‘The 100’ Star Addresses Lexa Fan Reaction: ‘This Wasn’t a Social Attack’

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Spoiler warning: This post contains plot details for “The 100” Season 3, Episode 7, “Thirteen,” and “The Walking Dead” Season 6, Episode 14, “Twice as Far.”

Fans are still reeling over the death of Grounder Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in the March 3 episode of “The 100,” and the actress who played her is well aware of the impact Lexa’s death has had on a portion of the show’s fanbase — especially because it came so soon after Lexa consummated her relationship with the show’s protagonist Clarke (Eliza Taylor), further perpetuating the recurring trope of lesbian characters dying on primetime TV, particularly following moments of happiness or fulfillment.

(Coincidentally, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” just killed one of its two lesbian characters in another situation where the shooter was aiming for someone else, while said character was in the midst of a rousing monologue about her newfound self-actualization.)

At the PaleyFest panel for AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” the series that necessitated her exit from “The 100,” Debnam-Carey weighed in on the fan reaction to Lexa’s untimely demise.

“It’s incredible how passionate the fans are, and that’s really why the show is doing so well and why I have so much faith and passion for it in the first place,” she told Variety on the red carpet. “I think what’s important to note on my behalf is that the death of Lexa came out of a place of creative freedom and positivity. [For] everyone on board, Lexa was a character that we created together and collaborated on and were fond of.”


Why the Controversial Death on ‘The 100’ Matters

Debnam-Carey reiterated that her series regular role on “Fear” meant that she couldn’t commit to an extended arc on The CW drama. “I obviously had other obligations in my work life and I hope that people know that this wasn’t a social attack on anyone or any social movement,” she said. “It’s a difficult thing, but as long as people love the show and are passionate about Lexa, I think that’s really what matters.”

When told that a number of fans have announced their intention to stop watching “The 100” and start following “Fear the Walking Dead” in the wake of Lexa’s death, the Australian actress insisted that both shows are worthy of viewers’ time.

“I mean, watch ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ because we’d love your support, but I think ‘The 100’ is such a great show; it was a great show before I got there, it’s only getting better and I’m so lucky I got to be a part of it,” she insisted. “I think it deserves that support. Getting a reaction like that out of people, for good or for bad, I think is an incredible thing, so if it can make you feel that way, why stop watching it? It’s an amazing group of people and I don’t think they deserve to be deserted, because they are so great at what they do.”

“The 100” creator Jason Rothenberg also addressed the fan backlash in an interview with TV Insider, admitting “for the last two weeks, I’ve pretty much thought about nothing else except for this. It’s taken me some time to process everything, and I’ve been listening, reading everything I could.”


What TV Can Learn From ‘The 100’ Mess

Rothenberg went on to acknowledge his position of privilege in failing to anticipate the effect Lexa’s death would have on an already underrepresented LGBT fanbase, noting, “Lexa’s death triggered real emotional trauma for some people … It tapped into the real world, it tapped into their lives, and as a straight white male, I obviously didn’t anticipate how deeply it would affect certain people. I look at it now and I realize that if somebody had that kind of a reaction and then were to look back at the way I behaved on Twitter leading up to it, which was celebrating this relationship that then crushed them, I can understand why they would find that reprehensible. I hope that people understand that.”

Ultimately, Rothenberg maintained that Lexa’s death, like every other character on “The 100,” simply serves to reinforce that this is a world in which Anyone Can Die. “We’ve created this world where it doesn’t matter what color you are or whether you’re a male or a female or who you love, whether you’re gay or straight. It’s about survival, it’s about ‘Can you help me survive today?’” he said. “The message here is that race, sexuality, those things shouldn’t matter, and that extends to the way that characters die. In this world, it doesn’t matter, you can die if you’re gay or straight, you can die if you’re a series regular or not.”

Are you satisfied with Rothenberg’s response? Weigh in below.

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  1. Mabs says:

    Heartbreaking. Lexa and Clarke’s relationship is pure and genuine love. A love against all odds. With their characters I felt home. When Lexa died everything fell apart.

  2. Garrett.St.john says:

    I think that killing Lexa and clexa too, was a big mistake. I won’t stop watching the 100,but i’ll never Watch it White the same Joy again. Ok …maybe alycia debnam Carey needed to leave the show…but i think she could do both shows like a lotação of actors. I felt really base about lexa’s death also because her relationship with clarke had Just begun,it is unfaire to killer someone while they are hacking the time of their lives. And it is really weird that they choose to kill anche LGBT character

  3. william says:

    it’s a shame when a series you really like makes a drastic mistake in the story line, should have never killed off lexa. another show that will die away with unresolved story lines and plots. the cw should have learned from its past.

  4. Nick says:

    I just finished 3rd season, wont continue watching it. I miss Lexa.ill follow her at the walking dead.

  5. Jess says:

    Lexa was one of my favourite characters but I loved the show before she was even introduced. I don’t think the reaction to her death should have been so big though because lots of people die in the 100. The fact that she was gay shouldn’t make any difference as in the show all the characters are equal. There are still queer characters any way. Clarke is queer and she is one of the main characters. She is still very much alive. It isn’t like the show got rid of all queer representation. Clarke is also a strong character and a positive LGBT representation so people shouldn’t be annoyed about them presenting the LGBT community negatively. Lexa’s death shouldn’t have been treated any differently to any of the other deaths because anyone on the show could die. Nobody is safe. I also think that Clarke needed Lexa to die in order to grow. It motivated her to become a stronger leader and to try to be like Lexa was. Alycia had to leave to go to another show anyway. I will always miss Lexa though.

  6. Kira says:

    Just got hooked to the 100 series recently and I already loved Lexa. So sad she got killed already. I’m hoping she will have a BIG COMEBACK soon in renewed season of this series. Like having flashbacks with costia captivity and her conflicts with the ice nation, with Luna on their final conclave match. And hoping she’s still alive since no burial was shown in the series. Hoping titus let her swallow the key he got from Murphy. Hoping she’s still alive.. Hahaha

  7. Laura says:

    Lexa is a will be one of the best charcaters i belieave you should reincarnate her as her and clark have a fab chemistry why destroy it. Im new to the 100 and yes I think its fab just finished season 3 on the fire stick looking forward to season 4 plz plz bring her back.

  8. Bill Ryan says:

    I still am watching the show the first 3 seasons were great Clexa introduction into the show made i my favorite show on tv she was what brought the show to life. Go figure they kill her, Clark, Clexa and Lincoln were the 3 top characters in the show now only Clark is left and are now changing the direction of the show again !!!! For the worse.
    Come on you killed more people in this series in the first 3 years than most do in their entire run, You had the crazies in mt. weather ok that one maybe got a little out of hand with it but ok. Then we go to the killer computer program that was a good one NOT !!!!!
    Yep going down the same old road now. It’s 100 + year old nuclear reactors now going to destroy the world for a second time. Give me a break what’s next a Meteor hit the earth or maybe a super secret bunker full of crazie military ZOMBIES, there you go. OH how about E.T. comes back to earth for a visit and saves the day or I know Captain Kirk and the Enterprise arrive just in the nick of time.
    All I know is a show that started out above average got much better as it progressed went to one the best on tv and bamp you kill Lincoln and top it off by killing the best character Clexa not the same with out her guess it is all downhill from here
    Thanks Guys

  9. Jay Almonte says:

    I love you Alycia Debman Carey. Fuck all ya Haters!!

