‘The 100’ Creator on Lexa Controversy: ‘I Would’ve Done Some Things Differently’

The 100 Boss Talks Lexa's Death,
Courtesy CW

After weeks of controversy following the death of fan-favorite character Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), “The 100” creator Jason Rothenberg took the stage at WonderCon to address the fan reaction to Lexa’s exit and how it perpetuated the trend of lesbians dying on primetime TV.

“The reaction has obviously been surprising to us, to me in particular, I didn’t ever imagine that it would be so intense,” Rothenberg conceded. “You design it to be a ride, you design it to be emotional — the show’s a tragedy, horrible things happen in every episode — but this landed in a different way for our audience, especially LGBTQ fans of the show.”

Rothenberg said that he watches fan reaction videos every Friday morning after new episodes of “The 100” air, and it was those videos that “began to drive it home for me” that Lexa’s death was affecting fans more deeply than the show’s other casualties. “On this particular Friday, I couldn’t watch them — they were too intense … one after the next, they were devastated by what they saw.”

He acknowledged that Lexa’s death “touched something real; it touched a nerve; it activated something in people who, their whole lives, have had to deal with things that me as a straight, white guy obviously couldn’t relate to.”

Rothenberg also said that he and the other writers “never really understood the power of that relationship and that character” before seeing the fan reaction to Lexa being killed, but admitted, “knowing what I know now, I would’ve done some things differently.”

Last week, in a previous interview he gave to TV Insider, Rothenberg said the fan backlash wouldn’t have changed the story he was telling — “We would have told the same story. I stand behind the story; I just don’t think I would have gone out of my way to say ‘This is the best episode we’ve ever done!'” — but during the WonderCon panel, he clarified that although nothing would’ve changed his decision to kill Lexa, had he realized the hurt it would cause the fanbase ahead of time, he might’ve altered the context of her demise.

“When I was answering that question, I was thinking that the question meant, certainly in my mind, ‘would you still follow through with killing this character’ and the answer is — and I know it’s not going to make everybody happy — but the answer is yes. But I would do things differently.”

Rothenberg cited “three areas where I think I messed up,” pointing out, “my social media interaction with the fans in some way set up around this relationship an unrealistic expectation that Lexa would be okay, that she’d walk off into the sunset.” He reiterated that he only promise he’s ever made is that on this show “nobody is safe. That’s the kind of show it is. I regret the way that I talked about the show on social,” which may have led fans to believe that Lexa’s fate was going to be different.

He added, “I love the fact that we have a bisexual lead, I love that a new audience came to the show because of this relationship, and I was excited and sharing my excitement, and that was misinterpreted to mean that I was promising a happy ending.”


Why the Controversial Death on ‘The 100’ Matters

As for the way “Thirteen” was scripted and “the way the episode played out,” Rothenberg said, “there’s a couple things I wish we did better,” including the “sex and death happening so close together. I definitely am uncomfortable with that juxtaposition now. The death had nothing to do with the fact that she’d just had sex; it was this powerful, transformative figure who was killed because she was trying to change her people, and that’s always dangerous, as I think history has proven. That’s why she died and that’s why I allowed those two scenes to coexist like that. But in hindsight, I wish I’d found a way to separate them somehow,” given the trope of lesbians dying so soon after a moment of sexual or emotional fulfillment.

Rothenberg said he was also aware that fans had wished for a more heroic death for Lexa rather than “the stray bullet,” given that she was such a powerful character. “On the one hand, I get that — and I totally believe you when you say that that would’ve made it better for you, but at the same time, this show really doesn’t traffic in heroic battlefield deaths,” he pointed out. “I was trying to make a point that life is fragile and somebody even as powerful as Lexa could die because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That was the tragedy that I was trying to underline.”

He admitted that he wasn’t aware of Tara’s death on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which Lexa’s death mirrored so closely. “I wish I knew more about this trope back then, because had I done my homework about it, I probably would’ve come upon the fact that in ‘Buffy,’ a character who was also a lesbian died by a stray bullet, and I was unaware of that because I didn’t watch that show,” he said. “And so I would’ve, for sure, just for creative reasons alone, tried to differentiate our execution of that idea. That would’ve for sure been something that I tried to move the pieces around the board, but to try and make the same point that life is fragile.”

During the fan Q&A portion of the panel, a fan noted that “The 100” fandom has raised over $80,000 for The Trevor Project in honor of Lexa, and Rothenberg said, “I do think that’s an incredible silver lining in all this.”

He added, “it’s opened my eyes in a lot of ways, to the power that stories have in the world, and the responsibilities I have as a storyteller … I didn’t really understand enough, and now I do, I’m grateful for the experience.”

As for how Clarke will go on after Lexa’s death, Eliza Taylor said, “Clarke has always been very good at compartmentalizing, she’s always been very good at pushing forward even in the worst situations, but this one’s different, this is her love. It’s gonna be really, really tricky for her, and I think it really changes her for good, but in true Clarke fashion, she will somehow get through it.”

