‘The 100’ Boss Talks Latest Casualty, That Flashback Twist

the 100 lexa dead killed thirteen
Courtesy of The CW

Spoilers follow: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The 100” Season 3, Episode 7, titled “Thirteen.”

Nothing gold can stay in the world of “The 100,” and the show never hesitates to remind us of the dangers of post-apocalyptic Earth by killing characters with gleeful abandon. This week’s casualty was Grounder Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), who inadvertently ended up dead at the hands of her second-in-command Titus (Neil Sandilands), after he attempted to kill her lover, Clarke (Eliza Taylor).

The hour also revealed that the Artificial Intelligence program known as ALIE was not only responsible for the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the world and necessitated the Ark’s sojourn in space, but that the second iteration of the program formed the foundation of the Grounders’ religion, with ALIE creator Becca (Erica Cerra) becoming the first Commander to the nuclear survivors left on Earth. The AI has subsequently been passed down from Commander to Commander through an implant, collecting their consciousness as a form of reincarnation.

Below, “The 100” showrunner Jason Rothenberg explains the decision to kill Lexa, the origins of the AI storyline, and how Lexa’s death will affect the politics between the Grounders and Sky People.

Was Lexa’s death necessitated by Alycia’s schedule on “Fear the Walking Dead” (on which she’s a series regular), or would you have gone this route with the character even if she didn’t have another show to get back to?

That’s a good question, and it’s very hard to separate the two because I knew before we cracked the story that that was going to be an issue, and I knew how many episodes I had her for and I knew that she had to stop working by a certain time, and then after that it would be like, we’d pray that her schedule would line up and perhaps we could get her back for a spot here or there for a day. So that was definitely in my thinking when we broke that story.

What happened at the same time was… it was the very beginning of the season — I don’t even think the writers had started yet – the day that I came up with the idea that the second AI was inside Lexa, (“Thirteen” writer) Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who’s my co-EP this season, was coming to meet with me, and I had a couple other writers in to meet with him to see if everybody got along, and I was literally complaining about how I had these two great stories: I had this Grounder political conflict caused by what Pike (Michael Beach) was doing in Arkadia and the conflict between the 13 clans, and I had this AI story, but there was no unification moment – there was no grand unifying theory of the season.

We’d talked about reincarnation as the way that the Grounder leaders had been selected in Season 2, and I didn’t want to dispense with that as an idea; I didn’t want to say it was nonsense, which Clarke was obviously clearly thinking that it was, but I also didn’t want to say that it was actual spiritual mystical reincarnation. So then I struck upon the notion of a technological reincarnation, and everything fell into place there. And obviously, if you’re going to tell that story, to be reincarnated you kind of have to pass away first. So it all came together in my thinking, and it’s tragic on some level because nobody loves Lexa more than I do, and Alycia has been a joy to work with and loves the character, and she and Clarke have such great chemistry. I would’ve made her a series regular in a second if I could, but that couldn’t happen.

The plot obviously moves very quickly in “The 100,” which is part of what I appreciate about it, but it did feel like we didn’t get much time to explore Clarke and Lexa’s relationship in depth before it was shattered. What would you say to fans who are frustrated that we only got a hint of it? Is there a chance we might see Lexa again in some form?

Without being too spoilery, the flame that came out of Lexa collects the spirits of the Commanders … if that’s true, then I do believe that people could anticipate perhaps seeing her again in that way, somehow. But the truth is that Clarke is now going to be in mourning over the loss of this woman who meant so much to her, and that’s going to really hang over the rest of the season. She’s grieving in a big way, and part of her story going forward is going to be – and this has kind of been her story from the beginning — “how do I go forward as a leader in the face of tragedy?” She had to do the same thing after Finn (Thomas McDonell) died, she had to do the same thing after Wells’ (Eli Goree) death in Season 1.

This is a world where people die; it’s a tragic, difficult world and Clarke has had to compartmentalize emotionally the way that we all do in life – we can’t let tragedies destroy us because we still have to go on. So that’s Clarke’s journey going forward now – how can she do what’s right by Lexa’s memory? So we’ll see that, for sure … I think it’s probably the most developed we’ve ever had any relationship. The Finn relationship didn’t really have a lot of development either — not that that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but this is not a soap opera, so it’s really not about their relationship, it’s about how they as leaders have a role to play in the bigger tapestry that is the story we’re telling, and the fact that they are in love with each other is a part of it, but it’s not everything. I think it complicates things now going forward emotionally for Clarke in a really significant way.

The weaving of the AI and the Grounder mythology seems so organic that I’m surprised it wasn’t a long-term plan; how often do you leave room for those moments of luck to strike versus having the big thematic tentpoles laid out in advance?

