Padma Lakshmi Calls Donald Trump a ‘Racist Buffoon’

Padma Lakshmi

“Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi is the latest Hollywood player to weigh in on the reality show that is the 2016 presidential race, revealing to Variety that she’d “try very hard” to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

Following a Wednesday afternoon event hosted at the New York Public Library for her new memoir, “Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir,” the model, actress and television personality expressed her frustration with Trump.

“Even if he wasn’t the racist buffoon that he is making himself out to be, I probably wouldn’t vote for him,” Lakshmi said. “But as an immigrant, I obviously don’t see his worldview as mine.”

Lakshmi, who moved from India to New York as a child, said she’s particularly bothered by Trump’s controversial views on immigration.


George Clooney

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“We are a country of immigrants, so to say you should put a wall up or limit certain ethnicities is sort of antithetical to what this country is about,” Lakshmi said. “He himself is an immigrant of immigrant decent. Unless you are from the Cherokee nation, your ancestors are immigrants so you may be an umpteenth generation immigrant but there you are, squatting on someone else’s land.”

Lakshmi noted that because she runs the women’s health organization the Endometriosis Foundation of America, she’s been paying close attention to Trump’s recent comments on reproductive rights — specifically, that women receiving abortions should be punished.

“I think he is insane,” Lakshmi said. “I think he’s blabbing, I don’t think he really knows what he is saying, I am not even sure he really believes that a woman shouldn’t have a right to choose. But I can only judge someone by what they say.”

With the New York primary next week, Lakshami, who describes herself as a “bleeding heart liberal,” says she’s backing Hillary Clinton. “I have only the greatest respect and positive things to say about Bernie Sanders,” she said. “But given their experience, I think Hillary Clinton is more qualified and experienced for the job, regardless of her gender or his.”

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  1. matt wrong says:

    people who think that having an anti immigration is racist are uneducated ageists and speciesists who don’t love people and animals health

  2. Jeff Burlingame says:

    How does she know he is a racist what proof does she or you offer. Go illegally into any country and find out what happens. Ignoring the truth is what the media does best. I will never watch top chef again. The native tribes moved here from Russia by way of Alaska none of the current tribes were indigenous.

  3. Randall Craig says:

    You know I’m so sick of people calling Donald Trump racist, and that he draws a violent crowd, that he doesn’t allow others to state their opinions, and so on! If anyone is blinded and dumb enough to think that he’s a racist because he wants to build a wall so that we can screen people coming into America for American Citizens and because illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Americans and can’t see that he’s looking out for Americans and if everyone has bought into the garbage that Obama has been saying, then maybe you need to consider another Country to live in! If we’ve moved into a time when Political correctness has been traded for telling Tha truth, your all fools and I learned a long time ago that you can’t fix stupid and you can’t argue with a fool! Have we actually migrated into a Country that supports a woman that should be in Prison for all the scandals she’s been in with Obama who should have been impeached a long time ago and should be sharing a cell with Hillary, who can’t be trusted anymore than Obama, to run for President? Where the true bible speaks of a union between a man and a woman, and plainly says Adam & Eve, not Adam and Steve! We have Ted Cruz acting as if he’s Hollier than though and says that all he wants to do is focus on Policies, and yet still takes shots at Mr. Trump, lies about Mr. Sanders and pulled votes from him, which proves how decieptful he is and constantly lies and makes Promises about getting rid of the IRS ect. And they all say that their true Concervatives, and their spending Lobiosts money when Trump is using his own money, who’s the true conservative? Let’s talk a second about his so called hatred for women. Everything that’s came out about a comment he made and defended his Campaign manager because what she said was nowhere close to the truth, the man has said that he didn’t want payment for being the President, then you have Rubio who is actually the one that started the feud between Cruz and Trump. And speaking of Cruz, he couldn’t win in his own state! Now he jumps back in to keep Trump from getting votes, as is Kausik, and since when does a President that’s supposed to be leaving the White House has started in on Trump while we all know how Obama loves to lie and play Lawyer because his and Michelle’s Bar license was in the process of being taken away for illegal and unlawful practices, he really has room to talk! With all the people in this world are so dalitutional to listen to him run his mouth and by his own admission, wants to be a King,(Obama) and let’s not forget how the Republican Party made Trump sign an agreement so that he wouldn’t run as an independent and then he’s fighting his own party just as hard as he has to fight the rest of the parties, if none of this doesn’t prove how corrupt our Government is, nothing will! You guys keep sitting up on your high horses, you can believe it hurts when you get knocked off, y’all keep on sleeping around with everyone, and smokin your crack or cocain, which you can probably get it cheaper now since we’re allies with Cuba, and Obama turns the rest of the world against us, before it’s over, your gonna find your ass’s sitting in FEMA Camps which shows Martial Law regardless if it’s said, you’ll no longer have these fancy cars and houses, and you’ll be bowing to a Dictator. Dictator Obama! How’s that sound? Y’all better wake the hell up!!!!!

