Rosie O’Donnell on Donald Trump: ‘Do Not Give Up, He Will Never Be President’

Rosie O'Donnell Showtime
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Rosie O’Donnell, patient-zero in Donald Trump’s public feuds, couldn’t resist taking a swing at the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Monday night.

At a SAG panel with fellow actresses June Squibb and Linda Lavin, O’Donnell was explaining her role as Allison Janney’s ex-lover on the CBS comedy “Mom,” when she appeared to slip in a Trump insult.

“I’ve admired [Allison Janney] for so long, ” O’Donnell said. “Being a lesbian in real life — news flash — get off your Twitter sir — don’t tell people. … It is not about politics it is about acting — lots of women around that house, too — I’m not going near him, trust me — Orange man. Anyway, the thing is, fin, his mouth looks like an anus. What I’m trying to say about ‘Mom’ is that everyone was really warm and lovely. But being that I am gay, I didn’t want to be pushing the kiss part.”

The comedian’s comment was the latest in a back-and-forth with Trump dating to 2006, when O’Donnell first blasted the billionaire on “The View.” The feud has persisted for a decade, and came up last summer at the Republican debate. Just days ago, Trump said of O’Donnell, “Who the hell wouldn’t speak badly about Rosie O’Donnell? She’s terrible. She’s terrible.”

Speaking to Variety, O’Donnell seemed to assure fans she’s not putting the tabloid-war to rest anytime soon and will continue to rail against Trump, which she has done actively on Twitter. “I believe in the innate humanity and sensible nature of Americans,” O’Donnell said. “Do not give up, he will never be president.”

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  1. Thomas Leach says:

    Wow to go after a 10 year old Boy. Now that take guts. I know Rosie you think Because your a Queer you have the right to say what ever you want about a Child. Wrong. If you were to die today no one would give two shits about you . But they will remember Trump ..
    So Rosie is that your face or did your Butt grow teeth? . Did your neck puke? Better yet if I had a face like yours I shave my ass and walk backwards.. No one give a rats ass about an irrelevant SFB who’s career is OVER . News Flash Trump Won , Why???? Because of ASS Wipes like you.

  2. Bunny says:

    After all of the insulting remarks about fat people (mostly directed at Rosie O’ Donnell) by Trump, then having a fundraiser for this rabidly racist, conman, weight-shaming orangutan (my apologies to orangutans everywhere)…well, this not what one would call a great PR move relating to the Jenny Craig brand. She must think that all fat people are Republicans — well mostly (they still can afford food) — but still it was not a very smart move. Jenny, if you want to sell your scam weight lost BS to America, don’t get so openly involved in politics — in either party. This is not a wise business decision.

  3. vnnlo says:

    Wow, if Rosie doesn’t like Trump he has my vote!

  4. Desert Donna says:

    Oh..she is the ANTI Ellen who lost EVERYTHING to be true to whom she is. And look at Ellen now vs this one. All of Rosie’s relationships fail..I can not imagine why??

  5. Desert Donna says:

    This hag also said she had a crush on “her Tommy” Tom Cruise. Remember when she was “Hetero”. She has done more to turn off people to acceptance of gays than Anita Bryant. She is a washed up bully. Donna is hardly Conservative and no this is not The Donald writing this, her NEXT President.

  6. Rosie is right…Trump will never be President! To quote Capote:
    Trump is a throw-up job.

    So get used to this little Trumpsters
    We mean serious business…
    Hillary will be the first U.S. Woman

    • Ghhh says:

      I don’t care if you like trump our not but now inn the world could you support Hillary..shes been caught lying so many times theres a 2″ minute video of non stop lies available..shes a known crook also and should be in have to be seriously messed up to vote hillary

      • gpf says:

        You have to be seriously messed up to believe the lies. Gosh you don’t think for yourself. Let me listen to FOX news to figure out what I believe. 20 years of I hate Hillary. Gosh are they really trying to save us from this woman, Think man. I am assuming you’re white and male.

    • LOL!

      Wishful thinking, never accomplished anything. You are delusional. Hillary Clinton will retire from politics in November. Trump will be the next president.

      And to borrow from your Supreme Leader. Sit down, and shut up. We’re driving the bus now.

      • vnnlo says:

        Yeah wishful thinking on your part to believe that all the crap about Hillary is just being reported on Fox. You might want to do some research at the Washington Post website. It is sad – that lying, cheating bitch gets such a pass from so many people just because she is a woman. If a man in politics had pulled the stuff she has he would have been gone a long time ago, like John Edwards.

