Creator John Logan and Showtime’s David Nevins on the Decision to End ‘Penny Dreadful’

Why Penny Dreadful is Ending after
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This post contains spoilers about the season three finale of “Penny Dreadful.”

Two words appeared on the screen at the end of “The Blessed Dark,” the season three finale of the Victorian horror series “Penny Dreadful”: “The End.” As it turns out, the season finale of the Showtime drama (which was recapped here) was also its series finale. Vanessa Ives died in the last episode of season three, and the show will not return.

Variety spoke to Showtime president David Nevins and “Penny Dreadful” creator John Logan about why they made the decision to end the show after making a grand total of 27 episodes.

“That’s where television is now,” Nevins said. “We don’t have to make seven seasons for the sake of making seven seasons. Some shows are built for that, and some shows aren’t.”

I was just joking that Flaubert said ‘Bovary, c’est moi.’ And I say, “Vanessa Ives, c’est moi,'” noted Logan, whom Variety interviewed at the start of season three. Logan said he saw the character’s endgame approaching during the making of season two, and the writer, who is adapting Patti Smith’s “Just Kids” for Showtime, said wrapping things up at the end of season three just felt like the right decision. 

Why is “Penny Dreadful” ending?

Nevins: My short answer is, because John convinced me that this was the right end, and the right time to end. It gives closure to Vanessa Ives, and without Vanessa Ives, the show shouldn’t go on.

Logan: This is a show about Vanessa Ives and her struggle with faith — how one woman grapples with God and the devil. Midway through the second season, when we were filming it —so about two years ago— I realized where we were heading. A woman who loses her faith in the second season, she has to grasp her way back. What that would take? To me, that was an apotheosis — she would find peace finally with God. I realized that’s where the show was heading, and so I talked to Eva about it and then I talked to David.

There was no doubt in your mind that it had to end?

Logan: No doubt in my mind. Eva Green really is my muse, and I set out to write a story about a very complicated character that I love deeply. She represents so much of what I am, what I hope to be, what I fear I am. I’m deeply invested in that character. Then I met an artist, Eva Green, who inspired me more than any actor I’ve ever worked with before, and that became the show for me. To continue it past Vanessa’s death would be, for me, an act of bad faith.

Obviously the show has a passionate audience. But if the buzz and the ratings had been much greater, would there have been much more of an impetus to keep it going?

Nevins: I didn’t need more impetus to keep it going. This show was very effective and meaningful to us. I have a little bit of heartbreak over it. But ultimately every show I think has the right trajectory, and John convinced me that this was the right way to handle this show. It’s painful to me, but after a little bit of kicking and screaming, in a relatively short amount of time, I got it.

Logan: Some poems are meant to be haikus, some are meant to be sonnets and some are meant to be tone poems. And this was meant to be a sonnet. It just feels right to me. And I have to say it’s not just [working with Eva I’ll miss]. To get the chance to work with Josh Hartnett and Tim Dalton and Rory Kinnear day after day has been an absolute joy. Their commitment to the show is without equal. It was a tough decision for everyone. There was a lot of emotion involved. It wasn’t a blithe or facile decision. It was something we all talked about.

Nevins: Television is in a place now where each show can have its own sort of rhythm, its own trajectory. There’s not “one size fits all.” There’s no longer an economic imperative to get to 100 episodes in order to make a syndication deal in order to have a back end. This show is going to live for a very long time and I think it’s going to get re-watched. You know, “Arrested Development” went three seasons, and that was enough. It’s a very similar situation, and I think it’s exciting to handle each show as a very individual organism.

I sometimes wonder if the period aspect, the Victoriana of it all, which I loved, might have been an aspect of why it didn’t become even bigger.

Logan: That’s not a question I ask myself, because to me it’s the world it is. I’ve written a lot in my 30 years as a dramatist, and all I can say is when I meet fans of “Penny Dreadful,” they are more passionate, more engaged and more drawn into the reality of these characters than any fans that I’ve met in my life. So whether the numbers could be bigger or smaller, I can’t comment on that.

Nevins: This show is pretty big worldwide, not the biggest, so you may be surprised it’s not the biggest hit, but it’s been a significant show for us, in terms of audience and in terms of impact.

But you knew this was the final season going into it, right? Can you talk about that?