Some of it is we sit and we think of what the bigger story that we’re telling is, series-wise, and then you get to the end of a season and you’ve painted yourself in certain corners and certainly as a finale begins, they’re in such a screwed position that how do you get them out of it? This was something that, to be honest, was kind of just a magical moment and all the ingredients were there, they just hadn’t coalesced yet. I’d be lying if I said I knew in Season 1 that there was an AI inside the Commander that we were gonna meet in Season 2, but little things, when these creative epiphanies happen… Nobody’s really pointed this out yet that I’ve seen — maybe because they haven’t been made privy to the fact that Lexa has an AI augmenting her consciousness — the jewel that she wears between her eyes is a gear; it’s a technological symbol. It was just one of those weird things, just like we’re now telling a big story that involves the infinity sign; the infinity sign is the corporate logo of Becca’s company that created ALIE and created the second AI, and our logo for the show has the two zeroes in “The 100” colliding together and forming an infinity sign, and post-deciding that was going to be the symbol, [we realized] that it was baked in the cake to begin with in a cool way.

The City of Light was such a bizarre concept in the first few episodes of the season that I couldn’t engage with it, but getting a little more backstory on ALIE and what we’ve been seeing in recent episodes has helped pique my interest. When can we expect answers about what exactly the City of Light is and how it works?

Obviously it didn’t play in this episode very much, but it will definitely be a thing that hums along until it becomes a bigger and bigger issue for the show. It’s interesting that you had that reaction; my feeling was, going into this season, that it’s such a different kind of story for us that I wanted it to be something that did percolate as a B-story for a little while until it exploded into the bigger narrative that we’re telling and then became a much more important story as the back half of the season unfolds. I’ve been satisfied with the reaction that people are now interested and fascinated by [it] — some of it has to do with Raven (Lindsey Morgan) becoming a part of that storyline. I think the moment that Jaha (Isiah Washington) forgot that he had a son was the beginning of the “holy s—t, what is this thing that they’re all willingly doing? What are the ramifications of it and how much control will ALIE get over our minds and what does it mean to give up control to something like that?” That’s all story that we will tell going forward.

The theme of the season is “what does it mean to be human?” and this is something that, in this episode, we really explore with Becca and the Commander up on the ship in the flashback, where she says “ALIE 1 didn’t know what it meant to be human, but ALIE 2 will, because she’s going to join with us,” and so that’s what the upgrade is. The upgrade is that the second AI is augmented by a human being, by humanity, and the first one was not. Lexa’s not an AI, Lexa is a woman who happens to have an augmented consciousness in the form of this AI.

I liked the structural choices you made in this episode, with the focus wholly on Polis and the flashbacks without visiting Arkadia – will next week’s episode take the opposite approach, and focus wholly on Arkadia and not the Grounders, or will we get a more traditional format?

Without giving too much away about the episode, we will definitely tell a big Arkadia story in the next episode. We will begin to see the ramifications of the fact that Pike has a rebellion on his hands, that he now knows about because of what Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) did to warn the village, which led to the death of people on their side of things. Bellamy (Bob Morley) is going to face harder and harder choices with regard to who to support.

As far as Lexa was concerned, Pike really seemed to be the main bone of contention, since Abby (Paige Turco) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) were open to peace – how much of a focal point will Pike’s leadership be in the next run of episodes?

It’s interesting, because now that Lexa is gone, politics have to step aside for a moment. In Polis now we’ll see the conclave and the selection of a new Commander and how that will play out, but they don’t know that that’s happened in Arkadia, so in Arkadia, we will see the paranoia that now begins to take hold — who’s part of this rebellion and neighbor spying on neighbor. It’s a little bit of an internal focus in both camps, Polis and Arkadia, for a couple episodes, before things reconnect.

What can you preview about the new Commander and how open-minded they’re likely to be following Lexa’s death?

The conclave is about to begin and we will see that unfold coming up. Obviously Aden (Cory Gruter-Andrew) — who is the one Nightblood that we have met — seems to be on the side of Skaikru. I think it was in episode 4 before Lexa went to fight Roan (Zach McGowan), we introduced this kid Aden, and he said “if I should become Commander then I will honor the 13th clan.” Whether he wins or not is something that people will have to tune in to see.

Will we explore more of the Grounder clans in the rest of the season, since we’ve mostly been focused on Trikru and Ice Nation so far?

We will; we’ll definitely begin to understand more and more of what the power dynamics are within Polis. There are new worlds [we’ve] yet to explore this season; new characters that we will meet that are not part of Polis or Arkadia, but I don’t want to tease too much about it other than to say the world of “The 100,” what I love so much about it is, we’re constantly expanding and constantly revealing new places and new people and new clans and new things about this post-apocalyptic Earth.

“The 100” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Were you sad to see Lexa die? Did the AI twist surprise you? Share your reactions and predictions below.