“The 100” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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  1. Shau'ry says:

    You would think Lexa would live tho like Clarke and Abby have saved so many people who were much closer to death than Lexa. For example Finn, Jasper, Raven, the chancellor. Like i dont belive Lexa should have died that easily.

  2. Mia says:

    Screw you,Rothenberg! 😠

  3. Brian says:

    LBGT or any other “community” are simply too sensitive to things. Everything is about them. Obviously killing off one of the best characters on the show only meant something to LGBT…. not. As a white, straight male, I am done with the show after her death. Her,Clarke, Octivia, and Raven were the only real likable characters in the entire show. They turned Sky-crew into a bunch of ignorant rednecks. They really screwed up by killing Lexa. Guess the writers will use this as a learning moment for their next show next year, after this is cancelled.

  4. up says:

    this is so stupid, the reason more lesbians and gays are getting killed off is because there are more of them on TV you morons.

  5. J9 says:

    I just want to say as someone who is a “lesbian” to my other lesion friends, GROW UP. Do you see straight people freaking out about how they killed off Clarks original lover fin, or did we forget this? If you are freaking out about this, in this sort of manner your the problem, not the way this man made the show. There’s not even any gay bashing content in this show in fact he chose to have 2 females be lovers and be the center of it all up until this point…hmm sounds really hate full (sarcasm) and don’t get me wrong Lexa was for sure my favorite but this is tv and like my mommy told me and I’m sure us to u, this is make belive, make belive means for fun so stop ruining something good and enjoy the ride for what it is. Jason I’m sad about Lexa but I enjoy ur show keep up the good work!

    • Anna says:

      As someone who is part of the LGBTQ community as well I would like to say to that,… with Finn it was different. Finn is just another guy in the story that there is many more guys around. He was a great character don’t get me wrong. But there are more Finns. Lexa was different. She was the one true role model. She was a powerful, strong, intelligent, and beautiful women who happened to be part of the LGBTQ group as well. I would like to say that lexa was the one character all of us could relate to. She was our mascot/ our flag in a way. She was a flag in the sense that we honored her and she represented something amazing to us. I know this is a big accusation but in my opinion killing her off was like ripping the U.S. flag up. Now not that hars, I understand a TV character isnt the same as a american flag but still thats kind of the point I was trying to make. Lexa is more than just another relationship on a TV show. Lexa was the one character out of billions of TV shows that meant something to us. And once again due to poor scripting they killed them off. Lexa isn’t just some character from a tv show to us. We think of her to be just as important as any one of us just as foolish as that sounds its true. Due to the way certain people treat us out in the real world we would be ok cause we would think we could go home and watch our favorite tv show with a character that was powerful, meaningful, and represented us in some way shape or form. Now after her being killed off we have very close to nothing to make us feel passionate again. I know there will be another Lexa somewhere in life again but this is more important to us than some show, and I think some people need to realize that. I can I speak for all of us LGBTQ, or not, our fight is not over. We will fight for what we feel is right. I don’t dislike Jason or the show. As someone whos wanted to be a director since I was 3 years old I can honestly say I respect the way Jason portrayed the show in many ways. However I believe killing off Lexa was a poor choice.

    • Adelane says:

      Good for you. Now go back to mommy and ask for counseling.

      • Morgan says:

        To Sheffield below. No one should have to appreciate the crumbs thrown at them. If a show runner wants to shower himself in progressiveness and then turn around to use old tropes then he deserves the criticism. No representation is better than a tragic one. Keep it. Someone else who knows how to handle it can take his place.

      • Sheffield8 says:

        This. Commenting on the trope is one thing, but people working themselves up into an angry frenzy need to take responsibility for the fact that they’re scaring writers away from writing strong prominent lesbian characters. Writers are going to resent thinking ‘God, if I write her in, I can’t at any point kill her off without inciting a riot, so won’t bother opening that can of worms’. It’s the disproportionate reaction to this that will ultimately harm the lesbian community and prevent strong characters being written.
        Aside from that, if you are genuinely devastated over a fictional character’s death in the sense that you lose your appetite and mourn them like you would mourn a friend or family member, it’s time to put that TV on eBay for the sake of your own mental health.

  6. SocialismNotRacePolitics says:

    Enough of this pandering to the regressive left. This was his show, he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. The people watching can either grow up or watch something else. We won’t however be told what kind of stories we can write and what kind of opinions we can hold. To any classical liberals reading this don’t let this stand! Speak out against the regressives- don’t let them hijack liberalism. This is a very real encroachment upon free society and SHOULD not stand!

    • TrollsAreYou says:

      It must be nice living in your make believe world. Stay in there.

    • Aria says:

      Not sure what planet you live on but showrunners do not get to do whatever they want. They have to answer to someone. That could be their own boss, the network, and their audience.