Nevins: We deliberately made the decision not to announce going into season three this was the final season, because given where we knew the season was ending, that would have been a massive spoiler. It would not have felt like the right way to handle this show. If it had been a more conventional show, I think I would have given a little more warning to the audience. But it felt like, in this case, that was the obvious move, but not the bold move.

Logan: Right. And also not appropriate to what “Penny Dreadful” is. What I hear from the fans time and time again is they love the theatricality of this show. They love the vigor, the panache, the fact that we’re not afraid to make strong choices and to surprise them and shock them and upset them. After the episode last season where Patti LuPone’s character was burned at the stake, people came up to me angry. They were so emotional about it. But that’s the kind of fans we have — very emotionally committed fans. And to treat them with less than absolute respect would have been the wrong thing to do. The way you treat them with respect is you give them what they want, which is strong drama and strong decisions.

If John had never broached the idea of ending the show, David, were you prepared to have a season four or beyond of “Penny Dreadful”?

Nevins: Absolutely. On its own merits this show would absolutely keep going if there wasn’t a creative reason to be done now.

This show had these themes of oppression, power, creating your own family, resisting power structures.

Logan: Breaking free.

Breaking free from your demon and accepting your demon at the same time. Did you feel like you got enough time to play with those themes?

Logan: Completely. If I weren’t, I’d keep writing. But those themes are also just part of me, and every writer has their themes. I’m an Irish-American writer, and the idea of damnation and salvation are in my DNA. That’s really what this show is about and really that’s a subject I will always return to, because at the end of the day, I don’t write to darkness. I write toward redemption. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “Penny Dreadful” or “Just Kids” or “Skyfall” — you have to write to the light.

What is the most surprising thing you learned about yourself as a creator from this experience?

Logan: I have more stamina than I thought I was going to. It is a tiring job, running a show, and the fact that if I could do it, I found very surprising and sort of delightful. In a way, the better answer to that is, I love writing episodically, because I’d always written in two-hour blocks. To write like Dickens or to write like Thackeray, to write like, “Tune in next week!” — it was a very fulfilling thing.

I’m just struggling a little with the fact that, this was a show that was so often about women empowering themselves. And then to see Vanessa actually sacrifice herself so that these guys could learn something, and so the world wouldn’t end — can you talk me through that?

Nevins: You have such conventional ideas of life and death. If you had a less conventional idea of death, you wouldn’t feel that way.

Logan: Exactly. Because the show is about empowerment, and she controls her own destiny. To me, whether you’re male, female, gay, straight, whatever — you control your destiny. You make the choices that are right for your morality and your ethics and your heart, and that’s what she does. She owns her life, and at the end of the day, she owns her death.

Nevins: I mean, I understand the feeling. By the way, a lot of people are going to have that feeling. I think it’s complicated, but I did mean what I said. I do think if you consider death a defeat, if you see death as a giving-in, if you think of death as sacrifice, then you’re going to feel that way. But I don’t think John sees it that way, and I don’t think Vanessa sees it that way. She chose good over bad.

The characters do learn something at the end. Victor Frankenstein did not try to re-shape Lily into what he wanted, and the Creature did not try to reanimate his child. A lot of these characters got catharsis or some kind of growth.

Nevins: I honestly did not know which way John was going to go. We had a lot of conversations. I did not know that it was just going to be about choosing the light, choosing God. If you had asked me a year ago, I could have easily seen John going the other way.

Logan: The season was structured for this to be the final chapter and to be satisfying as the final chapter. That’s why in this season, Ethan loses a father but gains a father in Sir Malcolm. Sir Malcolm has finally lost the last remnant he has of his family, which is Vanessa, but he gains Ethan as a surrogate son. Dorian Gray is left alone, framed in a doorway as if he’s in a portrait, in this wistful, poignant place. Lily is left empowered, walking out and choosing to live any sort of life rather than live the compromised life with Dorian. It was meant to all come together in this episode, all the strands.

Why did Vanessa have to die?

Logan: Because she’s a character desperately in need of peace, and the mortal realm was not going to give it to her. The options were the realm of the devil or the realm of God. And her way to achieve apotheosis, to achieve God, was to die and go to Heaven, and find the peace of the grave. That seems appropriate to the tone of the show. What I find remarkable about the ending is that she gets what she wants, which is to die and go to Heaven and be with God. That’s a shocking message for 2016, to tell that story, but that’s what it is. It’s about a woman who believes in something deeply, and is willing to sacrifice her life to attain it.

