‘Supergirl’ Lands at the CW for Season 2

Supergirl Season 2 The CW
Courtesy of CBS

After nearly two years of rumors, “Supergirl” is heading to The CW for its second season, Variety has learned.

The network shuffle cements “Supergirl’s” Season 2 renewal.


‘Supergirl’ Meets ‘The Flash’: Stars Take Us Behind the Scenes on the Crossover (EXCLUSIVE)

The superhero show, starring Melissa Benoist, was at CBS for its first season, which was quite the departure for the older-skewing network. At the time, CBS’s former chief Nina Tassler was looking for a female heroine and greenlit the Greg Berlanti-produced project for the 2015-16 slate. Before “Supergirl” was initially ordered to series, rumors were flying that the show would land at sister net CW, though it was in development at CBS.

At CBS, “Supergirl” averaged a 2.5 rating in adults 18-49 and 10.03 million viewers overall in Nielsen’s “live plus-7” estimates. It was CBS’ top-rated rookie drama this season in the demo, and was also its youngest-skewing drama with a median age of 55.6 — however, it was down from the network’s comedy lineup in the Monday night timeslot last year.

The hotly anticipated crossover with “The Flash” on March 28 provided a ratings boost for both shows, prompting the rumors to begin swirling once again that “Supergirl” would head over to the younger-skewing network in order to nab a renewal. That “Supergirl” episode, co-starring “Flash’s” Grant Gustin, averaged a 2.5 rating in 18-49 and 9.6 million total viewers in L+7 — the show’s best numbers in the second half of its run.


Pilot Buzz

Pilot Buzz: Could ‘Supergirl’ Land at the CW for Season 2?

Even though the ratings suggested a move to CBS’s sister net could be a possibility, despite the buzz, The CW has repeatedly denied reports and dismissed questions that “Supergirl” would land at the network.

The move marks the first time a show on the air has shifted from CBS to The CW. However, projects have moved within the CBS portfolio in the past. Last year, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was developed at Showtime, but when the cabler passed on the Rachel Bloom comedy, CW picked it up. In 2011, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Ringer” was in the pilot phase at CBS, before being greenlit at CW.

Benoist plays the title character in “Supergirl” and stars alongside Calista Flockhart, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan and David Harewood. Hailing from Berlanti Prods. and Warner Bros. Television, Berlanti exec produces with Ali Adler, Andrew Kreisberg, Sarah Schechter.

Rick Kissell contributed to this report.

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  1. bcrnbs says:

    missed seasn 1, watching seaswon 2, show could have been a great show, but super girl is a nerd, she all so weaker than a kitter being kicked around by aliens only defeating them with help and tricks, and the lttle twit playijng super girl could use some acting lessons. the show is really bad, but has some fine actors , well at least two, the guy playing jimmy olsen and the guy plaing the green martian. all in all what could have been a great series equal to the flash or the avengers is nothing but a over rated cartoon show. on a rateing of one to five, i give it a zero.

  2. Debbie says:

    I think it is terrible that Rush Hour series was let go yet they brought back Super Girl…??? Super Girl SUCKS and the special effects Sucks even more. At least Rush Hour had good actors, it had comedy. CBS YOU SUCK!!!

  3. Bruce Baker says:

    I have read most of the comments below, some very technical and drawn out, for the reason why the change…………but all I care about, is that I found a program I liked and now I can’t watch it, because that channel is not available with my satellite service . I was looking forward to next season……………………….

  4. Bruce Baker says:

    I like Super girl in the first season and was looking forward to seeing it this season…but I see they moved it to The CW channel …a real disappointment ,because we can’t get CW here in Corry PA. on Directv….

  5. Elvis lopes says:

    I think the reason supergirls numbers were low is because CBS has it running against another DC show on fox at the same time slot. I like supergirl but they shouldn’t have put it on at 8pm to go against Gotham. The show would have gotten better numbers if they switched to a 9pm time slot AFTER gotham

  6. Lemonade Larry says:

    Can someone please explain………….

    Would it have been preferable for everyone involved with Supergirl to remain in California and on The CBS Network? If yes, why is there positive “spin” about how wonderful the move to The CW is and that the show always belongs on The CW?

    Is it not a fact, if the ratings for the show had been better, CBS would have renewed Supergirl and paid whatever it took to retain a “winner” and revenue producer?

    There seem to be a lot of comments below that express varied opinions, but the bottom line is….
    Supergirl is no longer on CBS, where it obviously wished to be.

  7. Pete says:

    I have heard a rumour that Tom Welling will be in season 2 OMG that would be EXCELLENT

  8. James Wilson says:

    I knew this was going to happen. Nonetheless, I am happy that it did.

