Robert Irvine to Launch Talk Show on CW Daytime Lineup (EXCLUSIVE)

Robert Irvine
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Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is setting aside his pots and pans for his latest TV series, a “Dr. Phil”-esque talk show from Tribune Studios to air on CW stations.

“The Robert Irvine Show” will take the place of “The Bill Cunningham Show” in the 3 p.m. Monday-Friday slot on Tribune-owned stations and other CW affiliates starting in September. The series will feature Irvine — known for hosting Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” and for his regular appearances on foodie TV shows — dishing up tough-love advice and conflict resolution options for everyday people facing a range of problems.

John Irwin (“Couples/Family Therapy”) is exec producing “Robert Irvine” with Irvine and Andrew Scher (“The Doctors”). The series will originate in Los Angeles.

Irvine has spent 25 years building his profile as a culinary star, and he’s also known as a fitness buff. But he’s sought to expand his TV menu with a non-food series for the past several years. The talk show had been in development at Tribune for some time.

When Cunningham decided to end his five-year run in syndication with Tribune, picking up the Irvine show was a natural choice, according to Sean Compton, president of strategic programming and acquisitions for Tribune Media. Tribune through its affiliation pact with the CW has the right to program the 3 p.m. hour for the network’s affiliate stations. Tribune may also try to expand the show’s distribution in first-run syndication outside of the CW footprint.

“It’s really important for Tribune and for CW affiliates that (the 3 p.m. hour) has a great show,” Compton told Variety. “We had been talking to Robert for a long time and this opportunity seemed like a good chance to get him on the air sooner rather than later. We think people are going to respond to seeing a side of Robert outside the kitchen.”

Irvine’s “Restaurant: Impossible” typically features segments in which the host helps rudderless restaurateurs get their personal and professional lives back on track. The British chef who joined the Royal Navy at age 15 has also become a champion of military families, working with his Robert Irvine Foundation to help support service members and their families and raise public awareness about their needs. A mainstream talk show that is not hemmed in by a food focus is a logical extension of that work, Irvine said.

“Half the battle is making people understand what they’re doing wrong and how they can change their lives,” Irvine told Variety. “We can be entertaining without being demeaning. We want people to embrace the idea that these are not solutions to be jammed down their throat but that this is content that can help them change their lives.”

The specific format of the show is still being hammered out but it will be a mix of taped segments and in-studio interaction between Irvine and guests. Irwin said the goal was to “help individuals and families reach their full potential.”

“Robert Irvine” is set to begin production in mid-July. It’s not clear how the demands of the daily talk show will affect the future of “Restaurant: Impossible” or Irvine’s workload for Food Network.

“I’m working on different projects with Food Network right now but this is my priority,” Irvine said.

APA represents Irvine and packaged the series. Irwin is repped by WME.

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  1. Lottie Miller says:

    Robert I would love to ask Phyllis who she think she is.She couldn’t keep her own husband so how she going to advice somebody else about their life she needs to clean her own backyard. I guess she’s another lonely person.

  2. Saundra Rivers says:

    I would like to comment on Phyliss. On todays show (7-21-17), Phyliss caled a guest a blonde whore, Well the woman passed the lie detectorr test. Phyliss should have felt foolish. Sometimes she is too outspoken.

  3. Fran says:

    I tuned in earlier this week, surprised to see Robert Irvine hosting a talk show. It had no appeal for me, not much different than Maury Povich or any other show in which family issues are exposed and exacerbated publicly. I understand that shows such as Dr. Phil also air sensitive family issues, but at least the host has expertise in mental health and offers medical and mental health treatment to those in need.

  4. Stacey Basham says:

    Im watching your show today 5/9/17 about a man that needed to lose weight, Tommy, & I want to reach out for myself. I’m 49yrs old 5’1″ & weigh 410. I have tried everything!! I have Fibermyalgia, asthma, arthritis, need knee replacements. I had weight problem in grade school but my freind help me lose 60lbs during the summer between 6th & 7th grade!!! I kept it off during high school by exercising & situps. A year after graduation my dad passed away with pancreatic cancer. I feel into depression & started gaining weight & stopped exercising. Over the yrs l tried phen-phen, weight watchers & other diets. Im really really worried l could gain even more & not be able to even get around any more. So l’m asking you if you can PLEASE HELP???

