‘Reign’ to End After Upcoming Fourth Season on The CW

Reign cancelled
Courtesy of CW

Reign” will no longer be reigning over the CW — after next season, that is.

Sources tell Variety that Season 4 of the historical fantasy series, which begins in Feb. 2017, will be its last.

The fourth season is currently still in production, so the team behind “Reign” will be able to work on a series finale, knowing that it will be the final episode, giving fans a real conclusion to the story of Mary Queen of Scots. Insiders say that conversations about the show’s possible ending have been ongoing with producers, so the decision to make this season the last were not totally unexpected.

“Reign” follows the early days of Mary Queen of Scots, who is played by Adelaide Kane. The cast is rounded out by Megan Follows, Torrance Coombs, Toby Regbo, Celina Sinden and Anna Popplewell.

The show, created by Stephanie Sengupta and Laurie McCarthy, premiered in the 2013-2014 season.

“Reign” wasn’t exactly a ratings powerhouse, even at the beginning of its run: Season 1 began with a 0.8 rating in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic but ended with a 0.4, while the total audience slipped from just under 2 million to 1.24 million. By the end of Season 3, it was averaging around a 0.3 in the demo and under 1 million viewers in Nielsen’s live-same-day ratings.

Season 4 of “Reign” will consist of 16 episodes, so the series finale is tentatively slated for sometime in June. The final season kicks off on Friday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m.

Oriana Schwindt contributed to this report.

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  1. zaena nunez says:

    So upset that reign has had its last episode. I found the tv series wonderful.. From one who loves history and came to love the show. I am not happy with the ending of the characters, like mary and many others. I enjoyed every TV series and wish there wasn’t a ending anytime soon.. It left me with many questions..I wish her son came just in time nd every thought that mary had was just last thoughts of her expected death…of what could be. Well again.. I love the TV series REIGN everything about it..just a little sensitive with the religion but everything else was GREAT wish there was more to come

  2. Jeff says:

    It was far and away the best show on CW…. How it wasn’t getting the ratings just doesn’t make any sense to me!

    But then they always seem to cancel good shows and yet crap doesn’t get canceled??? I must have weird taste!!!

  3. Linda maranto says:

    I am hoping this was not the end. Terrible ending. My favorite person…Queen Mary being beheaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope she is having a nightmare!

  4. Diane Baki says:

    Should never have been cancelled! I enjoy shows that bring you to a different time period especially the past which most people know nothing about.

  5. Dehlia says:

    Should NEVER have gotten rid of Francis! Climbs is okay but Regbo was the show!

  6. Mary says:

    I was really into it, I loved it

  7. Shusha says:

    Unbelievable 😢!!! An hour ago I sat down and watched Reign as I do every week, and I realized it was the final episode of the series.
    Why??????? Every week I look forward to watch another episode. Such a good TV show and excellent actors. And to make things even worse, the last episode sucks!!! Such a disappointment 😡😡😡
    Makes you wonder if it was written by different writers.

    BRING IT BACK!!! We can all pretend that the last 2 episodes didn’t happen…


  8. Eloise Bates says:

    Well, this is sad. An excellent historical series, beautifully shot and they can’t wait to end it.

  9. Andrea says:

    I am REALLY bummed that Reign was cancelled and very disappointed how they ended it so abrupt like that! I’ve watched it from the beginning and loved everything about it! VERY upset that it’s over.. I’m sick of all this stupid reality crap and other nonsense stuff flooding our televisions.

  10. susan jackson says:

    it was a very well written show but the rating system needs to change for more people are recording their favorite shows and watching them later when more convenient to them ,plus some of their favorite shows are on at same time and other nights there.s nothing worth watching so we record. a lot of good shows like castle, grimm andnow this are canned but are very good and you bring tv stations bring on lousy shows

  11. Tina says:

    This was the best show on cw. It should have been on the more popular channels. It was so well written and the cast, especially Adelaide Kane, were extraordinary! Please bring it back!

  12. Alyssa love says:

    I love reign to much. I find it Interesting to watch and I don’t appreciate the way it ended. I really wish the series carried on it sucks to see it stop.I hope you guys find another way to carry the series on.