  9. Why isn’t super man helping his cousin super girl I love the flash don’t get it wrong.

  10. Barbie for President says:

    A move to The CW means budget cuts. Supergirl might have to take the bus. Flying is expensive these days !

  11. Jimmy Fox says:

    I am thankful for this change. I love the show, but I hated having my television tuned to a network station. The show was too good for those rigid minded corporate types. Good riddance to CBS~!!!

  12. Chris Morris says:

    In case that troll is still listening, Supergirl averaged 10 million viewers per week so someone cares. Hopefully they keep up those ratings on CW, as The Flash, for instance, only averages 5 million a week. It would be huge for CW if SG keeps that audience. Don’t think she will, but we can hope.

    • Tom says:

      Chris Morris…..
      If the ratings for Supergirl were “good,” the show would not be exiled to The CW and CBS would have retained it. You are in denial with regard to how profitability and viability are determined. Supergirl is a failure and an overblown miscalculation.

      • valerie marshall says:

        I Luv watching super girl! some people don’t care for it because they rather watch the bad shows that should not even be on TV. Its way dark some demonic etc. Terrible!

      • Chris Morris says:

        CJ nailed it. I’ll hand her/him the mic so they can drop it…

      • stevehc1 says:

        CJ herein pretty much nailed it, correct on virtually all counts. Sorry, dude.

      • CJ says:

        It’s obvious by your comment that you’re the one ignorant on this subject. CBS has consistently renewed shows with much lower numbers for both viewers and demos. The difference here is that the CW should have been Supergirl’s home all along, not only is it an expensive show to make, it was made more so by the fact that CBS was having to pay exorbitant licensing fees per episode to WB because they own the license for Supergirl. The CW is a jointly owned network by both CBS and WB, so that fee will either be greatly reduced or removed completely with this relocation. Supergirl was counting on a tax break for filming in LA that ended up being denied, so those per episode tax fees were astronomical as well. The special effects for Supergirl are indeed expensive, but CW has managed to make shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow incredibly exciting, with cinematic-like special effects, and still stay on a low budget. The CW has a much younger target audience, which they nurture by allowing their shows to be viewed on various mobile and online sources after it’s first run, unlike CBS who only allows their shows to be viewed on paid subscription services after it’s first run. The CW knows it’s audience and caters to how they view TV, whereas big networks like CBS are only interested in money made the traditional way instead of looking to expand with the times and collecting revenue with other avenues, like commercials that air when you watch online or on mobile devices. With the licensing fee reduced or removed, the immense tax break from filming in Vancouver, an eye on a lower special effects budget, and the younger target audience of CW, throw in the fact that being in Vancouver allows for much easier crossovers in the DCTV Universe that the CW has & and the huge bump that the Supergirl/Flash crossover gave both shows during the 2015/2016 season, and you’ll realize that the MOVE, not exile, to the CW was the most intelligent choice, and was the best choice all along.

    • W. Coleman says:

      Supergirl NEVER averaged the millions of viewers you state. You can verify numbers and educate yourself about ratings numbers, demographics and viewership at any number sites where such statistics are available and correct.
      Why do you feel the need to inflate the ratings?

      • CJ says:

        Supergirl averaged 7.5 million viewers and a 1.68 in the desired demographic, but that is excluding 7-day DVR numbers and anyone watching on other formats like On Demand and online subscriptions. When you factor those numbers in, I would imagine that the numbers do increase significantly. Either way, those would be incredible numbers for a network who averages 1.5 million viewers and a .60 demo for all of it’s shows.

      • Chris Morris says:

        I was quoting an EW article where it says “Currently, including DVR playback, the show’s season has averaged around 9.8 million viewers and a 2.4 in the demo”. If they are inflating numbers that’s unfortunate. I’ve seen other sites that say the show averages around 8 million viewers but that’s usually just the overnights and not including DVR. Even so 8 million viewers is still a big number, Mr. Troll, sir.

  13. Phun says:

    So happy to get a second season even if it is on the CW. Yes, the sfx budget might be cut a bit but as long as the original cast is there, I don’t mind. Bye bye CBS….. Hello CW…. Already deleted my CBS all access app on my phone…. Don’t need that anymore.

  14. John Smith says:

    It is a disgrace that it took this long for this show to be renewed,and I do think the CW is a more suited place for it to be. However just because Supergirl is way too good to have taken this long to be renewed,that dosent mean the show is great, it means it’s good. It’s not Buffy the Vampire Slayer,it’s nowhere near as good as that,so by making this move Supergirl is probably going to have to continue to improve. It a shame because by rights it’s already good enough. However reality will probably mean it not quite good enough to stick around long term.