When she gave in to Dracula, it seemed like part of her felt total relief not to be fighting anymore. But was going off with him partly a ploy, part of this endgame we saw in the finale?

Logan: It’s certainly not what I intended, although if I had thought of it I might have done it. I just think the [conflict] in Vanessa’s character is evident from the first episode — that is, it’s very easy to be wicked and it’s very hard to be good. In that moment, she said, “Let me be wicked. It’s easier. Let me relax into evil.” But at the end of the day, that’s not who she is.

But in the actual moment of her death, she seemed like she was at peace — she was ready for the long battle to be over. Was that what you were going for there?

Logan: Yeah, with all the candles. It’s a room made for ascending.

You have the Patti Smith series you’re working on for Showtime. Was the existence of that an influence on this show ending?

Logan: Not at all. Showtime’s the only TV home I’ve ever had and the only TV home I’ve ever wanted. I learned how to be a showrunner and how to write for television sitting across from David, with him teaching me. That’s been incredibly exciting. The fact that I’m writing my next project for David and for Showtime is joyous for me.

Nevins: There’s always a degree of grief when a show that you love, that you had such an intense emotional connection tom goes away, particularly with a death. But I’m trying to change the way that we approach shows. Every show has its own thing. I’ve bragged about “Homeland’s” ability to reinvent itself, because its subject matter can keep going. The question with this show was, is it a show about Vanessa Ives and her battle with temptation and the devil and God, or was this a show about Victorian literature? To John, it was very clearly a show about Vanessa Ives [and had to end when she died]. Fortunately, we have enough strength across a calendar that each show can be handled in the right way for that show. This is the right way for this show. Fortunately for me, I get to go back with John to a different time and a different place — the Chelsea Hotel in 1972 — which is going to be really interesting.

Your show was a Romantic poet — it died young.

Logan: [laughs] The Keats of television.

Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse — Vanessa checked all those boxes.

Nevins: That’s how John Logan rolls.

Logan has a message for fans in this video, and the cast reflects on the way the series wrapped up in this video.

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  1. Mars says:

    Spell correct strikes! I said No Value it changed it to just value

  2. Mars says:

    Once again a HBO owned show that started with a good idea, then ruined by their adolescent writers, pushing their agenda of in your face over the top gay porn, every guy is gay and every woman is a whore is ridiculous! There was no need for all the scenes, it took away from the story. They want to say they are trying to appeal to everyone, well then stop with the over the top one sided scenes, that were completely un-needed because there was value to the story in them, it’s like the hire a bunch of 13 yr olds to help write, oh can’t think of a clever line, just babble curse words, uh, what should we film now, oh a bunch of dudes getting it on, most of the straight scenes were not needed as well, I guess just hate to see a good storyline run straight off the rails into chaos !

  3. Brian Weitz says:

    Fantastic show. Yeah, sad it ended, but most great movies and books don’t go on indefinitely. Thanks to the those with the vision for the show and to those who made it happen.

  4. Rick L Wekenborg says:

    I think there is still a possibility for the show to continue. Kat a new Vanessa. John a new son. It still can be revived and I think it will. Rick W MSG Retired US Army!

  5. Taryn says:

    This is the first thing that pops up when you ask why there are only 3 seasons of this show, says that Vanessa Ives dies!! Just because someone asks this question does not mean they have finished the series, but it’s now ruined for them. Why would you make that so??

  6. JessiMae Beach says:

    FUCKED THE DAMN wolf…auto correct shit.

  7. JessiMae Beach says:

    I personally feel as if Vanessa Ives had not one true moment of bliss. You wanted us to be depressed for her….while forcing a idea of keeping up the faith. Left a lot of un tied knots and bowed out Un-gracefully.
    I think it was a rotten thing to do, but I think that’s how you wanted to punish your followers. If she was a hero and scared the shit of of Evil…why didn’t we get to ride High on that vibe…she was weak, and sad and alone. To be used and abused and taken for magnificent human , but never allowed to fully gain any Happiness…never ducked the wolf…Whazaa up with that.