  7. Brian Reilly says:

    Rosie is so vile it’s little wonder her kid ran away

  8. Eryt says:

    Rosie is a true loser.

    Like it or not, we’re Making America Great Again!

  9. Nanny Mo says:

    Rosie, another reason to vote Trump! I’d love to see her go off fat-mouthed for 8 years! Now, that would be entertainment!

    • I sure hope so Rosie. Trump is dishonest and extremely dangerous. He would take America on a VERY dangerous journey.

      • Oh my goodness, you liberals are brain dead.

        Haven’t you noticed, how drastically dim, and how little support your side has nowadays?

        America woke up. Spare us the hyperbolic scare tactics about Trump. We’ve had to endure the nightmare, that is Obama.

  10. signcarver says:

    Oh yes he will. He has a far better chance than you do of being a lady, which is very slim in your case.

  11. Kelley says:

    Oh, Mr. Trump WILL be President if for no other reason, to see your winning, sorry ass leave the country like you PROMISED to do. You wouldn’t renig on a promise would you? I hope not!

  12. Rosie is full of bitter grapes. She still carries anger from Trump’s comment. She needs to take her opinion and put it where the sun does not shine! Get over it Rosie.

  13. shes just riding the coat tails of trump so she can keep a tabloid-war from resting because it keeps her in the minds of people and that’s all actors or should i say wanna be actors are looking for a way to keep themselves famous

  14. ravenmom1 says:

    You must be drinking again, Rosie!! I’d vote for Trump 7 days a week over Hillary! I’d also vote for him just to get you, Whoopie (and any other “celebrity” who says they’re leaving) to move to Canada! Look out Canada… you might have a huge population jump soon!!

  15. Bevy says:

    Pack your bags Rosie because Donald is going to be the next President of the USA.

  16. Jersey says:

    Honestly trump is right..a horrible comedian very stiff and dry a real comedian could dish out a good joke but should also take one back..hypocrit..and for the record I never like the dude.. should of gotten out of acting buisness years ago…jersey

  17. Vicki Boy says:

    Sure he will, Chubs. Then you can move “lickety split” to some other country.

  18. Rosie says:

    Rosie is such a hypocrite. She puts down Trump’s character and appearance, but apparently that’s fine. However, when he says negative things about her character and appearance, he’s a terrible misogynist.

  19. Raymond Hoyas says:

    From your lips to God“s ears. I am so afraid that Trump could actually pull this off. So even though I live in a predominantly democratic state, I have set small realistic goals of talking to new people every day, helping to register young people and folks who have moved into the neighborhood, providing the elderly, disabled and college students with info on obtaining absentee ballots. The good news is that if someone has already made up their mind to support Trump, then I thank them for their time and move on. Additionally in the past month I have had 3 others join me. We meet weekly for less than 1 hour, go over our progress, share ideas and motivate each other. It works!!!

    • Mary says:

      Great that you drank the democratic cool-aid. Good luck on your meetings with old people and young, unknowledgeable about life people. But the democratic party already has all those. Get some working people and tax payers and then preach. They talk back so it might not go as well for you.

  20. Dunstan says:


    Donald Trump is an ignorant fool. He doesn’t know anything about anything, and worse yet he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know anything about anything. (In psychology, this is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect). The sum total of his talents consists of having the foresight to be born to an immensely wealthy father, and possessing a Rain Man-style idiot-savant capacity for self-promotion. That’s it.

    A couple of days ago he provided a frighteningly clear illustration of the bottomless depths of his ignorance when he suggested that he might reduce the national debt by using his deal-making skills to get America’s creditors to accept less than full payment for the nation’s debt obligations to them.

    That is an idiotic suggestion, which could only be made by someone who has no idea how bond markets, the American legal system, and the world economy work. Why is it such a perfect illustration of Trump’s ignorance and idiocy? Let us count (some of) the ways:

    First, the president doesn’t have the legal authority to repudiate any part of the country’s debt. If Trump had ever bothered to look at the Constitution, he might have noticed that it says that “the validity of the public debt of the United States . . . shall not be questioned.”

    Second, even if he were legally able to undertake this masterstroke of negotiation, actually doing so would wreck the world economy. Other countries have loaned America trillions of dollars on the assumption that United States bonds are as close to a riskless investment as can exist. The reason those bonds have carried no practical risk is that, until the Republican party decided it would be a good idea to start putting literal morons on presidential tickets, and playing chicken with the national debt, nobody ever imagined that anyone in the U.S. government would ever consider not paying the nation’s debts in full.

