Watch: ‘SNL’ Mocks Racist Donald Trump Supporters With Fake Campaign Ad

When Republican frontrunner Donald Trump came under fire recently for not disavowing the Ku Klux Klan after its David Duke endorsed him, it seemed like a shame that “Saturday Night Live” was in the middle of a two-week hiatus.

But not to fear — “SNL” came back this weekend, and took aim at the belief that Trump’s campaign is attracting racist voters with an over-the-top fake campaign ad. While it seemed like normal citizens voicing their support for  Trump, they’re revealed to be Klansmen, Islamophobes, white supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

If that wasn’t enough, “SNL” also spoofed Trump’s Super Tuesday victory speech. Darrell Hammond brought out his Trump impression, while an alarmed Chris Christie, played by Bobby Moynihan, stood by. “Racists love me,” Trump bragged in the sketch.


Donald Trump Megyn Kelly

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Recent events also saw the perfect excuse to bring back Jason Sudeikis’ Mitt Romney impression. Sudeikis, who left the show in 2013, returned after two years to bring back his version of the 2012 GOP presidential candidate after Romney publicly slammed Trump.

“SNL” is only the latest to take on Trump, as the businessman-turned-candidate continues to dominate coverage in the 2016 election. On Saturday, Louis C.K. compared Trump to Hitler in an email asking Americans not to vote for the Republican.

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  1. Dirk says:

    He responded to this over 20 years ago. Made it clear he wanted nothing to do with David Duke. This is a common media tactic to get someone to respond to something that isn’t there, thereby making it legit. The anti-Trump crowd doesn’t understand how many people who were not Trump supporters, or were maybe on the fence are supporting him now because of who is against him. With the internet all of these dirty tricks the media used to get away with just don’t fly anymore.

  2. matt says:

    SNL totally messed up. I have never met a Trump supporter who is racist.

  3. syc con says:

    i cannot beleive how reckless snl was by doing this. it is one thing to go after trump but we just witnessed hollywood and sony and a little lady law clerk in kentucky. you are high democrats and snl has betrayed all these supporters racist. none of trump supporters go to democrat rallies and just start punching innocent people like blm does at trump rallys. democrats stand more racist and to accuse these people of being the kkk. america has been trying to stop him and snl releases this. completely stupid and his numbers just grew. there are democrats and independents and new voters and you just label them the kkk. how can you be so stupid. republicans had more diversity than the democrats. democrats have more racism than the republican. trump says some stupid shit but this will take the cake on true stupidity. republicans have two latinos and had dr ben carson. democrats have 2 old white people and hillary clinton stands as the most corrupt woman in americas history. if charges are not filled before the election the independent and republicans will devour. democrats lost around 26 percent of democratic voters to trump. snl is labeling democrat trump voters racists and let that show you how much racism democrats truly have then. democrats really do have kkk members

  4. Tim Osman says:

    TRUMP 2016….all the others are totally controlled by the donors and establishment. Everything they claim they will do is a lie. You’ll notice they’re all claiming to be taking on the establishment now including Hillary.

  5. D Morgan says:

    Truly disappointed in SNL. I’m all for free speech – but whether I like Trump or not I don’t see any benefit to airing such tasteless BS. This plays right into the Race Baiting which the establishment promoted. This continues to keep people divided.

    I don’t call myself Scottish American because of my ethnicity, I was born and raised in this country and I call myself an American. I grew up a minority in my hometown in Louisiana — we were all friends and very close no matter the race. When are we going to all come together to stop all of this instead of fighting?

    Expected more from you SNL.

  6. Rick Vavla says:

    So being white is bad?

  7. taffy says:

    Is this the “new tone” Obama claimed to want back in 2008?

  8. says:

    You know what would be funny…SNL skit with Sanders giving Stalin a big sloppy love kiss. Interesting that the left has become fascist as they yell at others for being fascist.

  9. hocuspocus13 says:

    The KKK is and always has been Democrat

    SNL should have put in their skit Hillary Clinton hugging Democrat Sen Byrd a leader of the KKK

    As she talks about Sen Byrd being her mentor

    But perhaps that would not muster any truthful laughs…

    • CC says:

      You have to realize what you’re posting is nonsense.

    • Patty says:

      The founders of the KKK were conservatives – most of whom *at that time* (emphasis) identified with the Democratic Party. How things have changed in 160 years.

      By the way, Byrd did express regret for taking part in the Klan, and later channeled his energies towards civil rights.

      • taffy says:

        People have a right to their own opinions but not to their own facts. You, dear, are a liar.

  10. Alex says:

    Trump is driving these dolts bat $#@& crazy the anarchist in me is loving this. I wouldn’t be shocked if SNL jumped the shark on this one, we’ll have to wait to find out.

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