      And what is this free society you speak of? Does it only apply to certain people? You want Jason to exercise his right but not anyone who doesn’t agree with him? Mind boggling.

      • SocialismNotRacePolitics says:

        This is an attack on free speech, and yes he’s the writer he can write whatever the fuck he wants. If you don’t know that you don’t know anything. Take your Orwellian double think and shove up your ass you little cultist.

  7. Doug says:

    I really like The 100 it’s an unusual show, with very creative characters and story lines. I understand people are upset that Lexa died and how she dies but this happens on many shows. I think the closest example of a character getting killed, with following fan outrage, would be Jimmy from Boardwalk Empire. He was killed at the end of the second season I believe. Like Lexa he was a main character, that legions of fans fell in love with and was killed. Like Lexa it was a shock, big shock when he got killed. But I’ve always felt, that what made TV interesting in the last 5 or 10 years, is that no character was safe, no matter what the audiences attachment to them. We can all remember TV, where we all knew no matter what, no main character would ever be killed. It was predictable, it was boring, we as an audience, we craved more, now we have more. In this new age of TV no one is safe, I was truly shocked when Jimmy on Boardwalk and Lexa on The 100 were killed.
    We all have a lot invested, in our favorite characters in this new era on TV but do we really want to go back to the time, when main characters were sacrosanct. I know, I don’t!! The death of Lexa was a tragedy for a lot of fans of this show, as Jimmy was on Boardwalk but Boardwalk went on to several more amazing seasons and I believe The 100 will as well.
    I know that a lot of fans are very mad at Rothenberg for feeling mislead and perhaps justifiably so. Perhaps he did make a mistake in how he killed Alexa but he, his crew and the actors of this show have given all the fans this show, many amazing moments. I’m sure Alycia Debnam-Carey would not want her fans to stop watching The 100 because her character Alexa was killed!!!!!

  8. Jacob says:

    I really think people should rember what lexa did at the end of last season she tour up an alliance the moment she got a better deal and was ok leaving 50 odd kids to get tourched to deaf. That’s the character people are so upset about she left and as Bellamy said they ended up havering to kill every one who helped them there were children in that mountain who would still be alive if she had gone with the first plan that would have worked and also I would point out hath the reson people voted for pike was because they rember what happened last season. On top of all that there are some over things I would like to add she put a kill Oder on Lincoln for the sole reson he tryed to help the sky people at the end of last season she let a bome drop on her own people with no rumours and really can you onistly say that there wasn’t enthing she wouldn’t have done for her people.
    I am asherly disappointed she is dead I might not have liked her but I thought she was a very interesting character and I thought there could have bin a very interesting love triangle there for Clark being torn between lexa and Bellamy but I never forgave her for what she did last season and I don’t understand how people can just forget about that.

    • Robin says:

      I’ll respond here as there is no reply option below. You’re forgetting the fact that Cage Wallace still had all of Lexa’s people in the mountain. Cage no longer needed them because they found the marrow transplant would be a permanent solution. So all captive grounders were disposable. All he had to do was spray them with bullets. That was his ace against Lexa. Lexa knew this and was forced to make a decision. People are on her case for letting the bomb drop on TonDC where she sacrificed lots of her people. So what would’ve been the point of that if all the grounders at mt weather died, too? With that said she definitely gave back to Bellamy by saving only 1 of him in exchange for all the bodies at TonDC.

      Regarding the voting, time was not on their side. Azgeda’s army was already marching towards them. Remember Bellamy and company encountered them trying to find Clarke. And if they hadn’t joined the coalition Lexa would’ve been voted out. As you saw all her ambassadors except one stood against her. Clarke was the lone dissent. What do you think would’ve happened if they waited to travel back to the ark to get a vote? It would’ve been too late. Then Ontari would be heda and start the war on the sky crew.

      As for Bellamy feeling guilty about Maya because he got to know her better. They all felt it including Clarke. And what about Lincoln. Bellamy liked him enough to say he was good for his sister. But had no problem letting him get locked up when he was just protecting his sick people. And are you saying since Bellamy’s torture technique was less severe than Ravens it makes it more acceptable? What did Lincoln siding with the sky crew get him? Torture, prejudism, and incarceration. [SPOILER] Based on the first 13 minutes at Wondercon it looks like the sky crew will give him a death sentence, too. So much for Lexa’s kill order. [End SPOILER]

      You may not like Lexa but she tried to be as pragmatic as possible. She stuck a sword into Gustus for the poisoned cup. She let Azgeda into the coalition when they tortured and decapitated Costia. All for the sake of peace. So she may have loved Clarke but it wasn’t solely about her. That’s why even after Bellamy and Pike’s group murdered the 300 protectors she didn’t turn to blood must have blood. She would’ve been justified at this point. But Pike and Bellamy could not appreciate this. Instead they decided to aggravate the situation by trying to murder a village. Let me ask you this, did you think there would only be adults there? They were ready to kill that kid if only Octavia didn’t save him. So it seems Bellamy feels for some children. But if you’re a grounder you’re as guilty as everyone else. Thanks to his little sister he made it out alive. She almost paid for his mistakes.

