ABC Slays ‘Of Kings and Prophets’ After Just Two Episodes

Of Kings and Prophets cancelled
Courtesy of ABC

ABC has yanked freshman series “Of Kings and Prophets” from its schedule, Variety has learned. The cancellation comes after just two very low-rated episodes have aired.

The biblical drama premiered March 8 to a 0.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 3.3 million viewers overall, falling off this week to an even lower 0.5 in the demo with just 2.4 million viewers.

The time slot left vacant by “Of Kings and Prophets” will be occupied by “Shark Tank’s” companion series “Beyond the Tank” starting next Tuesday, March 22, at 10 p.m.

The Tuesday 10 p.m. time slot has been troubled for ABC. Last November, the dark 1980s set drama “Wicked City” opened with a 0.9, fell to a 0.7 and was then pulled after hitting a minuscule 0.4 in its third outing. Previously, the slot had been home to “Forever,” which did okay, but was not renewed for a second season; “Killer Women”( in 2014), which was pulled after just a few airings; and “Lucky 7,” which ran from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1, 2013, before being axed.


Wicked City cancelled

ABC Pulls ‘Wicked City’ Amid Low Ratings, Critical Scorching

“Of Kings and Prophets” received less than lukewarm reviews with Variety‘s Maureen Ryan calling the drama “a messy affair,” before predicting its doomed fate.

“Speaking of prophecy, it’s not difficult to foresee the fate of this mishmash of sword-and-sandals epics and sexy nighttime soaps,” Variety‘s review read. “Given that it was commissioned by ABC’s previous king — er, entertainment president — and given that, under the new regime, the drama is getting a half-hearted midseason roll-out, the destiny of this drama seems clear. ABC was to be commended for trying something far afield of the usual doctor-lawyer-cop formulas, but this dark inversion of the myth-driven ABC show “Once Upon a Time” just doesn’t fulfill its potential. All portents point toward doom.”

“Of Kings” was created by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, and starred Ray Winstone, Olly Rix, Mohammad Bakri, Simone Kessell, Nathaniel Parker, Haaz Sleiman, James Floyd, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Jeanine Mason and David Walmsley.


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  1. Ann Witt says:

    What a shame about King’s and prophet’s, I loved the series. ……. Why do you always cancel the good ones????????

  2. cheryl says:

    Why? Just binge watched 9 episodes. Fantastic series. Why do they allow rubbish on and not of kings and prophets. It is different to the normal dribble. It is an interesting story and action packed. They obviously don’t know a good thing when they see it.

  3. assydon says:

    they cancelled the show because it contains things of the bible. ABC is an antichrist platform.i dont see them canceling that stupid show ‘Lucifer’.. they just had to cancel this. very very dumb move.. they want people educated in the ways of God

  4. Lerecia says:

    I really liked this show and wish it was still on.

  5. Ms king says:

    I liked the show very much & was very disappointed that it didn’t continue.I love the Bible, Old & New Testament & wish there were more shows about it.

  6. I only watch one show on ABC, “Once Upon A time” and then I started watching this show and enjoyed it and then they cancelled it. They should give new shows more time to see if viewers will increase, word of mouth helps.

  7. penny says:

    dumb move

  8. k.o.p fan says:

    I would have been one extra viewer during air time if i would have known about the show earlier. A great show that ended way too soon. I’m disappointed in abc for cancelling kOp.

  9. Hector L. Collazo says:

    This was a very good show it’s a shame it was canceled…hopefully someone else will pick it up.

    • Hector L. Collazo says:

      hopefully the rest of the series will go directly to DVD Blu Ray…Disney screw up on this one great show

  10. Milledge says:

    I thought Kings and Prophets was a good show I enjoyed it I was looking forward to catching up on the next show when that Tue came and past. Was very disappointed to hear that it was cancelled did any other station pick it up? If so what channel is it

  11. Lola Wilson says:

    i personally thought it was a great show. I feel they shouldn’t have ended it after 2 episodes. I was telling my friends and family about and they never heard of the show. I don’t think they gave the show an opportunity well at least sell it in video/film and I will go purchase it.

  12. t says:

    A show that shows Europeans being the children of Israel? Yea, not interested. That’s same reason that God of Egypt movie did terrible in theaters. You can’t get mad at people for wanting to make James Bond black, but see nothing wrong with white Jews, and no I’m not talking about those Kharzar converts that call themselves Jews. Do the tv show right Hollywood.

    • Ploppy says:

      Eh oh – White hater Alert!
      So you’re saying if they used more ethnically accurate actors instead the show would’ve done much better including Gods of Egypt? They have to make a profit.
      Take a step back, take a chill pill and try to realise that you have become what you are criticize.
      Good luck and hope you steer yourself onto a more unbiased path.

  13. Haddie says:

    I think that shark tank is stupid show and it doesn’t teach you anything about our history. The king in the prophet was a greal show because it showed us part of our history that people just read in the bible but to be able see such a amazing things that happened to people but then, it would have been great….

