Norman Lear Sitcoms ‘All in the Family,’ ‘The Jeffersons’ Being Eyed by Sony for Reboots (EXCLUSIVE)

Rob Reiner All in the Family
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Sony Pictures Television is in very early stages of rebooting several classic sitcoms from TV legend Norman Lear as miniseries — including “All in the Family,” “The Jeffersons,” and “Good Times” — Variety has learned exclusively.

The idea currently being discussed by Lear and Sony executives would be to have new actors recreate classic episodes of the shows, working from the original scripts, and package them as short, six-episode anthologies. The scripts would be treated similar to plays being mounted in new productions.

“There is some talk about doing some of the original shows, redoing them with today’s stars,” Lear told Variety. “There is a possibility that we’ll do ‘All in the Family,’ ‘Maude,’ ‘The Jeffersons,’ “Good Times.'”

Discussions about remaking more of Lear’s catalogue come as Sony gears up for the premiere of the new “One Day at a Time,” which re-imagines Lear’s ’80s sitcom about a single mother raising two children. The new series, which premieres on Netflix Jan. 6, focuses on a Latino family with a female Army veteran at its center.

Lear serves as executive producer on the new “One Day at a Time,” with original scripts coming from the show’s writing staff and showrunners Gloria Calderon-Kellett and Mike Royce, with contributions from Lear.

Sony has been in discussions with Lear about the miniseries-reboot concept since before development began on “One Day at a Time.” That series was developed specifically for Netflix, and was never shopped to other buyers. No network or streaming service is yet attached to the miniseries projects.

The miniseries project is a separate idea from the possible “All in the Family” reboot that Lear discussed two years ago at a Paley Center event, which would have seen the show revived with new characters, possibly Latino. That idea was set aside in favor of the new “One Day at a Time.”

“We’re exploring it,” Glenn Adilman, executive vice president of comedy development for Sony told Variety. “It’s sort of tricky to figure out what the business of that is and what that would be and how it would work. But its something we’re trying to figure out.”

Adilman added, “It’s tricky for a lot of reasons, and it’s something we’re exploring.”

Sony controls most of Lear’s TV library through its 1985 acquisition of the producer’s Embassy Communications.

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  1. They just can’t leave anything alone can they?

  2. Lee says:

    While I would like reboots. I suspect that the old Archie Bunker we all knew and loved would be modified a politically corrct shadow of why we loved this character. And I’m a black man saying this.

  3. MJL17 says:

    This proves the intellectual and creative bankruptcy of television and Hollywood. And no, they won’t re-enact the same episodes, they will re-write them to push today’s extreme left agenda.

    • antiscreed says:

      Absolutely true and THE ONLY reason this trial balloon is being sent up is because…TRUMP. Full steam ahead for propaganda against the right.

  4. cmk says:

    Maybe The Jeffersons could make it today but definitely not All in the Family, because it’s too politically incorrect for today’s crowd.

    • ALB says:

      Oh, you know the remake of The Jeffersons is going to have all the original cracks about honkey’s and white fools and every other disparaging thing toward white people. That’s okay. I thought it was funny then and it would be funny now except for the fact that they will pick 6 episodes from All in the Family where Archie Bunker gets his comeuppance or he “learns a valuable lesson” about his racist views. I guarantee it.

      Remember this comment people. They’ve already switched One Day at a Time from being a show about a struggling white woman to a Latino, strictly to pander to the Latino community. Do you think it would be okay to re-work Good Times into a show about struggling on a daily basis, but always being able to survive and live another day?

  5. Jeff Thomas says:

    `The new “One Day at a Time,” which premieres on Netflix Jan. 6, focuses on a Latino family with a female Army veteran at its center.’
    A Latino family, that’s cool, a woman, as in the original show, makes sense and an Army veteran, plenty of those to go around and makes good copy (lots of material),.
    None of these alone would send up any flares, but when you put all three into the soup, it says you have an agenda!

    Now many will not like what I’m about to say, but I am not saying it out of prejudice, I’m saying it because it is true.

    The United States was founded by White Europeans for White Europeans and yet we (our society) keeps trying to push White People to the back of the bus, so to speak.

    Women seek divorce far more often than do men, so why not a single Father?
    “It’s the wife who files for divorce in about two-thirds of divorce cases, at least among couples who have children. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the proportion has changed slightly over the years; for example, in 1975, approximately 72 percent of the divorces in the U.S. were filed by women, whereas by 1988, only about 65 percent were filed by women.”

    I have great respect for those who defend our Country, my Father fought in WWII and was a POW, but the Constitution calls for a Navy, which was necessary to protect our Shoreline, however, it does not call for a Standing Army! It allows for the financing of an Army for a period of two years. The idea was that if trouble arose, they would call forth an Army from the Militia and when the trouble was resolved the men would return to their homes and families.

    “The Congress shall have Power To …raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years….” Article I, Section 8, Clause 12

    `Jefferson in a letter to John Taylor in 1816, wrote: “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” (Jefferson to Taylor, May 28, 1816, in PTJ:RS, 10:89. Transcription available at Founders Online.)