  10. Chrissy Sullivan says:

    I appreciate what was said, however its in fact a series. I hold ono hope that the character Lexa returns the show sure seems empty but that’s bc of how powerful she was as an actor and her connection to Elisa “Clarke” who also is amazing they ALL are!!!!!! We have to give them ALL respect and credit. as well as tend to the needs of your fans. WE WANT HER BACK!!! lol I got so into the show and was jst so very disappointed on how they ended that with the two of them. They could of done it a lot better in my opinion. But I respect all the Actors and crew and Ben its an amazing show with amazing new faces. Be proud bc your doing such a great job. I can still have my hopes that hey maybe just maybe Lexa will be back some crazy storyline, like maybe she staged her own death with Titus to save Clarke lol hey ya never knw and a girl can dream lol ….Respectfully Chrissy in RI

  11. I would be very happy if Lexa it back to 100. The sample which Lexa manage to escape from City of Light. Back to earth and to Clarke. And to further continue with The 100. If you do then I think you would get many viewers than you expect! And it would be very big reunion.

  12. Tom says:

    it would be completely stupid for them to not bring back lexa they need to find a way to bring her back I watch fear the walking dead as well and her character is not even close to bieng as good as lexa they will realize that they have to bring her back because it will ruin the show for the most part

  13. Kaitlyn says:

    im gonna keep watching this show but its so dumb lexa was my favorite character how could they do this??

  14. Tim says:

    Not watching anymore. Thought the show was about to get good but that ruined it

  15. Mary says:

    Huge mistake not talking lexa into staying with the 100. The chemistry between her and Clarke was fantastic. The fear of living dead is not worthy.

  16. Arshia Kamali says:

    She was such a strong character and very likable, I was extremely sad when she got killed (And in an accident, ahhhhhhh) but the way the plot worked out couldn’t have Lexa alive. I really liked the show with her and I still watch it even though she’s gone, but with her in the show it was different. Her decision making, her kill orders, I just loved the whole thing. Deep down I’m still hoping she gets resurrected or that she faked her death. :( And she wasn’t just a pretty face, she had a very strong role and she completely changed the path the show was going.

  17. I didn’t realize why they killed lexa off but after reading this I understand, and I’m no longer mad at Jason I just wish she could have stayed.

    • Hanna Crades says:

      Finally someone who forgave jason! even tho I’m a hardcore bellarke shipper, I liked lexa and respected her. But i feel so bad for jason because he is receiving thousands of cruel comments on twitter when the idea of lexa leaving wasn’t his. Stop the hate people!!!

  18. Ray says:

    They made the primary character gay -but also made her a Tarzan who kills a leopard with just a knife. Lexa is the second lover she has lost -the first was Fin, a much more like able and interesting character. Nuts that anyone is so blinded by their prejudice to ignore real reason the character Lexa was killed off -she was scheduled to leave the show.
    In my opinion, this once good show had such a horrible first season episode viewership declined. Seriously folks, Lexa was nothing more than a pretty face. Should have killed her off sooner. Those grounder female leaders don’t tend to last long. No old ones.

  19. anonymous says:


  20. Amira Brightly says:

    In the last episode of season 3 in the 100, as Clarke is debating to push the kill switch, Becca talks about how the difference between free will and ALIE, is the way in which goals are achieved. I understand that this show is true to the premise that anyone could die. When Lexa first died I did feel angry, and misrepresented. It took a long time to figure out how to sort my feelings and now, a month later I think I can target the problem. It was the manner in which she died. This show is brilliant in so many regards, so thoughtful and beautiful. I really am a fan. But the manner in which she died, a stray bullet, her guardian, Clarke already leaving, it accomplished nothing and it didn’t make sense. This show is usually so brilliant about making the ugly side of life meaningful, “it is not about easing the pain it is about overcoming it.” I think more than anything it felt like they had a problem and wanted a tidy way to get rid of it. A feeling that the LGBT community continually is exposed to is being swept under the rug and being underrepresented. Why do so many lesbian characters die with bullets? Is it because it is tidy? Is it because in some twisted way we see bullets as merciful? After all my sadness and turmoil I finally figured out that what bothered me the most was Lexa deserved a better death. Being physically attacked or hurt is a reality for the LGBT community. Choosing the person you want, despite what is easier can have devastating consequences. This is why is hurt so much, because we are so familiar with that experience in our daily life. I think we just hoped a LGBT couple could be appreciated and preserved by the larger fan base, because 99.999% of the movies/ shows I watch, I enjoy watching straight couples find happiness. The world is changing, it was a good first step and I think the actresses showed so much thought and respect in the Clexa relationship. It felt real because they made it real.

    • I’m a straight male who didn’t even know Clexa was a thing until all the Person of Interest fans on my Twitter were openly grieving the loss of something publicly the date that episode “Thirteen” aired. I began to investigate what was the source of it and now, having watched the show all the way through, seeing the Clexa characters and why Lexa in particular was so beloved, and after their “reunion” of sorts in the finale —- I’ve been trying to process everything in my mind. I think my feelings are one of sadness/sympathy for all the Clexa fans who were so public with their enthusiasm (then grief) with reaction videos on YouTube and on their angered words on the tumblr communities. Their tears and visible despair etched on their faces told me this was about more than just characters on a TV show —- its so easy to be cynical today, but these were open nerve endings on display.

      I know and am friends with members of the LGBT community and that really makes all this hit harder and made me realize that I didn’t even know that the dead lesbian trope existed until I saw a few well put together YouTube videos compiling those terrible statistics into jarring pie charts and graphs. Made me feel a little guilty that I wasn’t paying attention enough, but I’m just a regular guy, not a TV show runner like Rothenberg who should’ve been clued in more or at least had someone in the writer’s room raise the red flag. That this group of aggrieved fans raised the serious sum of money for the Trevor project that they did out of their shared grief is really remarkable, and a silver lining in this story. It moved me enough to donate myself, because if anything should be Clexa’s legacy, its that it can help someone struggling with themselves to get the help they need.

  21. seyii says:

    The only reason I still watch the 100 is because of Clarke Griffin, if clexa leave happily ever, at least Clarke should. She earned it!!!!

  22. Tamika says:

    I definitely understand why she had to leave and certainly understand that ppl die but ppl use television as a way to escape. Her character was huge and her fans were a big portion of the viewers. I watched the show before she was introduced but I haven’t seen any since she left. My interest for the show is gone.

