Steph Curry’s Wife Tweets NBA Finals ‘Rigged’ for Money, Ratings

Steph Curry Ejected: Wife Tweets NBA
AP Photo/Ron Schwane

Following her husband Stephen Curry’s ejection in the Golden State Warriors’ Game 6 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night, Ayesha Curry tweeted the NBA had rigged the Finals for ratings.

“”I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent. Just saw it live sry.”

She later deleted the tweet.

Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP, received his sixth foul for grabbing LeBron James in the fourth quarter. Frustrated by the call, he threw his mouth piece into the stands, which hit a fan court side, and was ejected from the game.

Curry apologized to the fan before leaving the court as the hometown Cleveland crowd showered him with boos.

The Warriors lost the game 115-101.

Earlier in the series, the Warriors staff expressed frustration with the NBA after star Draymond Green was suspended for Game 5 after flagrantly fouling James. The Cavs went on to win Game 5, which drew over 20 million viewers for ABC. It was the highest rated Game 5 since 2004.

Game 7 of the NBA Finals tips off Sunday night at 5 p.m. PT on ABC.

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  1. Sundi says:

    Disregard game6 and know that she’s speaking the truth here. The NBA wanted the finals to go beyond five games and Silver made sure that he put any effort to make that happen. If they were truly concerned with Draymond Green and flagrant fouls then he would’ve been suspended in the Thunders for an actual and obviously DIRTY move. They also did this suspension after the game so Lebron should have been suspension as well. Think they’re gonna suspend Lebron in a finals game? These blowouts haven’t even made sense, especially with GS and I’m saying this as an OKC fan. The Warriors haven’t gotten cold all season and don’t get pressured in a competitive Western Conference so they shouldn’t be shooting this bad right now. We better get a good gave 7 win by GS or I may stop watching again like 2011 when Iverson turned the NBA into street ball. I obviously had to get used to it but this is some bs.

  2. Sue Smades says:

    Whine a bit more…If you really are honest with yourself your husband fouled each time they were called, and if there is any fixing in the league it is the fact that your husband flops all the time and gets the benefit of the doubt despite the fact that he goes flying every single time an opponent blows on him. Grow up lady!

  3. Gary Lampkin says:

    Great! I think it’s good when people speak their minds especially when it’s something so obvious. The NBA League Office has issues regarding interference with officiating the games, and the way they suspended Dramond Green in the 5th game. The Green incident should have been a foul on Lebron, and then just two technical fouls. It is absolutely indefensible to consider Greens past bad acts in their decision to punish Green. Green was responding to getting thrown to the floor and then stepped over by James, clearly a provocation by crybaby James. Also, for anyone who watches the game, it’s obvious the officiating in general has changed to the point of people getting mugged under the basket with no foul calls. The “let them play” directive must have come down from the “throne room” to keep the series close, and with the goal for better ratings. Moving screens, cross-body blocks, fore-arm shoves, knock downs, hip checks, elbows, illegal blocks and charges, offensive 3 seconds, zone defense, holding, hand checking, traveling, grabbing and holding during rebounding, improper application of flagrant fouls, non-calls…all adds up to either bad officiating, or what I think- THE LEAGUE OFFICE INTERFERING WITH OFFICIATING and MANIPULATION OF GAME OUTCOMES.

    I have sincere doubts about the integrity of the NBA game based on these egregious actions by the league management. There should be an investigation into these obvious contraventions. How ironic they bring in a new commissioner who wants to raise the bar concerning transparency, hah. Forget the 2-minute reports since you are telling the officials on how not to do their job.

  4. Apr says:

    From a gambler’s perspective, it was evident to me that the NBA was rigged when out of clear blue sky the Raptors-Cavs series was extended two games. The Western Conference Finals also showed signs of this. But it looks to me like it’s rigged for more games, not for a player. Although, it does seem LeBron James is directly in Adam SIlver’s ear.

    Silver does believe that sports gambling should be legal so…

    However this series ends on Sunday, the winner will never be a true “champion”.

    • Sue Smades says:

      You truly are not the brightest box of rocks, are you? Green earned his suspension by his dirty play throughout the playoffs. He is the one who got the flagrant fouls by his own actions including smacking James in the nuts…If you are not aware, that type of incident is an automatic flagrant foul, and during the review of the incident Green admitted he did smack James in the balls. The reason it wan’t called during the game was because the officials did not see exactly what happened. Perhaps Green should act like an adult pro athlete instead of an immature child who can’t control himself…Oh wait, and apparently Curry also needs to learn that after his tantrum last night.

  5. Arnie Tracey says:

    NBA ‘s just show BUSINESS. A serialized Cliff hanger. Like Judd’s UNFUNNY FLAT movies make you wonder: Will the next one be funny?

  6. mark Seigworth says:

    oh but jesus helped them win game 7 vs the thunder.

  7. nesha says:

    Why is she always tweeting carp, especially if warriors lose? Get over it! Win some lose some! Gesh! I’ve had enough of her tweets!

  8. Soren says:

    Is Curry playing for just fun? Or is he getting paid? There is a lotta money in sports.

  9. Me says:

    She’s right. It’s all about money to the NBA.

  10. Lex says:

    I’very always thought the NBA was dirty. Remember the ref who threw games? Cover up.

  11. Becks says:

    ‘Bout time that Steph gets his wife to shut up. all she does is whine and complain.

  12. Notsmartgirl says:

    so the NBA is rigged for money. k. Was it rigged when the Warriors won the title last year? Was it rigged when they won game 6 and 7 against the Thunder? was it rigged when they broke the Bulls 72-10 record?

  13. Branden says:

    115 to 101 not 111 **

  14. Rich says:

    final score was 115-101

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