      I didn’t bring up the fact that he’s an adult to determine when’s a good age to mass murder. I pointed that out to mean he can make his own choices as a grown man. He had opportunities to say no to Pike. But he went along anyway. Was Clarke wrong for thinking she could leave an adult to himself? And why would you force someone who is in pain to stay where she’s not comfortable? And how is she supposed to help him if she’s broken herself? Can she not get a break? What does consulting with him do? He obviously thought it was okay to kill those people. And when I said he didn’t have to stay I meant he could have taken time for himself. You don’t think Kane and Abby would understand? They were in charge anyway when the season started. If you don’t ask for help how is anyone around you supposed to know? At least he had people around him. That was his choice to bottle it up.

      Clarke was suffering, too but she kept going. Her people needed her. The same ones who called her princess to spite her because they felt she was privileged. Despite this who kept trying to find a way to save them? She’s done a lot of things that a normal teen would break down from. But she has to keep looking out for everyone else. She should be in a straitjacket by now with the amount of suffering she’s been through. Then she had to kill Finn to spare him a long death. Finn who killed a lot less than Bellamy but turned himself in. So does Bellamy get a pass? Does someone who kill those sent to protect him get redemption? This would be the most shocking thing. What message would this show be trying to send?

      Last, this isn’t about Lexa’s sexuality. It’s about the lesbian death trope where being one means you’ll get a tragic ending a majority of the time. That is what the LGBT community is tired of. It’s depressing with the little representation they get. Jason kept promoting this show as progressive. He promoted the 3×07 episode heavily. Then he followed the exact same trope. It was cruel.

    • Robin says:

      You have to realize that Lexa is the commander of 12 clans. She has an obligation and duty to her own people. When I saw them standing at Mt Weather I thought it was dumb. Didn’t they realize the Mt men have guns? Once they open the door are the mt men going to just give up? Of course not. Someone was already shooting while they were trying to unlock the door. They would spray them with bullets. And who would be the first to go? All the people up front with Lexa and Clarke. There would be a lot of deaths. Lexa realized this and Emerson offered a way out.

      You also have to see this from the grounders perspective. I know most people will side with sky crew because we mostly see their side of the story. Grounders have been bled to death for almost 100 years. That’s how the mt men have survived. Blood transfusion. They also have been terrorized and abused by making them addicted to drugs (reapers). So if you were in Lexa’s position this was an opportunity to free your people. As commander she needed to save as many as possible. Cage still had them in the mountain and could’ve shot them to death. How many were Clarke’s people? About 47. So do the math. Stay and fight to a blood bath along with people from the Ark or walk away with more? Also, Lincoln said if the commander shows weakness she could be put to death. As much as Lexa hated leaving Clarke, she chose with her head as commander.

      Clarke did the same thing. When faced with a big decision between life and death, she chose her people. Therefore sacrificing Maya and the rest who helped them. What I don’t get is how Bellamy can distinguish between the bad and good mt man. They were all bleeding grounders to stay alive. They hung Bellamy up to do exactly this. But somehow he can’t distinguish between good (trikru) and bad (azgeda) grounder. If I was Lexa I would have no guilt. The mt men deserved what they got. Even Maya said none of them were innocent. This should have been Bellamy’s point of view. Who captured what was left of his people? Then drill into them while they were wide awake? The mt men.

      Now with Ton DC, if Lexa and Clarke evacuated everyone don’t you think the mt man spy/sniper would have noticed? Would they be able to out run a missile? And don’t you think Cage would realize someone is inside mt weather spying on them? Clarke and Lexa saved Bellamy from being exposed. The only person they had inside. That is why they let the bomb drop. Not because they wanted to but because they were trying to save the only person they had of getting into the mountain.

      As for Lincoln, the agreement was for all grounders to leave. Indra gave him that choice later but told him he couldn’t come back if he left. Let’s not forget that Bellamy had a hand in torturing Lincoln. Remember that?

      Lexa tried to make of for all of this in season 3. By first rescuing Clarke from death. She refused to kill her to gain the power of Wanheda. She also fought to the death so sky crew could get into the coalition. This is after her own a ambassadors all voted against her. I don’t know why people don’t acknowledge this. She kicked the Azgeda off her tower for implying she was weak in letting Clarke live. She sacrificed 300 innocent people for peace with the sky crew who murdered them. I mean what more do you want?

