Sarah Silverman to ‘Bernie or Bust’ Supporters at DNC: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’ (Watch)

As Sarah Silverman asked for party unity at the Democratic National Convention, hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters erupted in boos, in a deafening cacophony that made it hard to hear the rest of the speech in the stadium.

“Can I say something?” the comedian, a fellow Sanders supporter, asked. “To the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous.”

“Hillary is our Democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her,” she said.

The chorus of boos and “Bernie!” chants continued throughout the rest of Silverman and Sen. Al Franken’s introduction to Paul Simon’s performance.

“Thank God they can fix this in post,” Silverman joked before leaving the stage.

Watch the video above

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  1. Brett says:

    Sanders supporters can take the ultimate revenge against the DNC by voting for Trump. Let’s face it, the DNC STOLE the election from Bernie Sanders. They worked against Sanders and for Clinton, despite the milions of votes given to Sanders. Totally CORRUPT, just like Trump said. Vote Trump. NEVER HILLARY. Hillary also lied last night at Presidential debate about calling the TPP the “gold standard.” Fact checking by Washington Times shows she did in fact say it was the gold standard.

  2. #feelthebern says:

    I was born in the USA but I never lived there, and looking at the current situation, I’m glad I never did. The number of supporters Hillary and Trump have made me think most americans are dumb. Let me tell you what a president should have: A brain, respect, integrity, intelligence, vision, leadership. The core responsibilities of a president are not construction skills and weapons skills.

    • millerfilm says:

      You probably live in Germany and support Merkel’s opening the borders to Syrian muderers and rapists.

  3. goatsandmonkeys says:

    Bernie is a great talker, but Hillary gets things done.
    She has a hell of a track record for helping the underclass, including healthcare workers.
    She was the first to work toward getting affordable healthcare.
    Her weakness is that she doesn’t know how to flaunt her accomplishments.
    The Bernie people have a very superficial impression of this woman.

  4. Alamakota says:

    As much, as I despise individuals concluding their replays with “Moron”, I am in agreement with Dave J. that Hillary is a criminal: “And just in case you don’t know Donald Trump is the bigger criminal than Hillary Clinton.” Evidently, blinded by his superior intelligence, he missed that this is what he actually writes.

  5. Now corruption is considered a virtue and an honorable thing, and fighting against corruption is considered ridiculous. See how the brand new values work?

    • Dave J. says:

      The delegation system had always been there since the 1980’s that means all of those Presidents that had won including Obama won because the system was rigged. How do you think Hillary lost the 2008 election in the first place!

  6. Brian says:

    It’s not shocking that the Dems are trotting out their Hollywood idiots to try and tell people who to vote for and how to think. But, why would anyone listen to them?

    I’m not a Bernie Sanders supporter, but what’s the point of pouring so much into a guy that is not corrupt only to end up supporting those that are corrupt?

    • Dave J. says:

      You’re no more than a holocaust denier if you truly think that this doesn’t happen for both parties because it does with the only difference is that while the DMC emails are hacked, the Republican National Convention emails are “not”! Moron!!

  7. Annabelle says:

    I see what Sarah is saying, but this goes beyond being sore that your candidate didn’t win the primary. What happened should be taken seriously, and don’t blame the outrage. People are basically being told that their vote didn’t matter, because the Democrats had their selection all along, and everyone just needs to shut up and fall in line. This isn’t democracy.

  8. John says:

    She was 100 percent correct for her comment. I wish she would have said more.

  9. Bob says:

    I feel so much better knowing Sarah Silverman is in Hillary’s corner!

  10. J2 says:

    Truth is in short supply based on these comments. Sarah did say “You’re being ridiculous” to the Bernie or Bust folks and most people in attendance applauded wildly in agreement. She mentioned the elephant in the room, and called it out, with an honest plea to move on as we have bigger things at stake.

  11. tony says:

    I am looking at both conventions from the UK and I think that people are losing their minds in the US.
    what people like trump have done is lowered the tone of political discourse and manners and you will all lose out if you do not get a grip.

    we have had this madness too in the UK over brexit and it cost us the life a young female politician.

  12. Lidija Merkouris says:

    You are delusional and in denial… Hillary Clinton is a traitor and a liar just take a look at the polls 68% don’t trust her what does that tell you you idiots. She can’t be trusted period. Bernie Sanders supporters are not voting for Hillary…l am all the way with Donald Trump…2016

  13. Lidija Merkouris says:

    The one that’s ridiculous is Hillary a great liar who you support…she don’t deserve to be our president…and the liberal media who can’t expose her and tell the American people the truth.

  14. MARY KAY BAKER says:

    Sarah Silverman. You get the blame the victim award!!!!