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  1. Laile says:

    Well the 100 pretty much like a titanic, have u seen the rating? yup i was sad to see lexa go. They shouldnt have killed her. They could have written a different story, clarke going to arkadia and have a long distance relationship with lexa 👍🍻😂

  2. Anabel De La Garza says:

    Wasn’t happy to see lexa go. Will we see her again? Great serious. My favorite.

  3. TRACY Tracy.dugas says:

    Of, course I am sad. It is understanding with everything going on that not everything is the way we would like it to be. Having her spirit is good. I am still having trouble understanding who is who, when it comes with Alley, Becca and Lexa. When Alley and her sister were up on the other part of the Ark. They were introduced and who was the Ai that was not seen and to my knowledge Alley is the Ai, but confused by the two sister. Who was the one that created Alley? I the other sister, Becca?. Sorry got really mixed-up on that Season. Love every bit of this show. Can not get enough of it. I hope it is going on an has not ended. Can not wait to see Clarke is going to do next. My opinion Ravens and Octavia deserve to be leaders as well as Clarke. I own all seasons and watch on my blue ray over an over. So ready for Season four.

  4. Sarene says:

    LEXA HAD A CURRENT C O N T R A C T with another show. She agreed to, and signed a small contract for only a few shows in The 100. The Producers, and directors, writers and actors/actresses all want3rd her to continue, uninterupted in the 100. Unfortunately she had a previous commitment prior to the making of and the signing onto The 100. So, once Lexa s current contract on living dead is complete she is open / free to re sign, commit longer, and re connect joining THE 100….. AGAIN! So please STOP scolding the producers/writers of theb100 for Lexa leaving the show.
    It isn’t their fault.
    Its no one’s fault.
    Its people keeping promises with honesty and maturity it’s being responsible and honoring their contract in good standing with great and powerful Candor!

  5. Sarena says:

    I did NOT want Lexa to leave the show.
    The transfers of the CHIP into Clark will happen, Clark will become commander,and Clark will marry the Prince and Clarke will be Wanheda!

    Nightsblood won’t be issue because the,spirit of Alexa WHO LOVES CLARKE will MAKE THE CHIP WORK AND SETTLE CALMLY WITHIN CLARK!

  6. QWERTY says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people!!!??? Are you really watching the 100 only because of one character!! And you want the show to be canceled, because she’s dead!!! WHAT THE FAK. How old are you!! Most of the comments there make me just sick! This show is really amazing, but all you can see there is ONLY CLEXA/LEXA, I would be really glad if they kill her out in season finale. And I hope that she don’t come back in 4season. This show isn’t about her… and when she gone forever there left only true fans of this show. I’m really sorry for producers of Fear the Walking Dead if they will be have to go throught this shit, with you make :/ If you want to stop watching the show DO IT. Just please STOP complain and let enjoy this show ME and another true fans of the 100. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH. BYE!

    • Okami says:

      the True fans are the one who understand Lexa’s importance to the show and who understand that without her this show is ruined, you talk about being a true fan yet you understand noting, it is better for show to be canceled then to be furder ruined by continuing it without Lexa.

  7. Lexa is dead she will never come back in the flesh i think… In the city of light for sure. But if she was gonna come back in another way it would be ridiculous… She’s playing in FTWD . Clarke will end up with some guy, bellamy or another one

    • Okami says:

      And how do you know that if she comes back she won’t really be there? Are you part of some secret science group that has answers to human conscience? No? Well then you can’t really deny possibility that human conscience can be fully uploaded into chip witch is a fitting theory for SCI-FI show that the 100 is. I can’t know for sure what is going to happen obviously but I can believe that people behind the 100 won’t make such mistake as pairing Clarke with Bellamy.

      • I don’t want clarke to pair up with bellamy either. What i meant when i say she won’t come back is physically, with alycia’s face, unless writers finds some logical explanation, her body is dead. Reincarnation through technology with her memories uploaded on a virtual reality can totally happen in this kind of show

    • Okami says:

      There is many ways for Lexa to come back and any way would be far better then for her not to come back at all. She will most likely come back true that girl Luna after she takes the flame, It is highly unlikely that Clarke will end up with some guy.

      • Don’t you think it would be frustrating to see her coming back without really being there? Who already know they’ll meet in the city of light for season finale but it won’t be real. The 100 doesn’t look like the kind of show where people come back to life. Even if they find her a twin, it won’t be lexa, the character fans learned to love. Clarke is bisexual don’t you think she can end up with bellamy?


    You do realize Lexa is probably NOT really dead, don’t you?

    The only way to get around conflicting schedules for ADC on FTWD and keep everyone happy.

    No, I am not talking about the AI thingy in her neck, That is not Lexa, its an enhancement placed in there only relatively recently after the previous Commander’s death, on Lexa’s ascension. Lexa was Lexa before that happened, she was in a lesbian relationship with someone who died, possibly the previous commander? So the same nature was present before that. So, she does not need the implant to be, just, HER!