  5. Deborah Gearhart says:

    I thought Mr Irvine had more integrity than hosting a show like this! He should stay with his cooking shows and let the half dressed hussies and the males who don’t even know what a man is alone. We don’t really care !!

  6. MLT says:

    Is it just me? I don’t understand why these socially depraved examples of the human race have to air-out their dirty laundry on national TV. Oh wait, sorry. It must be for the money?

  7. Phyllis renaldo says:

    I have to tell I use to watch the Steve Irvine show all the time for the past month each episode has been a repeat every day and every day I turn it on I say I hope it’s not a repeat again and guess what it is it’s the most boring is show I have a Watch considering that hasn’t been a new one showing on TV for a while did he take a vacation? I always look forward to the Steve Wilco show because there’s always a new episode every every time I watch it

  8. That’s totally weird. If I was havinv problems in the bedroom with my boyfriend my first thought isn’t Hmm, I wonder what Bobby Flay would do as far as advice? Oh Robert Irvine is giving advice on personnel issues? Close enough then I can find out why my sauce always breaks

  9. eclecticnatureoflife says:

    Dont really see this type of show is needed and usually is so convoluted. Stick to cooking please.

  10. Regina henderson says:

    I watched the March 1,2017 show, I feel Women that feel like they have to share a man is stupid. Women should respect themselves not to settle for that.

  11. Lonewolf says:

    Love Robert! However we don’t need another Jerry Springer…
    Plus more to life than the pathetic gay dudes..
    Thanks Robert.. keep the cussing and brawling off the show..

  12. bbowens8 says:

    Why is it that this show features so many gay black males? this is a sickening show, they can’t go a week without showing a black gay man.

  13. Annette white says:

    I really pissef off with the Robert Irvine producers they did everything to get me on the show made all types of promised thing is once I went and done the show which I was promised 300 dollars well its been almost a month and I haven’t received the money as a matter of fact I can’t get any one affiliated with the show to call me back funny cause while they was trying to get me to come on the show( which my boyfriend is the one called)they called me saveral times a day now I can’t get them to call me once I feel as though the show is only concerned with rating and nothing more I’m sure other past guest would be in agreement with me

  14. Daniel Thomas says:

    I was, watching the Robert Irvine show on Feb. 8 2017…..about a mother on heroin.. I just want to say, that I was a heroin addict for 15 plus years OD 3 TIMES the 1St time I was DOA when the EMT’S, found me and the last time I OD was on OCT. 15 2015 now I have the longest clean time I have ever had 2 plus years and I went to 3 or 4 different rehad’s I was using 2 plus grams of dope a day I was shooting a Half grams shoots at a time…. But the people on your show was putting down the women on dope about what she had to do to to get it what a lot of people don’t understand that if you don’t have heroin you are sick than you ever been sick in your life throwing up and shitting all at the same time when your sick you want to die but getting sober was the 2 greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life but what I can’t stand is for people that haven’t been where we been is to put us down yes we steal from any and everybody we can to get our fix but that needs to come up after we get clean not before it called making amends with people we have hurt over the years… But what’s great for family members to understand addiction is call Al-Anon ( if I’m spelling it right lol) I have lots more to say but it’s to much to type…. But I just thought I had to share some of my story…. Thanks

  15. Terry Lee says:

    I would like to know if there’s any way possible that I could either appear on the show or get assistance with there for me my family that I have relapsed and I need help I have a lot to lose I lost my mother on August 6th and since then I’ve gotten worse and I do not want to go down that road again of my past I’m going to get back to normal get with my life have six kids seven grandkids and one-and-a-half great-grand and I want to be here as a normal grandmother and mother to my kids please help me Terry Lee

  16. CAROLINE NIED says:

    I cannot believe that Robert Irvine has stooped this low. I once held him in high regard. But now, he is no better than Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, or any other similar “smut show’ host. His show, like Springer and Dr. Phil, has no class, and only invites the lowest form of imbiciles to appear on it. I will no longer waste my time watching ANY show on which Robert Irvine appears. You blew it, my friend.

  17. Candace williams says:

    This form of television is below Robert Irvine. — this is a jerry springer low class form– Robert Irvine needs to use his talents elsewhere– when I first saw this I thought it was a joke, the Robert Irvine that I have watched and loved over the years wouldn’t cheapen himself to moderate this junk.