  13. Jackie says:

    I am so sad I love reign I have watched it from the beginning I cannot believe how you ended its sucked hopefully somebody else will pick it up please pick it up

  14. Christa DeLora says:

    I am sorry disappointed that Reign was cancelled and to make it worse the it had a terrible ending. My son and I love shows like Regin, White Queen, White Princess and Black Sails. It is so hard to find good shows on tv these days. All these trashy reality shows are invading the network as well as dumb shows like Modern Family, Claws, Baby Daddy. Freeform has some of the worst tv shows. Reign could have had a better ending…

    • Kim says:

      It ended as it should for Mary ! She was beheaded .
      The story could have go on , the Tudor Reign was just building such momentum and power. I would have liked to see Elizabeth going further and the child of Mary well it would’ve been nice to see what was the outcome if he was either killed or lived I don’t know . So sad as well , this Family will miss Reign 🌹

  15. Joann says:

    Series finale was awful. I had high hopes for Reign when I began watching it but was sooo disappointed in the ending. This show could have gone on for several seasons but instead ended abruptly with no warning. Loved the show, hated the ending.

  16. Debster says:

    Very upset this is over!

  17. that figures! but why bring in another daughter at the end if you dont intend to go on with the show???/ i hate you killed mary!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW i hope someone else picks it up!!

  18. Angela R Addison says:

    I’m bummed this show has ended. I will miss the characters and show, the ending with Frances was great. But why introduce Margo with the show ending?!

  19. Kerry luft says:

    Why do good shows always have to end😩 I will miss it. I love period pieces, even though this was more fantasy based and less factual, I still enjoyed it. But I did love the ending with Frances.

  20. Joanne Weikel says:

    This was my absolute favorite show heartbroken it’s not coming back

  21. PRISCILLA says:

    This is bull !!! It’s true all the best shows get ruined , either no ending, or ending’s that don’t really make since . Get it together people !! Now we are left with just the originals that might be a bust in the end too . :( I will miss you reign good job to the actors !!! <3

  22. Kat says:

    This program was the best. With all the different time slots, the fan base still followed. Some big shot yahoo could not really see that this program held a lot of culture. Shame on you producers, I hope the writers go off the main stream media because the producers do not have a clue about their audience. These producers show more violence and than is really necessary. No wonder everyone is changing to Netflix and Amazon

  23. Susan Mariner says:

    I am so sad to see this come to an end. Vampire Diaries was first, now this. Seems like every show I like has to come to an end. I hated the way it ended. I feel like just getting rid of my tv. Nothing on to watch anymore. The Witches of East End, just all the sudden ended a few years back. Then they keep all the worthless shows. I zombie, stupid. Get rid of that show. Just a sad time.

    • Cheri Moore says:

      You took the words out of my mouth….I was so upset I didn’t even know it was being cancelled so imagine how I felt to watch the finale thinking there was a season 5 omg I was so shocked. The finale just ended terribly I knew she would be with Francis but dear gawd they hacked this show up in the finale . I love Reign I’m devastated. Wish they could return the show I loved all the actors bravo !!!👏👏❤💋😢

  24. Sorry to see it go.Broken hearted. Addie and Megan, I always looked forward to seeing everyone on Reign. I myself will miss all of you greatly. Thank you so much for all of your work on Reign. I truly enjoyed and appreciated it.GoodLuck to all of you.

  25. Tammy Guyer says:

    I absolutely loved this show. It figures it would be cancelled while shows like the bachelor and bachelorette would continue. Some of the reality shows are sickening. Their is nothing worth watching on television any more!!!

  26. Deborah Vantol says:

    So sick of liking shows that get cancelled. I loved Reign I liked the end of her with Francis but her new love interest they never said what happened to him. I loved them together even more. The ending made no sense. I loved Magic City and the series with Don Johnson last year also. So sick of not giving new series a chance. There are so many stations it takes a while to find what we really like because some shows are similar.

  27. Anna Nero says:

    So sad to see Reign end … I have been watching it from the start.. CW has cancelled lots of good shows.. Stupid….

    • Pamela Watson says:

      I can’t believe they ended the Best SHOW on tv.I watched it tonight and cried there was so much they could have done like her third marriage to Boswell for one thing and jumping ahead 21 years man oh man it just broke my heart I hoped and pray that they come up to fix the terrible ending to the series I am so sad and mad at the same time I can’t even to begin I have watched the first 3 seasons at least 5 times r more just to watch please please reconsider and do more seasons

  28. Lynne says:

    Reign gets cancelled and shows like iZombie continue? Stupid…

  29. Jennifer says:

    I looked forward to this show every week. It inspired me to research into the history of Mary, Queen of Scots, and fall in love with her. I am planning a trip to visit Scotland and France, and see what she saw. This show affected me more than any other show could ever. I love the cast, the sets, the plots… All because of greed this amazing show is being taken from us.