    The clues lie in several plot points:

    1. Her young Protege who she told to Titus was ready ‘now’.
    2. Making the boy repeat his promise to protect Clarke’s people to Clarke.
    3. Love Scene ” Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people” THATS A PLOT PROMISE… TRUST ME! Of a life together.
    4. Lexa eventually knew Titus was right, that the relationship would destroy her authority and bring Chaos to the 12 clans.

    My guess is that the shooting was planned by Lexa under protest from Titus after she made love with Clarke, a pivotal moment. If Clarke had just left immediately there would have been no need.
    She didn’t shield Clarke she seemed to be expecting it. It seemed a little too convenient and contrived. Not so much tacky writing.
    The AI was removed rather too quickly.
    Lexa was carried out rather too quickly also by Titus personally, he seemed in a hurry.

    We never saw her body again it was always covered.
    We never saw her cremated, just the smoke, an assumption

    Why has Lexa done it? Because possibly she has chosen Clarke over being Commander. She loses the AI implant and therefore, “owes nothing more to her people”. The Protege can finish her job. The ultimate act of her true inner submissive nature.

    However, Lexa and Titus miscalculated on Ontari, the ‘Pretender to the Commander’s Throne’ assassinating all the Proteges. Therefore Titus has no option but to entrust the AI implant to Clarke as Flamekeeper to give it Luna.

    At the end of the story, I am 90% confident the physical Lexa will emerge from the shadows and the explanation by her in the form of a flashback showing how she planned, and executed her exit, was revived, spirited away from Polis and eventually healed will be revealed. Its already been filmed, I am sure. I am sure Alycia will be spared by FTWD for one brief last shoot at the end, although that may have already been done to defeat the Set Spotters and rumors.

    Clarke will be told by the AI in the City Of Light where to find the real and now healed physical Lexa.

    Clarke’s mission is accomplished and they ride off together into the sunset as
    a permanent Lesbian Couple.

    Bellamy has already comprehensively rejected Clarke and will either die or become Chancellor at the end. I cannot decide at this point, although I consider him totally untrustworthy and doesn’t deserve to survive although as Chancellor, he may be able to make amends.

    A VR/AI reunion and life eternal in the City Of Light for Clarke and Lexa would not be satisfactory. JASON DON’T GO THERE!

    I have chewed and reviewed all the relevant episodes, the reactions of Jason and crew to the outrage and realized if they had wanted Lexa permanently
    and definitively dead it would have been in battle from a undeniable fatal wound in a place with no help and, in the manner she deserved. Lexa faked her own expiry in front of Clarke before she was whisked away. Maybe she was also drugged?

    Also, Titus was getting the AI storage kit out a little too prematurely for my liking.

    There is no defence by Jason and Crew to what appears to be a tacky scene of Lexa’s death from a stray bullet, no way they can placate the ‘Dead Lesbian Trope’ argument without giving away a terrific ending and possibly the best most satisfying denoument to Clarke and Lexa’s historic and TV groundbreaking Lesbian Relationship that will leave everyone stunned, totally elated and glowing inside.

    If not, THEN you have every excuse to criticise, until then, lets see what happens and watch for clues along the way.

    • Sarena says:

      Clarke and Lexa are in love. The,spirit of Alexa is inside the So, because Clarke has no NIGHTBLOOD, Lexa’s spirit within the chip will demand that Clarke’s body accept the chip and the chip accept Clarke body even without the NIGHTBLOOD! Clarke will then become wanted a/commander and still also be meshed with LEXAS SPIRIT FOREVER, or at least until She Clarke herself passes the chip to the next wanheda/commander. I know this sounds out-there, but it makes so much sense and is GREAT TV!

    • it would be a great but to beautiful to be real no? One of the thing vlarke loves about lexa is a determination to fight for her people and bring peace. Lexa feels the same about clarke she almost said it to her. Lexa wouldn’t giving up on her duty for one love, her sense of responsability is too strong for that don’t you think?

  9. Deerna6464 says:

    Lexa & Clarke were the only real love in a world of fear & death….LEXA HAS TO COME BACK!!! Please…..bring LEXA back & develope Her & Vlarke’s relationship!! The 100 is such a fantastic show with a huge following & the LEXA / Clarke relationship was/is such a big part of the dichotomy in that world!! She has to come back….PLEASE!

  10. daveena says:

    the death of lexa had shatter my heart into a million pieces i watch the show just for clexa i love the chemistry between clarke and lexa please please please bring lexa back the entire LGBT COMMUNITY IS 💔 please find a way to have lexa back on the show save us some pain

  11. Emily says:

    Please do something to Lexa back. She was part of something big. I watch the show because of her, and Clarke. She has to go back!