  8. Joy says:

    I was disappointed that we didn’t see more about the past of Sambene, Dorian Gray, & Brona. It seemed like we learned of all the other character histories that made them who they are. I’m really curious about Dorian’s painting, who or when was it painted, why is the man bound? So many questions & also, I was upset that Vanessa just gave up in the end? Why was there so much mystery of Ethan being the Hound of God, when in the end, he just shoots her? There should have been an epic battle of Dracula & Ethan fighting in their animal forms

    • Re. Dorian Gray, he did go into it a bit hinting at his age by telling Lily what he lived through. The shackles are symbolic of his old self being trapped in the painting and unable to die. I would have loved to see the painting destroyed and Dorian instantly turn into the old man & die, while the painting’s subject returns to being a young man like Dorian was seen in the show.

  9. Nicole Rothero says:

    Absolutely a crime to end this at season 3. New characters had been introduced, the show could have gone on without the character Ms Ives. NOT ended well or properly. Just like the series Deadwood. So disappointed, such a lousy ending. She dies in the end-how cliche and boring. If it was just the end of season 3, but carried on with the new characters and remaining characters. Then that would have made some actual sense. So really, nothing was ended properly-nothing at all.

  10. Ronny Lawson says:

    Garbage ending for every character and none of it made sense. The Creature’s character was all about finding his true self and accepting what he is, just leaves his family in the end. WHAT? Vanessa’s entire arc was about never giving up and fighting against the evils inside and after her, in the end she just gives up and dies. WHAT?

    The show was terrific but it’s painfully obvious the show creator didn’t want to finish the series. Garbage ending that ruined the entire show. Good job John Logan, you completely destroyed this series.

  11. Erica says:

    The show can still be brought back.. As it is centered on spiritual and supernatural philosophy, the death of Vanessa in the physical world doesn’t mean Vanessa could not help and be a part of it in the spiritual, or supernatural world…. Just a thought…. To good of a show not explore all possibilities.. As was the shows basis…

  12. sonicboom2 says:

    Never having heard of the show I binge watched and don’t know what I’m going to do now that it is over, very sad!

  13. Emanuela says:

    sorry they are ending the series, haven’t watched the last episode yet, but so disappointed, I really hate tv now, you invest you time in a show and they don’t make it, they are good shows, but but because the ratings are phenomenal, the end. Its really sad.

  14. Heather says:

    Just watched the last episode, not knowing it was the last episode, on Netflix. I gotta say, it felt rushed and fake to me. I suppose I didn’t see Vanessa as a character struggling with faith so much as a character with an undue feeling of being damned. Yes, the struggle with faith was there, but it just didn’t seem to be the thing she needed to overcome. I thought the whole point of her feeling doomed was that she started out as a child out of wedlock, the result of an adulterous affair no less, then she ended up playing a part in her innocent, half sister’s demise. I also thought the main theme of the show was her struggle to accept that she too was worthy of God’s love. So to see her give up and say “just shoot me so the world can be all light again” was giving up and giving in. She should have at least tried to find another way to have accomplished the same end, but instead, she basically committed assisted suicide–also a sin in the Christian religion, or so I’ve heard. As a result, I hated the ending. If I could see it as the writer clearly sees it, perhaps I’d like it better. But given my point of view, it felt very wrong. So I don’t just have sour grapes that it ended or that it ended sadly. I just really didn’t have the same view of the characters as the writer did. Ce la vie. I write myself, so I know how it goes. Nonetheless, as a viewer, I couldn’t help but contrast this show with my all time favorite of Buffy. Buffy had a bad season in #4, no doubt, but she came back strong. She even died and came back to life. Was it a cop out? Not at all! Buffy too wanted peace, or at least a normal life. She too died and got to go to heaven. But being the strong heroine she is, she got pulled back into the world to continue to fight the good fight. Vanessa? Well, she’s the one who I felt was taking a cop out. Sad. A really great show up until this point. But then, I’m not really a religious person either. Perhaps I just “don’t get it” in the same way that a deeply religious person would. All that said, I do agree that the show should not continue without Vanessa. I also applaud the fact that someone in this day and age has some artistic integrity, even if I didn’t get his overall vision.