    • Dave J. says:

      I know I’ve said this once, but I’m going to say this again, this has nothing to do with how rich someone is, this has to do with change, Now the delegation system had always been there since the 1980’s that means all of those Presidents that had won including Obama won because the system was rigged. How do you think Hillary lost the 2008 election in the first place!

  15. MARY KAY BAKER says:

    My aren’t you privileged, you have the luxury of not having to worry what will happen to you when wall street screws the rest of us again. You have the luxury of not losing your job to TPP. Hillary claimed not to support Nafta, her emails proved otherwise. You have the luxury of ignoring the rampant fraud in this election. We Bernie supporters gave what little we had and GOT CHEATED BY THE DNC. Clinton is likely to support policies that will give to the rich and steal from us. You have a lot of nerve. But keep it up, we where spit on by the DNC and we ARE THE BAD GUYS. YOU RICH BITCH!! This is why Hillary will lose, you all are so out of touch with the rest of us. Try to smarten up, if you continue to say bad things about us (the victims in the situation) you are only ensuring we will not show up for her. Insulting the people you are trying to influence is not going to help Hillary.

  16. Matthew D says:

    Sarah Silverman sounds like a sane and honest person if you compare her to some real nutcases out there. The German newspaper Spiegel tries to spin the story that the Russians are behind all this and that Trump is their puppet. Coincidentally the same newspaper that told people that the BREXIT vote was just optional, people’s votes do not count and people are dumb in general and should not be asked so the Brits could just ignore the referendum. This is Germany under Merkel 2016, Der Spiegel supposedly one of continental Europe’s most influential newspapers.

  17. Arnie Tracey says:

    Sarah is hot. Hotter than Jerry’s or Judd’s wife.

  18. Alex says:

    The Dems and the media are in damage control mode like the crew of the Titanic was after in hit the iceberg. They and their whores in the MSM and in Hollywood can’t spin the mess.

    • Dave J. says:

      If you took the time to watch the convention you will find that the Dems are less divided than the Republican convention and that Bernie does not want to have anything to do with his supporters if they’re not going to vote for Clinton!

  19. Joe Goldman says:

    No one who stands up for their convictions in this day and age of relative truths and selling out to the highest bidder is “ridiculous.” Anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton won “fair and square” is ridiculous and if you don’t and your still supporting her, you’re just lying to yourselves.

  20. dcjensen says:

    Oh look a sexist ass.

  21. spike says:

    Hey, you foul-mouthed twit, what makes you think you can make a speech to a nominating convention? Ridiculous, eh? What if Ms. Clinton can’t get a security clearance because of her emails? Then guess what? She can’t be President. So the idea of Bernie running against Trump ain’t so ridiculous now, is it, Ms. Twit. By the way, Trump would have Bernie for breakfast. Game over. So let’s all get on the bandwagon for Hillary for Prison———or at least denial of hillary’s security clearance.

  22. Correction: Bernie Or Bust supporters. In reality, most Bernie supporters are behind Hillary. That’s a fact.

  23. Nanny Mo says:

    I actually know quite a few Democrats in LA that are going to vote for Trump after the email scandal in part because they believe that he will blow it in 4 years and that would be the fastest way to get back to Bernie. I think they may be right about that. If we put Hillary in, Bernie is gone for good. At his age it is unlikely he will be taken seriously in another near decade, but in 4 years, he’s still a “young enough chicken” to cluck!

  24. Nanny Mo says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs to have Sarah be your rah-rah spokesman. I think she made Clint look intelligent (and that wasn’t an easy thing to do.)

  25. Lynda Cramptonton says:

    I didn’t change from supporting Jill Stein to Bernie, to vote for what is wrong in Washington. .

  26. Bill Loman says:

    In a world of unfunny women, Sarah Silverman is the bottom of that particular barrel. And you cant fix that in post…

  27. BillUSA says:

    Sarah Silverman will do anything to get to the A-list. She’s another no-talent hack making coin on idiot millennials’ dime. If there were a bus about to go over an Andean cliff, I hope she’d be on it seated between Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell.

    And Joy Behar.
    And Elton John.
    And Whoopi Goldberg.
    And Anderson Cooper.
    And Nancy Pelosi.
    And Jon Stewart.
    And Jane Fonda.
    And Matt Damon.
    And Al Sharpton.
    And Harry Reid.
    And Casey Anthony.
    And O.J. Simpson.
    And Barbra Streisand.
    And Woody Allen.
    And Sean Penn.
    And Piers Morgan.
    And Miley Cyrus.
    And Roman Polanski.
    And Stephen Colbert.
    And Lois Lerner.
    And Nancy Pelosi.
    And a few people I know personally.

    Oh, perchance to dream……..

    • Dave J. says:

      Anderson Cooper doesn’t vote, moron! And of course, you are another one of Trumps supporters who believes that the sky is falling. So let me ask you this, do you believe trump when he says how much he is worth without disclosing his tax reforms, otherwise this says more about you than it does me.