      Clarke cannot catch a break. Why can’t the sky crew keep it together without her? She stays in Polis to ensure Lexa follows through on her promises. But somehow you manage to turn this into leaving Bellamy out? She was trying to keep them from being attacked by Azgeda. But Pike and company managed to turn this into 12 clans against the sky crew. If Bellamy was hurting so was Clarke. So was Monty. Clarke and Bellamy pulled the lever but this wasn’t possible without Monty. Monty had to deal with Jasper’s grief. So they were all hurting. But Bellamy decided it was a good move to help kill 300 innocent grounders. Clarke wasn’t on vacation when she left. She was dealing with her own pain. Alone. Is she not allowed this? Bellamy didn’t have to stay. Abby and Kane were there. Or he could have asked for medical help at the ark. He also had Gina in the 3 months Clarke was gone. Clarke didn’t have any of this. Why is she not allowed to deal with her pain? You really think Clarke left just to abandon them? And last I checked Bellamy is an adult. Clarke is what? A teenager. Remember the 100 were all under 18 so they didn’t get floated. Bellamy was a stowaway on the ship for Octavia. I’m surprised he doesn’t hate all of the sky crew when they killed his mother for having an extra baby and locking up his sister for being born.

      • Jacob says:

        Ok I would like to address some of the things you said I do understand why she did what she did an mt weather she had to deals on the table one was better than the over so she choses the best one for her people but that doesn’t mean it was the right dastion I’m british and during ww2 Churchill could very easily have made peace with hitler but he didn’t in fact he said never serender because it was the right thing to do like I said I understand why she did it but what’s right isn’t a matter of maths. Also I would point out In the long run with the mountain men at best she would have had a Cold War but if she had stuck with the sky people she would have had an iron clad peace treaty and there would have bine massive public support for kan and Abby’s join the coalition agender.

        Also just a quick note there I think it was a mistake on there part to just exsept lexas ofer most of the sky people probably thought they should have had a vote on joining the coalition

        Next what Clarke did was a lot dithernt lexas had to options Clarke only had one she was backed in to a conor and she took the only way out she had. As for Bellamy he had got to now them a lot better than he every really has the grounders maya for exsample had done everything she possible could to help him with the exception of Lincoln I carnt really think of eney grounder who have ever asherly shown him that there’s something more to there people don’t for get almost right after fin he went of to go get in the mountain he never really sour eney of that team work going on. Also you said they deserved what they got do rember there were little kids in there we saw them and baby’s now dought are you really saying Bellamy have said a 10 year old a 5 year old a baby is guilty for the sin of its parents.

        About letting the bome drop really I can give you that one I was only really saying it to make a point it’s the age old problem of haveing a spy how do you act on the intelligence they give you with out exposing them. But I would say lexas didn’t do much to repay Bellamy that deal she took was only on the table because of the work Bellamy he did leading up to the main atack to weaken the mountain men and she left him to die with the overs she didn’t now if he could make it out of there and after everything he did she just left him at that point in my mind she owed him more than she owed clark.

        With Lincoln yes the agrment was for all the grounders to leave but when he left to help to help the sky people she put a kill Oder out on him not arsed him something that would be fair she wanted him killed on sight and about the tourcher that was the rong choice but I would point out Clarke was I. The room and also raven was a lot more incentive that Bellamy was he was just high ting him with a belt raven was electrocuting him.

        Next what she did wasn’t makeing up for the mountain the only reson she did kill Clarke was because she was in love with her and letting them join the coalition wasn’t her trying to make up for what she did she used the same frame of mind she used when she took to mountain men’s deal she new the ice nation were geting out of hand so she made a move to stenkfan her bastion makeing up for what she did didn’t factor in to it and about not destroy arkadea she was very smart girl it wouldn’t have bin easy and agen a point out she was in love with Clarke.

        Finally I’m not saying killing those 300 guys was a good move but I would point out he said right away they went to far I thought at first they were going over to the ice nashion to kill some of there’s Bellamy has bine makeing the rong choise. Also you say he could have fallen a part if he wanted to that’s not true yes there was kan and Abby but at that point there was just them no overs Bellamy was some one they and the people were looking to and also Clarke said I new they had you so she was pretty much leavening him to pick up the pieces. Also I’m not say she was just on Holliday she was clearly broken but Bellamy was to and he didn’t have that option to be onist I think Clarke kan Abby all just assumed he was ok and about bellamys age he’s supposed to be 23 still pretty young but I ask you when are you really ready to commit mass muder. Finally she was leaving him out in times gone by they were a team she would have consulted him about makeing a big dastion like that must have hert Bellamy her doing that when he clearly loves her and I would also add when she goes to ask for his help she really thinks all she has to is ask and she is onistly shocked that he isn’t ortmatcaly on her side. I’m not saying Bellamy wasn’t being an ideat but do give him the same benfight of the dought you gave lexas when she was alive I asherly was trying to get past the things I hated her for who nows mabe I would have but I really think people should rember the things she did right or rong lexa was a hole person she wasn’t just her sexual oreantashion she was all the things that made her who she was we should all rember that.