  23. I understand what your saying but I think it was a mistake to take lexa out of the show so soon after her real feelings came out for Clark I think I speak for a lot of people that it did make every one upset. To show such a passionate episode and than her death really crushed me I thought lexa and Clark would have gone on to have a future at least till the end of season 3. Killing lexa is not like killing the other characters in the show even though everyone did a awesome job lexa and Clark mean a lot to the people who watch because of what those two can accomplish and to some the feelings are real its more than just a series to some people. If she falls we all fall.

  24. dan says:

    Lol as soon as lexa and clarke kissed….they started this whole situation…..I never understood why she would be the leader….at times she would get angry and try and command her people…and I would just burst out laughing….soon prob by the end of the season roan will become the leader…..grounders need a king….

    • BJ Hix says:

      You haven’t been paying close attention if you don’t know why Lexa is leader. She is leader because she has the ALIE 2.0 biometrically implanted in her body and it has all the memories of all the prior commanders, including the original programer, Rebecca Pramheda (guess where they got the title Heda for their commander – and Rebecca’s rank was Commander). ALIE 1.0, a program created by Rebecca and then isolated/quarantined when she discovered that it had a fatal flaws (i.e. felt that to save the Earth, she had to exterminate all human life), was on earth, went rogue, broke into all the missile computers and it was her that set off all the bombs.

      ALIE 2.0 was the AI that could stop 1.0 but Rebecca refused to join with the Ark in space, fearing what might go wrong with the ALIE 2.0 being untested – so the other stations shot her station out of the sky and she escaped at the last minute in an escape bod. Not much of the history after that is covered. You just find out after Lexa dies about the AI and that only those with Nightblood (black blood, something Rebecca engineered and made so it would pass randomly on thru their offsprings) can accept the ALIE AI. If you don’t have Nightblood and try to accept the AI, it will kill you in a pretty gruesome way.

      Long story short (yes, I know, TOO LATE!!) Alexa won all the rounds/battles during the conclave to choose a new leader and the AI was inserted into a slit in her neck. When she died her memories and all she was was stored in the AI. Lexa was struggling with over 100 years of tradition, blood must have blood and she was trying to change that. I have to say I was really sad to see them kill off Alexa, I really liked her character – and I’m not going to go into the LGBT issue because that isn’t a deciding factor for me as far as liking or not liking the show and the Clark/Lexa characters.

  25. I wish people would remember that Clarke is bisexual. The main, and arguably the most important, character in the show is bisexual. That’s one hell of a representation for the community. And sje’s still there. Along with Bryan/Brian. So I don’t understand all this butt-hurt.

    I still stand by the opinion that Lexa’s death, and its manner, was necessary to the story. If Clarke or Lexa was a man, I still would have found it necessary. So my reception is totally regardless of their sexual orientations. Titus was always disagreeing with Lexa’s decisions regarding Clarke’s people. His having ended up killing Lexa instead of Clarke made it an extremely ironic and poetic death, in my opinion – especially with how its consequences developed in episode 9 (no spoilers, don’t worry).

    Lexa dying after having been with Clarke, it’s not something that happens to just lesbians or non-heterosexuals on TV. In practically every show or movie I watch in which death is always a probability for every character, I expect a character to die once they experience a moment of happiness that has long been denied to them. Admit it, it’s not new for a character in a show of this nature, lesbian or not. One character’s a war leader, the other is important in other ways. There was always that attraction between them, but they couldn’t act on it. Now that they might not see each other again, they act on it. Then one of them dies and the other is devastated. It’s. Not. New. When I watched the episode, the fact that Lexa and Clarke were lesbian and/or bisexual didn’t even cross my mind, it was just two important characters in a story.

    As for the argument that Lexa could have died a warrior’s death instead, I also disagree to an extent. I half-expected her to die during her battle with Roan, but I realized that would have been too cliche. So would a warrior’s death. I’m sorry but I would have found it way too classic for Lexa to have died in battle, and Clarke finds out only after. It makes Lexa look weak, and Clarke would have played to little a part in it. Just. Way too common a death for Lexa. Especially since she’s one of the best fighters in the series! I can’t imagine her losing in battle. I could definitely see her dying in an unexpected but incredibly poetic accident, though. Gave more depth to Titus’ character development, and to the overall story.

    This opinion is only within the universe of The 100. If it really is true that poorly written and hurried deaths are common for non-heterosexual characters, then that definitely has to change. But in Lexa’s case, I don’t have a problem with how she died (maybe except for the fact that she had to. Dammit.)

    • Lirpa Ozner says:

      PERFECTLY said! On. Point.
      Thank you :)

    • Also, I would have hated it if someone’s story arc is influenced because of their gender. Regarding TWD’s “lesbian death”, it was also something I half expected. Anyone in TWD who starts a profound speech about their realizations in life is bound to die very soon. Again, it wasn’t about gender, it was about her being a character in love, and that TWD always has to rip our hearts out.

  26. Ann says:

    “Lesbian death trope” aside (which sadly does exist, and its presence cannot be easily ignored when you take into consideration the actual number of characters in TV, and how many of them are dead), yes, a character’s sexuality shouldn’t make them untouchable. And in this series’ case, almost any character can die. I knew Lexa was very likely going to die, there were little hints here and there from season 2 (even this season Clarke alluded to that when she asked her if she ever talked about anything other than her own death), and I was fine with that.

    HOWEVER, what some people fail to understand is that I, and many like me, aren’t upset because she died, that’s fine if it serves the story, BUT how she died: in a very anticlimactic and senseless way. Why not during a war? A combat (such as the one she had with Roan)? Betrayed by one of her people? In any other context, really. Not moments after a highly anticipated and promoted intimate moment and by MISTAKE. Lexa, as the character she was, deserved better.

    The other thing you fail to understand is, many fans feel betrayed by the show’s staff. They used Lexa’s, and Clexa’s, popularity to promote the show/season (which worked), they reassured fans they would treat the character and the storyline with respect. And after it was known, months ago, Alycia (Lexa) had signed a poster for the creator of the show thanking him for the opportunity, they reassured the fans telling them it wasn’t as a goodbye. Even when asked if Lexa was dead (before the filming of the finale, which they HEAVILY promoted with Alycia’s name, telling fans to go meet them, maybe to again falsely reassure them of Lexa’s fate?), the creator answered “Nope”. Which is fine, but why not ignore the question instead of lying?

    Anyway. As I said, I’m not particularly upset about the character’s death, even if she was one of my favorites, but of the way it was done both IN and OUTSIDE of the screen.

    Before you criticize fans for their reaction, you need to first inform yourself better and try to understand why it caused such a big commotion. Or not. That’s your prerogative. But it’s always nice to put oneself in someone else’s shoes, and try to see what they see to understand better.

    • I agree. Its the manner of her death that was soooo unconvincing. She just casually strolls into a room with a passive expression, despite that several gunshots had been fired. No sword in her hand and no dramatic attempt to at least place herself as a shield infront of Clarke, or at least wrestle with Titus and get shot that way.

