CBS President Explains ‘Supergirl’ Moving to the CW

supergirl recap
Courtesy of CBS

Supergirl” is heading to the CW for its second season — a move that’s not so surprising after long-standing rumors, but a decision that both CBS and CW have remained hush-hush on until now.

“The ratings did start a little higher and they came down a bit,” CBS president Glenn Geller said Wednesday morning at a press conference at the network’s New York City headquarters. “I think it found the right home. It’s a win-win for us. We co-own the CW and we made a great deal with Warner Bros.”

Gellar added, “Who’s to say if we hadn’t made that deal that we wouldn’t have picked it up.”

Before the press conference began, Les Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Corporation, also told reporters that they would have considered picking up the show for a second season.

After declining ratings, would CBS consider another superhero show, or will they leave that genre for their younger-skewing network?

“We would absolutely consider anything,” Geller said.

“Supergirl,” starring Melissa Benoist, averaged a 2.5 rating in adults 18-49 and 10.03 million viewers overall on CBS in Nielsen’s “live plus-7” estimates. The superhero series was CBS’ top-rated freshman drama in the demo and its youngest-skewing drama with a median age of 55.6.

Its crossover with “The Flash” in late March provided a ratings boost for both shows, reigniting rumors that “Supergirl” would fly to the younger-skewing network in order to nab a renewal.

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  1. Kenny says:

    Agree on the comments regarding the lesbian sister. How sad that EVERY show seemingly must have a token gay character. It becomes trite. Perhaps the just wanted an uninteresting show. I started fast forwarding through any scenes with Kara’s sister, effectively “writing” her out of the show for that reason. The show wasn’t bad. Now it is sad and disappointing. I’ve not had big issues with CW but may have to remove the channel from what we watch altogether. Supergirl is certainly now must MISS TV. Too bad.

  2. americanmmotorsblog says:

    Supergirl has gone to the Cleveland Browns of TV, the CW, where careers go to die. I liked the series, but once they brought in the lesbian sister of Supergirl we (my family) quit watching. Martian Manhunter best character on there. I cringe with the black guy as Jimmy Olsen, he is a good actor, but Jimmy should have been cast as original red haired ‘Supermans Pal’ Jimmy. I spent a LOT of money in 1960s buying Action, and Superman comics, so wished the writers would have stayed true to story line and not try to get trendy, and change it, Supergirl could have stood on her own series. While having her fight bad guys each week (monster of the week) might be a good thing, with CADMUS coming in, you will have endless clones and monsters to fight, which will get boring, even for my 13 & 15 year old boys, who again, were turned off by the lesbian stuff. So we found something else to watch. Someone above mentioned for Supergirl to NOT have a love interest, I agree, as the ‘lonely music’ in background when writers want to make some point only also hurts the series. I blame this on the writers and producers with the changes many old schoolers who fed DC coffers buying comics obviously didn’t do homework on and decided to get trendy or take liberties with. The Lynda Carter (old Wonder Woman gal) as female president did not help either in light of November 2016 elections. And some better CGI would have helped also. And she IS Supergirl, as someone mentioned each week seemed to get weaker character. So no more for me, cheers to those who still might watch.

    • DisappointedinSupergirlwriters says:

      Yeah the whole I’m a lesbian storyline has effectively killed the show. I was hoping the writers would understand sticking to the original story makes better TV, plus most parents don’t want to subject young kids to this new alternative TV. They’re trying to influence our children before they have a chance to know what’s wrong and what’s right and that’s not what the comics.

  3. Merci says:

    Supergirl appealed to older audiences also. We remember the first superman and supergirl. Let’s hope this was the right move. The casting is superb. Each main character has their own following. That is the real reason people tuned in.

  4. teresainpa says:

    I have just been binge watching it and I am glad that it is going to have a secound season.

  5. Loco says:

    The show was highly anticipated by the comic nerds like myself. But they changed the jimmy olson, too much. Dont need to be black not racist justt a trueist. Plus lets make her not have a love intrest. Supermans kiss takes away memories.. i think it would have been better if they took the romantic parts out, or put her with calista son.

  6. Kevin says:

    It figures that CBS would rid itself of Supergirl since it wasn’t a worn out, retread crime procedural.

  7. i have ,a thought to ,may be with cw decided to break it off with, CBS NETWORK

  8. Jim Mooney says:

    Dropping the best show on TV. Yet another reason CBS sux.

  9. TN says:

    Look I have been following Superman genre for a long time, it hs never been so boring to watch, where are the explosive fights when the villian would go flying across the street and dent a building come back and toss Supergirl into the air and she goes through two buildings and then crushes a water tower, big exciting action not choreographed fist fights fights. Anybody from watching the 70’s to Smallville knows that, one Superman does not work with a secret government agency, that part was so not needed, he worked with his friends, used the fortress, and please why is the character getting weaker everytime a new show comes on in one show picks up a mountain the next one can barely pick up a plane. I was really glad when I first heard another superperson show was coming on.I like the actress MB who plays supergirl and the actor who plays JJ from Mars as he allways watched over the superhero, but from afar not a monitor in a bunker. Come on old school comic book big movielike action, it is not a soap opera, its an action packed Superhero show. I would make some changes and what 14 year old do you know does not want to see big fights and big action, you are going to bore them if the soap opera like show comes back and please give Supergirl some additude and alot less fear in her eyes.

  10. Monster says:

    Hmm CW will have dc show every night of the week but Friday? COUGH Constantine COUGH

    • Jon says:

      Yeah that’d make a real DC-universe. Constantine would make a nice addition though I didn’t care much for the NBC writers’ take, the CW writers have a much better grasp of the DC material and much better casting directors, that’s why their shows do so well.