  15. jaymeister says:

    They should turn it into and ongoing series, like American Horror Story. Evey year or two the story changes or focuses on other characters. As it is now, you have Dr. Frankenstein, Jeckyl/Hyde, Ethan Chandler and Sir Malcolm, the Monster and even Dracula that could all be woven into another story, Make one of these character the focus, follow where the Dr. Frankenstein story leads, or the development of the classic Jekyl/Hyde story. Where does the monster go? Dracula? Ethan/the Wolfman? There are plenty of story lines there that could be explored which were left dangling with no conclusion. Who is Hartigan, and where did she learn to fight so well (daughter/relative of Van Helsing perhaps?).Bring back Ferdinand Lyle! The main characters have all been fleshed out and are rady to go. PennyDreadful: Wolfman or Penny Dreadful:Frankenstein. Like titles to the real “penny dreadfuls” themselves.

  16. They said the same thing about Supernatural in Season 5 yet here we are looking forward to season 12. I am hugely disappointed at you big quitters!

  17. Please don't seek my email says:

    So loved Penny Dreadful. So sad it only lasted 3 seasons.

  18. Judy moore says:

    I loved Penny Dreadful. It was an excellent Scarry movie…..hats off to everyone involved
    Please make another …not Penny but another short story… PD was done in great taste…..

  19. Andrea Parga says:

    I discovered…I engaged…I invested…I cringed…I laughed…I applauded…I cried…and cried and cried some more…thank-you Mr. Logan, for the hauntingly beautiful emotional rollercoaster ‘Penny Dreadful’ lead me on!

  20. mottie says:

    Penny Dreadful has to come back as reformed as good woman and marries Ethan. And bring back the add on characters continuing as they fight along beside the old characters .

  21. mottie says:

    Why does evil has to win all the time! Why did Vanessa had to die and not find peace and love with her Ethan? Bringing on those last 4 characters at the end was exciting and would have liked to seen more of.

  22. Charity says:

    I started watching this show on Netflix and loved it. Needless to say, I was so disappointed that after waiting for new episodes to air that season 3 was the last. It caught me so off-guard. I feel that the story was rushed along, leaving us fans with our mouths open in disbelief that this was the “farewell” to our beloved characters. There was so much more potential of how far along they could have rounded out the stories of everyone. Instead we were left with this unsatisfying conclusion.

  23. Jan says:

    I just finished season three and saw ” The End”!
    I was stupefied i had to go online to see if it was true. This show was phenomonal in every aspect. The acting, costumes, attention to detail right down to the wood work. But most importantly the story. I was looking forward to the continuance of all the characters, it was getting a great momentum. But only a small portion of the book was written and the author just quit, leaving us with a story that was no where near finished. This was not artistic to just stop here, it could not have felt right. I will never watch a show by these individuals again simply because they do not have the vision and imagination that their viewers do.

  24. Joe says:

    Apparently it it was John Logan’s fault that Penny Dreadful came to a end…he made that very clear. The president as well as the cast members weren’t ready to end the season so abruptly, so John had to convince them basically with lies, BS and whatever he could think of as to why such a great show had to end so soon. Obviously, he doesn’t care about the huge fan base, cult following and high ratings that the series had….in other words, it was for his own ego and his world, thanks buddy!:-(

  25. Jeanne says:

    so sad when the “company” decides that a show is not profitable enough to sustain — wtf are we pandering to the market rabble are we trying to create.profitable shows are show that stand the test of time. So sad the the market rabble wins out.

  26. Darin Hunts says:

    Penny Dreadful was one of my favorite shows. I can honestly say I will never watch anything from John Logan again. The truth is he got bored and just wanted the show over with, he didn’t care about the faithful viewers or wrapping up the show the right way. I think it was a very selfish thing to do!! Why would I want to invest my time watching something new from him, It’s not gonna happen!!

  27. Michael Larkin says:

    absolutely one of the most unique shows I have ever seen and there is no way that it ”just felt like the right time (to end the series). We never get to see who Dorian Grey really is….we never get to see Dr. jekel/Mr.Hyde complete in regards to character development…Ethan Chandler never sees what’s become of Brona Croft…..and the basis of the show of vanessa ives fighting off both Dracula & Lucifur is ruined by her just giving up to Dracula….Makes little to no sense to me what these 2 guys are talking about it is obvious that they are undoubtedly liars in regards to why they hacked up 3 nonsense episodes to conclude the series. The Actors in this show deserved better, the fans deserved better, and this goes to show that $ & time were the reasons why they shutdown operation to a show. However, that particular cast was amazing great job by all who worked on the show. horribly written to close it out. Bottomline…Showtime screwed up and they will regret the decision financially in due time.