  12. Kyle says:

    I wanted to see Clarke and Roan develop a close relationship.

  13. FABSIE says:

    Yes Lexa is the last casuality, because there is nothing to watch after seeing that, The show is over and I’m so done with this cr…p.

  14. Edivane says:

    I love lexa this Tv Show for me is Done.

  15. octaviablakegriffin says:

    I think killing of Lexa was actually a good idea, but of course I love Clexa, and Lexa. Just because they killed off Lexa does not mean you have to stop watching it. I get it Lexa was a big part of The 100, and she was loveable, but there is a chance of her coming back, and even if she doesn’t come back, you should still watch it besides it’s not just about the characters, its about the storyline, and the quality. Lexa was one of the best characters, but there is still Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Murphy, Monty, Jasper, Octavia, Abby, Lincoln, Kane and Jaha.

  16. lav says:


    I just signed the petition, “Jason Rothenberg: Bring Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa) Back in The 100.”

    I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

    • Okami says:

      I signed too, but in my experience I never up till now saw any of petitions of this type to have any success. Hopefully people in charge will just realize what a huge mistake they made while there is still time.

  17. xcv123 says:

    Will Clarke somehow be the new Commander or at the very least get Alie 2.0?! It would fit with the flashback scenario and would be unexpected. I bet she has the support of the ice nation now.

    • Sarena says:

      I believe the love that the last commander LEXA & Clarke shared is enough for CLARKE TO (SAFELY & SUCCESFULLY) TAKE INTO HER BODY the COMMANDER CHIP. This is because Lexa s spirit is within the chip,
      Lexa will help the chip to:
      This will make Clark the new ‘Commander/Wanheda’ and will also allow two people in love to be and stay together! Yay!

  18. Riley lovingier says:

    Jason if you read my other message and you truly want lexa back then please contact me so that I can talk to you about bringing her back. And you should because TV is based off of our reviews and alot of people want this show to be gone now but you change it

  19. Riley lovingier says:

    If i told you you could bring lexa back would you because I know how you could. Could you make her death a dream/message from the past commaders so that she can come back to the show but she wouldn’t be in everyone like clark would find out she is gone after the next episode and you could have them tryet to find each other so they end up at the a i’s house so that they could warn the others. Could you do that?it would make all the fans alot happier and the show would go on longer.

  20. Hope says:

    I’m so mad right now when Lexa died I started sob like a freaken baby and I really hope that’s she comes back. I will be so done with this show if she doesn’t come and I’m going to start watching fear the walking dead.lol

  21. Come on guys says:

    Guys, I get it.

    Believe me – I get it. Lexa dying totally sucked!

    But to be like “the show is shit now” or “I’m not watching it anymore” is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction don’t you think?

    It sounds like Jason and ADC did the best that they could to work within the constraints of having a guest star working simultaneously on two shows. It really doesn’t sound as if the writers or Jason wanted to lose ADC but I can also understand why they had to kill her to move the story forward too.

    I know that people are saying that she could have been written off some other way or shelved for a few episodes but how?

    Seriously, think about it.

    1) As if Lexa would willingly leave Clarke to go and frolic in the woods or elsewhere on her own for episodes on end/until ADC was available.

    2) They couldn’t have just stopped evolving the entire grounder/Polis story line for the rest of season – especially with the Pike plot moving the way that it is.

    3) They needed a way to tie the city of light into the grounder/polis plot.

    4) It doesn’t look like ADC is leaving fear the walking dead anytime soon so it would have been an issue in future seasons too.

    5) Even if they had of written her off for 5 or 6 episodes there would have been tears and recriminations regarding her absense anyway!

    So the long and the short of it is that this was never going to be an easy decision for the guys pulling the strings, so I say we should cut them some slack.

    But! But, but, but… as Jason keeps hinting, she might live on in another way…

    My prediction for what’s to come is that Aden loses the conclave (and probably his life) to the Azgeda nightblood (can’t remember her name, sorry) who will become the next Heda.

    This will obviously throw everything into turmoil because her mentor was a massively evil bitch and everything… but if a part of Lexa truly lives on through this AI then the new commander will undoubtably have a difficult time going against Clarke deliberately.

    Who knows? Maybe something will develop between those two? We don’t know how much of Lexa is floating around in that chip. Maybe it’s just a whole lot of Lexa. Admittedly, I don’t know how anyone could even hope to try and replace the magic that is ADC/EJT chemistry but hey! It wouldn’t be the first time that this show has surprised me and they have a knack for picking truly exceptional actors so you never know.

    The moral of the story is; as much as we will all miss ADC (please come back if you can btw) even without Lexa the story will still go on and it will still probably be good and let’s face it; you will still probably watch it.