  18. shewhowins says:

    ROBERT, PLS STOP. THIS MAKES YOU LOOK INSANE!!!!! Go back and do something on Food Network, I didn’t like you at first then you seemed a lot nicer after you got married again. I like to watch you cook. You are embarrassing yourself and cheapening the GOOD YOU DO for Wounded Warriors and the people in the restaurant industry. I believe you have a good heart and went with the bad=guy image because it was different. I would rather you do anything ANYTHING but a Jerry Springer TYPE SHOW. If you are obligated to finish the year, spend your talk show talking to wounded soldiers, have guest chefs, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  19. Shii says:

    I think it’s a strange to compare this show to Dr. Phil. It’s more or less a Steve Wilkos Show clone.

  20. Judy says:

    Have you ever watched a chef turned into Dr. Phil. What are his qualifications other than cooking. He should stick to cooking and remodeling restaurants and leave the counseling to the professionals. The show is a joke….he should stay in the kitchen.

  21. Phydeaux says:

    This man is NOT a talk show host! What a joke! I just watched 10 minutes of it and got angry at him for his better than thou attitude. How is he qualified to counsel people? Good lord this is trash!

  22. Dave Hemsath says:

    A ‘roided up cook gets a poor man’s Springer talk show. It’s no wonder other countries mock us.

  23. Patricia Bennett says:

    Your newest talk is awesome simplest because you deal with issues of all ages ,I love your expertise in cooking as well as psychology and life in general and life in general

  24. walgreenwoman says:

    I watched The robert irvine show for the first time yesterday. He should have stuck with cooking and fixing restaurants. This is nothing more than another Maury Povich show. He does not have a degree to counsel people and does not need to be doing it. Stick with cooking, Robert.

  25. Phydeaux says:

    I really like Robert a chef…but as a talk show host I can’t seem to warm up to him. I have yet to make it through a whole show. Maybe it just takes a while for it all to come together.

  26. Rosalva says:

    Ahhhh! I love hes personality. He is. With! Hell yeah! Ahhhh.!!! About time for a program with some common sense! CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU!

  27. E Gignac says:

    What the hell gives Robert Irvine the qualifications to council people? ?? Dr.phil has a Ph.D. For heavens sake!!! I guess anyone can have a talk show . I can’t stand Robert Irvine!!!!!!!

  28. Mary Ellen Walker says:

    I cannot believe someone gave this guy a show. He lied to get a show on Food network and he is incapable of speaking proper English. He comes across as a jerk and an idiot.

  29. Michael Mcgriff says:

    This is another talk show where people’s lives are being discussed, analyzed and individuals are being opened up by people without the qualifications, training or experience to put them back together.

    You need to be a qualified therapist or professional counselor to play with people’s heads. You could do more harm than good in your attempts to help. A “Chef” does not a “Psychoanalyst” make.

    • Karen says:

      I agree with you Michael Mcgrif. The first thing i thought when i saw jim with a tslk show was OMG he’s not even qualified he’s a cook. I know him as a chef or helping people restore their restaurant. . Lol I have been watching and it’s boring and why is he wearing the same clothes everyday. I’m not looking for the show yo last unfortunately i said the same thing about Bill Cunningham and it crashed and burned. The guest ran the show😂😂😂 I do wish Robert luck. OMG next i will see Trump with cards and sitting on a stage talking.

  30. Mari Sorensen says:

    He is doing one on “help break the stigma of reborns as grief therapy tool and help shatter the silence of stillbirth!” This is not fake there is nothing fake about giving birth to stillborn child. Cannot wait to see this.

  31. kthompson says:

    saw the show today-he helped a couple get on track-works well with people-forceful in a good way-good that he’s fit-good role model-very smart and organized, even gifted-don’t get that food channel but he’s sure good with people-so was bill Cunningham-same with steve wilkos, whose job is very tough-is tough type of work-not many can do it

  32. Jag Johnon says:

    I’ve never understood his popularity he’s the least likely guy you see on the street that you would pick out and say I’m going to make you a star of the TV show and now he has a talk show I don’t got it reminds me of my brother’s friends who go hunting in the North Woods

  33. Dana says:

    All they did was change the name of the host. Same garbage show. I don’t understand how being a chef qualifies you for this. Why would you even consider such crap? Lost your credibility with me.