      It was so bad, I began to suspect, and still do to a point, that Lexa and Titus staged a FAKE death so she could be free and be with Clarke as a normal human being when she recovered. Expecting her protege to replace her and her responsibilities. Unaware he would be assassinated..

      The bullet entry seems to be right of her centre of the abdomen, away from the aortic artery. Therefore although serious, she died too quickly
      Titus a little too keen with the extraction tools almost before she died.
      Titus in a hurry to get her out of the room keeping Clarke and Murphy initially confined.
      Body seen covered, not identified to audience.
      Body not seen cremated, just assumed.
      If she was definitively dead, why not show her on a slab for Clarke to see and agree to spend a few moments with her, she curiously declined.
      See her on the funeral pyre, uncovered.

      No, I am sceptical.

      Plenty of scope for an imaginitive reunion at the end without any vague, nebulous City Of Light stuff. I do not think that would satisfy. The death could be revealed as a flashback to Clarke when they meet agsin. Just a little more filming, same set, same location, very little extra cost and ADC free to go to FTWD. You never know, it might have been done.

      Someone said 2000 years ago “everything is possible to they who believe” Therefore, it follows if you believe in your story, everything in it is possible, especially if it is Science Fiction.

      I also agree with other posters, Jason is not going to give any clues to spoil the show.

    • Lirpa Ozner says:

      While I do respect many fans were hurt and felt betrayed, step back and look at this from a writers point of view. Everytime a fan asks if a certain character is going to die or some other question that is a big part of the storyline, why the hell would they tell the truth? Lol. Why ruin the surprises and upcoming twists and stories? Why watch a show if you already know some of the main things that are going to happen like who’s going to die or break up, or anything else that’s going to happen? Why would any writer of any show spoil upcoming episodes? Ie; Just one example of the many shows that are known to lie to fans is Pretty little liars. A fan gave a perfect example of this. A favorite character of many fans was rumored to die in a later episode. Of course, the writers denied, denied, denied! Why? Because that would spoil the whole twist and story.Once that character did in fact die, fans heard she didn’t die and was coming back. The writers and the actress herself were adamant that she was dead and not returning to the show…and that she had other commitments, etc. Well, guess who wasn’t dead? See? It happens with many, many shows. If they tell fans who and when is going to die it spoils it especially for the MANY fans who don’t want to know and want to be surprised! So, if the writers disclose the truth to these questions, many fans will be upset as they don’t want to know any spoilers. If they don’t answer the questions at all or say “no, Lexa isn’t going to die.” some fans get pissed off and say they were lied to. That’s the exciting part of watching tv shows or movies. Not knowing what’s going to happen or who’s going to die makes the anticipation enjoyable. Think about it that way. They weren’t “lying” they just didn’t want to spew any spoilers or ruin it for others.

  27. Bootsnboards says:

    This has little to do with Lexa’s sexuality aside from the fact that it became a method through which these fans over projected themselves and became WAY too emotionally attached to a fantasy character in a TV show for their own mental health.

    Seeing people primarily in terms of their sexuality is not health… it is downright sick. Accept all as human beings, with sexuality as just one of many traits that makes a person who they are.

    This is a case of an army of Misery Chastains over investing psychologically and emotionally with an actress and a character. I think the best response that the writer and Debnam-Carey should have given would have been to simply state, in no uncertain terms, “If you are letting something in a TV show affect you THIS much, please seek psychological help and counseling”.

    The whole adding the trope that only barely, superficially even applies to the Clexa death issue is just an excuse for making the complaints appear to be valid and have some legitimacy.

    The answer here is, work harder in your own personal life to find more TRUE happiness and joy so that dramatic portrayals of relationships and death in a fantasy TV show don’t become so an enormous part of your psyche and how you define yourself.

    Lexa was written as the character she was. Over empathizing and projecting oneself into her isn’t the showrunner and writers problem. Stop watching if you want… just know you are quite silly and childish for doing so if the rest of the story remains intriguing (and imho it most certainly does). If all you were watching the show for to begin with was for the Lexa character, then that is just bizarre and weird. The fact that she is just followed to the other show she acts in seems to be demonstrating a weird, obsessive uber fascination that is borderline crazy. Debnam-Carey is NOT her characters. And it seems people are now over-relating her character portrayals onto the actress herself.

    When are writers going to use the fact that they can have some influence on people like this to tell them what they need to be told? That there is something wrong with them if TV characters are having this profound an effect on their life and happiness.

    • Lirpa Ozner says:

      OMG! Who are you and where do you live??? I want to hug you!! This was perfectly said-thank you! I have posted on many boards for The 100 and said the same things. It is so scary that people can be that mentally unstable over a fictional tv show character and relationship! It’s not real. It’s a friggen TV story with lots of relationships and deaths. People of all genders, race and sexual orientation have died! I don’t hear any drama and complaints from black fans or Asians. I have to laugh too because there is STILL a gay male couple as well as Nyliah who is a lesbian. They act like the writers sat down and came up with a ploy to kill a lesbian. Meanwhile, poor Alycia got another job she was excited to be on. But happy for HER! Lol, it’s almost comical that people think there are conspiracies going on in every tv show that a gay or bi character dies! All poor Alycia wants to expand her career but certain fans think she should just stay on the 100 to please them. One more thing-this is an amazing show. Great story. Great characters. I just love how people stopped watching because Lexa died. Ummm,they watched the show before she came on so they obviously liked it so why the hell would they stop because one lesbian character dies? Is that the only reason they watched? If they watched just because there was a gay female couple, go watch “The L Word!

      • I agree with everything you said, except for ‘it’s just a TV show’. What is shown and not shown on TV influences the way people think and view the world. If non-heterosexual, or any member of social group, always dies everywhere they’re shown, it could lead the public to think that that social group ks weak. Like it or not, TV portrayals are powerful.

  28. My name is says:

    Finn was killed off wasn’t he? If you ask me they probably did this so that both the Grounders and Arkadia now had something in common: after Lexa died, they now both have leaders unfit for the position

  29. mary says:

    I’m of the older generation and have seen this happen for 20+ years.. I lost faith in the media long ago. It’s tiring to see such great character growth for it just to be stomped on for the sake of advancing the story line. I started watching the 100 because I love Sci fi and this really had an interesting plot… I loved Clarke from the beginning… she was a leader and we saw that from ep 1.. and considering she was female was awesome! Then came Lexa… I fell in love with her instantly, she was a freakin bad ass… when she was on screen i couldnt take my eyes off her. then… they made her a lesbian ….. I was actually pretty shocked that they took this route..specially on the CW.. which is aimed towards the younger demographic..I did become much more invested in it after that..because i knew that she would become a great inspiration to all the younger bi and lesbian girls.. then the clear attraction to Clarke came into play… wow.. xx the freaking awesomeness! I waited impatiently for season 3 and took to the Internet. . I followed the tweets and tumblr and all articles about how the CW busted out of the norm.. and they were applauded for it.
    I watched the Clexa Fandom grow to a ridiculous amount…Did JROTH run with it.. of course he did.. the ratings did rise quite substantually when lexa was introduced. I followed the “baiting” also.. believing that maybe this new generation of the media finally got it.. he did give us false hope to raise ratings for S3.. there is no argument there.. knowing that she had already been killed , but being so passionate about the LGBT community and fueling Clexa was just plain wrong and hurtful to all the fans.
    I knew that eventually Lexa would have to be killed off.. that was pretty inevitable.. but the really bad thing is… the first 6 eps of S3 were almost entirely devoted to this developing relationship…of forgiveness and compassion in the eyes of a cruel world.. I watched 2 women fall in love.. and it was beautiful.. the writing was great. for the most part… but these 2 actresses brought this to life..they put so much passion into these 2 characters to tell us a story that obviously they were proud to portray..i don’t think I have ever seen that on TV.. The kiss/ love scene in 7 was superb… ADC.. knowing her fate in the show.. was breathtaking… probably the most beautiful scene I have ever watched between 2 women… we all felt it. And we all felt what came next… heartbreaking to say the least.. and to everyone that said she had to die… I agree.. she did eventually…. but after being the happiest we have ever seen her after 15 episodes… when she finally let her walls down and realized the woman that she loved…and thought would never have again.. loved her back… good gawd… Great message.. I won’t be adding to his ratings anymore, thats for sure… he was wrong.. and he knows it…I’d rather not have ADC come Back either. .. he doesn’t deserve her.. Clexa stole the spotlight.. he knew the impact it had..and focused on that the first 6 eps… until renewel.. hmm .. imagine that.

    • Bootsnboards says:

      Do you also complain about the same outcomes in Romeo and Juliet? I can’t understand why you aren’t praising the fact that LGBT characters were given so much weight, importance and development… an LGBT woman who is the leader of the entire grounder civilization… the first of her kind to be in a position to unite the clans and lead “humanity” down a path of less violence… all climaxing with a very emotional, meaningful, dramatic death…

      If that isn’t good, even handed, fair writing that could just have easily been played by a man but was chosen to be given to an LGBT character trusting that the writing and development was solid enough and that the viewerbase was mature and solid enough that they would not only accept an LGBT character int his role, but actually fall in LOVE with her… that is an AMAZING accomplishment that should be CELEBRATED in my opinion.

      Seriously, have you bothered to slow down and critique your own critique? It is an amazingly GOOD thing the way the storyline was both WRITTEN, and ACCEPTED by the viewerbase. It is amazing and GOOD that it stirred emotions to the level it did. But that is being channeled by some in a very negative, ugly direction by people who view others first and foremost, primarily only by their sexuality. THAT, imo, needs to STOP.

      Be HAPPY that we are in a day and age where an LGBT character can be so meaningful and fully fill a role that in the past would have played out EXACTLY the same, but would have likely been played by a man. Do you not see this?

      The things you complain about are the very things which are praised in works by Shakespeare. Seriously, you’re gonna go down that road and expect ANYONE to consider you reasonable?

      • spookyghost says:

        You said that she died in an emotional,meaningful death? You do realise a lot of people are mainly mad about how she was killed by accident directly after she consummated her relationship? Her death was not meaningful, I imagine the reaction would have been a lot less explosive if she had nobly died in battle or something after spending a longer amount of time in the relationship. Do you realise that it could possibly be implied that lesbian happiness=death considering how close the two events were, or are you more interested in extolling the virtues of Shakespeare’s tradgedies? Why should we be happy that a meaningful and well developed lesbian was killed off in such an insignificant manner, without having time to truly explore the relationship?

        It seems to me as though you are saying that we should be celebrating that LGBT people are ‘accepted’ and I find that disgusting as i feel we should occasionally deserve more than just ‘inclusion’

  30. Katherine says:

    I think people are being too cynical, this is fiction and out of everyone’s control. I am a young woman and happen to be attracted to women also and gay or straight I don’t think the reaction is deserved, it’s good television and unfortunately main characters die. Yes the timing was unfortunate and I would have liked the writers to delve deeper into the relationship, but I won’t boycott a television show I have watched from day one, because it didn’t turn out the way I may have hoped. I look forward to seeing how things turn out and the ripple affect throughout the clans with Clarke bouncing back stronger. Good look to Alycia you are a fantastic actress and bloody stunning!

    • Bootsnboards says:

      I am SO glad to see your reply and perspective on it. It has to be one of the most REASONABLE, well thought out, honest and fair things I’ve seen said on the issue. You have a fair, good mind and heart. I hope life treats you well!

  31. John says:

    I will continue to watch until the last person dies. I love it.

  32. Erin says:

    People are just beating a dead Lexa at this point. Rothenberg apologized and gave his reasonings for his choices. If people still don’t want to watch the show after that that’s their loss. The 100 is the only show I watch on the CW. So that’s saying a lot. I think the first mistake he made was going on that network. Sadly I think the only outcome out of this will be less LGBT characters in TV shows so people don’t have to deal with this crazy backlash. So thanks for that (That was sarcasm)

    • Lirpa Ozner says:

      Exactly! This generation has come so far in which the LGBT community has become more accepted and included. Tv shows aren’t “required” to cast someone from every race, religion and sexual orientation. Lexa was a lesbian which was written in the script for the show just as a straight couple was. There was no discrimination. If there was “discrimination” they wouldn’t even have had a lesbian or a gay male couple on the show at all. Ever. That’s the funniest part of all this. And, there rffwasn’t any ploys or conspiracies! The LGBT community wants to cause all this drama so they are heard by the writers of The 100. Unfortunately, they are probably thinking this will help other tv shows avoid this type of situation but, like you said…no one is going to want to deal with this. The drama of protesting, getting petitions going, doing all they can to boycott and lose the sponsors as well as trying to sink the ratings will get them NOTHING but zero LGBT characters on ALL shows. They made it worse. Why the hell would writers even want to risk all of this BS? Btw, I guess it’s worth mentioning that I am a lesbian. However,I’m very embarrassed by the LGBT people causing all this. I am not a part of it and I am ashamed and disappointed that they are giving us a bad name now. Anyways thanks for your posts. I’m SO glad there is someone out there who knows what I mean! :)

    • Bootsnboards says:

      Yep, we’re talking about a community here where many are literally carrying around their notebooks tallying every diss and slight and taking it as a personal attack they must get offended at.

      These people can’t be pleased. It is the entire way in which they view the world in terms of sexuality that keeps them perpetually offended and unhappy, no matter what anyone does.

      These people are begging to be upset. The mistake Rothenberg made was trying to give them props and recognition. He should have expected these are people who will do any mental gymnastics they can to see things negatively… Its what they ahve trained themselves to do their entire lives.

      • Kim Lewis says:

        These people? Yea. That says it all.

      • Erin says:

        I am a member of the LGBT community. I’m in my late twenties and have a wife at home to care about so I guess I’m looking at this hole thing differently. It seems like this whole campaign is just a bunch of emotional teenagers mad that their favorite character has died. I don’t think they realize how far LGBT characters on TV have come or how good this show is and how awesome they showed Clarke and Lexa’s relationship. We are also in a time where they like killing off characters in shows no matter if you’re gay or straight no one Is safe. I just feel this whole thing was blown out of proportion and sadly I think it will set us back instead of moving forward.