    According to his copious promotional materials Trump is some sort of business wizard, but it’s clear he missed several weeks of Econ 101. U.S. bonds carry such low interest rates because investors have considered them such a safe place to park their money. That’s why the U.S. government can borrow money practically interest-free. If this weren’t the case, the U.S. would have to pay higher interest on the debt it issued, which in turn would defeat the whole purpose of trying to reduce the national debt by reneging on part of it.

    Risk is inversely related to return, remember Donald? But of course he doesn’t remember, because in addition to knowing nothing about how the U.S. government works, it turns out Trump knows nothing about finance, either.

    In the wake of his mind-blowingly stupid comments, some observers have tried to rationalize Trump’s astonishing ignorance. For example, Matt Yglesias writes that “Trump is a businessman, and in terms of thinking like a businessman his idea makes sense.” The idea here is that it sometimes makes sense for a business to threaten not to pay its debts, because if it files for bankruptcy creditors will get little or nothing. Creditors will then accept what in the trade is known as a “haircut” – less than what they’re legally owed – to avoid this outcome.

    But this is giving Trump far too much credit. Real businesspeople, as opposed to a lifelong self-promoting scammer like Trump, understand perfectly well that public and private debts are not equivalent, and that governments (and most especially the U.S. government) can’t operate like private businesses in regard to their debt obligations. That is why real businesspeople invest in U.S. bonds, despite their current near- zero rate of return: because they know that the U.S. government — assuming it isn’t taken over by the maniacs at the head of contemporary Republican party – can’t and won’t engage in strategic default.

    (After the storm of criticism his comments provoked, Trump characteristically claimed this morning not to have said what he clearly did say).

    Yglesias’ reaction is an understandable defense mechanism; it’s one that we’ll be seeing a lot of between now and November. He can’t allow himself to contemplate just how ignorant Trump really is, because that would force him to contemplate the extent to which the Republican party has actually gone mad. In other words, Donald Trump’s impending nomination is merely a symptom of a much deeper disease.

    Paul Campos is a professor of law at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

    • Gail says:

      Then you are wasting your time because I am doing the same for Trump. I talk to people everyday to vote Trump. People are going to vote Trump to keep Hilary out of the White House.

    • Everyone our family knows who’s democrat that didn’t find time to switch for the California primary will be voting for Trump come November and feel he’ll do great things for the American people and the world. They despise Hillary Clinton and don’t like Sanders free everything and sky high taxes on them.

  21. Laura says:

    I hope you’re right

  22. Bob Price says:

    Rosie maintains the Twin Towers was an inside job and someone hid dynamite there.

  23. Sue says:

    Yep, intelligent people do make a difference. That’s why you’re not on The View anymore, you washed out, dried up, has been twat face.

  24. JOE S HILL says:

    Really Rosie O’Donnell,,you sure about that? when the REAL American people get sick and tired of the LGBT movement undermining our values and image of this country,then we will fight back! and who’ll be our next president,,Hillary Clinton? dream on Rosie,,dream on!!

  25. Gman says:

    Rosie was at a SAG function? When is the last time that marginally-talented failure ACTED? And of course she like every other d-lister striving for relevance, ruins an entertainment function with a political rant.

  26. O’Donnell is a pathetic person and I feel so badly for her daughter to have such a bad and mean spirited mother. Trump may turn out to be the best president we could ever wish for and I hope he is.

  27. Joe Wilson says:

    Says the cow who can’t keep a job . Why would anyone listen to what she has to say ?

  28. RA says:

    And Rosie O’Donnell will never have a show again.

  29. Mark Silver says:

    Love you Rosie! You’re right, he won’t ever be President.

  30. BillUSA says:

    She is a vulgar and disgusting person.

  31. Neighbour To The North says:

    If innocuous entertainer Rosie O’Donnell can get under The Drumpf’s skin (and seemingly stay there), one wonders how the Chinese, North Koreans and Russians will impact on him. It’s a disquieting thought…

    • Connie Smith says:

      Very interesting that you think that Rosie is getting under Trumps Skin. I believe it’s just the opposite. Why is she still seething at him from something that he said years ago? Because it’s eating her alive! Get used to calling him President Trump!

    • Well said. Diplomacy is essential in politics and Trump has none. Ever.

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