‘The 100’ Season 4 Preview: ‘The Earth Strikes Back’ as Nuclear Apocalypse Looms

The 100 Season 4 Spoilers: Will
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The cast and executive producer of “The 100” were on hand at Comic-Con to preview Season 4 of the hit CW drama, beginning with a sizzle reel that included a work-in-progress shot from next season that showed the Grounder city of Polis being overtaken by a dark cloud of radioactive fallout as Eliza Taylor’s Clarke narrated via voiceover: “Our enemy isn’t something that can be fought, it can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be killed. When all is lost, can hope survive? can we survive? After everything we’ve done, do we deserve to?”

Creator Jason Rothenberg said that if and when we see that shot in its finished form, it’ll be later in the season, but the producers wanted to offer fans a tease for the season, given that they haven’t started filming yet.

“The earth strikes back in Season 4, it is an unbeatable foe,” Rothenberg promised of next year’s story. “It quickly becomes about not how to stop it, because stopping it is not possible, but how do we survive? There aren’t enough lifeboats, so who gets to choose who lives?”

Cast members Taylor, Henry Ian Cusick, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Lindsey Morgan and Chris Larkin were present on the panel to preview what’s ahead for their characters after the dramatic events of Season 3, which saw the deaths of major characters including Lexa, Lincoln and Pike.


The 100 Lexa pledge

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Avgeropoulos’ Octavia killed Pike in revenge for his murder of her lover, Lincoln, and the actress promised that “Octavia will take a really dark turn” in Season 4. “She’s going to do what she does best, which is killing people,” and will be channeling her inner assassin, according to Avgeropoulos. “She really found her home within herself in becoming a warrior, and that’s thanks to Lincoln and Indra.”

Here’s what else we learned on the panel:

“The City of Light is gone, the flame exists, and all the minds of the commanders are in the flame,” Rothenberg says. “The finale was designed from day one … we always knew Lexa was coming back in the finale, we always knew there was going to be this triumphant, emotional return, but it was also designed as a finale. So Lexa’s gone, she’s not coming back to the show, but ultimately the flame is an important thing, it’s a political artifact.”

According to Rothenberg, whoever is in possession of the flame has the power, especially since there are no Nightbloods who can ascend to the position of commander. “There is no commander, there are no Nightbloods that we know of, but there are Nightblood scouts, and we’ll meet one” in Season 4. “It’ll be an interesting thing for [the new character], when she shows up,” because she’ll be dealing with the fallout of the murder of the Nightbloods and the loss of the flame, causing the character to wrestle “what is left of her religion, her spirituality.”

You can expect Clarke to be back in a position of power in Season 4, with less self-doubt and more respect from the adults around her. “This season, Clarke owns her power, she’s saved the world,” Rothenberg notes. “Kane and Abby recognize that, they recognize that they’re dealing with someone special, and it’s her time to do it again.”

After last season’s ordeal with ALIE, Cusick is hopeful that Kane will once again be a leader in his own right. “Kane is fairly pragmatic … he sees what needs to be done and hopefully won’t delve too much into the PTSD,” he said. “As a good leader, I would hope he’d put others before himself.” The actor also revealed on the panel that he’ll be directing an episode in Season 4.

Raven’s close encounter with ALIE has changed her forever, according to Morgan: “It’s not the same Raven, she got the ALIE upgrade, so she’s definitely like a Raven 2.0,” the actress said. “I think she went through an evolution, she’s not only stronger mentally because of the knowledge ALIE left behind, but emotionally and spiritually, she’s been to hell and back, she didn’t die, so I feel like she’s a totally different Raven on a totally different level, ready to take on the biggest enemy yet.”

Larkin and Harmon both expressed optimism for their characters after the darkness of last season, especially since Murphy and Monty are involved in burgeoning romances. “He has a possibly blossoming romance, and the last moment between him and Jasper you feel hopeful for the first time in a really long time that they’re going to be okay,” Larkin said of Monty, who forged a connection with Harper last season.