  33. Patricia a. Morris says:

    I knew Lexa was in trouble with her people for changing her ways, there was a lack of confidence for their commander an a few attempts on her life. Titus as her teacher, mentor, was upset because Lexa was being influenced by Clarke, not him, he also feared for Lexa,s life as the trikru people were upset with the changes and decisions she was making. He feared if Clarke stayed Lexa would be killed, not because she was a lesbian, but because trekru felt she was incompetent as their leader for seeking peace not war. I thought perhaps it had been planned to fake her death to protect her, not to really kill her off! I was shocked, upset and heartbroken. But, had also thought she would go to the city of light and that she and Clarke would meet again! She did say to Clarke that death was not the end. Pelonies also told Abbey that when his grounder friend was killed and she said she was sorry. He said, don’t be, death is not the end. The author can fix this if he chooses to do so and Lexa is willing to reappear on the show. Clarke said to Lexa before the intimate scene that maybe when they met again they would neither one have to worry about their people! In the city of light, that would be true! So, keep the faith, it’s not over yet and Iam hopeful that the author can make amends as he broke so many hearts! I don’t view this as an attack on lesbians. Also, I am glad Clarke and Lexa had the time before Lexas death to consummate their love for one another. They live in dangerous times and remember Clarke is still known as wanheda! She is in danger too unless the next commander can protect her or if he or she chooses too! By killing Clarke, they get the power of Wanheda! Still worth watching folks! I was upset, hurt, angry too and devastated! I still am! But, hope it all works out!

  34. alex davies says:

    For me the main issue was not that Lexa died; it was that Lexa The Lesbian died.

    Lexa the character had to die for many reasons in the context of the show and real life.

    The problem was with how she died. The writting folowed basically every guideline from “How to Kill Off a Gay Character and Feel Good About It.” Basically you start with slow acceptance, then a drastic decision based on love, and end in a gratuitous death while cushioning it all with intimate moments and “I just want what is best for —-.”

    While watching the episode I almost started to doubt she was going to die because it hit just about every stereotype I thought it must be deliberate.

    Lexa the character deserved better death. However, Lexa The Lesbian’s death was probably meticulously fantasized about by JRoth because he is a mysoginistic pervert that just wants to see two girls making out.

    • Bootsnboards says:

      Those are pretty much the “instructions” on how to kill off any major supporting character, lmao. If you had paid attention BEFORE LGBT issues hit the scene, you’d recognize that.

      It is like complaining about the standard “hero’s journey” storyline, but only because it ends up being a gay character it is applied to, acting as though the steps were applied to them BECAUSE they were gay, rather than BECAUSE they were the hero. It is the same with Lexa. What is truly sad is that behavior, complaints and actions like this are more likely to set the entire cause of LGBT representation BACK, rather than move it forward. What writer, after seeing this train of bullshit from some (not all) in the LGBT community, would be in his right mind to even bother? Having to sit down and, rather than let the creative process flow naturally with a character, instead feeling now obligated to look over 1000 different lists of “how to make certain you in no way do something that kiddies in the LGBT community could possibly take as a dis’, or could possibly see as somehow singling them out for being treated differently than others”.

      The reality many are missing is that the story played out with less emphasis ON the relationship BECAUSE the romantic relationship and the fact that it was LGBT was barely a minor detail. The point the show got across successfully was that in THIS world, LGBT companionships don’t even raise an eyebrow. Lexa ended up dead due to circumstances that had little to do with her sexuality.

      The answer is that these complainers need to start writing their own shows, and let others write the stories THEY want to tell. I would actually be bothered if the Lexa storyline had turned out any differently. Her somehow surviving all of the choices that were in such contradiction to every other aspect going on around her would have felt cheap and contrived.

      Seriously, there is little to nothing exclusively special about the storyline with Clexa. A male character could have been portrayed in her place with almost no difference in the outcome… Fans are asking for storylines to be adjusted SIMPLY due to someone’s sexuality, and I think that is horseshit.

      Stop seeing the world and only knowing how to relate to it solely in terms of sexuality, and you might find that all these things you complain about that are being “done to gay characters” are being done to STRAIGHT characters, too.

      Rothenberg apologized, not because he felt the complainers were right, or that he had done something wrong with his writing itself. He apologized because he wanted to acknowledge the sentiments of those who were complaining.. and yes, placate them a bit as well. It is like apologizing to a child because they can’t have a cookie for dinner. You are sorry they are made to feel bad, but making them feel bad is not the intent… It is just expected that someone, like said child, eventually will grow up and understand that the entire world does not revolve around THEIR wants, and someone NOT meeting their wants, needs and desires is NOT an attack or dis’.


      • Nigma says:

        The statistics for LGBT char deaths compared to white male or female deaths are crazy disproportionate. In this instance, there is overhwleming evidence of writers and JRoth gaybaiting (and lying) to use thw LGBT audience to help them boost ratings and get a s4. But the bigger tragedy is that there are so few lesbian characters that are portrayed as strong, independent women and who are on tv for any length of time for fans to endear themselves to that character-which that part is just like fans of any scifi show, go to a comic con, these fans are no different, they’re just sick and tired of always being the ‘plot device’. If you turn on a tv show and spend hours watching, only to have the one or two characters that you identify with killed off time and again, it gets old.

        Do you work for the CW? Because you are no different than the fans you’re mocking as you are dedicating tons of time and effort to responding to comments deriding many and and praising others who share your view, which happens to be the same as the showrunner’s.

      • Nigma says:

        The statistics for LGBT char deaths compared to white male or female deaths are crazy disproportionate. In this instNce, there is overhwleming evidence of writers and JRoth gaybaiting (and lying) to use thw LGBT audience to help them boost ratings and get a s4. But the bigger tragedy is that there are so few lesbian characters that are portrayed as strong, independent women and who are on tv for any length of time for fans to endear themselves to that character-which that part is just like fans of any scifi show, go to a comic con, these fans are no different, they’re just sick and tired of always being the ‘plot device’. If you turn on a tv show and spend hours watching, only to have the one or two characters that you identify with killed off time and again, it gets old.

        Do you work for the CW? Because you are no different than the fans you’re mocking as you are dedicating tons of time and effort to responding to comments deriding many and and praising others who share your view, which happens to be the same as the showrunner’s.

  35. Even though I still miss Lexa dearly,I will continue to watch the show.Maybe not with the same excitement that I did when Alycia was a part of it,but there are still characters on the show that I like the main character Clarke.I don’t have any I’ll will towards Jason or the writers.I’m satisfied with how he addressed everything.