    • Matthew D says:

      You named Nancy Pelosi twice xD

    • dee says:

      So it’s not that the majority of people you named have no talent – they’re Democrats.

  28. millerfilm says:

    It’d be easier if she’d just say: “Bow to Hillary!” Listen, Hillary campaigned for Barry Goldwater, a hard-right nutjob. She is in the Democratic Party because she calculated that that was where she could best get into power. And, these brainless drones like Silverman are going to be in shock if Hillary gets into power. Because, she isn’t going to do jack about anything liberals want. She’s as hard right as they come. She’ll get us into any war she can, and will be owned by big money. Make no mistake.

    • dee says:

      Miller, when Hillary campaigned for Goldwater, it was because he was a favorite of her family elders. She was in her late 20s. People have a right to change, you know. Perhaps you’re the same person as you were from your teens – that would be very sad if true.

      It’s also interesting that you know her mind – you know why she changed to the Democratic Party, you know Hillary won’t do anything liberals want and you know she’ll get us into “any war she can”. What talent you have – how are you with the lottery numbers? Besides, we’re still trying to get out of the latest “war” or “action” – whatever you want to call it – which Bush got us into.

      I hope you’re not a Trump voter because everything you claim about Hillary that you can’t prove (which is everything except for her working on the Goldwater team over 50 years ago), there’s so much worse about Trump that can be proved from video of him saying/doing it.

    • jedi77 says:

      Still, it’s better than Trump. Can’t we all agree on that?

      • millerfilm says:

        Actually, no. You have a great many people who could never have imagined voting for Trump doing just that because your party insisted on installing Hillary.

  29. Jason D says:

    Sarah Silverman is ridiculous. The DNC is corrupt and she acts like nothing has happened. Such a racist.

  30. Concerned Citizen says:

    It is the ELITES, BANKERS and so on, so forth SHOW, what those Bernings were expecting?
    Hillary is the establishment candidate! Even GOP establishment is supporting her! I didn’t see such a fanatic engagement of the hardcore GOP establishment on a campaign since EVER! They never fought that hard to get someone elected as they doing for Hillary, not even FOR RONALD REAGAN!

    They are not afraid of Trump (he is sort of a buffoon) THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE AMERICAN REBEL SPIRIT REBORN that is showing thru Trump supporters and was showing through Bernings!
    Hillary is the Saudi Royals candidate (yep, binladin family…), Hillary is the Goldman Sachs and Wall Street candidate, Hillary is the EURO “royals” candidate, Hillary is the ANTI-AMERICAN candidate. It is simple like that.
    Doesn’t matter Trump is not a professional politician without government experience, ACTUALLY, that is WHAT MATTERS! He is not a corrupt, evil, demonic, psychopath, monster, banker-pawn like Hillary. He is just some sort of clown.
    If his election opens the way to DESTROY WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT and destroy the power of Bushs, Clintons, and all the EVIL CORRUPT FAMILIES that took the United States from us, THE PEOPLE, I will just vote and campaign for him until I DIE.
    Hillary MUST BE STOPPED! I never was a Berning, not even a Trumper, I was thinking on not voting at all, but now I WILL BE VOTING AND I WILL BE CAMPAIGN to destroy any chance Hillary may have to get to the White House! She is THE ENEMY OF AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  31. Donna says:

    Given the recent resignation from their own party over the hacked emails, if Sanders truly believes in what he’s been touting for months, he should stand forth and continue his campaign and NOT support HC! At their convention this week.

  32. David says:

    I dont get it. Fix this in post?

    • kerryjaneday says:

      “Post” means “post-production”, or through the editing process. If it were a pre-recorded show, editors could take out the boos. The joke is, this is a live broadcast, so there is no “post”.

  33. If you are not voting for the liberal candidate because she isn’t liberal enough, and you put in a facist instead, you aren’t a liberal, you are a narcissist. -Aaron Bird Sr.

  34. MaryMitch says:

    Why do Bernie supporters think the system is rigged? The parties exist to promote their people and their ideas. Why should the Democratic party support Bernie when he is not a member of the party? How much money has he raised for the party? How many down tickets has he supported with speeches and his presence? The system worked the way it’s SUPPOSED to work. Grow up and support the party or leave it, but don’t whine about the system.

    • Bernie supporters think the system is rigged because there is an enormous trail of evidence showing it was rigged. Schultz is resigning because she was caught rigging it. Bernie is a Democrat, he was invited into the democratic party, and all of his supporters at the convention are Democrats. The democratic leaders should probably be put in jail for fraud for soliciting donations under the context they were running a unbias primary.