    • Kate says:

      I don’t know, I have a lot of respect for Lexa in the way that she’d handled things. Every single one of her decisions has been made with the idea of saving as many people as possible. She saw a way to end the century of ongoing conflict between all of the grounders and the Mt. Weather people, at the price of under a hundred of Clarke’s people. Pretty minimal casualties. She is able to separate her own wants and needs and see decisions objectively: what decision will end with the least amount of people dead? And while the whole TonDC thing in retrospect maybe could have been avoided with that in mind, the same mentality exists there. The kill order being placed on Lincoln aligns with that – anyone who couldn’t follow the terms of the deal she had made had to be separated from being associated with the rest of her people.

      This isn’t something that can be said for characters like Bellamy, and frankly a lot of the characters that are the “heroes” of the narrative, who are unable to see the big picture the way Lexa did. Bellamy was only was able to snap out of his destructive/violence-based ideology when a close friend – Kane – was placed into the line of fire because of his actions. It’s a very narrow perspective, and I would border to say one that’s self-centered. Like, you only care about the lives that are lost when it’s the life of someone you care about? That’s kind of shitty.

      Lexa was such a unique character that really broadened the storytelling scope of The 100, by being one of the few characters to simultaneously empathize with huge numbers of people. She kept the stakes of the largest number of peoples’ lives in mind, saw the value of individual lives within the context of thousands. By doing this, she came across cold to the people closest to her, and by extension the audience since those people are the heroes of The 100’s narrative, but the unbiased nature of her decisions was really indicative of a thoughtful, unselfish leader. It’s a shame they had to let such an unusual, compelling character go.

      • Jacob says:

        I do asherly agry it is probably a loss for the show that she’s dead I might not have liked her but she was interesting and her death could have bine better. But I stand by what I said I’m sorry but for me she did unforgivable things every time I thought about forgiving her I just remberd raven for example haveing a dril put in to her leg and how much pain she was in and thinking lexa could have stopped this. Mabe I’m being unfair and you were right about Lincoln but I just don’t think she was a good person and not really the tip of person the lgbt lot should be geting upset about dieing.

        Also I would just like to say Bellamy was in bad way because of what he had do with Clarke because of lexa to save those people she literal left to die and pike was the only one who asherly tryed to make him feel better so is it real a surprise he side with him. When they didn’t need Bellamy they were all fine makeing big dastions like joining lexas coalition with out him and leaving him to fall a part but when they needed his help suddenly he was valued agen and they asherly were trying to help him with the problems he was facing. My point being if people are willing to see lexas side like they seem to they should at least do the same for Bellamy.

  9. Morgan says:

    Jason: I didn’t know about the trope
    Javi (writer of the episode): We discussed it in the writers room

    So who’s the liar?

    (Javi admits to this on his Tumblr. Added the specific page of it to the website field.)

  10. Tyresha says:

    I asked Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, and she says the Koch Bros and George Bush had Lexa tha Lez Bo killed to make a sacrifice to Skull & Bones! She also sad that you’re racist and people don’t like you!

  11. If the guy honestly still can’t think of anything more creative than killing off the departing half of a lesbian fan favorite, he obviously hasn’t learned much from this controversy. Actors in demand are frequently unavailable, so this is not a new challenge for show writers, but you’d think a storyline that encompasses an entire future world would give a writer plenty of options that didn’t involve death.

    So, one has to come to the conclusion that Rothenberg got lazy (or unoriginal, or even just plain heteronormative) and went with Teh Tragic Gay trope that nobody actually likes, but too many writers use, anyway (because it’s easy and requires no thought). It’s even rumored he’s writing the survivor in the pairing as moving on with a guy, which is the second half of this rotten-sandwich trope that nobody actually likes, but too many writers use, anyway (because it’s easy and requires no thought). Rothenberg had a chance to do something original and satisfying with a popular storyline (which is his job). Now he’s paying the price with his audience for disappointing them. He *should* be worried. Shows have lost their audience over less. He blew it.

  12. Sadie K says:

    It’s a tv show. People need to get over themselves.
    There are actual people dying in horrific ways of all ages, races, religions, or sexual orientations all over the world. This is a completely fictional television show. And the creator of the show can do whatever he wants because he created it.
    People are free to create their own characters and stories.
    This generation is so sickeningly self-centered and delusional.
    Seriously, if someone sends death threats to another human being and-or tries to self-harm over it then they are the biggest idiots on this planet who need to get a life.

    • Morgan says:

      Sadie in the real world you talk of someone always has to answer to someone else. He has a boss, network, audience who without them cannot continue with this show.

      And if this is so trivial to you why didn’t you spend this time saving the world?

    • Oh, for God’s sake, people are entitled to complain about their entertainment without having to endure some guilt-trip about hypothetical people dying somewhere in the world. Why did you even bother to write such tripe?

