting for this…. Now what’s gonna happen with my DVR scheduling? The 3rd episode is still set to record…

  8. George says:

    Yup, all the GRAPHIC shooting scenes in tonight’s re-run of TLS is sure to appease those who were & are tormented by the Orlando, FL shooting,..LMBO!
    TNT, you are a load of filthy rotten, greedy liars,..and then some.

    What is TNT going to do when they re-schedule the season premier, and the week before the scheduled viewing, something tragic happens, like, oh, i dunno, a ship sinks?
    Will TNT postpone the season premier of TLS again?
    And if they did this again, how dumb would we all be to be fooled a second time?

    You KNOW the old saying about things like this, i.e., “fool me once, shame on you,..fool me twice, shame on me”
    I won’t allow TNT to fool me again.

  9. George says:

    I wouldn’t have known anything about this, had it not been for seeing the ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen at the start of the TLS program tonight on TNT, and as soon as i saw the ticker and read its message, i too asked myself “what does this TV show have to do with a shooting in Orlando, FL that could possibly upset people? Is there a scene in the season premier that somehow and coincidentally shows a mass shooting in Orlando, FL?”
    After seeing the other reactions here, i see i am not alone,..and after seeing the one about the ratings for the season premier tanking because supposedly everyone will be watching news coverage of the shooting, which i hadn’t thought of myself, it all makes sense,..kind of.
    Is TNT serious with this stupid, idiotic reason? A shooting in a Vietnamese nightclub? As opposed to all the other shooting in almost every episode of this TV show?
    I think folks know the difference between an actual shooting in Orlando, FL, and a fictional shooting at a Vietnamese nightclub in a fictitious TV show (well, at least the people who aren’t on methadone or a psychotropic medication, would know the difference).
    Plainly, as two people so eloquently stated,..Hollywood doesn’t give a rat’s hindquarters about the shooting (although they put on a good show about it, i.e., acting, like in their TV shows), and this is more about them being scared about losing ratings share, and tanking their share on their 3rd season premier of TLS, because they THINK everyone will be watching news coverage of the shooting in Orlando, FL.
    I believe this to be totally & utterly unnecessary, since most people, like me, have had more than their fill of news about the shooting in Orlando, FL, and would much rather that TNT keep their viewing schedule intact, as programmed, so we who are full to the brim with news coverage of the shooting in Orlando, FL (which for me, was about 21.7 minutes of reading online), could watch something to take our minds off of the real world.
    WOW!,..what a concept!

    Hey!,..TNT!,..stop feigning compassion and sincerity as an excuse for saving your ratings, OBVIOUSLY aren’t fooling anyone.
    Now, because of this nonsense, i will not waste anymore time on TLS/TNT, and they couldn’t pay me enough to watch the rest of the episodes of TLS, or any other show on TNT,..i’m done.
    And i’ll bet a lot of other people feel the same way,..and as far as i’m concerned, TNT just shot themselves in the foot.
    [So much for avoiding shooting(s), whether self-inflicted, or not].
    Stupid, greedy & insincere TNT.

    Tragedy happens every day in this world,..shall we now postpone anything and/or everything to avoid possibly offending someone, while feigning compassion & sincerity, for political-correctness’ sake, and the sake of your precious little ratings? And now their ratings are really going to be in the dumper when they play the premier (whenever that is going to be **eye roll*), since they just lost at least one viewer.
    What nonsense!
    I will NEVER again trust TNT to play their shows when scheduled.
    How stupid would we all be to trust them to play the premier at the new time (whenever that is going to be **eye roll**), only to have them do this again because a plane crashes, or a ship sinks, or Mickey Mouse bruises a thigh while pole vaulting?

    TNT just lost a customer,..and i’d bet real money that i’m not the only one.
    TNT will just have to learn to get along without me as a TLS fan, but the positive is that i will get an extra hour of sleep every Sunday night,.. unless, of course, i find something interesting on one of TNT’s competitor’s channels.
    Bye bye stupid, greedy & insincere TNT.

    • Karen says:

      Actually, the ratings would affect all future shows you watch. When a program seriously underperformance from estimates, networks have to provide “make goods” to advertisers who bought time in the premiere. If TNT, or any other network, was not sensitive…poor ratings would result in having to lower ad rate dollars charged for spots. Less money earned means lower quality programming so stop whining. There are hundreds of other channels to watch when a program you like are delayed. Worst reason ever to boycott a program or network. And if you were such a huge fan, then why didn’t you know they aired the premiere ten days ago?