  28. Everything Dreadfully Wrong with Penny Dreadful as a Series.

    This could have been a great series but it was to much like the train wreck movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    Three seasons and sucky writers leave EVERY story line open ended & hand viewers a shitty lackluster, throw back to an 80’s vampire flick ending!! What a waste of time.

    Originally saw an episode and liked the show. Decided to take a day to binge watch and thought to myself great I can do 3 seasons and be all caught up. To my my delight I thought I was getting a twist on some beloved classics, or so I thought. The creator of the show was greedy. TO MANY CHARACTERS & you did nothing of value with them. Dorian Gray (while I enjoyed the actor playing the part)should have been completely left out of PD. Dorian gets his own series. You wasted a great character stuffing him into this series and giving him such a ridiculous story line. You made Dorian Gray boring, Dorian Gray! BAD WRITING. You give us Brona/Lily, yawn & more bad writing. Talk about a pointless character, who didn’t have to be.
    Then you have Vanessa Ives (with all her what exactly???) witch power or is it clairvoyant powers??? She feels almost everthing like a walking goose bump empathy, but doesn’t recognize or get a chill from, back from the dead hooker Brona, as she sits across from her at tea😑I knew somebody’s writing and imagination was lacking severely. Other wasted characters, Frankenstein, Jeckyl, Dracula on & on. All we’re missing here was Sherlock Holmes.

    I felt like I was in a bad English class, with the moral/ theme/meaning being WHAT? Family, faith, loyalty, etc etc.

    Next time show creators, less characters, more direction, better writing. You wasted a whole lot of time and money. This could have been a wonderful ride, exciting. I think I’m the only one here who is glad you put this mess to rest. The End.

  29. Kathryn says:

    loved me some penny dreadful cant she come back as a twin or something or may be just bring her back from the dead where is that witch when u need one hate to see it go.

  30. Patricia says:

    Thank you for spoiling the end of the show for those of us who have not seen it. Next time please leave out spoilers or at least put in the beginning “SPOILER ALERT” so those of us won’t read it.

  31. lauraquatic says:

    Would you please adapt your google search blurb to NOT INCLUDE THAT VANESSA DIES AT THE END OF SEASON THREE?!! Or maybe add a huge “SPOILER ALERT” at the beginning? Thanks. I only just discovered this show and was googling to see if there would be a season three and BAM, your link spoiled that ending.

  32. efendi0822 says:

    I am disappointed the show was cancelled. Hopefully another network will take up the series. I thought Vanessa would be saved in the next season. I didn’t like some of the direction in the series though. Too much was going on with everyone. How was the writer going to resolve all these issues? The series should have stayed focused on Vanessa.

  33. Todd Schafer says:

    That was certainly a surprise series ending if I ever saw one. I don’t agree with the people saying Vanessa wasn’t a great charachters. Eva Green did a great job! Her voice was mesmerizing! All of the charachters were excellent and although I am disappointed that it has ended, it couldn’t go on without Vanessa. Oh well, time for the next series to DVR! Your won’t hear me going ” Waaa Waaa, Somebody call the Waaambulance” ! Lol

    • Dennis says:

      I found myself very caught up in this show and thought the characters and acting were absolutely terrific. Eva Green and Rory Kinnear were absolutely unreal in the Padded Cell episode. This cast deserves Awards. Will miss it.

  34. Annie says:

    They ended this great show so no reason to keep Showtime any more. Not sure if the writers or Showtime bagged i. I’m angry as this was show that was not near completion in story as there were many brilliant characters. They rushed the ending and it showed. I’m done with Showtime. I cancelled my subscription last Friday.

  35. Pelle says:

    Penny Dreadful always fought the evil in this world and you let her die in that evil.Shame on you for sure when you could have give it an other ending.

  36. Tan says:

    I’m going to tell you why the show ended. Too much sexual and gay content. I was already to watch the entire series on Netflix, and than came the gay scene with Josh Hartnett. I did not want to watch the show anymore after that. I was hoping he would have walked away when he started looking at Dorian Gray. Many people like myself like horror films and shows, but don’t make the hero of the show gay, and don’t put so much sexual content into a horror show.