    I’m as devestated as everyone else re Lexa (seriously, I ugly cried like no ones business) but I’m not sitting here throwing a tantrum, being negative and trying to boycott the show.

    Come on guys, it’ll all be ok.

    May they meet again.

    • Sarah says:

      They really could do a thing like what happened to john snow in game of thrones. No matter time. Ot her not die somehow because no one saw pyre. Tidus couldnof slipped her away. For later dste of her coming back. Could happen

    • Okami says:

      I understand what you are saying but I think you are not realizing just how important Lexa is for this show and for many of it’s fans. True we watched and liked the show far before Lexa made her appearance in it but for me at least before she did the show was a very nice at best before Lexa and I only started really loving it and thinking about it as amazing show since Lexa made her appearance. Lexa was my favorite character and she and her relationship with Clarke contributed a lot to the show, enough for it’s overall quality to go up to a completely different level, and now that Lexa is gone, while I wouldn’t exactly say that show has become shit it has gone back to what it used to be before Lexa and going from amazing show to a very nice show is a lot worse then being a very nice show all the way and the sudden drop in quality is usually what makes people drop the show, and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time that popularity of show greatly sulfured after they killed everyone’s favorite character.

      People in charge of making shows often underestimate importance of their star character witch often results in their doom.

      For example among other things the reason why I and probably many other people cared for politics between grounders and skycrew was because of Lexa and Clarke and the way it affects their relationship and without them many people including myself probably wouldn’t care about it THAT much. Like my reaction to Pike killing grounders was that of being shocked and like “this is disasters, how are they going to solve this?!” but if there weren’t for Lexa and Clarke it would probably something along the lines of “Oh so the war is going to start again” because it was because of Lexa and Clarke that we really wished for peace between grounders and skycrew.

      So yea while it might be going to far to say that the show is now shit because of Lexa’s death it is not to far to say that it is ruined.

      I myself am going to continue watching the show until end of this season because I don’t like to drop shows half the way in season but I am most likely dropping it after that unless Lexa comes back somehow.

      • Okami says:

        You are right, people saying that show is ruined is merely an assumption or expectation, I thought that is obvious, but I wouldn’t say that there is zero evidence to support their negative expectations, after all they just took away the part in a show witch for many is the very part of the show that makes it great therefore I think that those negative expectations are very logical and well based.

        I also don’t think that her death was necessary as there is always other ways to do things, I myself could come up with dozens, and pretty much any other way would be better.

        Offcurse there is noting wrong with having hope and if you do have it that is a great thing, but you can’t force someone or even yourself to have hope.

      • Come on guys says:

        First off: I am totally on the same page regarding the loss of this character and I appreciate where you are coming from :)

        I truly do understand how important this relationship and also LGBTI representation in TV is. I, myself am a Lesbian so I really do get it.

        Now that that’s out of the way here’s my issue:

        People are making very grandiose claims with zero evidence to support it.

        Saying that the show is shit, ruined or it’s going back to such and such… how do you even know what it’s doing? Do you have a crystal ball? Did you write it and you’re not telling me? Is this Jason? (if so, sup).

        Seriously, you haven’t had a chance to see what is going to happen and how the rest of the season (let alone the show) is going to play out so how on earth do you know what it is right now?

        I take issue with the fact that it’s just throwing shade at the show for no other reason but as a knee-jerk reaction to something that is upsetting and whilst I understand WHY people might be angry, they’re not really giving the show a chance. It’s a bit like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum and so far I have found it to be somewhat mortifying.

        People are just jumping onto the old assumption band wagon before there is even a horse to pull it.

        And the whole “lesbian trope” outrage… oh please people. Let’s all just get a grip for a second.

        Whilst she was a lesbian, she was first and foremost a human being (just like all of us). The fact that she was a lesbian should not suddenly make her untouchable on a show where no one is safe. This shouldn’t be news to anyone that has been watching the show from the beginning either. I’m a lesbian, does that mean that I should get to live forever? No, it doesn’t.

        Her death was necessary for many reasons mentioned in my original comment. If they could have kept her I think that they probably would have and trust me, I would prefer it if she weren’t dead. I mean, are you kidding me? Clexa was my sprit animal.

        But such is life. People die and it will always be tragic for someone.

        But don’t give up on the show. It’s the first in a long time to forge this strongly ahead with so many strong female characters. I also think that they will probably find a way to continue to represent the LGBTI community and create meaningful onscreen relationships – Clarke is still bisexual after all (please don’t start on me Bellarke shippers).

        The writers will continue to find a way to keep the plot moving and to keep you invested. That’s what they do. That’s how we ended up with Lexa in the first place remember?