  11. I think the only surprise is why it didn’t bow on the CW in the first place. It fits better there and they can advertise it more easily with the crossovers.

  12. Nacho says:

    Wow… 55.6 is the median age of the “youngest-skewing” audience who watched ‘Supergirl’?

    I thought it was just a joke before, but CBS viewership *does* skew old!

  13. Yuki Nagato says:

    Impatience, greed, lack of insight, and the diminishing aging audience have brought big networks to the vicious cycle of canceling new shows and yielding still lower ratings.

    • bgurrl says:

      Because they like the cable networks are still going by demographics which have turned out to mean nothing.

      Longmire is an example. Great strong viewership but A&E cancelled it, because many viewers were 34 and above.

  14. Rick Reid says:

    where I’m at, she’s always been on the same channel, CW ?

  15. Gemma says:

    CBS has never had a good track record for this genre. Sci Fi is something they don’t quite know how to keep going. They always start out good but their track record is pretty predictable after the first season. I’m still burning from them letting Moonlight go and I’m guessing other fans of the series still feel the same. After that I never felt like committing myself to one of their series for fear of having it cancelled after one season or sooner. I fear for Star Trek.

    • bgurrl says:

      Moonlight died, because many fans of Nick Knight A. K. A. Forever Knight (the version with Rick Springfield) never passed over.

    • Jon says:

      CBS is an old network they can’t handle anything beyond those stupid CSI properties they’re even losing control of their CM property by creating CM Beyond borders which is just outrageous. They need to stick to 60mins and the like and stay out of Syfi genre. I’m still pissed that they cancelled POI too. I’m terrified for Star Trek as well.

      • By POI are you referring to Person of Interest? If so, I’m confused because the show is still airing new episodes every week as we speak. Why do say it’s cancelled?

  16. computertech says:

    i found the show pretty stupid They have been trying to pump up the rate by using flash. it’s still a crappy show.

    • Jon says:

      Yeah those are the last episodes of Person of interest. Once this 5th season ends that’s it. Unless someone else picks it up, but that is less likely to happen than being struck by lightening twice in the same place.

  17. nickp91 says:

    Supergirl going to The CW is a good move.The series deserves a 2nd season

  18. Jon says:

    The problem was never. Supergirl it’s a proper show, good writing and acting, the cast has great chemistry(something you early see these days). They look like the actually enjoy working on the show.
    No the problem with the ratings drop is has nothing to do with the show itself. The problem is CBS. As these large networks have constantly done in the last few years air great shows and just when viewers become committed they yank it away from us.
    We no longer want to commit to such disappointments anymore, so we’ll now migrate to networks that spend more time making their shows better than those who simply cancel shows as soon as they don’t like the ratings instead of trying to earn viewers back.
    Supergirl will do well on The CW can’t wait for the crossovers.

    • Gemma says:

      OMG I read your post after I just commented. Like minds. I gather you’ve had series you invested in like Moonlight or Jericho yanked. CBS likes disposable shows and audiences. LOL

  19. dh says:

    wow…. if supergirl pulled in the youngest audience for the network… with an average age viewer age of 55…. what is the average viewer age of their regular shows? 80? Frack’s sake

    • McMorris says:

      The article did not say the average viewer age was 55 – it said the median viewer age was 55; these are very very different ways of presenting data and have very different definitions. It’s also pretty meaningless without knowing the range in the data set and, as a point of comparison, also meaningless without knowing the same data for their other shows versus other networks’ shows and so on. Maybe you just read that sentence wrong and saw “average” instead of “median.”

    • Supergirl is one of the worst television shows ever produced says:

      At least 80, and all white people.
      Maybe CBS should explain why the writing and casting for Supergirl was disastrous,
      In 2016, this show represents a sub-par programming effort that has little or no relation to today’s society.
      How unfortunate. It never should have aired and should be cancelled.

  20. D says:

    Not fair to move I liked that show and now I won’t get to watch I don’t get the CW

  21. ScarletQueen says:

    I’m not surprised the ratings flagged. The writing on the series is rather uneven and is a 7/10 at best. Some episodes are okay. Some are just a dump-truck of “deus ex machina” and just… convenience after convenience. Some episodes its just cringe-worthy. Feels like it was written by 14 year olds.

  22. Louise Smith-Porrecca says:

    we Loved the show and are very disappointed that you move its

  23. Off to The CW yellow brick road says:

    Translation: Supergirl flopped.
    Diplomatic description of ratings declining ” a bit ” noted.
    12 inches of rain is a bit also, in a rainforest.

    • Mary Terrell says:

      Supergirl was their best performing new show. Code Black didn’t do as well in the ratings and it was renewed.

      • Dave says:

        Tallest midget in the room type stuff here.

      • Kevin says:

        Mary Terrell…….what is your point?
        There is no way around the embarrassment of abject failure.
        Prediction: Supergirl ratings on The CW will be more dismal.

  24. Jim wheeler says:

    SUPERGIRL became a little disappointing when she fought aliens instead of crime in the city each week

    • She’s supergirl, not batman or spiderman. She IS an alien, and like superman matches up against other alien threats that can at least somewhat match her abilities. It wouldn’t be very exciting if she wasted super speed, strength, heat vision, and the ability to fly or catch bullets with her fingers, taking out street thugs and purse snatchers. That’s for the human heroes with enhanced human abilities. Superman and Supergirl’s abilities go above and beyond just enhancing what we can already do.

    • Bob says:

      The show was paper thin on it’s ability to hold interest and I agree it is written to appeal as though all viewers are 14 years old with no savvy for decent entertainment

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