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Murphy, too, has a rare chance for an emotional connection thanks to his relationship with Emori. “He found someone he can share life with, for at least now. For the first time, I can see the possibility of maybe a happy ending for him, and that’s really cool,” Harmon said.

Rothenberg also revealed the original ending for the Season 3 finale, in which “Jasper comes out of the City of Light and goes and blows his brains out,” but the showrunner admitted, “it was too dark, even for me … It was a horrible way to leave what was a really dark season. Plus I felt like there was more in the tank for Jasper. It was something that I, in my gut, didn’t feel right about, so I cut it and we found the better ending.”

The cast shared another secret that never made it to screen — in the series premiere, it was originally intended for Kane to be Octavia’s father, but the idea was scrapped after it was filmed.

Season 4 will also see Zach McGowan’s Ice Nation King Roan return in a big way, since the actor has been promoted to series regular status, and despite Indra’s grave wounds last season, Rothenberg confirmed that she is alive and that Adina Porter will return for multiple episodes in the new season.

“The 100” returns for Season 4 at midseason on The CW.

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  1. Alana says:

    Wait what about Bellamy and Clarke.

  2. Alkpaz says:

    The actress who plays Lexa moved on to Fear The Walking Dead, this is why her character died, not because of some conspiracy. To be honest, The 100 is miles better than Fear The Walking Dead, Alycia Debnam-Cary’s acting itself is pretty good and hopefully she doesn’t become typecast like ex: Elizabeth Mitchell, although a good actress herself like in “Lost”, Revolution, etc she is undoubtedly typecast. I hope Alycia does not, and continues to innovate her acting.

    • McKenzie says:

      The actress, Alycia said that she could be on both fear the walking dead and the 100(she was already in the middle of filming fear the walking dead while being on the 100) but it was Jason’s decision to kill her because he couldn’t find a way to get the flame. Her death is really shitty writing. I think that fans are mad because he gave her a shitty death, being shot on accident by someone who loves her.

  3. Liz says:

    Have to have Clarke and Lexa….. og Else Im Out…. But remember Clarke only did the Killswitch on the Rouge ALLi 1.0 the Better version with City Light version 2 was the right One. And theyll be Together All of them

  4. Phil says:

    Well i just finished S3E7… I guess my fight is over. Farwell The100 :(

  5. I would really love to see Clarke and Lexa interacting, even separated by death. The type of fate interaction with a teenage Clarke locked in prison on board the ARK and a thoughtful and hard exterior young Lexa on the ground at the same time. Clarke on the verge of death and Lexa persuading to keep fighting or Clarke trapped in a cybernetic reality where she can’t tell the difference and she is still happy with a lover Lexa Commander or Lexa adversary, not like Person of Interested or The Matrix, been rebooted over and over and been a way to escape it without outside help. See Flashbacks thru a live Indra about Lexa as a Commander. I just wish they could sign Alycia Debnam-Carey to appear briefly on at least two more episodes in season 4. Something tells me somehow Clarke’s attention will be focused to getting closer to Luna or Roan and who knows maybe even build a possible foundation for her and Bellamy. It would be awesome to see new suits exosuits of the 2040 or 2050 retrieved from corpses that makes them more resistant to radiation. It would be awesome to see a truly motivated and maybe evil enemy add to the imminent second nuclear apocalypse.

  6. karina says:

    does anyone know if bellamy and clarke will ever date? i think it has to happen eventually, cause it does in the books, but they’ve already made so many chances to the story.

  7. Jane says:

    I really really really miss Lexa!! It was even worse than when they killed off Jon Snow in GOT cause this time it seems very final. It’s sci-fi though, the show could find a way to resurrect her if they really wanted to and as for Fear the Walking Dead, I hope it ends up getting cancelled if that is the only way Alycia could return. That show is brutal anyway and don’t even get me started on Alicia Clark… moody, lame and shameful. Bring back Lexa I say; the 100 and Alycia’s career may very well suffer without her.

  8. Cindy says:

    Wish Lincoln would come back!

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