      • Nanny Mo says:

        I’ve been reading the leaked DNC emails that have been posted here on the internet. They are pretty bad and Bernie’s supporters do have a lot to be angry about. It’s the incredibly mean spirited ugliness in the emails that can’t be easily pushed away. It’s like reading a bunch of childish, teenage girls bullying some poor gay man or Jew in high school. It’s everything we are told the DNC is not. You really should read them and then see what you think about these people.

  35. “To the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous.” U expected a fair process u fools.

  36. Zachary says:

    Her career is over.

    • Lidija Merkouris says:

      Bernie Sanders should have continue campaigning if not for himself for the people who supported him he let all of us down…sorry Burnie l am not getting behind Hillary… she lied to the American people. I am voting for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton does not deserve our vote…and yet more email scandal that should tell us that we don’t want her in the White House

    • Orcasite says:

      Oh please, manbabies.

  37. Frances McGuiness says:

    She said: they’ll fix this in post after she and Franken were asked to STRETCH and they had no prepared comments. they both had a hard time getting anything else out because of the cheering. the author of this article got it wrong and left the wrong impression to the reader.

  38. Gloria Huezo says:

    Yes, Sarah, Hillary said it takes a village but she didn’t say which village. Hillary also said unaccompanied minors crossing the border must be deported back to THEIR village. You’re ridiculous.

  39. Cory says:

    Silverman made a commercial for Bernie. She’s a traitor. She’s basically saying, “Sit down, shut up and just take it. Accept the same ol’ same ol'”. I’m watching everyone cheer for HRC, when they have the proof, in black and white, in front of their faces, that this whole race is rigged in her favor. Is that democracy? To sit down and accept the Oligarchy? I think not. I will not sit down. I will not shut up. I will not be silenced. Shame on you Silverman. Go ahead and turn tail and run when things get tough. This is a disgrace to the American people.

    • Orcasite says:

      A traitor? Really? You do understand the process, right? It’s a contest. The person with the most votes wins the right to stand for election. Did you not know that? The DNC e-mails are a distraction. Sanders would never had won, even had he been a Democrat with DNC backing.

  40. Jamie says:

    She didn’t call out Bernie supporters!

    She called it he Bernie or bust crowd.

    A+ reporting. Ugh,”.

  41. You’re whole party is ridiculous.

    • G.Quagmire says:

      You are whole party is ridiculous. Literacy optional.

      • Nanny Mo says:

        Your attack reads like the DNC emails. Go for the crotch but miss the bigger message. Their’s maturity. (I left you an opening, cause you’re so smart.)

  42. Jimmy says:

    Of course they’re being ridiculous – they’re Democrats. Democrats will always undermine their own cause if given a chance. Bernie lost – Hilary won, get over it……not a Democrat…they’d rather see Trump win than support Hilary. Forget that she won all the primary states and got 3mm more votes than Bernie. Forget that Bernie only won in caucus states, the absolute LEAST democratic way to select delegates. Forget that WITHOUT the super delegates, Hilary would have trounced Bernie anyway. Forget that Hilary was WAAAAYYYY closer to beating Obama than Bernie ever got to beating Hilary, but she took it graciously and allowed Obama to be nominated unopposed by acclamation. No….forget about it, they’re Democrats and they will always limp away if you give them the chance to shoot themselves in the foot, it’s what being a Democrat is all about. WOman’s right to choose???? Tim Kaine has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and has 100% of the time stuck up for the right of women to choose….forget about it, he’s a CATHOLIC!! he’s not really one of us, he personally is opposed to abortion no matter how staunchly he has supported the right to choose for others. Can;t have a CATHOLIC!!!! on the ticket. Tim attends a black church and has always stood for civil rights and spoken out on Black Lives Matter and worked for years after Harvard Law School as a civil rights lawyer……forget about it, if they were serious Hilary would have nominated a black woman….can’t support a WHITE man as a civil rights advocate. Worked as a missionary….doesn’t count because he’s not a nut job evangelical holy roller. Speaks Spanish? You;re just pandering……Hilary had to nominate an ACTUAL Hispanic to be seen as supporting Hispanics.

    Nooooooo, Democrats will always cut off their nose to stop the sniffles rather than support the evil promoters of cold remedies if you just give them the chance. Idiots…they deserve to lose.

    • nohw says:

      Maybe you missed the news that the DNC cheated in the primary to get Hillary the nomination, which is why Debbie Wasserman-Shultz resigned. Hillary the criminal would not have won.

      • Dave J. says:

        And maybe you are not looking at the big picture that this had been happening sine the 1980’s! And just in case you don’t know Donald Trump is the bigger criminal than Hillary Clinton. tax evasion is a very serious crime, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Orcasite says:

        The DNC did not lose the primaries for Bernie; Bernie did. The e-mails reflected nothing but typical politics. Hope you enjoy you stunning naivete when you deliver the Presidency to Trump.

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