      Also, here’s a newsflash: The Creator of a show can *not* do whatever he wants just because he created it. It is not a solo project and far too much money is involved. Showrunners answer to networks, other producers, and, yes, their audience. Without their audience, they have no show.

      So, while this controversy may seem minor to you, and is really a temporary annoyance to even the most invested fans, who can simply get disgusted and go watch something else, it is a major problem for Rothenberg and his coworkers. Since the show has been renewed, his coworkers are probably safe enough in their jobs. But that doesn’t mean he needs to be doing the next season if he continues to bungle this controversy and it comes down to his leaving or a significant portion of the audience leaving. It’s rather sad that the person who needs to be taking this the most seriously, is apparently taking it the least.

      • Jaime says:

        Television is a very powerful medium of communication. It impacts and influences the way we think of ourselves, how we think of one another and the world. If it was not so intrusive and infiltrating into our sub conscience, no one would watch television or films or any visual media for that matter and JR and his staff and crew would not have jobs. There would be no industry as such. The reason the industry exists is because of how it appeals to our psyche, intellect and emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, no matter how fictional the story, television with its visuals and live action actors can and is deeply Influential. For those of you who are annoyed with these fans reactions, if you have been unaffected by this event then I think that’s great. If you are unable to relate, that’s because it’s not for you to relate to it. I am likely a little older than a lot of fans but I followed al of the social media from tumblr Twitter to periscope of the clexa fans, JR,his writing staff since early 2015. They made a few missteps along the way and brought all of this upon themselves. They clearly had no real social media strategy and should not have been engaging these fans in the way that they were. I thought for a long time that some of JR’s behavior was a little “stepping over the line” with how he engaged folks on Twitter etc. So, when he misled them,and he did indeed do that because I saw almost all of the tweets/tumblr from him and his writers over the past year and a half, he screwed himself on this one. I am a business person and former political operative, I understand all about marketing, spinning etc but I also understand that in implementing these strategies you have to take responsibility for the good and the bad decisions when the general public is impacted in a hurtful way that can bring your business or your agenda down. He needs to stay on his “apology tour” for just a little while longer and stay engaged on this issue so that it does not get out of control from his end and bring his entire show down. As long as he does that, the show will be fine. Good for the fans who are on top of him and on top of this issue. They have my full support.

      • Anon says:

        Yes! Someone with some sense. I feel sorry for these people when they get out into the real world and realize that the world does not revolve around them and they’re not special snowflakes. In fact I think it would be even more insulting to act like characters are beyond being killed, etc just because they’re of a certain sexuality. Like you said Sadie. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

  13. Alex says:

    Him calling it “a silver lining” sounds like he was somehow the cause of that too. We started funding because young girls started self harming and suffering panic attacks in the aftermath of episode 307. It wasn’t just “channeling our negativity into something positive”. It was necessary that we do that or several people in the fandom would’ve been left without support for their suffering. This was not his silver-lining. The fact that we had to start a fund is not something to be proud of. It’s a very concerning matter.

    As for the rest. We’ve all been informed by Javi that they all knew about the trope and discussed it for weeks. He admitted that they were naive enough to think their writing would compensate for that. And I’m very hard pressed to belive he wasn’t aware of Shawna Benson infiltrating a Lesbian forum, since she actually posted that she had on her twitter. If she’s already deleted that tweet, We Deserved Better has the evidence on their page.

    Please, Jason. If you had owned up to this like Javi and Kim did, you would not be facing as much backlash as you are now. Javin has spent the last three weeks listening to us. Actually listening. And we forgave him before episode 308 even aired. Jason ignored us, called us bullies and handled himself so poorly it just made us angrier and more determined to expose him as a liar. We wouldn’t have had the need to expose him if he had just owned up to it himself.

    • Murica! says:

      You forgave him?? WTF is wrong with you?? She is dead. Get over it!! Deal with it!! Stop crying!! He doesn’t owe you an apology! You’re delusional!!

      • Kate says:

        I love that your screen name is just “Murica!” because now I’m imagining some homophobic piece of coors light-stained, camo-wearing white trash sitting at their desk screaming at their computer.

        It’s not your place to tell other people how to feel and how to react to something that has obviously deeply affected them. Have some empathy, get your presumptuous ass off your high horse and open your eyes.

  14. tybabb says:

    So are we just ignoring the death threats the fandom sends Jason? They’re all hypocrites and more destructive than he ever was.

    • Morgan says:

      No one is encouraging threats on others. This has already been addressed and was a small number of people. I like how you conveniently deflected little innocent Jason.

  15. Callie says:

    It’s truly sad that Jason can’t just own his shortcomings and faults in this situation. He knows what he did, has been called on it and still he can’t admit his actions were dishonest. I would have more respect or be able to understand if he just owned his actions! Everything he did was a calculated decision to play on the heartstrings of the LGBTQ community which had adopted this show and Lexa in particular, as their own. I know the show is his creation, I know it deals with incredibly tough emotional issues, I know people die but the way Lexa’s death played out was just garbage! Honestly, not creative or shocking, just lazy and poor storytelling. I will have a hard time trying to watch this show in the future, if at all.