        I know it’s hard but try to have a little faith ;)

    • Paigie says:

      Agreed. I was gutted & absolutely devastated when Lexa died. But I’m not going to stop watching, the show is far too good for that nonsense. It’s weird how the death of a fictional TV character can affect people so deeply. But as Eliza said, it means they did their job.
      I’m hoping that somehow Clarke ends up jamming ALIE 2 into the back of her head so she can become Commander of the 13th Clan & see Lexa whenever she wants.
      I’m optimistic I know, but why not? :)
      The possibilities are endless, I can’t wait for the next ep. I love this show.

      • Come on guys says:

        Haha I love your optimism! Viva La neck chip!

        You’re right though; the possibilities are totally endless and it will be exciting to see how the story develops from here.

        Peeps need to relax a little and trust that Jason and the writers know what they are doing. That’s why they are writing the show and we aren’t… ;)

  22. I agree the show is shit without lexa!

  23. Nihalla says:

    The show is shit without Lexa.
    Hope 2 c her again or fear the walking dead here i come..

  24. Tt says:


  25. Taylor says:

    Lexa is dead, i am so sad ;( ;(

  26. 'ευη λ. says:

    i can’t watch anymore …. i’m sorry but i just can’t … i started watches this show because of lexa and now she is dead and i am so angry >< i love lexa and i am hopping lexa return :/

  27. 'ευη λ. says:

    i am so sad from lexa death … my heart is so broken :/ it has been the worst decision you have made :/ i want lexa back :/ she is the best character .. why kill her ?? i am hopping lexa return and finally lexa and clark be together forever …

  28. darleen says:

    I was so devastated by Lexa’s death especially when both her and Clarke finally showed their love for one another. I am hoping that they will be reunited once again and finally be together forever as two individuals that truly love each other not as leaders for their clans…

  29. miriam says:

    Es muy triste, la muerte de Lexa deja un sentimiento inmensamente triste, no solo por la historia romántica entre ella y Clarke, sino porque comenzaba a demostrar lo hermoso del ser humano, el poder cambiar odio por amor, el poder crecer y mejorar. Lexa aprendió a ver la vida de forma diferente gracias al amor y estaba dispuesta a mostrarlo a su gente.

  30. Sherry says:

    Very sad to Lexa go. I loved her and I will have a hard time watching without her.

  31. Donna says:

    Very disappointed, no interest in the show anymore, too bad I really liked the show and the story line, bring back lexa and you’ll win me back too

  32. Chiqz says:

    Yes, I’m Sad that Lexa is gone. She is a good actress. If there would be another chance, please bring her back to the show. I guess her role here is much good and challenging than her other show (Fear The Walking Dead).. I hope you will return her.. Thank you.

  33. Anyone familiar with the “Dead Lesbian” trope wouldn’t have been surprised, just disappointed that it got trotted out YET AGAIN.

  34. Jc says:

    WHY?! I’m not even that excited anymore. You broke my heart. It’s the end for me…bye

  35. Bob says:

    Yep horrible choice killing her. I know myself and most of the people I know, will no longer be watching the show. Hope they cancel it this year. Season 3 be the end.

  36. sdgdsfgsad says:

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  37. Michelle says:

    Absolutely sad to see Lexa is gone. Why, why WHY???? Wahhhhhhh….

  38. Brandon says:

    this episode was great. seemed far fetched but it was so seamless with the AI being the grounder religion.
    superb writing.

  39. Nuzhet says:

    Well my time in the 100 fandom is over now that alycia is gone, so I’m on to the fear the walking dead, wish me luck or not

  40. B Baaden says:

    By killing Lexa, the whole story of love and relationship with Clarke in the series 100 will not be the same and worth watching. The directors created something truly strong and powerful in the midst of evil times.

  41. Maybe she will live on in “other memory” like a Reverend Mother in Frank Herbert Dune series. In that book they still have some form of consciousness. When Reverend Mother Odrade realizes she is dead and now in Other memory is quite poignant.

  42. BT says:

    I was deverstated… Lena was why I started watching the show, she should not have died!! I’m not going be able to move on now! 😭😭

  43. Krystle says:

    Loved the Clarke and Lexa relationship!
    The past season and these 7 episode have been outsandly written and acted out.

    Those who judge Clexa shippers don’t understand how emotionally attached you get to someone (even a fictional character) as relatable as either of them. Put them together and you got a whirlwind romance between two very dynamic deep individuals who have the world on their shoulders. Thankfully they gave us a beautiful moment between Clarke and Lexa before the tragedy. Could you imagine if they never said or acted on how they felt other than all that eye gazing?

    No one’s really pointed out how important Clarke’s words are. She tells Bellamy “I need you”, tells Lexa about Finn ” we need him”, but on Lexa’s deathbed Clarke tells her “I want you”. Real love.

    So many questions were answered, so many new questions to those answers!