  14. Frank says:

    Typical network bullcrap! How about another network pick it up and show ABC what a bunch of morons they are. Nobody asked me to rate it. I’d give the old two thumbs up! Pathetic!

  15. Phy Pham says:

    was getting!! can they at least post the remaining episode???

  16. PATHETIC ! Great Min series cancelled because of ratings? what about the people who wanted to watch it?

  17. ORTNEC says:


  18. Edward Cripe says:

    BOO, ABC!!!! An epic, anti-your-antisemitic-new-regime BOO to you!!!! This was one of the best concepts that tv has seen to date, and you pulled it before the third episode?!? Anti-christian homosexual influence in high places is undoubtedly a factor, since it is derived straight from the Hebraic literature of the Bible. Funny how the “tolerance” road is a one-way street in liberal circles. Exciting truth scares the people who are running from it, and attracts those of us who embrace it — a true measuring stick of spirituality. The show was done in excellent fashion with talented actors and a beautiful setting, and not even allowed to pick up steam from word of mouth after just TWO episodes!! That is why my conclusion is what it is — this was NOT a decision made due to quality, but due to the agenda of perverts who want to silence the historical story of God’s people and His prophets leading up to His messiah. The old “if they’re right, we’re wrong” conundrum… something they can’t bear to consider. Pulling the plug and forgetting about it is a much more painless, simple answer. SHAME on you, ABC — I, like others, hope Netflix has the creative genius to latch onto this treasure trove of possibility and produce the beautiful series you didn’t have the BALLS to complete!

  19. Lavon says:

    Smh.. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ABC!!!! Now why in the world did you have to go do that for!??? I’m just not understanding only two episodes?? Like c’mon guys, bring the show back, its not fair that I didn’t even get a chance to get into the show.. & it was getting good! I couldn’t wait for the next episode! I FEEL ROBBED!! & I pray that some other network will pick the show up, please!! Cause I need to see the rest..

  20. Bart Bocklandt says:

    Epic show why the f¨ck would they cancel it leave it on for the people who do watch en don’t change it with a stupid show like shark tank …. Come on ABC this is a very very lame move !!!! Bring the show back and let those underdeveloped people learn to love the show !! There are some people with brains who actually love the show you now ..

    • Ric Mangum says:

      The show was done extremely well and the details of the the biblical account is what the problem is truth

  21. Carolyn Clark says:

    In my opinion, the show was excellent! Gosh, only TWO episodes?? That doesn’t give people time to even “discover” the show! Bring it back! Please! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the 3rd episode and finally went to the web to find out what’s going on. Cancelled! Oh my dear god… the dumbing down of American audiences is so discouraging. Ugh. There is so little worth watching on tv anyway, then they cancel something thatsr actually good.

  22. Juan says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed of kings and prophets and when I came to find out they weren’t airing new episodes I was very disappointed, it may have gotten low ratings with that select group but at the same time not every demographic will be drawn to the story. I genuinely hope they pick it up again or sell the rights for another company to take it on.

  23. shelby says:

    I am hoping that Netflix picks it up. I loved Kings and Prophets. I have been looking for it on my app. I am very disappointed. Cancelled after two shows, rediculous.

  24. Evg says:

    Im not surprised! All these low rating from muslims that hate jews. Haters!
    Those series were great!

  25. Natalie says:

    For those of you that are tired of the awful tv shows on network television, please check out Korean tv shows. They have so much more substance and variety. There’s also a lot of historical shows like Of Kings and Prophets. Just go to the Korean drama section on Hulu and there are tons to choose from. Netflix even has about 10. I’d recommend Healer for action or Empress Ki for historical. Give them a try :)

  26. Samantha says:

    I’m so disappointed. I hope we can at least find the remainder on Netflix one day. Please? I would buy the dvds. Whatever. I just want to see the rest.

  27. El Jefe says:

    ABC finally created a show worth watching and it gets cancelled? Guess I will stick to Fox and NBC

  28. Jill Dial says:

    Sorry this show has been cancelled. I was looking forward to watching scriptural stories to compare to actual scripture.

    • juju says:

      i know! me too! i had my bible open! i was loving that show!!! :( great story and actors.. maybe a cable channel can pick it up, i think it wold do well.

  29. Daniel Ferrell Sr. says:

    “Of Kings and Prophets” was slotted as a depiction of the Bible story of David and King Saul, but the characters were not correctly matched with the characters from the bible. David was a young boy at about age of (15-17) years of age, but your character seemed to be around the age of 28 or 30 and was not correctly caste. The story of the killing of the lion was totally misplaced in their story. David Killed a Lion and Bear while in the fields tending his fathers sheep, but that was not widely publicized as depicted in the TV series. I personally enjoy watching the true story of David, but this story did not catch on because it was totally made up of the writers imagination and was not based on the truth of the bible. People are really interested in knowing more of the characters in the bible but you have to write the story with more truth and not as much dramatization and made up truths. However: Please try again on biblical stories and series like this, there is a large audience just waiting for ABC or any other station to try and get it right.

