‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Delayed on CBS All Access Until May, ‘Good Wife’ Spinoff Moved Up

'Star Trek: Discovery' Premiere on CBS
Courtesy of CBS

CBS has pushed back the premiere of its highly anticipated “Star Trek: Discovery” series from a planned early 2017 debut to May. The spinoff of “The Good Wife” will move into the “Star Trek” slot, bowing in February. Both series are set for the CBS All Access SVOD and live streaming service.

CBS executives stressed that the delay was driven by the need to give the “Star Trek” creative team more time to meet expectations for the series, particularly with special effects. They said executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller raised the issue of the need for more time last week, which triggered discussions about what would ultimately be best for the series. “Star Trek” is set to start shooting in Toronto in November.

“Bringing ‘Star Trek’ back to television carries a responsibility and mission: to connect fans and newcomers alike to the series that has fed our imaginations since childhood,” said Kurtzman and Fuller. “We aim to dream big and deliver, and that means making sure the demands of physical and post-production for a show that takes place entirely in space, and the need to meet an air date, don’t result in compromised quality. Before heading into production, we evaluated these realities with our partners at CBS and they agreed: ‘Star Trek’ deserves the very best, and these extra few months will help us achieve a vision we can all be proud of.”

CBS is betting heavily on “Star Trek” to drive more viewers to the service, which currently has about 1 million subscribers. The Eye recently announced an commercial-free version, which will cost $9.99 a month, compared to $5.99 a month for the ad-supported service.

 “The series template and episodic scripts that Alex and Bryan have delivered are incredibly vivid and compelling,” said CBS TV Studios president David Stapf. “They are building a new, very ambitious ‘Star Trek’ world for television, and everyone involved supports their vision for the best timing to bring to life what we all love on the page.”

“Star Trek” is still in the process of casting a female lead, potentially a woman of color. Fuller revealed during the show’s panel at the recent Television Critics Assn. press tour that he wanted to continue the show’s tradition of inclusivity in its casting. Although the role still hasn’t been cast, execs said that didn’t factor into the delay.


‘Star Trek: Discovery’: 10 Things We Know About Bryan Fuller’s New Series

“Star Trek: Discovery” will premiere first on CBS, and then all episodes will follow exclusively in the U.S. on CBS All Access. The new “Good Wife” series will follow a similar rollout strategy. Given that “The Good Wife” was already in the works, moving up its release date to give “Star Trek” breathing room was a seamless solution.

“We have an amazing inaugural slate of originals for CBS All Access and world-class creative teams behind each of our shows,” said CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise. “This lineup and release schedule will ensure we deliver the highest quality, premium series that are sure to appeal to both existing subscribers and new audiences alike, throughout the year.”

The “Good Wife” spinoff, which stars Christine Baranski and Cush Jumbo, will pick up one year after the finale of the CBS drama. Robert and Michelle King, creators and executive producers of “The Good Wife,” who are finishing up their run on this summer’s “BrainDead,” are now set to return as the showrunners in addition to exec producing. The Kings initially had not planned to serve as showrunners on the spinoff. The decision is an indication that “BrainDead” is unlikely to be renewed for a second season.

Phil Alden Robinson co-wrote and will executive produce the premiere “Good Wife” episode. Ridley Scott, David Zucker, Liz Glotzer and Brooke Kennedy are also exec producers for CBS Television Studios, Scott Free Productions and King Size Productions.

“Star Trek: Discovery” is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout, Fuller’s Living Dead Guy Productions and Roddenberry Entertainment. Kurtzman, Fuller, Heather Kadin, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth are exec producers.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Not going to spend another $5.99 per month to watch Star Trek. I do believe that a portion of my cable bill does go to CBS, and it should be on cable TV channel

  2. DS9 is King says:

    I am so excited for this new series because it will be more new Star Trek then Old Star Trek, at a Star Trek convention at New York Nicholas Myer addressed some Fan questions and 1 fan asked him ”Will the show be everything we want it to be AKA Peaceful preachy diplomatic horseshit AKA TNG, then Nicolas Myer looked down on this Big dumb nerd and said ”Lower your Standards Big Dumb nerd you might be disappointed and with all due respect Star Trek Fans don’t know what they want” he went on to say ”My Job is not to give you what you want my Job is to give you what I want” and finally he said ”you don’t have to watch it you are not obligated to watch it” so in other words he will not cater to the fans he does not care what the fans want.

  3. Pat Don says:

    So this series is being filmed in Canada (Toronto, the city in which I live), and it isn’t even available for us to watch? What the (*&^(&*^(??

  4. Bill B. says:

    ENOUGH ALREADY! How anybody can still be interested in more Star Trek is beyond me.