    Obviously, Jefferson believed that `banking establishments are (more) dangerous’, but he thought Standing Armies were dangerous as well, banks were just more dangerous!

    A Standing Army serves no defensive purpose, its nature is offensive not defensive (The purpose of a Standing Army is to be able to attack another nation). We do not need a Standing Army to defend this Nation. A 2010 estimate from the NRA states “Privately owned firearms in the U.S.: Approaching 300 million, including nearly 100 million handguns. The number of firearms rises over 4 million annually.”
    “In the fiscal year 2017, the projected end strength for the Regular Army (USA) was 460,000 soldiers; the Army National Guard (ARNG) had 335,000 soldiers, and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) had 195,000 soldiers; the combined-component strength of the U.S. Army was 990,000 soldiers.” (“Department of Defense (DoD) Releases Fiscal Year 2017 President’s Budget Proposal”. U.S. Department of Defense. 9 February 2016. Retrieved 11 February 2016.)
    As I said, we do not need a Standing Army, were have close to 150 MILLION Armed Americans!

    It will probably be a good show, but as a Society we are moving in the wrong direction!

  6. Not a chance. The Dems of today are far different than when All In The Family was airing. They would charge everyone with violating their ‘civil liberties’. They are now humorless, hyper-politically correct, unable to laugh at themselves and see social injustice at every turn. The good news is that there numbers are diminishing…just not fast enough.

  7. Zeke4544 says:

    First of all, let me say, what a wild, fresh idea! [insert superfluous /sarc here]

    Beyond the insipidity of it, All in the Family can no longer get away with the kind of treatment it presented, not in this hypersensitive butthurt-snowflake politically correct atmosphere. (Unless they change Archie to a prejudiced black guy, that is. But then you have The Jeffersons X2) The thing about All in the Family was that they made Archie Bunker quite lovable despite their over-the-top writing of the character and his straightforward prejudices.

    Nowadays they would only see their way clear to vilifying such a character. (Unless he was made into a non-white character, of course. But again, that leaves you with George Jefferson X2)

  8. Byraer says:

    WOW nothing new, Nothing original coming from Sony just remakes and I’m sure I won’t watch them.

  9. METV watcher says:

    Well that leaves obama OUT!!!!

  10. METV watcher says:

    Neither will make it past TWO episodes!!

  11. David Morris says:

    Not only is there a complete lack of innovation in Television, there is a fear of it.

  12. BigFan says:

    Yeah, people are screaming for more “Maude”.

  13. Bill Kilgore says:

    These classic and brilliant shows would never make it past the network television PC police in today’s “you’ve offended me” society.. If they are truly going to be re-made in their original format and style they will most likely end up on Netflix, Amazon, or something similar.

  14. Archie Bunker says:

    Reverse the races. Archie is a black xenophobic, blue collared, luddite, racist, wise-cracking husband with his wife that wise-cracks back at perfect moments. His son is a professional worker who is the “reasonable” character of the show. Archie is supposed to be completely racist against the white man, and looks at him like so. He meets the white Richard Pryor type character as the father-in-law to be, and Archie is NOT fine with his son marrying a white woman. Make the show exactly as bad as Archie was in the original show, a xenophobe with a good side that gets hammered with reality of how bad it is to live like this. Moments of the wife showing introspection, questioning why she’s still there putting up with his crap. Now we have a TV show.

  15. Htos1 says:

    When is Hollywood going to ever have another original idea? Aren’t all these reboots an homage to old white guys? I guess we really are just that good after all.

  16. Roscoe Pilsner says:

    Just another example of how Hollywood is completely out of ideas.

  17. Mike Kruczaj says:

    It is IMPOSSIBE for this show to be made in the same manner as it was made originally. There are too many uptight people who are hung up on their own insecurities and are unable to laugh at themselves and stereotypes. If the show does not include the same type of make up and attitudes as the original I will never watch it.

    • Therese says:

      You mean making Archie a Republican. I always thought it was really fake. And of course it was. Making Archie a bigot to make republicans look bad while the democrats have had minorities voting for them while they are getting poorer and out of work. That’s was their goal. And now for the rest of you.

  18. Ann Finlay says:

    DON”T!!!! These were iconic shows and do not need a Hollywood remake!!! Just rerun the originals!!!

  19. I guess the Russians hacked Hollywood and put the idea on their computers that the best way to win the election of 2020 is to rehash old anti-Nixon TV shows from 45 years ago.

  20. Mark C. Lowe says:

    The point that’s being ignored here is that, in hindsight, Archie was right about almost everything. If they tried a reboot, they would remake him in the image of some comical “hater” by today’s snowflake standards, and it simply wouldn’t fly. I like the guy below who had the idea of flipping the roles… stupid Meathead and Gloria as fossilized lib rejects, and their more-intelligent Conservative kids! That would be a winner!