  30. Ricky says:

    ABC continue to air of kings and prophets. The first two episodes was right on time with the bible. I applaud ABC. There is a audience for ppl who believe in God and those who are seeking God. Stick to your guns ABC. Teaching ppl of God and the history of the greatest book ever written by God threw the prophets. That’s what God commands. Tell of me learn of me. 3million viewers for God is good. They going to tell somebody else about of Kings and prophets. 6million more viewers. It tells the truth done very well. That lady giving a bad review the experts. She don’t run nothing but her mouth. That’s a good thing ABC is doing. Ain’t nothing wrong with the truth. Bible is truth.
    Mr Mangum

  31. Shay Stone says:

    Im quite saddened to hear this… It was an awesome show and I was looking forward to seeing more of it… Now I fear they’ll plug this slot with the usual mumbo jumbo. #Tears just another reason to not watch ABC. Ps.. I didn’t like Once Upon A Time. Im in my thirties not thirteen.

  32. What the heck im so disappointed i was into the show can you sell the series to net flux or reconsider im a believer and love shows of the bible..

  33. selma graham says:

    i really thought of kings and prophets was a really good series. it was much better than some of the other shows. i wish you would reconsider continuing the series. a very disappointed viewer.

  34. Kathy says:

    I watched it! I loved it! I miss it! Cans I buy it on DVD?

  35. Jim says:

    Just read This show was ax before it was even broadcast so why show two eps.

  36. Christina says:

    Im so disappointed. ..shark tank sucks..the show should come off.

  37. Jl says:

    I really liked it. Sad they stopped airing it.

  38. Angie says:

    This is so unfair.. cancelling a show that is still a baby.. it is like an abortion.. maybe ABC is having an overall low rate and all this wonderful shows are affected by it.

  39. I cannot believe they cancelled king of prophets after two shows they didn’t even give it a chance they should at least give it one season this is ridiculous so you know where those of all the other shows that were already paid what happens with them can anybody view them where we will be able to

  40. JGraham says:

    I liked the series too. I don’t think that it was promoted and advertised as well as it could’ve been. It’s odd the way things are “determined” to stay or get rejected. While I enjoy everything SCiFi I thought this was a bit of a break from all of that. Besides, everyone doesn’t seem to know these OLD STORIES (TESTAMENT) anymore! LOL! You all know exactly what I mean!

  41. Jim says:

    I actually liked this show! If writings are in accordance with scripture, its biblically historical as well as wholesome entertainment! I do not find it odd that little interest exists in Bible Stories, although I pray people do. Hopefully the producers can make a deal with Netflix so we can continue to watch, uninterrupted, of course!

  42. Robert Pearson says:

    I am also disappointed that ABC canceled this show. Maybe it would have had better acceptance if HBO had aired it. I thought it was a good show. I have read some reviews citing that the show was inaccurate. My thoughts on that comment was 1. how do you know it was or wasn’t accurate, did you live during that historical period? and 2. Who cares, it’s supposed to be entertainment not a history class. Push to have HBO pick it up,

  43. Georsy says:

    I too am really disappointed that this show was canceled! I actually started liking it after the 2nd episode ! ABC is an idiot for pulling the show!!!

  44. Tecuilla watts says:

    Can we get this show on another network it’s hard finding shows with meaning. Can it just be released on Hulu. Would love to see the other episodes.

  45. Mary says:

    Why?????? only after 2 episodes???? I loved the show and ABC should have given people a chance to watch a few more episodes before pulling it off. Ugh!

  46. Frank DuPont says:

    ABC is so f$&king stupid for getting rid of this show.!!!!!! Will be Vikings successful.!!!!

    • Kris says:

      We need more shows like this! It’s better than all the smut that’s in tv! I’m really disappointed they pulled the show! I’m sure I won’t be watching that channel much anymore!

  47. santos C says:

    This show looks to me to be destined for the same record-breaking success as Breaking Bad or Fringe. Once you had the balls to air this, ABC, you are shooting yourself in the foot to run away because some non-intellectual PSEUDO-Christian (the American version of Muslim terrorists) next they will be telling us we cant make cartoons with Jesus in them, watch out South Park…
    Once you guys had the balls to air this you are committing suicide to take it off. It has all the signs to be a record smashing success for you.

  48. kim says:

    I think it’s sad that when I go to find a good show like of kings and prophets and it has been replaced, but I can change the channel and find all the garbage like the o’neals, fosters, young and hungry and two broke needs another chance.

  49. Dawn Garling Rowan says:

    They never even gave it a chance. What’s funny is how the Kardashian show has high ratings and been on forever. Unbelievable!!

  50. Pamela Hunter says:

    I am so upset that ABC dropped Kings and Prophets..what a good show, they should have left it on longer, what idiots..A lot of people are ruñning around at Easter time but now we ‘re back and found this great show, I watched both last night and want more and talking to others who do…get it back on ABC …

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