    • Telisa Holcomb says:

      I can not believe he has resorted to something like a talk show. It is a stupid one at that. It is like let’s just get into someone’s business to air out our problem over tv. I hope he sees these commits. I loved watching him on the Foodnet work. His cooking always look so good I would go on the computer to pull his cook show up for the day to print out a recipe I would want. Well now he is in type of bull crap I don’t even care for. Again please let him see this, he has really disappointed me.

  34. MConnine says:

    So from fixing up kitchens and diners. We should put our confidence in this mans opinions?? You know what they say about opinions and ass holes, everyone has one. This is ludicrous. Does he even have any credibility?

  35. Kim says:

    Love Robert Irvine thought the show was going to be good about 10 minutes into it couldn’t stand it anymore don’t know why he’s doing a show like this yes it reminds me of Jerry Springer

  36. Garry says:

    Wow Robert, what happened the brought you to this. You seemed to have so much concern about lifting people up to be their best and now this? Wow
    Don’t know what to say. Did you need money or something. Praying for you what ever it is.

  37. Barb says:

    Another show about nonsense by someone who’s only qualification is that they have the money to do it. jeeze…

  38. What on earth does Robert Irvine know about psychology or relationships that makes him an expert? The previews I’ve seen are cringe-worthy. I really like this guy, but I’m certainly not tuning in to this drivel. I’d much rather see him in a cooking show – like how to prepare meals for huge groups of people. What on earth are they thinking putting this on the air?

  39. Jill says:

    I loved this guy until I saw the CW show, total Maury Povich fake “entertainment”. Awful. Period.

  40. Ronnie (Veronica) says:

    I watched the show yesterday, as much as I could… It reminds me of Jerry Springer…. My question is, what is he thinking?? I like Robert Irvine…NOT this show!!

  41. kodakay says:

    I can’t stand him. He faked his culinary credentials and I lost all respect for him. He was a fake chef now he’s a fake TV host? Yeah, I won’t be watching.

  42. tuesdee knight says:

    I really love restrurant impossible !!!! I know this show will be great too !!!!I Ialso saw your wedding !!! Beautiful wife / family !!!tuly truly wish you would meet with CHEF ESTIE AND HER CO STARS FROM MAN VS CHEF SHOWDOWN !!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON DOIN WHAT YOUR DOING

  43. Megan Moore says:

    These people do not care to help you they try and flip everything around to make your story sound so insane and then after that they will tell you you have to do it or you can’t be on the show. Follow me on fb or Instagram to hear recordings of there rude producer Margo shoot down several people and manipulate couples. I’m going to be doing my own show on fake show business that’s just in it for themselfs. I do not know if Robert Ervine knows what’s going on behind him but maybe he will now. Margo is so rude she pretty much told me I would never make it and laughed at me. Her coworker even agreed with me over text messages that she was horrible just stomach flipping mean women. Shimmygimmiemoore

  44. Jennifer says:

    Don’t trust they’re staff, they told me they are seeking candidates with phobia’s so I wrote them telling them of my phobia’s & then say they they are not wanting to go that direction??? Lmao don’t trust them & open up to them about phobia’s just to be turned down…

  45. Yukon Cornileus says:

    Are you honestly going to send teenagers to abusive boot camps and wilderness programs?

  46. Terrie young says:

    I dearly love Robert Irvine. He has terrific people skills great heart and a lot of general knowledge of people wish him the best. Can’t wait to see shows begin

  47. Tami S says:

    Robert Irvine??? Is this a joke???
    He is a former cruise ship chef who has NEVER done ANYTHING with relationships other than fail at his own (on wife # 2 or 3??). He has owned multiple failed restaurants AND was busted for lying about being a chef to three former U.S. Presidents!! This guys is going to do a daytime talk show???
    Dear Tribune, CW and anyone else who held a straight face while making this decision- you people could not be more out of touch with what daytime audiences want and don’t want. This clown is qualified to provide the food for the greenrooms but NOT HOST!!!
    You people must have money to burn!! This show will be cancelled the morning after it airs. In the future- do not assume we daytime viewers are idiots. We will not accept just anybody. Bring us QUALIFIED experts. The guy can filet salmon so he can fix a relationship?? Are you people HIGH??

  48. Notneeded says:

    Robert, Congrats!

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