  5. Tracy Emert says:

    CBS ALL ACCESS is a JOKE! I first tried it when it began last year (7.99 month) thinking I would INDEED get “all access” and finally get to catch up on last season of ‘Big Bang Theory’. Only thing is “all access” didn’t include any episodes of Big Bang Theory… you know? CBS’ number 1 comedy?. Then the 3rd season of ‘Under The Dome’ came on. “All Access” allowed it’s PAID SUBSCRIBERS to see the 2nd episode.. and that was it. I canceled. Then, a few months later, here comes ‘SUPERGIRL’ so I plucked down another 8 bucks and became a subscriber again. CBS even allowed ‘Scorpion’ to be shown. Trouble was, neither one would ever stream correctly, if even at all. WHen you finally did get something to play it would be all choppy and NOT HIGH DEFINITION! All the other streaming channels streamed just fine, but CBS seem to be blocking something to keep from actually being “all access”. Why call something “All Access” and then deny access to their most popular show. What shows they do have are already found elsewhere. So why pay for CBS NO/VERY LITTLE ACCESS? Luckily, ‘Supergirl’ season one just debuted on NETFLIX last week and I purchased 9 Seasons of Big Bang from VUDU for appx. $90.00. Much better deal for my money than paying $96 a year for “all access” that does not include actual “access”. (not sure if any changes have been made since the 2nd time I canceled in Dec. but I’m not giving CBS another penny for the LIE they pretend is “all access”. You shouldn’t either!

  6. loco73 says:

    So let me get this straight, you have to pay $5.99 (ad supported) to $9.99 (add free) per month for CBS’s online streaming service All Access (ironic name)…for what?! To have access to CBS programming and content only?! Why? And I guess the low number of one million subscribers…kind of highlights the problem!

    Even adding a new series such as “Star Trek Discovery”, which is already courting soo much controversy before it even premiered, won’t to my mind , improve their situation.

    First you got to build the content portopholio and quality of your shows in order to expect people to pay for it online. I can see HBO, Starz, Showtime or Netflix doing this but CBS?! There is nothing on their roster of shows that would make most people want to willingly fork out a monthly fee for their content.

    Currently CBS’s desire exceeds its actual grasp.

    And sure as hell, the fact that a show which is due to start filming in November, still hasn’t cast its lead…makes me think that they’re running into a lot of pre-production problems. Even so I wonder whose bright idea is to announce a launch for the show in January…when your shooting schedule lists November as the start date?!

    Also…will CBS allow its “All Access” subscribers “access” to its Showtime Go online service, especially since CBS owns Showtime?! I bet not…

    Plus setting the show in the “new” Trek universe created by überhack and all around bot Jar Jar Abrams, based on his initially entertaining but now rapidly depreciating movies…was perhaps not the best call…or idea, as well as the fact that Bryan Fuller is one of the show runners…

    That fetid stench wafting over from CBS is not a good sign of things to come, but an ever growing pile of horse manure…

  7. Jojo Krako says:

    Yeah, I need another bill. I won’t be watching this. Thanks CBS.

    • Scott KF says:

      “setting the show in the “new” Trek universe created by überhack and all around bot Jar Jar Abrams…”

      Check your facts.

  8. IT--II--IT says:

    INTEL RUN Hollywood’s ‘latest’.


  9. cadavra says:

    “Star Trek” was the first series to cast an Asian in a non-subservient role.

    “Star Trek” was the first series to cast a black woman in a non-subservient role.

    “Star Trek” was the first series to present an inter-racial kiss.

    “Star Trek” was arguably the first (and for a time, only) dramatic series to criticize the Vietnam War and by extension military intervention in third world countries.

    You know nothing of “Star Trek.” Beam yourself somewhere else.

  10. Jean Luc Shatner says:

    I love Star Trek, but they are really testing my fandom with this pay garbage. Especially after the JJ Trek debacle. The entire franchise only hangs in the balance here. No pressure…

  11. joshua says:

    I feel like this move is more about the backlash they may have received when they showed the teaser of the ship. I mean WTF is that ship about.

    Also agree that CBS is making a mistake by placing it on there “All Access” platform. Trying to move shows that where on “free” TV to pay TV is a bad idea.

    Rather seen them change Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon a truck load of money and put it on there.

    RIP Star Trek

  12. Adam Mosebach says:

    This series is going to crash and burn ONLY because of its medium. CBS could have had another hit on their hands, but no one is going to buy CBS All-Access. It’s a slap in the face to it’s viewers. Make it accessible to all, for goodness sake.

  13. Chris says:

    It’s weird, you call something CBS All Access and I say I don’t want to pay for something that should be on free TV, but you call it something else (like say Netflix or Amazon) and I’m like cool new Star Trek!

  14. Dunstan says:

    I find more of anything “Good Wife” related to be a huge yawn. The original was completely disinteresting and I won’t be watching the spin-off. As for Star Trek, it’s just going to be yet another reboot.

  15. Tom says:

    “CBS is betting heavily on “Star Trek” to drive more viewers to the service”

    Star Trek on TV has always been free, so CBS is taking a huge risk. If they don’t get the subscribers I hope they will realize that it’s the distribution to blame and not the show itself.

  16. Bill says:

    All this sounds like CBS might be rushing things in order to get All Access going.

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