  16. Seb says:

    We know Jason knew about the trope, he lied and said he didn’t, called the fundraiser a “silver lining” and a good outcome as if it wasn’t in direct response to the disaster and harm he created in the first place. Clarke once again is confirmed to have to compartmentalise and ‘move on’, a puppet to Jason’s “amazing groundbreaking AI story” while all the male characters get time to actually feel and have fully realised emotional arcs. Fans were barred from asking questions about Lexa. Jason labelled our accusations (proven) of queer-baiting and that the writing staff invaded LGBT safe spaces to lie to us a “conspiracy”. Made a joke of himself losing followers on twitter, Bob made a joke sexualising Lexa’s kissing scene. And that’s just from 20 minutes I saw. Single handedly solidified my decision to not continue watching this show, thanks cast and crew!

  17. Veronica says:

    What a class-act is Alycia Dabnam-Carey. She had to be the first one to talk about this s–tfest at an event of her new show before Jason Rothenberg manned up enough to give his excuses. And then, when they backfired, he had the nerve to blacklist questions about her and her character, which was practically everything everyone wanted to talk about. What a shame, Mr. Rothenberg.

  18. Cynthia Nance says:

    They need to find some way to resurrect Alexa .

  19. Technically, doing things differently doesn’t really exist since the end is the same; Unless he actually was thinking of removing the love scene all together or maybe an episode later? How is that in any way better?
    Second, he flat out stated we were delusional for worrying over Lexa Dying Rumors and another Writer told us we needed to see a therapist for our trust issues if we still don’t believe they won’t kill lexa. So him simply brushing off his interaction with fans seeming as something we interpreted on our own is completely false. He even invited us to see Lexa in the finale. Which is something not usually done and this speaks volume of his intentions.
    Third, He was aware of Buffy because he simply quoted a tweet mentioning references from Buffy. He was also completely aware of the Trope AND of its similarity with Buffy because the writers have called him out and admitted they’ve discussed this issue on multiple occasions throughout the seasons. One of the Actors even admitted to having approached him about this storyline and the trope that exists. So him saying he had no idea about the trope’s existence is him just taking us for fools.
    Fourth, No heroic deaths he says? how about constant heroic actions that “shockingly” DON’T result in deaths when there’s a 99% chance of it? Jasper has survived a Spear to his heart which was changed to chest as if him surviving that is more believable. Raven survived a bomb. Jaha survived a bullet. 2 actors survived poisoned knives. Need I go on? So life couldn’t have been THAT fragile on the 100 if people dropped from the sky and survived all these things. Somehow life’s fragility depended on ending a Commander’s life with a stray bullet in the gut by her father figure. Yes. I can see why Jason was shocked that such a scene struck a nerve into the fans.
    So no, Jason Rothenberg clearly didn’t and still doesn’t understand the depth of his actions and how badly he messed it up. Somehow Clarke will get through it, somehow she will find “love” again with the character that Jason has constantly brought back a hero in many situations being the male leader of the show. So Jason, “don’t say things out of your mouth that your a** can’t handle”

    • Eddie says:

      She was leaving the show regardless so they had to kill her off. How are two characters on different shows dying 20 years apart a trope? I am not a fan of the way she died, they could have made her death help the story, but overreaction doesn’t begin to describe this whole mess.

      • Alex says:

        148 characters over the course of 20 years, actually. Please inform yourself on the matter before posting an opinion.

  20. Neph says:

    They knew about the trope. Every Jason said in this panel was just another lie or excuse.

  21. Fiona says:

    Regarding the lesbian death trope: weeks ago in the aftermath of all of this, while Rothenberg was still dodging questions, co-executive producer and writer of episode 307 Javier Grillo-Marxuach admitted that they discussed this in the 100’s writer’s room several times and were fully aware of its existence.

    The Trevor Project fundraiser, as well, was begun specifically because many of the vulnerable teen fans of the show felt despondent, depressed, and even suicidal in the aftermath of the death scene after the months of baiting the show’s staff put them through – THAT’s how bad it was. The Trevor Project runs a national suicide hotline. It was picked for a reason. That he calls it a “silver lining” is more than a little gross.

    A little more research would be appreciated next time.

  22. Penelope says:

    He was lying about the trope, he knew it, Javi confirmed this and said that they discussed it. So, Jason lied.

  23. Xxx says:

    One of his writers admitted they knew about the death trope and just 2 days before his open letter he said in an interview that he wouldn’t have changed anything.
    He even blacklisted all the questions about Lexa on the panel since he doesn’t have actual answers, he only knows the lines his PR team wrote.

  24. Blue says:

    Javi said on tumblr that they knew about the dead lesbian trope and they discussed it when writing the episode. Jason is still lying!

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