‘Silicon Valley’ Creators on Lack of Diversity: ‘The World We’re Depicting Is F–ed Up’

Golden Globes TV Drama Preview
Courtesy of HBO

The cast and executive producers of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” appeared at SXSW on Saturday for a raucous panel that previewed two scenes from the Season 3 premiere and gave fans insight into how the tech-based comedy is made.

During the panel, exec producer Alec Berg addressed criticism about the show’s lack of diverse casting, pointing out that the industry the show is portraying is predominantly whitewashed and male-dominated.

“The first season, we got a lot of flack — some of it deservedly so — about how male and white the makeup of the show was, but we’re also satirizing a real world,” he said. “That real world, the people who do what our guys do, are 87% male. Venture capitalists at the partner level are 96% male and white, so the world we’re depicting is every bit as off-kilter as our show is.”

He recalled a conversation he had with a female friend in the tech industry who took issue with some of the shots that were filmed at TechCrunch Disrupt — utilizing real members of the audience for crowd footage. “She called me and said, ‘Let me tell you what’s wrong with your show: Those crowd shots were absurd, you didn’t put any women in there.’ And I had to tell her those are real shots from the real place and we didn’t frame women out.”

While art may be imitating life, Berg also noted, “that is an ongoing discussion; the world we’re depicting is f—ed up, but do we have the responsibility to make the gender and racial balance on our show ideal when the world we’re depicting isn’t?”

An audience member later asked about the show’s diversity behind the camera, and Berg insisted that the show is attempting to correct that imbalance off-screen.

“I don’t know the exact percentages offhand, but I think we’ve done a mildly decent job of hiring writers of color, female writers. Fifty percent of the outside directors we’ve hired have been women,” he said. “We’re not there yet, but I swear to you, we’re trying.”

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  1. Oh, gee, wait! I’m sorry. They made a show that shows the inside of real life Silicon Valley without ‘those people’. Gee, wait… maybe GIRLS should have shown normal average New York people instead of lumpy retarded pedophilic tattooed maladjusted fuckwits. I feel totally left out. I might sue HBO but I can’t find a white Jewish version of Al Sharpton to help me.

  2. Henry says:

    This is so sad to read.. The show is perfect the way it is. People who don’t even understand what this show is about are mad that they don’t see enough females or minorities, are you kidding me? Don’t fucking watch it then.. Please, don’t ruin a good show with your politically correct bullshit. This is why we need TRUMP!

  3. veganjules1 says:

    People(women) want to fuck those whose lives are dramatized on the screen. Thus white people continue their social and sexual dominance by white-washing casting.

  4. Lisa says:

    I remember walking past the show’s poster and thinking, ‘Wow, they’re not even trying to include women and minorities.’ I decided right there and then not to watch it.
    Saying that they’re only depicting the world is backwards. The world we live in includes shows like that. In fact, most people (not all) wake up, go to work, go home, eat, watch tv, go to sleep and start all over. So the show’s ARE their world. Kind of sad, but true.
    Unfortunately, for the everyday person, sometimes life imitates art.

    • Ivan says:

      I don’t know what have you gone through in your life but you sure are full of resentment. The tech industry is full of white people, and a lot of them are Jewish actually. I bet there are some, SOME, women, Hindis, blacks, Asians and Hispanics but the MAJORITY of the people working in the tech industry in USA are white males, whether you like it or not. Stop bitching and complaining about everything, want to stand out as a woman? do something important with your life.

    • dead menace says:

      Most of the key figures in the Tech Revolution were white and male. You can either get over it, or love it.

  5. Peggy Allen says:

    I’m a black woman in tech for over 20 years and I have no reason to watch this show. I pay for HBO but will not waste my time with this crap.

    • Lisa says:

      It seems odd to me that white men would actually look forward to watching a bunch of white men every week. Doesn’t it get boring for them? Strange.

      • Karl marx says:

        It seems odd to me that black men would actually look forward to watching a bunch of black men every week. Doesn’t it get boring for them? Strange. NBA games all look the same.

  6. TomB says:

    Love the show the way it is…any PC “ornament” will just seemed forced. Lot of whites in tech, get over it!

    • Lisa says:

      ‘Ornament’? Are you kidding me? Get over YOURSELF. It wouldn’t be forced, it would be real and also not as excluding. But I bet you belong to the ole’ boy’s club, nobody ‘different’ allowed. Right?
      There are so many more East Indian, Asian, and women in tech but you’re too bigoted to know that.

  7. neemsemmi says:

    Bow before the PC cr@p!

  8. veganjules1 says:

    Why the asian guy gotta be the biggest dork on the show? Just fuckin weird yo. Like straight outta Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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