  36. Helen says:

    I don’t want the next commander I want you… I will not watch the show anymore because this make me bad. I trusted the writers but they have manipulated us and they let us to believe that Lexa would live. The way it was edited was awful. I support Alycia because she gave us a perfect and beautiful Lexa but I hate the writers. Jus Drein Jus Daun

    • Bootsnboards says:

      Some day you’ll maybe grow up and start seeing the world in more healthy, fair, mature terms.

      Go read Misery by Stephen King, take some notes, and get back to us all.

  37. SA says:

    No, he was STILL trying to bait us in that “interview”, he’s obviously learned nothing from this situation, and the fact that he and his network are hiding behind a 22 year old girl from “bitter teens” is just pathetic.

  38. FABSIE says:

    “but as long as people love the show and are passionate about Lexa, I think that’s really what matters.”
    Is she aware Lexa is not in the show anymore ?

  39. FABSIE says:

    This guy is so empty…I still can’t believe they would kill this beautiful character the most interesting in the 100 ever, She changed the show, so for me the show no longer exists without her. I guess Alycia Debnam Carey is right in the middle of a storm that nobody planned to unfold that way and she’s propably not a liberty to tell anything negative about this mess. It’s a bit sad, But tv is just business we akwnoledge that now in the worse way, we witness how the choice to kill a character is driven by probably economical reasons (just in my opinion), contract issues and so on… Where do the fans stand in that mess ? I’m so done with this show, but passionate about the fandom reaction, it’s fantastic to see that people can be so implied and passionnate and still free to defend what’s left of respect, dignity and humanity in our world.

  40. Ana Lima says:

    He’s still lying. Jason Rothenberg I have shame on him. Truly, deeply… I can’t handle with this lies anymore. This man used and abusefd of his own fans, and it’s unforgivable.

  41. Jacques Strappe says:

    Got it Hollywood? When you write key roles for LGBT characters. they must be ALL treated as immortal gods and goddesses.and their characters must always be saints and do the right things. Everyone knows that only straight people are evil and should be the ones killed off in television shows.

  42. fdssite1 says:

    Yes way she went also he said anyone can die? So would he kill bellamy off? He woundt have the balls ..Lies lies he said she never be able to come back? She on FTWD?( Zombie show) she Could die anytime and be free to do the show again..He needs to apologise but he won’t..

  43. Jami says:

    Here is the problem, if you are just watching The 100 because the lead is a bi-sexual, is that a real reason to watch a show. I am a Lesbian, I remember when the L-Word came out. I think I watched about a season of it and was tired of the same old cliche. Lesbians cheating on their partners. I started watching the 100 before Clarke character was disclosed as a bi-sexual. Lexa was introduce in Season 2 as a lesbian. The show killed off a major character in S2 episode 7 a white male that Clarke had been involved with and yes they had sex. Fans were mad about that. I understand what LBGT is saying why are you killing off the gays, but The 100 has been a great show with a diverse cast and in the show no one talks about race, gender or sexuality. The 100 has always moved at a fast pace. Maybe in hindsight since Rothenberg seems to be taking a lot of fire over how it was handled. I can say as a fan of the show yes I was shocked Titus killed Lexa and he was trying to kill Clarke. This show always has a reason for killing off a character.This time it was to move the storyline that Lexa and the first Commander had an AI chip which changes everything. I understand yes the lesbian died, but a lot of the cast member die. ADC was not a regular cast member a guest star in Season and Season 3. I can’t believe how many people are upset, this was not a typical kill the lesbian storyline. Lexa was an awesome character, but we all knew she was going to die because she is a series regular on another show.

    • True, I didn’t even trip when the only black kid at the time was killed off, I mean he was Clarke best friend. They got another one now and he’s gay I got a feeling his time is up cause of that goodbye kiss with his bf, I won’t even trip about that.

    • CorLeonis says:

      Okay I am too tired to even answer anymore. Please just read this: lgbtfansdeservebetter.com. Please.

  44. CorLeonis says:

    Alycia is a sweetheart, and I don’t think anyone ever thought she was at fault here (although I’m still not 100% sure she entirely understands what the problem is, she has said and did as much as she could in her position).

    Jason though…I think he still refuses to address the situation as it happened, and although he says he stayed quiet to listen and read, he obviously didn’t. While I am willing to believe that his mistake came from the fact that he is too privileged and refuse to listen to people who told him that he shouldn’t do this, because he was too focused on the story he is telling (which is not as remotely original as he thinks, if you watched BSG), instead of actually wanting to hurt people’s feelings, I think the consequences remain the same, and his response is not only not enough, but only manages to make many of us more angry.

    While of course, Javi had the fact that he is not the showrunner to hide behind, I feel like his response and remorse felt a lot more honest, and a lot more satisfying than anything Jason said or did, especially the childish tweet about the upset teenagers being bullies. I am sorry but if you end up upsetting tens of thousands of a minority you promised to treat with respect, a few mean tweets are not something you get to sit on the high horse about.

    I think his response is too little, too late, and he only reason it came in the first place is WonderCon this weekend (which will be very interesting to watch for sure).

  45. wendy says:

    Why are people still not getting this? It’s not about Lexa getting killed off… it’s about the manner in which it happened. Literally less than 70 seconds between sex & death. That’s not a message, no matter how well intentioned, that any show should be sending to it’s audience. Even worse when it involves a LGBTQ+ character. Most of us expected Lexa to die at some point, we perfectly understand her contractual obligations to another show. But an accidental stray bullet? Barely a minute after consummating her relationship? That is, at the very least, irresponsible story-telling. And even worse… and where a lot of the backlash is coming from… is Rothenberg’s behavior on twitter. Where he courted the Clexa fanbase, outright gave false hope that Lexa might not die, told fans not to worry, and otherwise absolutely misled this fanbase in order to maximize his gains in followers, trending, and viewership. That is by far, the biggest offense in this situation. He could’ve emphasized that Lexa’s storyline was about wrapping up her character arc… he could’ve done that without spoiling the actual story line… so that fans would’ve better prepared. Instead, he did the opposite. Going so far as to tell fans not to read too much into ADC’s episode absences. Rothenberg chose to string the fanbase along, purposely playing the fandom for social media gains, all the while knowing that he was setting them up for a big fall. That is the crux of the issue. It’s irresponsible and thoughtless. As is 70 seconds between sex & death. And that is what makes this backlash 100% deserved.

    • SterlingMB says:

      Wendy you nailed it! To add one additional aspect to this line of thinking – killing off ‘the lesbian’ right after finding happiness in her relationship further reinforces a brutal reality for far to many gay people even today. That we don’t truly deserve happiness…. Lexa’s death was never going to be a pleasant plot point but the timing here is brutal.

      Also – I don’t buy Jason’s talking points on the matter either. I really hope I’m wrong – but he comes across as an arrogant control freak. I find it hard to believe he wasn’t working the fans to generate buzz/ratings. I’m not going to quit watching the show. But I will think twice about supporting future programs he is involved with….

      • Skillz says:

        Wells was killed off immediately after Clarke finally forgave him. What’s the difference?