  21. JB says:

    Alec Baldwin should play the Trump loving Archie Bunker. His character in Outside Providence is the perfect template.

  22. P. D. Hughes says:

    A big mistak to mess with the original. Archie and Edith were the greatest and unique.

  23. It will never work. Those shows were great in their time, but with every group out their looking to be offending there will be nothing funny.

  24. meeester says:

    All in the Family would be a big hit if they had Meathead and Gloria as the moronic liberal older people and young sensible people would now be conservative-minded instead of moronic hippie libs like the younger original Gloria and Meathead played.

  25. oh please, say it aint so. once around for both of these shows was quite enough, thank you.

  26. pancake rachel corrie says:

    Hollywood it seems is now in the brainwashing business , not in reflecting our society

  27. says:

    You can’t reboot All in the Family… Archie was a hilariously funny racist pig… that would never fly now in this PC world and would fail horribly, But… if they want to inject racism in… starting with Lations on the left would be a good place to start.

  28. Snarky response by poor losers, who can’t “Move On”… Hollywood needs to GROW UP.

  29. JohnInDC says:

    Why not do a season of All in the Family, include all the characters (Maude, Jeffersons, etc.), see how it works out and spin off the Jeffersons and Maude if feasible.

  30. Jeff Banta says:

    Not likely…. first have you guys actually viewed any of the episodes? Hardly a one would pass current PC police and snowflake feelings assessment. Just leave it alone, besides no one older than 35 would likely watch it anyway and would prefer the original for its satirical humor (which goes under appreciated in today’s safe-space climate).

  31. Rod Hackenflasch says:

    Just what we need, dig up a couple of B.S. cringe series where whites are depicted as stupid racists and blacks are depicted as victims who overcome the racism, but still have to deal with stupid whites. Yeah, that oughta work.

  32. Carol Wright says:

    Just use the originals. Why mess with perfection!

  33. Freddie Bivouac says:

    How about, no. This will be nothing but base race baiting.

  34. cartman says:

    yeah..I can totally hear Archie today..

  35. Janice Marie says:

    Is there nobody left with an original thought? These will never make it in round two. Dont they can never go back? Leave these classics alone and hire people with a working brain..maybe a republican.

  36. nbtx says:

    Terrible idea. Once again Hollywood is showing absolutely no originality. At least One Day At a Time was terrible the first time, 30 minutes of a woman and 2 girls screaming at each other continuously, fake angst. A reboot, could only be better, and still be bad.
    But All in the Family? One of the best of all time. No way should this even be attempted.

  37. John Gray says:

    Watch the original Norman Lear works. Frankly way more edgy than tolerated now, especially race. Sanford’s quip about a courtroom vs a Tarzan set, for instance. Google that. These days if re-run, this part is usually censored.

  38. While half the country still thinks we live in a time loop where it is Selma, Alabama circa 1964 over and over again like “Groundhog Day” the social issues that made these shows poignant don’t exist today.

    It’s not to say we don’t still have issues but they are 2016 issues not 1973 issues. I’m not sure these reboots can recapture their former glory.

  39. mojitomom says:

    You Hollywood elites just don’t get it. Trump didn’t win because of poor whites. He won because 2,000 of the US’s 2,100 counties voted for Trump. Hillary lost because she only won in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago and Miami. Get out of your snarky, arrogant, smug bubbles and realize that there are MILLIONS of ordinary Americans of every color, creed and economic status who voted for Trump.

  40. More race propaganda by the usual suspects. Not only that…but the sheer ridiculousness of this is beyond the pale. The remake of Dukes of Hazzard and Scooby Doo was bad enough. Nobody that enjoyed the original Jeffersons and All in the Family are going to watch this.

  41. Marsha says:

    I guess Hollywood is out of ideas they keep redoing all the old movies again and now they are remaking all the old Shows again. How about Lassie and Daniel Boone Oh I guess that is to Patriotic. Now I know why I don’t watch TV or go to the movies anymore.

  42. This is blasphemy.. Even if Norman Lear approved.. it’s so BS.. these people have zero creativity.. How they managed to get jobs in Hollywood is beyond belief.. they must all be whacked on Drugs. They tried making Uncle Buck into a show, FAIL.. they blasphemize Karate Kid to make Will Smith happy… what a dumphole.. And these are the people lecturing us on guns.. They have deals with GUNMAKERS!! If it’s not sex or violence it’s a ‘reboot’… get real.

  43. Will not work in todays day and age.

  44. Buzz says:

    Never work, you can’t beat the original cast of All In The Family. New modern day actors will just make a complete mess of it.

  45. Why would I want to see remakes when I can see the much better originals? No thanks!

  46. muneshadowe says:

    So hollywood has lost all creativeness and can no longer think forward?

  47. Trey Gleason says:

    A terrible idea. Enough said!

  48. these shows were cutting edge in their day… and work well in reruns as a sort of time capsule slice of life for that period… but there is nothing innovative or compelling about them in a 2017 context that isn’t already being done by countless other shows…

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