    • CJ says:

      Even if Supergirl loses half of it’s audience with the move to the CW, that network does not require the same amount of viewers as a network like CBS. With season 1 Supergirl dropped from like 13 million viewers in its premiere to averaging about 7.5 live viewers and a 1.68 demo, the CW averaged about 1.5 million viewers and a .60 demo for all of it’s shows last season. The Flash performed the best with a little over 3 million average and a 1.37 demo. I think that Supergirl will do much better on the CW because it will cost SO MUCH less to film it & crossovers with the rest of the DC Universe that the CW has will be much easier because of the move to Vancouver. It’s just a better fit.

  15. Alex says:

    My white male privelidge… self is mad that Supergirl is still on television.

    …and that they cancelled Harsh Realm 15 years ago.

  16. Vincent DeFeo says:

    As an older 66 year old, I’ll be following Supergirl to the CW.

  17. loco73 says:

    How is this a surprise? This move was clearly coming. This show didn’t belong on CBS in the first place. Network television is out of its depth with any shows that don’t conform to their established, bland and unimaginative format. There have been some exceptions here and there, but far too few. And the network executives at ABC, NBC, CBS and even Fox wonder why their viewership is decreasing… And I am not even a fan of “Supergirl”…

  18. Wlee says:

    Wow smartest move be either/any network in the history of TV. Hopefully now the scripting for this show will improve along with the move. I also cant wait for all of the Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow cross over shows as well. Hopefully The Flash will be the first one to welcome SG to the neighborhood.

  19. Tim Rogers says:

    Maybe this will prompt our local CW station to improve their picture quality …. meaning they will finally go to hi-def

  20. Les Moonves: CBS Plans to Renew Freshman Shows: http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/supergirl-renewed-cancelled-cbs-les-moonves-freshman-shows-1201725184/

    That was 65 days ago. What the eff happened between now and today? What so drastically changed?

  21. T Bryan says:

    Yay, maybe now it will be shown on HULU.

    • John Smith says:

      It’s about a female superhero. I mean money was a factor,but I heard Gotham costs just as much.I was hearing things like many people are reacting pro,and con. Think about it why would someone comment because they don’t like it. Just don’t watch it. What do you care. But people do.

  22. Cowboy says:

    So CBS turns away a highly rated new show that appeals to younger viewers. Keep programming for the 60 plus crowd

  23. Burro b says:

    Another crappy attempt to force a women lead down. Our throats. Give it up already. The show sucks. No one cares for super girl.

    • coneyro says:

      Don’t like Supergirl, don’t watch. Millions of fans disagree with you.
      Glad it’s moving to the CW. It is where it should have started in the first place.
      Now some older CBS viewers will follow to the new channel for added numbers.

      The CW doesn’t give up on its shows . Here is to a long, successful run, with lots of crossovers among the various DC superheroes.

  24. So steamed right now at CBS. Epic fail, Les Moonves; you promised your freshman shows would all be renewed in early March (conference call w/shareholders). Now you guarantee SG’s ratings, budget will be at least halved, shedding of cast members (possibly), and looking as minor league as the minor league network it’s going to.

  25. Jim says:

    Hopefully, they make some major improvements to this show…..the writing is bad…..dial down all the romance angles…..and quit putting her in Superman’s shadow, don’t need to remind viewers every 5 minutes that Superman is her cousin. The special effects were pretty cheesy at times, so the reduced budget could be problematic….but The Flash does fine on effects with its CW budget.

  26. Ron White says:

    Yes, a fantastic Iconic look – Supergirl. And, to give her a time-slot of Monday Night / opposite of Gotham… (since viewers, were already vested in, into the ‘The Batman, Gotham, Jim Gordan and the Villains… was not fair, to a well executed Series,,

  27. EricJ says:

    It’s all the All-Warner/DC Network. As in, “What the HECK is this show doing on CBS??”

  28. BMac says:

    Supergirl is the lamest superhero ever. Maybe if she stopped being such a whiney mousey person it might be better

    • EricJ says:

      Yes, but they can only do female heroines on broadcast networks, Wonder Woman already had movie commitments, and Agent Carter was over at ABC/Marvel.

  29. RNeary says:

    WHEW!! Now I can enjoy my summer and look forward to season two in the fall.

  30. radflow says:

    Yay…supergirl is a really good show….but I am guilty of not watching some episodes because I work that night….since it is coming to the cw…I vote they move it to Thursdays or Fridays….

  31. ME says:


    Wanna cut losses? Get rid of Leslie Moonves’ paycheck.