  46. Nina says:

    Honestly, JRoth’s response makes sense. But its hard for people to wrap their head around it because we do NOT live in this world he has created. He is writing to an audience that lives with our society’s problem. There is a lack of LGBT representation in TV, so when there IS an LGBT character on a show our community latches onto it.

    I feel as though JRoth did not think about how his viewers would take Lexa’s death. He queer-baited us throughout the hiatus and during the beginning of season three. Whether consciously or unconscious he hurt us. He led us on and that is a reason why we’re upset. JRoth should have been more sensitive in the way he dealt with the reaction and with her death in general.

    Rothenberg did not deal with this properly. He did not give Lexa the death she deserved and he hurt a large part of his audience when he did so.

  47. Jen says:

    Alycia is just being nice with her co workers and Jason, of course she’ll never burn the bridge plus she got friends on that show too, so she is concerned about fans deserting the show.

    It’s funny coz JRoth waited for Alycia to talk first bout Lexa’s death before his interview with TV insider, or maybe they asked ADC to say this and that, their creative choice blah blah thingy so it can somehow die down a bit before he speak up with TV insider then next week at wonder on. Well, it didn’t worked pal, you blew it again. Your interview with tv insider was a piece of garbage.

    As early as March 2015 you already knew that Lexa will die, you knew the lesbian trope-the why the hell you still queer baited the LGBTQ? I am not an LGBT but I completely understood where the outrage is coming from. If JRoth didn’t hyped and baited the LGBTQ fans, Lexa’s death wouldn’t be this huge.

  48. Get a grip says:

    Did people lose the memo she is LEAVING FOR ANOTHER JOB? Wow people up and arms with pitch forks and torches. If only people cared about real world injustices as much as a TV DRAMA

    • CorLeonis says:

      No. Just no. It has been explained 5000 times, that the problem was not ADC leaving, or even the fact that Lexa had to die (although I personally believe that they had 6 months to come up with an actual twist and didn’t manage to deliver, and it was stupid to kill her in the first place). It is everything else, from the circumstances of the death (just consummated her relationship with another female, literally 70 seconds before, shot by father figure for said relationship, by accident), to the events leading up to the episode (endless amount of baiting from everyone involved) and the handling of the fallout of the situation, where the entire writersroom of 10 supposed professionals hid behind the 24 PA to talk for them. Please read further here: lgbtfansdeservebetter.com

  49. F says:

    I am absolutely not satisfied with this “response” from Mr. Rothenberg. It is very obvious that he still does not understand the real problems and very damaging implications of writing Lexa’s death like this.

    A) Killing her immediately (70 seconds!) after a happy moment which implies that gay people will be punished asap if they ever find happiness.

    B) Getting her killed accidentally – Lexa had absolutely no agency in this (compare this to Finn’s death for example, he turned himself in and basically sacrificed himself after murdering half a village.)

    C) Getting her killed by Titus, her father figure, because he did not approve of the relationship with Clarke – another stereotype, women cannot handle a relationship AND being political leaders; the implication that parents will not accept gay children and their potential partners;

    D) Pointing out how terrible this is for Titus (woman gets killed for manpain, how original)

    E) Reminding us in the same episode that another woman, Costia, got killed (abducted, tortured and beheaded) because of her relationship to Lexa – which means that out of 4 queer women in the show, one was already dead and never on screen but we were told her horrible story TWICE, Lexa is now dead, Niylah from episode 301/2 got brutally beaten up because of her one night stand with Clarke and that leaves Clarke who will now probably get the storyline of almost every bisexual woman on TV and end up with a guy in the end because that’s the only “acceptable” relationship.

    F) Writing an almost exact copy of Tara’s death in Buffy in 2002 and thinking this was in any way revolutional or creative and “defying the trope” when it played right into it.

    Maybe he did not intent to harm the fans but how someone could seriously think that this would be a good storyline or great plot twist is completely beyond me, not to mention his absolutely unprofessional and condescending behaviour on twitter afterwards (and I haven’t even talked about POC yet, that’s another big problem).

    I am tired of seeing this kind of storyline again and again and I am disgusted but how this particular show handled it (or rather, did not handle it and decided to ignore everything). But I am even more sad because of the potential that this character had and what a positive and great example it could have been.

    Reshop, Heda.

    • Dendrox says:

      Okay 1st Titus wasn’t attacking Clarke because of their relationship with Lexa. 2nd Niyah wasn’t beaten because of hooking up with Clarke 3rd Titus believed that love with ANYONE is a weakness (this goes for him too) 4th nowhere did it say that Costia was in a relationship with Lexa, just that she loved her (could have been a sister, daughter, etc.)

      Keep stretching the story to make your point on how the show is terrible towards the LGBT when it still has Miller and his boyfriend and be happy that the LGBT are even in a show as in the past they were weren’t even represented (if they were they were treated 300x worse than what you’re making out about Lexa. She said herself how she had other obligations, she is an actress and was just a guest star after all. I agree that the death could have been spaced further from the sex scene, but every death in this show serves a purpose and it doesn’t matter if they are white, black, gay, straight, adult, or child.

      • Rocio says:

        What kind of heteronormative nonsense is this? Costia was confirmed as Lexa’s ex by one of the writers(can’t remember which) but even if that wasn’t true all implications were given that THAT was the kind of connection they had. First in linking Costia with Finn “I lost someone special to me too” implying that the relationship is the same Clarke and Finn – Lexa and Costia. Second in the way they keep linking Lexa’s feelings for Clarke with her feelings for Costia, implying that they are the SAME kind of feelings. Ice nation guy made that connection as did Titus, the connection is meant to be seen as the same, the feelings are meant to be seen as the same.

        Titus attacked Clarke because of Clarke’s influence on Lexa. That influence is in large part because of the fact that Lexa loves her. The relationship gives Clarke power over Lexa, THAT’S why he attacks her, to remove that power. So yes, he absolutly attacks Clarke because of their relationship.

        Niyah was beaten because she was close to Clarke. Did that closeness have to be sexual? No. She would have been beaten if they’d just been friends. But they specifically made it so that the connection was sexual and Niyah was absolutly beaten for that connection.

        The rest of it i’m not gonna touch but really you should know this comes across as saying “I know you’re getting spit in the face right now but be grateful you’re no longer getting kicked in the ribs.” and no, no I will not feel grateful about that.

  50. Jami says:

    Honestly her death was inevitable as a Fan of The 100 I was surprised how many episodes ADC appeared in. I am a lesbian and I never felt for one moment when Lexa was killed a few moments after Clarke and Lexa consummated their love it was done for shock. I knew it was coming, however not in that episode. I also hear fans saying she should have died a warriors death. I prefer she die in Clarke’s arms and find out Lexa was part AI. I thought it was the best and gut wrenching episode ever. I don’t know what Jason was thinking, I just assumed everyone new ADC was on loan. I think the LBGT to boycott the show is a little over board. I also think Jason Rothenberg has learned his lesson. I doubt Clarke will ever find happiness and Clarke will not end up with Bellamy if anything the series will end with Clakre and Lexa in the City of Lights.

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