  30. Tia says:

    Very upset about the show canceling. I’ve been watching from the start. You have a great show and you cancel it….just ridiculous.

  31. elise materazzo says:

    this is my favoured tv show why would you not follow though with season 5 WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how I will I see how it ENDS come on please finish it off in season 5

  32. Jacklyn says:

    This is so sad! It’s my favourite show and look forward to it every week!

    • Vicki says:

      Can’t believe it’s over. 4 years of romance, intrigue, interesting characters, plot changes…excitment! They only television show I HAD to watch. Thank you to their writers, actors and producers for truly entertain me every season. Could not ask for more.

  33. P says:

    That sucks…love the show……Netflix Pick it up please?!?!

  34. Adrienne says:

    I like reign I want to see season 5 come out with good ratings and continue with the show I hate when network cancels shows I haven’t seen in a very long time

  35. paula says:

    So disappointed definitely my favourite programme far better than anything else on tv and its our history it can teach everyone a whole lot of fact which is far more than i can say for other shows. Very Very Sad!!!!!!

  36. Amber Smith says:

    Sad to Ser this come to an end, my family is addicted! I hope Netflix will pick up the series so we can continue to be sucked into the great story line.

  37. Tina Louise Mitchell Blom says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much the networks get it wrong…the show gets little to no advertising, it’s on Friday night when the younger crowd would rather DVR their shows.. put the low ratings blame where it belongs… not on the show. The acting is superb, and the show is awesome. I’m getting tired of someone telling me how good a show is.. practically forcing me to watch it… I fall in love with the characters and the show… and BAM… it’s over in a few short seasons. Ridiculous.

  38. Patty says:

    So sad I love reign such a good show 😣😣

  39. Roland Vachon says:

    One of the best programs I’ve seen on television. Of course, they always cancel the good ones.

  40. LaDonna Hall says:

    I’m very disappointed that you are choosing to cancel this show. There are only a few that I watch on the CW. Now there will be one more hour that you will not have me watching!!!!!!!

  41. I loved this show watch it on Netflix or downloads or DSTV . to hear it was cancelled i was disappointed . maybe you didnt advertise it more because it didnt have lgbrtq stuff in it . the problem is that u only count american viewers. how about the rest of us dont we matter ?

  42. Kim Glover says:

    It to me was of the better shows on the network. The acting was top notch. Will not be tuning in to any of the CW shows.

  43. Sara says:

    They didn’t poll me. I love this show. The acting, the scenery, the unbelievably gorgeous costumes and the detail to history make it wonderful. So sad to see it go.

  44. Irina says:

    No wonder they stoped production. This show is so expensive! Outfits alone must cost a small fortune

  45. MagicMushroom says:

    Spoiler: Mary gets her head chopped off.

  46. Darlene Frost says:

    Please don’t cancel Reign

  47. Lauren N Ghelakis says:

    Loved Reign sad to see it go.

  48. Yvonne says:

    Great series! Watched all 3 seasons in a few days & I’m hooked! Great actors! Can’t wait for season 4. Spreading the word amongst family members to watch, because it’s that good!

  49. ranee says:

    please we beg you and write in we as family of four are watching this series its just a wonderful show with no unnecessary scenes ,actors who were soo good in acting bringing out the best in them and each episode is so entertaining im from the UK i hv recomended my friends too.i hv not seen any other show more entertaining and interesting as reign is.

  50. Cindy says:

    I had never heard of this show (hints not enough advertising) I came across it on Netflix looking for Game of Thrones. After watching it, I was hooked, Did all three seasons in about 2+ weeks, now this was a month ago. Now I’m hearing that it’s being canceled……. What a shame. Find a new network that will give more advertising so we aren’t the losers in seeing what happens next!!!!

    • Mandy says:

      Reign and Supernatural are the only shows on the CW worth watching, why on earth are they cancelling it!

      • Christa DeLora says:

        Originals and Reign are the only shows I watch on CW cause everything else on CW is trash!!

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