    • Big D says:

      Umm..what “jobs” are being taken from Americans? You mean the jobs that 95 percent of Americans won’t do/take? Give your head a shake!

    • Do you even know how social media functions…. nobody is going to read all that. It is considered rambling. Try 500 words or less next time.
      However, let me address the first line. Nobody knows if he is a racist or not, but what we do know is, he has done his marketing research, he came up with a brand that appealed to his target group and now he is on the shelf and “nearly” selling out. One problem though, it is a bargain product suited to the .99c store crowd, and we both know that is not the most progressive group in society.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        A bit elitist of you, I’d say as someone who enjoys the occasional trip to the 99 Cent store… ;)

  4. Lucifer says:

    Illegal immigration is against the law. I don’t get why legal immigrants support coming into the country illegally because it’s a slap in their faces, possibly more than people born in America. Trump was asked a hypothetical question that if abortion was made illegal, would women having them done face repercussions as well. It’s common sense that doing something deemed illegal would require one to face legal repercussions. Then again, these are the same people who think illegal immigration isn’t illegal. Anyways, to take that out of context and claim he wants women who get abortions right now in America, legally, to be punished is insane.

  5. Rena Moretti says:

    What is always amazing to me why the press is so eager to share with us the opinions of pseudo-celebrities who don’t have the intelligence of keeping their mouths shut so they can keep their audience…

    What a joke.

  6. Mark O'Neill says:

    She wants to bring more of her relatives in ….. so that they can drive wages down to zeeeeero and make America a 3rd world country with trash in the streets.

    • Big D says:

      Ummmm..what in the blue hell are you talking about?? Either you’re a rabid Drumpf supporter…or an ignorant troll just causing shit! Sit down, and SHUT THE HELL UP!

      • Jeff Burlingame says:

        Big D what happens when you go to any other country illegally? Look up other countries laws why is it so “crazy” to want people to check in.

      • Big D says:

        @ Curious Chongo…because his family name is Drumpf. It was changed to Trump when the family…and here’s a “shocker”..EMIGRATED to the United States from Europe. Meaning..dun dun dun..Donald Trump, like most Americans, is, himself, an IMMIGRANT!!

      • Curious Chongo says:

        Why do people like you use “Drumpf”?

  7. s says:

    Another idiot lefty who can’t tell the difference between a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant. Shocking.

  8. Father, forgive her for she knows not what she says.

    • Big D says:

      I think she knows exactly what she’s saying. She’s saying that Donald Drumpf is a cartoon character.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        @ Big D: It’s childish and aimed at provoking an irate response.

        Kind of reminds me of the Senator running for President who kept calling Al Gore, Albert Gore (can’t recall his name at the ,moment).

        I guess Presidential candidates have been terrible example of civil discourse for a long time…

      • Big D says:

        @Rena…and you base your statement on what facts??

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Apparently, you think the name-calling doesn’t make you a troll.

        It does.

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