    • Ali says:

      And here’s the homophobe. Sure, let’s watch blood and gore and eat it all up but how dare these people have sex with each other.

  37. Alex says:

    I’m so upset PD was canceled. I just sitting there like a fool and waiting for Ethan to rescue Vanessa. He fought so hard and she died anyway; by his hands. I also canceled my subscription to Showtime. I’m still waiting for these directors to change their minds. I will remain hopeful.

    • Ikallicrates says:

      I’ve been reading comments about Penny Dreadful posted on other sites, and around 50% of them say they watched the show with great interest at first, but stopped watching because of its ‘gay content’. It sounds crazy, but perhaps this is the reason why the execs at Showtime shut it down. If so, it was a stupid decision. But executive decisions are often stupid. We’ll never know what the real reason was, but we do know the claim that Penny Dreadful was never meant to last longer than three seasons is BS. A show lasts as long as it still attracts viewers.

  38. Heino says:

    Here’s an idea to continue the show: Victor can RE-ANIMATE Vanessa.
    Imagine the conflict and confusion that would cause among the characters. Including Vanessa.
    She wakes up in Victor’s lab and not in Heaven or Hell.
    Would Dracula still want her?
    Will she be the same person?
    The people that control / own this show can have that idea, from me, for free.
    P.S. The ending, narrated by the Creature, is so beautiful. Unfortunately, I think that those words are TRUE for my life thus far.

  39. KAT CROW says:

    I stopped watching shows on the “Networks” because they get cancelled. I pay for Showtime so I thought my beloved Penny Dreadful was safe. Clearly I am wrong. I need to cancel my Cable and HBO etc and just rely on Netflix, HULU etc. SHAME on you for ending this show with just introduced new characters, leaving story lines open ended and clearly not thinking the last show through! This show was amazing, best actors, performances, writing…. and then just “THE END?!?” SHAME ON YOU!

  40. Anne k says:

    I really enjoyed Penny Dreadful and “The End” had tto be one of the Most disappointing endings of a series show ever.

  41. Alicia says:

    HBO seems to have learned from Showtime’s Penney Dreadful screwed-up ending by announcing (and thereby preparing us) that Game of Thrones will go on for only 2 more seasons and The Leftovers will leave us the end of this upcoming season. Even though I will miss both shows, you have to give it to HBO for doing it THE RIGHT WAY by preparing us for the end of some of their most popular shows (or not “popular” as each person’s tastes dictate). You’d think Showtime would have learned from Starz when they left Torchwood with a cliffhanger. Sadly…no, they did not do their research. They disrespected their Penny Dreadful/Showtime fan base and moved into the history books as an answer to a new trivia question, “Name one of the top 10 ‘Worst endings ever’ TV shows ever aired on TV”. Thumbs up to HBO, Raspberries to Showtime…it’s why I cancelled their programing.

  42. jumpingjack says:

    I just found out from another fan the Penny Dreadful was canceled….I am not a fan of any other show and I found Penny Dreadful a riveting show, with a great story line… It was something I totally looked forward to on Sunday nights……Anyone with any foresight, can recognize that the decision to end the series, was done hastily……The ending did not allow for the story to finish an ending for all the characters…The producers sold their viewers half of a novel….with no real closing chapters. I hope the producers will reconsider adding another season……I can only believe that this show was ended because of a dispute in the casts salaries…..Thanks Showtime for selling out your viewers…Your viewers were faithful followers and you let us down…..Sincerely Joanne

  43. Brooke Hudson says:

    Seriously? That was the end? The only show that has high ratings and ends with only 3 seasons under it’s belt. Not saying you need to capitalize on anything, but there was no closure for fans. You left people hoping that this realistic world would bring her back to life, because after all Vanessa Ives is special. So, she just has to die because the devil and dracula wanted her and she caved? Where is the ultimate salvation for her? Especially from a character who had so much hope and belief in God. What a dumb way to end a show. I’m mad I got invested in this…Only to be let down.