      • karen says:

        My husband entered the room and suggested I not type when annoyed. Apparently, my keystrokes when annoyed are somewhat loud. I shared our discussion, and my husband responded with “but we already watched the season 3 premiere”. As I stated a few minutes ago, I understand your frustration. However, Orlando is one of the highest ranking markets for TNT. I do not blame them.

        SPOLIER ALERT IF YOU MISSED THE PREMIERE…walk away now if you do not want to know.

        Since you are not going to watch I guess it is okay to tell you that Valerie dies in a plane explosion. I am disappointed, but I will not be boycotting TLS/TNT because a favorite character is gone. Let’s see if the moderator allows my post.

        And while I understand the purpose of soft premieres for new programming, but I am at a loss for the move for season three.

      • karen says:

        George, you obviously own a television. It aired on TNT. How did you know it aired if you did not watch it? Your complaint is that they did not air on the date and time you saw/heard. And yet, if you knew about the soft premiere (which still puzzles me), you are only complaining that it did not air on that date/time…not that it aired early. TNT is not unlike any other network in shifting their programming around for whatever reason they deem necessary. Ever notice the schedule go all musical chairs com September? There is no legal contract between a network and audience members to air on a specific date/time. I understand how frustrating it is when you wait and wait for a season premiere only to be left standing at the altar alone. But really…boycotting it? That is like buying tickets to the ball game and leaving before the seventh inning stretch.

        I should have made this offer earlier, but you are more than welcome to come over to my house and watch it before the “premiere” tonight. BYOB!

      • George says:

        Actually, I do know they aired the premiere 10 days ago (more than 10 days ago now), but i don’t have the means to watch it in that manner, which makes a HUGE difference.
        Didn’t think of that, did ya’?
        And if you look closely, you are in the tiniest of minorities, since out of all the comments about this, only you and H.M.L. are the ones saying it’s OK to advertise and promote a show like this, or any other show, and then pull the rug out from under their viewers, by not playing it at the advertised & scheduled time.
        So, what you’re basically saying is that it’s OK for networks to schedule & advertise TV shows at certain times, but it’s not important for them to actually play the show at its scheduled and advertised time.
        Got it.

  10. Luke Yeager says:

    All because of ratings… They think everyone will be watching the news… They lost a long time fan of the show here.

  11. Luke Yeager says:

    Don’t understand why it was postponed…Sick of people giving into terror. Been waiting for the premiere forever….. Everyone knows that shootings in movies have nothing to do with real life.. This is bullshit.

  12. Bill says:

    And postponing the premier changes what??? And postponing is supposed to suffering of family members of the victims??? Don’t get me w4ong, this was a tragic event, but postponing a television show because of it does nothing other than empower the terrorists groups by letting them know that they can disrupt our day to day activities, however small this disruption is…besides they’ve already shown the vietmanese nightclub shooting…it was in the 1 hour long preview which aired last Sunday night!…it’s still on my DVR.

    • George says:

      I hadn’t thought of that, the terrorists — terrorists who are definitely sick enough to enjoy some happy thoughts over the fact that they got TNT, among others, to change programming/schedules — will be laughing at how they stopped the scared Americans from watching a TV show’s season premier, among other things.
      OBVIOUSLY, the dolts at TNT did not think this through.

  13. Ace says:

    I call BS too… postponed because everyone will be watching all the special news coverage of the shooting, and their Neilson ratings for their season premier will tank. Don’t for a second think Hollywood gives two craps about the shooting….

    • George says:

      My apologies Bill, reply to your comment was meant for a different commentor’s post.
      My bad.

    • George says:

      I hadn’t thought of that, the terrorists — terrorists who are definitely sick enough to enjoy some happy thoughts over the fact that they got TNT, among others, to change programming/schedules — will be laughing at how they stopped the scared Americans from watching a TV show’s season premier, among other things.
      OBVIOUSLY, the dolts at TNT did not think this through.

  14. jason hummel says:

    Bullshit. Delayed because of another fkn false flag event.

  15. Robin says:

    Not cool at all. If your going to post pone it. Then don’t sit a rerun. Run some kind of memorial. I understand wanting to show respect, but it’s a show not reality!

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