  32. this is good, CW is like “the little engine that could” of networks. “hey what you got there? oh, you dont want it? well we’ll take it, pump some youthful energy into it, some low budget(yet somehow quality) CGI into it, and see what happens.” they run a show on a budget really well and find a very specific tone/mood for it that gives it identity.
    (full disclosure: i only watch the DC shows and containment on CW, but i have watched episodes to see if i WOULD like the other shows, not personally into them but i do recognize the theme)

    i watched the entire first season of SG, it was pretty flat, you could tell where they wanted there to be peaks and valleys… but you never needed your hiking boots.

  33. If they revamp the show because of budget reductions, they need to forget season 1 and add it directly to the Arrow/Flash universe like it should be anyway.

  34. stevenkovacs says:

    ‘Supergirl’ is a very entertaining family-friendly, well-made series with a great cast led by Melissa Benoist & Calista Flockhart. It deserves to continue so it’s great news we’ll be able to continue watching it on CW next season!

    • meiray says:

      Would not be surprised if Flockhart finds a way to jump ship. I doubt she’s interested in a Vancouver-based job unless the role gets reduced.

  35. Chris Morris says:

    This is a badly written article. The Flash crossover aired on CBS not CW. “After two years of rumors”; shouldn’t that be two months? Anyway, Supergirl is a great show and didn’t fit in on CBS, CW should be a better fit. The budget may be affected, and with that the VX, although the VX on Flash have been amazing. I look forward to season two of Supergirl!

    • seeing as how this is a DC show that is connected to Arrow, Flash & Legends of Tomorrow EVERYONE thought that it would debut on The CW originally and were surprised to see it on CBS because it limits the cross-over opportunities. I PERSONALLY think they were ALWAYS going to move it after Season 1 hence the late in the season Cross over with Flash, to see if that shows fans would follow it’s hero to CBS to see the show, and when many did they decided to move it to where it should have always been

  36. zoomillion says:

    should’ve just cancelled it. now be forever ties to arrow and flash,

  37. Elias Moya says:

    I dont see this being successful on CW either. Granted, it will be easier to maneuver her in between the Flash and Arrow universe, her budget will not be the same. $3 million dollars an episode was the price tag on CBS. It will be way less on the CW. They will have to down scale a lot. Also they need to change writers and the direction of the show. The show was boring.

  38. tomadzo says:

    Maybe someone at the CW can fix this. I had high hopes, but didn’t like where it was going (except for J’onn J’onnzz)

  39. truffles says:

    LOL can CW even afford Calista? *sigh* Farewell Cat Grant, you were my favorite character. I hope your death will be as grand as your life was. You will be missed :(

  40. mialerda says:

    It belonged on the CW in the first place. Now may CW renew several titles CONSTANTINE and Young Justice and give us the long awaited TITANs Series. Constantine is already part of the arrowverse, supergirl is already a sister earth, Young Justice deserves a return too!

    • Wlee says:

      Not having Calista on the show would be a HUGE mistake. The CW needs to do what ever it takes to keep her on the show as she adds depth that NO ONE has yet displayed on this series. Everyone else is center on either Supergirl/Kara but Cat Grant is her own person with he own agenda which is not concerned with taking over the world on this show. Keep her, add more depth to the characters “especially Jimmy Olson who at this point has as much depth as a shallow pond” , add emotion, add a great musical soundtrack for stories that have punch, try not to let it get to silly like the last few seasons of Smallville was and this show could really turn into something special.

    • JR says:

      Constantine does not belong on the CW. His appearance on Arrow was lame to the nth degree. Bad enough he isn’t allowed to smoke there, they even had him doing martial arts! I would never want to see a Constantine series on the CW. And if Supergirl is going to be there, it will be.as cheesy as their other series.

  41. I think the show will do better on the CW. The crossover with The Flash demonstrated that there’s an audience for Supergirl there. CBS just isn’t a good fit, but the CW, with its attempts to woo a younger female audience and its proven success in fostering superhero shows to long and successful runs, should be.

    • Burro b says:

      One , women don’t give a shit about super girl. This was a poor attempt to get more female character on tv. Two, the flash has great graphics and supporting cast. It is naturally entertaining and well written. Screw super girl.

    • Frank Reynolds says:

      No.. If the crossover showed us ANYTHING, it is that The Flash will make people watch Supergirl, despite the fact that it is a terrible show. Even the CW won’t be able to fix it, unless they bring Grant Gustin into every episode.

  42. The crossover was a ratings hit for CBS, no? Barry appeared on Supergirl, not the other way around…right? Did the ep re-air somehow on the CW?

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