‘Scandal’ Will Feature a Donald Trump-Inspired Character

Donald Trump Scandal

This week’s episode of “Scandal” will feature a character inspired by Donald Trump.

On Tuesday night, the “Scandal” team teased the upcoming life-imitating-art storyline, plus discussed Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to the ABC series’ set.

“There might be parallels coming,” Bellamy Young, who plays former First Lady Mellie Grant, said with a laugh on the show’s panel at PaleyFest at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Calif.


Hillary Clinton Scandal

Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Scandal’ Set on L.A. Fundraising Tour

“You think the debates you’ve seen in the real world are fun!” star Kerry Washington teased, adding that the episode following this week’s has even more Trump goodness.

The episode that will air this Thursday was screened tonight at PaleyFest in front of a large audience, including this Variety reporter, who was asked not to reveal the actor portraying the larger-than-life presidential hopeful — but it is a character who has been seen on the show before.

Asked by moderator “Good Morning America’s” Lara Spencer how the current political climate has influenced the “Scandal” writers this season, Rhimes admitted that she’s changed some storylines, after seeing the real-life debates. “We did have some moments where I would run back to the writers room and I would say, ‘Hey there’s some dialogue that we need to cross out because it kind of already happened.'”

Later on in the panel conversation, Rhimes made it clear that while parallels are unavoidable, she’s not hugely inspired by the current race. “I will be honest and say I am more influenced by Hamilton right now than the election,” she said, referring to the hit Broadway musical, garnering laughter from the theater. “The election right now, it’s its own thing. You can’t make that stuff up.”


TGIT Stars Headline New Hillary Clinton Campaign

Last week, new “Scandal” recurring actor Ricardo Chavira spoke to Variety, slamming the Trump “bandwagon,” and speaking about how the current politics of America has an influence on his character on the show.

However, one real-life politician did make her way into the “Scandal” team’s hearts. Hillary Clinton recently visited the set and last week, Rhimes, Washington, “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Ellen Pompeo and “How To Get Away with Murder’s” Viola Davis appeared in a Clinton campaign, which aired during ABC’s “TGIT” lineup.

Tony Goldwyn, who directed that campaign, said that the entire project came together in just a matter of days. “It was just a bunch of people who were not afraid to speak their mind about something they were passionate about and put their reputations out there,” he said. “The whole energy behind it was just very authentic and real and just honest.”

Washington shared that she shot her scenes separately from Pompeo, Davis and Rhimes, “We actually didn’t get to work together that much because we all came in at different times because we’re all busy working moms, but even in the emails back and forth about it, we were making this decision as individuals. This wasn’t some order from above,” she said. “This was each of us making this decision to do it together. It felt really decision to make that decision as a group.”

On the red carpet, before the panel, the “Scandal” cast spoke to Variety more about Clinton’s visit, Trump’s state in the race — and what to expect with “Trump’s” storyline on the show. Watch video:

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  1. SeniorsTn9 says:

    TRUMP’s proposals embrace measurable achievable solutions that will take back America for ALL Americans. TRUMP is not responsible for other candidates’ and previous government failures. American voters couldn’t care less about party affiliations. Today American voters want to reverse the export of jobs, manufacturing and money out of America. Americans want to deal with terrorism and illegal immigration once and for all. Americans want a health care system that works for ALL Americans. TRUMP’s proposals offers American voters hope and a future ALL Americans deserve and believe in.

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    Any government that allows eleven million illegal immigrants into their country is incompetent. American voters are keenly aware countries around the world are today using TRUMP’s mitigating threat proposals to address their countries catastrophic situations. These choices speak volumes to the value other countries must place on TRUMP’s proposals. The EU and other countries are in a downward spiral of devastation and destruction. Informed Americans know that unless America addresses their problems today they will become exactly like these other countries tomorrow. Staying the course is not an option. The only politician with an achievable path through these very real threats to America today is TRUMP.

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    TRUMP’s fastest growing voting support today is coming from millions of American minorities and yes, democrats. Informed American voters of every demographic and party affiliation are ferreting out campaign rhetoric nonsense such as lies, smear campaigns and staged riots at TRUMP rallies, spread by corrupt politicians and corrupt party establishment elitists. Democratic Party support is down by 35%.GOP Republican Party support is up by 65%. The people who complain about TRUMP are actually the people who need TRUMP the most. Voters are increasingly pledging their support to TRUMP. Today’s Informed American Voters believe in TRUMP and they want to Make America Great Again, for ALL Americans.

  2. Larry Martin says:

    Of course they’ll attack the top Republican candidate. The show is called “Scandal”, but they won’t make fun of Hillary, who’s been involved in too many scandals herself? Let’s see… Whitewater, Benghazi, looting the White House, Vince Foster, Emailgate, and so on. But of course the mainstream popularity train wants to run over Republicans and make liberals like Hillary seem angelic.

    • joi karen says:

      Every time y’all parrot the word “Benghazi”, I remember (very sadly) the outright murder of over 4,500 American service personnel who DIED unnecessarily & horrifically in the Iraqi war that was brought on by Cheney, Bush. Rumsfeld, et al; yet there was never the slightest hint of protest heard from any of y’all. And now, all of a sudden, y’all care about four deaths more than four thousand!! I thought you were the ones who tried to change the name of the black organization to: ALL LIVES MATTER!! HMMM

  3. justahunch says:

    It could only be a cartoon character. That is the only way it would ever be believable.

  4. IT--2--IT says:

    Will TRUMP – – –DARE– – — call out the 5 decades underway
    RED CHINA set up and handover op?

    STAY TUNED – – -but DON’T hold your breath.

  5. B says:

    Boy, aren’t liberals so suave, dignified and graceful when they know a Republican has a very good chance of gaining the Oval Office?

  6. Lee says:

    You really should proofread before you post.

  7. anonymous says:

    I hope Trump gets paid for someone playing him on tv so he can give it to the Vets who deserve more attention and respect than the idiots who pretend to be other people for a living demand red carpets and awards to collect dust on their shelves!

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