  44. Robert Hobbs says:

    Honestly, I’m pretty disappointed. All this “So and so thought it should end and they convinced me” horse shit. Vanessa Ives was the main character? Okay, fans forgive me, but Ives WAS SHIT compared to John Claire, Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein, Ethan Chandler, Malcolm Murray, Lyle- they… they were the real stars. You could do another set of seasons focused around other characters… call this little trilogy a book in a series of books. So many characters left unresolved!!! What happens to Lilly? Where does Dorian’s story go from here? What will John do now that he’s had to lose his family a second time? What about Dr. Jekyll?! I want to see him become Mr. Hyde, not be brought in just to be dropped. If this was all about Ives, then what was the point of the other great stories having so much momentum? No resolution, yet so much you could do with these characters! Stories that looked like they would be continued. You didn’t just “not tell people it was ending”, you straight up lied to them by giving them a ramp up for the best characters in the show before just straight up pulling the plug! Someone better get these actors back together, a writer that actually gives a crap about what fans liked about the show instead of some hack who writes it purely for the “come back to god” bullshit. This show needs to continue! This is turning into another show that I absolutely loved, then hated because some asshat in the chair said “Yup, we’re going to end it with pure disappointment and killing off the most boring character in the show. She’s a great actress, but you have to admit that every other character around her outshined her! I almost felt like skipping the ones that focused purely on her story because they waved her in front of the sceen “Looky looky!!! Ives is the main character! Love her! Feel for her! oooo the powers of darkness long for her, but she fights them with everything she has (unless it’s convenient to the plot for us to have her helpless)! Ives Ives Ives Ives more Ives, looky looky!!!” and NOW they are ending it because HER story is over?! John Claire made me think more, feel more, got me invested in his story like no other. I loved Dracula! So well done. His bride is not worthy of him. Where does he go? Just… somewhere… no more purpose in his eternity…

    I want it BACK! I feel like a five year old who just got the candy he was given for Halloween snatched from his hands, spit on, stepped on, and served back to him only before having it pulled back away, and this time, they burn it… morons.

  45. Melanie key says:

    Wow what losers you are you don’t know what working hard is and Showtime you suk! Hell I wouldn’t have even watched it in the 1st place if I had known you were going to cancel it this soon!!😤 😠

  46. Rob Schmitt says:

    Wow. “Running a show is tiring,” Mary? How about you man up and get creative? Oh, waaaah, effing..waaah..Maybe John should remember you’re in the entertainment business. That means you don’t have to report to work at 5 effing a.m. You don’t punch a clock. You don’t need to explain where you were between 2:15 pm and 2:21 pm…and if you think I am exaggerating, please, take a minute and go the the commissary. Did you go? No? Effing shocking, douchebag. Of course you didn’t. You have no fucking idea where the caffeteria is. Well I can tell you, it is full of hard-working people who are tired to their fucking bones. Something you would no NOTHING about. You, madam, are one sad piece of crap.

  47. Sandra says:

    You people suck. You ended a good show. Show time you blow!

  48. Rachel Anne says:

    I have honestly never been so disappointed in an ending in my life. It seemed anti climatic. She give in so easily, only die so uneventfully. A pistol to the gut. Why was Ethan necessary? I mean I understand her angst and her weariness of living as good and faithful/ powerful and evil, but for some reason, and I know I’m not the only one, I felt cheated. Like the death, although pretty and poetic in its candle lit glory, was a quick end due to some sort of outside reason. Maybe a contract was up, or money was running out. Oh I don’t know, I expected an EPIC battle, with God’s Wolf at the front with Vanessa in all her powerful glory next to him. Possibly having to give her life, but taking the world of darkness with her. Rant over! Lol but I truly enjoyed the show up until that point. It was beautiful and dark and full of talented actors, writers, directors etc all of the supporting staff. Good job ladies and gentlemen.

  49. Nikki says:

    I thought the ending was brilliant! I loved this show and it seems perfect that it had to be finite just like a good book. The story was told, the show ends. Why do people want shows to go on and on until nobody really cares anymore. Thank you for sharing your vision with us, staying true, and not pandering. Thank you for telling your tale with such passion and attention to detail. Thank you.

  50. Abby says:

    I am in shock❕ I loved the show and the characters and I am very sad with the show’s ending and the ending itself. Guess I could watch all the past episodes, but what’s the point with the horrible ending you feel you have justified. With that said, you should at least give the fans another ending (a happy one) for all the fans who can’t accept the ending you gave to us…then let everyone choose the ending they want for themselves…

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