    Who will be the new commander, will they keep Lexa’s charge to hold a line at Arcadia, will they protect Clarke, will Lexa be in the City Of Light, what’s going with the two AI’s, what will happen to those who took the pill, what will Octavia do when she sees Clarke again, who will get to kill Pike? So on and so on.

    “May we meet again” is by far the deepest saying above anything else on this show…
    The 100’s zeros crashing into each other in the intro now makes sense being its the infinity symbol… What?!?!

    Amazing job to the entire cast and crew.
    Not an easy feat to kill off such a huge character in the midst of war and how it was played out, be it she was with Clarke or not. Can’t wait till next weeks episode!!
    LEXA LIVES!!!!
    Not in the city of light but the city of death, the other AI created to trap grounders…
    “Fear the Walking Dead”. See you there! :)

  44. Emily O'Donnell says:

    Clark has now lost two major relationships in her life between Finn and Lexa. The loss of Finn I was surprised to see her moving on quickly with Lexa. Is it safe to say they not coming seasons Clark will have another romantic relationship. And will we see Lexa again at all in anyway. Including flashbacks

  45. egbejale victoria says:

    I love the going of lexa and clarke please bring lexa back

  46. Skaikru says:

    The 100 killed off its best & most intriguing character.. There are a lot of other ways they could have written the story & kept the character alive. She could have been gone for a few seasons for some reason (even had the ai removed but stayed alive) & then brought back once the actress had time or Fear the Walking Dead was over. I’m disappointed in the show. Killing her off was the easy choice. And to be honest I don’t think I’ll be watching it anymore. Lexa made the show great. Sexuality set aside. She was an amazing character & I don’t think the 100 will survive without her.

  47. Button says:

    I must admite i was also very upset at her being killed off especially after they Just got together. when we have been waiting this long…however i have a prediction.
    So lexas got this ai chip right, Alie 2.. while alie 1 is still kicking about sending others to the city of light.. which hasnt been explained much yet. So my theory is that the city of light is connected to both alies..and that this constent phrase “may we meet again ” (that has been in play since season one and is the last thing clarke says to lexa)… comes into a reality and lexa will be in the city of light. Cause we already know the dead live on there. So i hope thats how it plays out somehow and that they do indeed meet again eventually. It would make so much sence and be a very good storyline. Plus would give the actress time if shes a series regular on another show. One can hope

  48. Chris Carles says:

    What you fail to understand is the bigger picture. The love is living on regardless through reincarnation to the next Commander. The next Commander will love Clark just as Lexa did. It’s quite romantic and heartbreaking, it really is. Just give it a chance to grow.

  49. Chris Carles says:

    I think that the problem here is that many of these people watched this show strictly for the love story, the lesbian love interest, and the like. They didn’t watch it for what it really is, and now that it’s living up to that, what it truly is, they are disappointed. Well, you should be. Because you’ve been watching for all the wrong reasons this entire time. Good riddence.

    • Michelle says:

      You are mistaken. People cared about Lexa as a character and started to watch the show because of her. Not because of Clexa (perhaps there were some who started watching because of Clexa) but generally it was the character. Clexa “shippers” didn’t watch thís show for the love story but for the great characters Clarke and Lexa were. And Lexas character added so much for this show.

  50. Chris Carles says:

    Oh, come on people. Do you even understand the story here? Lexa died so that we could understand the concept behind the commanders and how they’re reincarnated, and to me, that was the biggest and best twist this show has ever had to offer. A lot of you guys focus on the wrong things in this show. This show is NOT about love interests, but in a way it is. It was about teaching the AI system living within the Commanders about humanity, and passing that cumulative knowledge down through the ages. Lexa’s memories and teachings, and knowledge will be passed down to the next Commander, so quite literally, her consciousness will still be alive inside of that AI. The AI has seen nothing but war from the grounders up until now. Lexa’s love with Clark. And Clark’s “Blood must not have blood” has taught both Lexa, the AI, and every Commander after her that humanity is not so terrible. This is why Lexa told Clark that the next Commander WILL protect her. Because that Commander will have Lexa’s understanding of Clark, her love, and memories. Do you not understand how deep this goes? It’s some of the best writing I’ve seen from a show in quite some time.

    • Am&a says:

      Chris – you are so right. I’m a huge Lexa fan and definitely sore over her death but you really nailed it. People got very attached to Lexa in the physical form, but the complexity of the mind is what makes us truly human, even moreso than the human body itself and it will be awesome to see how the “flame” of Lexa lives on through the next Commanders. Yours is one of the best reactions I’ve read to the storyline so far! Props!

      • I enjoyed the twist and the fact there is a cerebral element to the show and not just action. Also this AI has some control over who is the next commander, maybe the twist could be it picks Clarke.

        I found this episode very engaging. When i saw the trailer for this show I thought it would be a dud, but I was very pleasantly surprised and have greatly enjoyed it and have recommended it to many others.

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